Affordable private health insurance, brought to you by our trusted partner, Momentum​

Health4Me is an affordable health
insurance solution for individuals and families.
It’s great value for money and offers access
to private healthcare services and a strong
network of expert medical providers.

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    Day-to-day benefits


    from R 485 / per month
    • Our entry-level option is designed to cover day-to-day needs and includes unlimited GP visits, acute medication, maternity benefits and more.


    from R 521 / per month
    • Our balanced option covers the essentials as well as additional benefits such as maternity benefits, dentistry, optometry and more.
    Most Popular


    from R 563 / per month
    • Our most comprehensive option covers all the benefits offered on the Bronze and Silver options, plus specialist visits.

    Major medical event benefits

    Major medical event benefits are added onto the Health4Me day-to-day benefits options, and include cover for accidents and emergencies to ensure that you and your loved ones receive high quality care when you really need it. Accident and emergency cover provides in-hospital benefits for qualifying accidents and emergencies at a private hospital. A hospital cash and maternity lump-sum benefit, as well as a funeral benefit are also included to ensure that you are covered holistically.

    Our partners

    Improving the lives of our customers is an ambitious goal that cannot be achieved without the right partner. Bloom has partnered with Momentum to deliver  Health4Me, which offers a holistic, cost-effective healthcare solution.


    Keep up to date with the latest in health.

    Find out how to choose the right medical insurance for your family with these tips from Bloom and Momentum Health4Me.

    Discover the difference between health insurance vs medical aid

    Pregnant women experience a host of side effects and symptoms, like nausea, bloating and gas, to name but a few. One of the common complaints is sleep disturbance. Some women find it difficult to get quality sleep during their pregnancy which can have an adverse effect on both mother and baby’s health. Discover more about pregnancy and sleep as Bloom Financial Services takes a closer look at how to sleep better during pregnancy.

    Discover what type of screening tests are done during pregnancy. Antenatal & prenatal tests for pregnancy. Get health insurance with maternity benefits.

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