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Our options in partnership with

Our options in partnership with Momentum

We’ve partnered with Momentum, an industry expert in healthcare solutions for the South African market, to offer you affordable and comprehensive health insurance to fit both your medical needs and your budget.

All three are excellent health insurance options and will ensure that you have access to private healthcare services and facilities for day-to-day benefits, specialist visits and emergency or in-hospital cover.

Explore the specific benefit details of the options below to find out which plan would best suit your individual medical needs.  

Our options in partnership with

GP Visits
GP in room procedures
Hello Doctor
Specialist visits
Acute medication
Chronic medication
Basic pathology
Basic radiology
Basic and emergency dentistry
Basic optometry
HIV benefit
Maternity benefit
Flu vaccination
Health assessment
EAP telephonic services
Road accident claims
Workman’s compensation claims
Multiply Starter
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