Why you need a medical insurance quote in South Africa

A health insurance plan is designed to provide you with access to top-quality healthcare services and to protect your finances from the rising costs of private medical care and facilities. Let Bloom Financial Services provide you with a health insurance quote from Momentum Health4Me. Our trained team of consultants are standing by to assist you with the process. 

How to compare health insurance quotes

When you’re comparing health insurance quotes, it’s advisable to consider the total cost of your health care based on you and your family’s medical needs, not just the health insurance premiums. You will also need to consider the deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums based on your healthcare predictions for the year.

Ask yourself some serious questions: do you plan to grow your family, are you developing health complications associated with old age, or are you likely to require an operation or have to visit a specialist in the near future? Once you’ve developed an accurate overview of your healthcare priorities, you can confidently compare health insurance quotes offered on the Heatlh4Me plan. 

Bloom provides a three-tier programme:


from R 485 / per month
  • Our entry-level option is designed to cover day-to-day needs and includes unlimited GP visits, acute medication, maternity benefits and more.


from R 521 / per month
  • Our balanced option covers the essentials as well as additional benefits such as maternity benefits, dentistry, optometry and more.
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from R 563 / per month
  • Our most comprehensive option covers all the benefits offered on the Bronze and Silver options, plus specialist visits.

1. Health4Me Bronze. R485 per person per month. An entry-level health insurance plan that is designed to cover day-to-day needs. You can expect to pay lower monthly premiums but there are limitations to the benefits available on this option.

2. Health4Me Silver. R521 per person per month. A balanced health insurance plan that covers the essentials and additional benefits. This option will include a moderate monthly premium compared to the bronze plan.

3. Health4Me Gold. R563 per person per month. This is the most comprehensive insurance plan available. While the monthly premiums are the highest in range, the plan provides policyholders with the greatest degree of healthcare cover for medical services, including chronic health care.

A health insurance policy plan will cover a 12-month period so you will need to multiply the monthly premium in order to work out your total annual cost. The deductible is representative of the rand value you will need to pay for your healthcare services before receiving your health insurance benefits. Take a look at your health insurance plan deductibles, and consider the individual deductible and the family deductible. Each time you make use of your health insurance and pay for a service, these expenses will contribute towards a deductible. Once the limit is reached, your insurer will pay a portion of the medical expenses.
Likewise, the out-of-pocket maximum operates in a similar fashion. This refers to the cost you will be expected to pay towards your healthcare services. Once the out-of-pocket maximum has been reached, your health insurer will contribute to a portion of your healthcare costs. Deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums are necessary to consider when evaluating which health insurance plan would suit you. Remember that you are responsible for the expenses before the deductible so if you select a plan with a deductible that is very high, and you incur a costly medical expense, you may find yourself in the position of not being able to cover the treatment.

What information do you need to provide to get a health insurance quote?

In order to complete your health insurance quote application, you will need the following information:

  • Your South African identity number, or a passport number
  • Personal information (date of birth, full name etc.)
  • The details of all the family members who you wish to include on the plan, like your spouse or children (names, ages, their date of birth etc.)
  • The name of the health insurance plan you’re interested in purchasing
  • Confirmation of your monthly salary

What happens next?

Congratulations! You’ve started the process and are on your way to safeguarding your future with medical insurance cover. Once our team receives your online health insurance quote application, we will process this for review and a trained consultant will give you a call-back within 24 hours to discuss your options or to schedule an appointment. Thereafter, we will provide you with the paperwork your need to complete for the health insurance plan you’ve selected as a policy. 

Frequently asked questions about health insurance quotes

Health insurance costs will vary depending on the plan you choose. Health4Me has three plans available:

  • Health4Me Bronze at R447 per person per month
  • Health4Me Silver at R483 per person per month
  • Health4Me Gold at R524 per person per month

Yes, the most basic and affordable insurance plan is the entry-level Health4Me Bronze cover at R447 per person per month.

Yes, your health insurance quote can include the cost of having family members, like a spouse or a child on your health insurance plan, provided that you have included their details in your application form.

No, the only factor that affects a health insurance premium relates to the type of plan you choose to purchase. Health insurance is not affected by many of the common factors affecting medical aid premiums, like pre-existing conditions or age, due to the fact that the limited underwriting.

Yes, you can expect limitations and restrictions on certain plans or benefits. An exclusion relates to the conditions that are excluded in your particular medical insurance plan, which means you will not be covered. Exclusions can also refer to certain types of services or medical conditions. Limitations refer to the cap on the value of your benefits for a particular service or benefit. 

This refers to those costs that fall to the patient or policyholder to cover as they are not covered by your health insurance plan. Some benefits, for instance, have value limitations and when these are exceeded, the member will need to cover the difference out of pocket. 

If you’re concerned about out-of-pocket medical costs, you can consider a supplemental plan, like GAP Cover. This works by covering the difference in co-payments, limits and shortfalls. 

  • Psycho social counselling services Professional counselors will help you to detect, identify and resolve personal and health problems, that may negatively affect your wellbeing and your ability to perform at work. This service also provides support for children and teenagers, and is there to help them with any issues they may be facing, such as self-image problems, peer pressure, performance anxiety, bullying, depression or exposure to drugs.
  • Trauma and critical incidence counselling services You have access to trauma support from experts and professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Assistance will be provided if you have experienced physical and/or emotional trauma, such as rape, hijacking, child abuse, death or suicide of a close family member, armed robbery or assault, domestic violence, kidnapping or abduction.
  • Legal assist, credit health and debt management services If you need legal, debt or financial wellness advice, you can get assistance from fully qualified and experienced attorneys, financial consultants and debt rescue consultants.
  • Managerial support services If you are a leader or a manager, you can also get support to assist and equip you to deal with the challenges you may face in the workplace.

Psycho social counselling, legal assist, credit health and debt management, as well as managerial support services, are available from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 until 16:00. You can access any of these services by calling 0800 22 93 55 and selecting option 4 for Momentum Health4Me.

A deductible refers to how much you are going to pay for a particular healthcare or medical service out of pocket before your health insurance benefits become active. 

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Bloom is committed to improving the lives of South Africans through health and aims to make private healthcare more accessible to their members by offering affordable health insurance policies.

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