Find a doctor on the Momentum Health4Me GP network

Bloom is committed to helping you find the medical health professional you need. Momentum Health4Me is a health insurance plan that provides you with access to top-quality, private healthcare services through its network of approved general practitioners. Find a GP from the list provided below. 

If you are unable to locate suitable Health4Me doctors from the Momentum Health4Me GP list, or if you need assistance in this regard, please contact us at 0860 10 29 03 or send your benefits and claims queries to
Practice NumberPractice NameDispensingPhysical AddressCity or TownProvinceTelephone NumberMap
5423627NAIDOONoCommercial Centre, 107 Commercial Road, SidwellGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4535974
5424046PRINSLOONoFonteine Park Centre, 115 Da Gama Road, Jeffreys BayJeffreys BayEastern Cape042 2933233
5424356SINGHNo57-59 Durban Street, Cannon HillUitenhageEastern Cape041 9228549
5424925CHETTYNo82 Liebenberg Road, JarmanGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4524378
5425050GOVENDERNoSanctor Medical Centre, Marock Road, SanctorBethelsdorpEastern Cape041 4812283
5425433ROSSOUWNo32 Heugh Street, HumansdorpHumansdorpEastern Cape042 2952980
5425808MADHOONo313 Durban Road, KorstenGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4511463
5425980DE VOSNo54 Becker Street, Port AlfredPort AlfredEastern Cape046 6245111
5426766JANSE VAN RENSBURGNoRoom 2 Policlinic Jeffreys Bay, 15 Hanekam Drive, Jeffreys BayJeffreys BayEastern Cape042 9400585
5427274CHETTYNo130 Market Street, UitenhageUitenhageEastern Cape041 9925998
5428696ASMALLNoGround Floor New Mercantile, Hospital Cnr Kempston & Durban, RoadKorstenEastern Cape041 4512246
5429080GAIDANoShop 2 Shu House, Nielson Street, KorstenGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4513259
5429463HARIBHAINoPakama Building Cnr Marwanqa, Street & Mabija Road, New BrightonGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4541165
5429994VAN WYKNo41 Church Street, HumansdorpHumansdorpEastern Cape042 2951443
5431581PRINSLOONo8 Zeiler Street, QueenstownQueenstownEastern Cape045 8395990
5432707BOTHANo38 Smid Street, MiddelburgMiddelburg – EcEastern Cape049 8421914
5434009LE ROUXNo14 Anglo African Street, GrahamstownGrahamstownEastern Cape046 6226132
5435773TALJAARDNo151 Cape Road, Mill ParkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3737638
5438241LE ROUXNo20 Centenary Road, LorraineGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3681491
5438675VAN HEERDENNo15 Denneboom Road, Thomas GambleUitenhageEastern Cape041 9884114
5439280BADENHORSTNo106-108 Durban Street, UitenhageUitenhageEastern Cape041 9922993
5442095BABOONo53 Kobus Road, JarmanGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4564612
5442761CLOETENo20 Prince Alfred Street, QueenstownQueenstownEastern Cape045 8396294
5444179NAICKERNoBuffalo Flats Medical Centre, 88 Greenpoint Road, East LondonEast LondonEastern Cape043 7333992
5444195ALINo8 Milner Road, North EndEast LondonEastern Cape043 7226898
5444594BOUWERNo1 Flame Crescent, Jeffreys BayJeffreys BayEastern Cape042 2931244
5446732SMITHNo541 Cape Road, WesteringGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3927800
5446775PRETORIUSNoCnr 17th Avenue & Buffelsfontein, Road, WalmerGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3964865
5447089CORNELIUSNoCnr Lukin Road & Pearce Street, BaysvilleEast LondonEastern Cape043 7074214
5448123GUMEDENo7 Rostrev Drive, Gardener CircleSouth EndEastern Cape041 5833743
5450063LEKALAKALANo6 Cnr Leeds Road & Craister, Street, NorwoodMthathaEastern Cape078 9556505
5450799BOTHANo50 St Leonards Road, AlgoaparkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4561551
5452295MARXNo3 Lillian Lane, GonubieEast LondonEastern Cape043 7402040
9501991MTWANoSuite 1 Zammed Centre, 58 Madeira Street, NorwoodMthathaEastern Cape047 5325236
9502378SEPTEMBERNoShop 2, 14 Rugby Street, MaclearMaclearEastern Cape045 9321223
52817KALINo37 Ayliff Street, King William’s TownKing William`S TownEastern Cape043 6426331
63592MANGISANo23 Devereux Avenue, VincentEast LondonEastern Cape043 7211088
89354TSOTETSINo479 Vinjiwe Crescent Street, MotherwellMotherwellEastern Cape041 4620095
94706KUNHRI RAMANNo70 Owen Street, MthathaMthathaEastern Cape047 5323341
107034MEYER A & ASSOCIATES INCORPORATENoDis-chem Centre, 289 Cnr 2nd Avenue & Cape Road, Newton ParkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3918700
156248DINGANo20 Ebden Street, QueenstownQueenstownEastern Cape045 8381593
167843HERRINGNoThe Colcade Medical Centre, 41 Hill Street, GrahamstownGrahamstownEastern Cape046 6228503
185019MSUMZANoShop 7, 1 King Street, SouthernwoodEast LondonEastern Cape043 7221202
191043MAHLATINo105 Cathcart Street, QueenstownQueenstownEastern Cape045 8382996
205532VORSTERNo16 Dampier Street, ElliotElliotEastern Cape045 9312078
206342MGANDELANoShop 10 The Mall, 51 Madeira Street, NorwoodMthathaEastern Cape047 5314614
241598BOTHANo190 Circular Drive, LorraineGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3683369
249831MESSIAHSNo144 Scholtz Street, BethelsdorpIbhayiEastern Cape041 4820004
274941VOSLOONo8 Kennington Road, NahoonEast LondonEastern Cape043 7352189
295361PATELNo14 Wellington Street, King William’s TownKing William`S TownEastern Cape043 6426644
305197RAJANo9 Drury Lane, East LondonEast LondonEastern Cape043 7223262
320943NDZIWENINo9 Balfour Road, VincentEast LondonEastern Cape043 7210993
321796MAHOMEDNo11 Durban Road, KorstenGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4510199
325406ERASMUSNo6 Adderley Street, CradockCradockEastern Cape048 8812401
371009P J BOTHA AND ASSOCIATES INCNoThe Versatile Centre, 220 Circular Drive, LorrainePort ElizabethEastern Cape041 3686031
382248VABAZANo28 Jabavu Road, New BrightonGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4542269
397989CHETTYNoThe Atrium Building, 1 Floor 24 Ring RoadGreenacresEastern Cape041 4532651
409006CHETTYNo4a Disa AvenueNewton ParkEastern Cape041 3641270
411450HAYWARDNoCnr 17th Avenue & Buffelsfontein, RoadWalmerEastern Cape041 3964865
424595NTETHANoShop 4b Cathedral Aquare, Cnr Madeira Street, MthathaMthathaEastern Cape
430315KINASENo108 Cambridge Road, King William’s TownKing William`S TownEastern Cape043 6433533
441589KALIRANENo2493 Njoli Street, KwazakheleIbhayiEastern Cape
442364TITINo4 Sprigg Street, (opposite Bradlows) Mthatha, SiteMthathaEastern Cape047 5313875
471860ALLENNo427 Cape Road, CotswoldGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3640760
508292SINGHNo57-59 Durban Street, Cannon HillUitenhageEastern Cape041 9228549
536016FREDERICKSNoSuite 94 First Floor Cleary, Park Shopping Centre Cnr, Stanford & Norman Middleton RoadCleary ParkEastern Cape041 4819866
536431BAWASANoWest End Medipark, Saint Anne Street, West EndBethelsdorpEastern Cape041 4810170
537047SITOLENo16 Academy Street, ButterworthButterworthEastern Cape047 4910151
539376GREWARNoCnr 17th Avenue & Buffelsfontein, RoadMiramarEastern Cape041 3964865
559474DU TOITNo20 Prince Alfred Street, QueenstownQueenstownEastern Cape045 8396294
563412POTGIETERNo11 Sonop Straat, KirkwoodKirkwoodEastern Cape042 2300136
575569PETERSNoDuncan Village Day Hospital, Douglas Smith Highway, East LondonEast LondonEastern Cape084 4176330
581828LINDANo27 Durban Street, Fort BeaufortFort BeaufortEastern Cape046 6451153
589888VARGHESENo31 King Street, SouthernwoodEast LondonEastern Cape084 7848179
628808LOUWNoFirst Floor Dis-chem Building, 289 Cnr Cape Road & 2nd Avenue, Newton ParkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3918720
633291GCAZANo130 Main Road, LusikisikiLusikisikiEastern Cape039 2531870
650498OOSTHUIZENNo9 Hillcrest Close, Bluewater BayGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4660026
668044JEEWANo60 Queen Street, Cambridge WestEast LondonEastern Cape043 7211777
678880BURGERNo1 Flame Crescent, Jeffreys BayJeffreys BayEastern Cape042 2931244
729108NCUBENo30 Parsonage Street, Graaff-reinetGraaff-ReinetEastern Cape049 8910245
729620MAGANYANoShop 14 Lukhanji Retail Park, 1283 Komani Street, KomaniQueenstownEastern Cape068 5572683
738468VAN ZYLNo8 Kennington Road, NahoonEast LondonEastern Cape064 5468024
780308RANCHODNo70 Cnr 4th Avenue & Hurd Street, Newton ParkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3640041
783358DR HECHTER INCNo71 Main Street, DespatchDespatchEastern Cape041 9331100
784338DRS FOURIE AND SCHERMAN INCNo45 – 47 Cuyler Street, UitenhageUitenhageEastern Cape041 9228200
785075ZUNGUNo29 Union Avenue, SelborneEast LondonEastern Cape043 7221659
786098DR BJ BEUKES INCNoDentist At Health, 46 Somerset Street, Graaff-reinetGraaff-ReinetEastern Cape049 8922565
838160TSHOKENo42 Eagle Street, MthathaMthathaEastern Cape047 5310260
874558BOTHA OOSTHUIZEN INCNo190 Circular Drive, LorraineGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3683369
899232MAGANGENINoErf 1952, Thompson Street, BizanaBizanaEastern Cape039 2510462
944483KUNNEKENo68 Smuts Drive, Vanes EstUitenhageEastern Cape083 7858564
960519MFEKANoShop 34 Ziyabuya Centre Cnr, Uitenhage Road & Mkwenkwe Street, KwadwesiIbhayiEastern Cape041 4509476
975702DR VARGHESE V INCNo31 King Street, SouthernwoodEast LondonEastern Cape084 7848179
992941NKUNKUMANo52 Nu 17, MdantsaneMdantsaneEastern Cape071 2481764
5403707LAUBSCHERNo10 Church Square, Graaff-reinetGraaff-ReinetEastern Cape049 8922416
5418267VALLABHNoKandam Medical Centre, 84 Market StreetUitenhageEastern Cape041 9925848
5420105LYELLNo59 Adderley Street, CradockCradockEastern Cape048 8814781
5420148VAN WYKNoMedicross Walmer Dental Centre, Cnr 17th Avenue & Buffelsfontein, RoadWalmerEastern Cape041 3964865
5420512LOURENSNoMedicross Westering Dental, Centre 541 Cape Road, WesteringGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3927800
5450039MOKOTJONo21 St Georges Street, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4305544
5452058CROUSNo71 Somerset Street, Aliwal NorthAliwal NorthFree State051 6332792
5453925BESTERNo53 Gustav Crescent, Fichardt ParkBloemfonteinFree State051 5226818
9500162LANGANo8933 Makhale Street, PhuthaditjhabaPhuthaditjhabaFree State087 8086708
9501819NCHWEUNo41 Fontein Street, FicksburgFicksburgFree State072 7379393
9501967MANGANYINo21 Fountain Street, BultfonteinBultfonteinFree State051 8531425
60925QUINTUS FOURIE INCORPORATEDNo1st Floor Hillpark Building, 49 Hill StreetKroonstadFree State056 2122551
160482NGWASHENGNo11 Mooi Street, WelkomWelkomFree State057 3521686
197866APPOLLISNo84 Sonneblom Street, HeidedalBloemfonteinFree State051 4302141
203114VAN VUURENNoCity Dental Building, 150 Nelson Mandela Drive, WestdeneBloemfonteinFree State051 4301444
308587MILANNoShop A, 12 Southey StreetHarrismithFree State
318159MBATHANo7b President Boshoff Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3030325
417408J B STEENKAMP AND PARTNERNoBlock 3 Fleurmed, 128 Barry Richter Road, FleurdalBloemfonteinFree State051 5221707
430056SCOTTNo8 Scholtz Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3033237
440094DU TOITNo46 Louw Wepener Street, Dan PienaarBloemfonteinFree State051 4366540
443778ROOINo83 Virginia Way, VirginiaVirginiaFree State057 4390921
474207VAN DER MERWENo150 General Dan Pienaar Drive, Dan PienaarBloemfonteinFree State051 4364040
532819MOSENANo6 Staatspresident Cr Swart, Street, ReitzReitzFree State058 8631050
545597AUCAMPNo11 Reunie Street, ParysParysFree State056 8171206
555509TADINoShop 4 C & C Centre, 59a Commisioner Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3030911
569100FOURIENo150 Nelson Mandela Drive, WestdeneBloemfonteinFree State051 4303670
574414WUNoOffice 26 1st Floor Raehola, Shopping Centre Moshoeshoe, BotshabeloBotshabeloFree State051 5319008
575585MABELANENoShop 34 Reahola Shopping, Complex, BotshabeloBotshabeloFree State051 5340036
581887NGELENoRoom 24 Old Mutual Building, Cnr Grey & Somerset Street, Aliwal NorthAliwal NorthFree State051 6332364
599522MOLAPONoGroupmed Healthcare, Cnr Henry & Oos Burger StreetBloemfonteinFree State051 4300927
604623DR K L J DIPHOKO INCORPORATEDNoShop 2 Shoprite Centre, Metropolitan Building 49 Brand, Thaba NchuThaba NchuFree State051 8752727
607258DRS STEYN AND VERMEULEN INCORPORNo150 Nelson Mandela Drive, WestdeneBloemfonteinFree State051 4303670
621404DRS NGWASHENG J M AND MAHLANGU SNoShop 7 President Building, Josias Street, Ou DorpOdendaalsrusFree State057 3982589
621536DUROWNo13 Van Riebeeck StreetLadybrandFree State051 9240055
629944BOGENHOFERNo1st Floor Hillpark Building, 49 Hill Street, KroonstadKroonstadFree State056 2125611
630454BOGENHOFERNo1st Floor Hillpark Building, 49 Hill Street, KroonstadKroonstadFree State056 2125611
667439MOKOMANoBloemfontein Station Medical, Centre 6 Cnr Harvey Road &, Charles StreetBloemfonteinFree State051 4499044
668362BAANNo52 Bree Street, HeilbronHeilbronFree State058 8530069
676985LUTHULINo79 Fontein Street, FicksburgFicksburgFree State051 9332023
690287MOKOENANoMofumahadi Manapo Mopeli, Hospital Mampoi Street, PhuthaditjhabaPhuthaditjhabaFree State058 7183310
730998DRS MOKOENA AND TADINoStand 845, Thulo Street, PhuthaditjhabaPhuthaditjhabaFree State058 7130534
783196TERREBLANCHENo31 Totius Street, LangenhovenparkBloemfonteinFree State082 4219265
788597SHUPINGNo318 Boitumelo Street, Malebogo LocalHertzogvilleFree State
819360CUPIDONo1124 De Villiers Street, BohlokongBethlehemFree State058 3049026
870668ROESTOFNo546 Loeriesfontein StreetPretoriaFree State
913790DR MT MABELANE-PITSO INCNo73 Harvey Road, OranjesigBloemfonteinFree State051 4302099
949663SANDERNo150 General Dan Pienaar Drive, Dan PienaarBloemfonteinFree State051 4300201
5402808CILLIERSNo30a Reid Street, WestdeneBloemfonteinFree State051 4304911
5405173RADEMANNo14 Lintott Street, WilgenhofKroonstadFree State056 2122810
5414997ROODNoCnr Hanger & Bastion Street, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4480973
5419956SWARTZNo59 Boom Street, ParysParysFree State056 8177377
5421268KRITZINGERNo40 Taylor Street, BurgersdorpBurgersdorpFree State051 6531737
5421535STEENKAMPNoBlock 3 Fleurmed, 128 Barry Richter Road, FleurdalBloemfonteinFree State051 5221707
5423848SMITHNoMedpark Building, 37 Brand Street, KroonstadKroonstadFree State056 2123511
5424623VORSTERNo28 Virginia Gardens, VirginiaVirginiaFree State057 2120014
5426227MARXNo3 Bruwer Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3035397
5426782COETZEENo53 Gustav Crescent, Fichardt ParkBloemfonteinFree State051 5226818
5428165VAN AARDTNoCnr Bosman & Kerk Street, BultfonteinBultfonteinFree State051 8531216
5429927FOURIENo19 Murray Street, HarrismithHarrismithFree State058 6222109
5432170VAN COPPENHAGENNo74 Castelyn Drive, Fichardt ParkBloemfonteinFree State051 5224811
5435935HUGONo14 Nieuw Street, FrankfortFrankfortFree State058 8131603
5436133ALLISONNo38 Lindley Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3034725
5436419MARAISNoSmart Oral 99 Cnr Charles Street, & 1st Avenue, WestdeneBloemfonteinFree State051 4470873
5436958OBERHOLZERNo360 State Way, DoornWelkomFree State057 3576599
5437148SPIESNo21 Murray Street, HarrismithHarrismithFree State058 6221789
5438357BRITTAINNo17 Charlotte Maxeke Street, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4473408
5440378JACOBSNoCity Dental Building, 150 Nelson Mandela Drive, WestdeneBloemfonteinFree State051 4301444
5441617CASSIMNo245 President Paul Kruger Avenue, UniversitasBloemfonteinFree State051 5259211
5442214PATRINOSNoCity Dental Building, 150 Nelson Mandela Drive, WestdeneBloemfonteinFree State051 4301444
5443245JANSEN VAN VUURENNoHeuwelsig Spar Shopping Centre, 4 Ogilvie Thompson Street, HeuwelsigBloemfonteinFree State051 8139155
5445175MAKENETENoMedical Suite 6 1st Floor2, Middestad Sentrum W Burger, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4475911
5446562PHAKOENoShop 4-5 Golden Acre Centre, Malan Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3032219
5448042FOURIENo17 Charlotte Maxeke StreetBloemfonteinFree State014 5926261
5449235VERWEYNo23 Botha Street, BothavilleBothavilleFree State056 5154686
5449960SETSHEGONoOffice 13 Kenworth Spar Centre, Moshoeshoe Street, RocklandsMangaungFree State051 4357923
825MAHOMEDNo295 Columbine Avenue, MondeorJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6805680
4502DESAINoShop 18 Shoprite Shopping, Centre Sirkel Road, Eldoradopark Ext 5SowetoGauteng071 8221943
6572MAKWAKWANoShop 7 – Phase 4, 21 Lanham StreetBronkhorstspruitGauteng011 7421146
11487PILLAYNoUnit 2 Lushof, 84 Koranna Avenue, DoringkloofCenturionGauteng012 6671484
13684NENENo152 Emkhathini Section, 28 Hadebe Street, TembisaTembisaGauteng011 9242288
16128HUGO J J P P & ASSOC MEDICRNoPrincess Crossing, 54 Ontdekkers Road, PrincessRoodepoortGauteng011 2799456
32972MOHAPINo160 Badiri St, Tanganani SectionDiepslootGauteng011 3310160
33545KHANNoShop 2, 12 10th Street, Asiatic BazaarPretoriaGauteng012 3230757
36412LAZARUSNo9 Fuschia Road, Klipspruit WestSowetoGauteng011 947 1034
37230VAN STADENNoBlock D Mediclinic Emfuleni, 6 Jan Van Riebeeck Boulevard, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9508204
37451GOTHENoMedicross Springs Dental Centre, 1 Nigel Road, Selection ParkSpringsGauteng011 3653845
38296NKUNANoShop No 3, Palm Springs Mall, Next To KfcOrange FarmGauteng016 5811401
38784VAN DER WALTNo924 9th Floor Louis Pasteur, Building 374 Francis Baard, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3221380
44261VENTERNoGreenhills Medical Centre Cnr, Greenhills Avenue & Kenneth Road, RandfonteinRandfonteinGauteng011 6931089
55042BEZUIDENHOUT DENTISTRY INCORPORANo34 General Alberts Avenue, RandhartAlbertonGauteng011 9076277
63924DE BEERNoUnit 4 Building 76 Tijger, Vallei Office Park 76 Pony, Silver LakesPretoriaGauteng012 8092424
71307KOORNo69 Pretoria Street, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 6605688
85618MASANGO M T, NHLAPO K P & SANYANNoKingsley Medical Centre Cnr, Steve Biko Road & Stanza Bopape, StreetArcadiaGauteng012 3414425
89036MAPONYANoShop 23 Tembisa Plaza, Andrew Mapheto Drive, TembisaTembisaGauteng011 9720307
89362MAJAMANo229 Kgotso Street, Twala SectionKatlehongGauteng011 9055637
91820BHULANo16 Quinine Road, Glenmarais Ext 1Kempton ParkGauteng011 9722516
95028VAN DEN BERGNoMedicross Boksburg – Dental Cnr, Trichardts & North Rand Roads, BardeneBoksburgGauteng011 8986561
97225HORAKNoSuite 1a Selborne Centre Cnr, Selborne Avenue & Cantonments, LytteltonCenturionGauteng012 6643144
99465CHODREENo105 Vorster Avenue, GlenandaJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4324230
99937NKHUMISHE-CHIPEYANoShop 5 Alex Medical Centre, Cnr London Road & Linen Drive, MarlboroSandtonGauteng011 8820489
100889MASEMULANo247, Block R, Soshanguve Block RSoshanguveGauteng012 7061772
102571KHOLVADIANoShop 64 Kempton Square, Cnr Voortrekker & Monument Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 3948753
105376CARRIMNoShop 4 Ebrahim Centre, 190 Bengal Street, LaudiumCenturionGauteng012 3740104
106437KAMBULENoSuite 29b West Arcade Medi, Centre Randcity 316 Pretoria, RandburgRandburgGauteng011 7816160
110558MAASNo456 Mackenzie Street, Menlo ParkPretoriaGauteng012 4603920
113352HOOSEN & TAYOBNoSuite 21 Nembula House Lesedi, Private Hospital Chris Hani Road, Diepkloof Zone 6DiepkloofGauteng011 9334096
113506RAJAHNo105 Vorster Avenue, GlenandaJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4324377
114731NETSHISAULUNoPhangami Medical Suites, Shop No 09, Hollywood RoadThohoyandouGauteng015 9621734
120510OLIVIERNoSonop Medical Centre, 49 Porges Street, RandfonteinRandfonteinGauteng011 6933428
122556VALLY OMARNoLevel 4 Office 405 Sunnypark, Shopping Centre Cnr Robert, Sobukwe Street & Steve Biko RoadSunnysideGauteng012 3416344
123226WADVALLANoSuite 105 Medical Mews, Cnr Rivonia Road & 5th Street, SandtonSandtonGauteng011 7837168
123315MMETHINoShop 58 Jubilee Mall Cnr Harry, Gwala Avenue & Jubilee Road, HammanskraalHammanskraalGauteng084 5612283
129674LUTCHMANNo61 Pitts Avenue, SunnyridgeGermistonGauteng011 8282612
129860RAMAYINNoShop 12 Health Emporium, Cnr Church & Market Street, Halfway HouseMidrandGauteng011 3155070
133094MUSSEHNo6 Hull Street, FloridaRoodepoortGauteng011 6725805
133396NGOBENINo9 Sibasa Street, Klipfontein View Ext 3BoksburgGauteng011 3112002
134058TSHUKUDUNoShop 103 Daveyton Mall, Eiselen Street, DaveytonBenoniGauteng011 4244510
140325HASSIMNoShop11b Tower Plaza Shopping, Centre Douglas Rand Road, HammanskraalHammanskraalGauteng012 7111215
141844PHALANo18874 Tsamaya RoadMamelodi EastGauteng012 7532834
144851OOSTHUYSENNoMedicross Constantia Park Dental, Centre Cnr Chopin & Duvernoy, StreetConstantia ParkGauteng012 9939017
145262DE PAIVA, STEAD & ASSOCIATES INCNoMedicross Saxby, 1053 Frederik Avenue, EldoraigneCenturionGauteng012 6540889
147540MOODLEYNo20 Carter Street, Corner Of Verona & Carter StreetRosettenvilleGauteng031 4657869
152072CHETTYNoFamily Health Centre, 11 Hans Schoeman Street, MalanshofRandburgGauteng011 7928577
152080NAIDOONoFamily Health Centre, 11 Hans Schoeman Drive, MalanshofRandburgGauteng011 7928577
152420JEEVANNo30 Swartgoud Road, Winchester HillsJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4338277
153273PATELNoBosmont Medical Centre, 18 Olywenhout Street, BosmontRandburgGauteng011 4741863
155322AGOSTINETTONo53 Voortrekker Avenue, EdenvaleEdenvaleGauteng011 0263778
161071DENNEWILLNo38 Fitzsimons Street, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng010 0232206
164518ABRAHAMSNo6491 Eastland Drive, BenoniBenoniGauteng011 4248922
173967VAN DER WALTNoShop 101 Quagga Centre Cnr W F, Nkomo Street & Quagga Road, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3272309
175307MAKOLANo222 Zone 1RethabileGauteng076 6710367
180246KHAMBULENoMomentum Medical Centre, 329 Pretorius StreetPretoriaGauteng012 7701158
183350MWALENo39b 7th Street, SpringsSpringsGauteng011 8156599
184500OSMANNoShop 2 Kitkat Plaza Smilelab, Dental Centre 327 Wf Nkomo, Pretoria WestPretoriaGauteng012 7555555
187364ALLY MOHAMEDNo159 First Avenue, LaudiumCenturionGauteng012 3740050
189774VATHERNoShop 25a Celtis Ridge Shopping, Centre Seedcracker StreetCenturionGauteng012 6561844
191906SIBANDANoSuite 502 Lister Medical Centre, 195 Cnr Small & Jeppe Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 3339433
197033KANJEENoShop 1 Diamond House, 35 Melle Street, BraamfonteinJohannesburgGauteng011 4039989
202169MOOLOONoShezan Centre, 361 Grey Street, ErasmiaCenturionGauteng012 3701552
205435LEKALAKALANo19 Kooperasie Street, Bolt CentreBritsGauteng012 8172070
205966VAN ZYLNo3rd Floor Room 5 Arwyp Medical, Centre 22 Pine Avenue, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 9701175
206105RANGILANoHimont House, 80 Jorissen Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 4036786
206598CHOCHOENo2413 Cnr Mncube Drive &, Mahalefele Road, DubeSowetoGauteng011 9821124
208027SCHNETLERNoExp Dental Centre – Three Rivers, Cnr Nile Drive & The Square, Three RiversVereenigingGauteng010 6016447
211249MOKUENANoShop 15 Eersterus Plaza, Hans Coverdale Road West, EersterusPretoriaGauteng012 8069776
211370CHHIBANo255 Bertha Street, KenilworthJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6833185
211648ISMAILNo68 Mint Road, FordsburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8348228
212202LALLOONoShop 13 Botha Avenue Centre, 68 Botha Avenue, LytteltonCenturionGauteng012 6645124
216453PRINSLOONoThe Village Mall, 1221 Wekker Road, MoreletaparkPretoriaGauteng012 9974838
222496GOBHOZINoNdofaya Mall, Cnr Hekroot & Marsh StrMeadowlandsGauteng
223107PILLAYNo2 Hans Schoeman Street, MalanshofRandburgGauteng011 7927564
227757DOCKRAT M S, BARMANIA J A & ABRANo254 Tangerine Street, LaudiumCenturionGauteng012 3743777
229296RAVATNo192 Flamingo Street, LenasiaLenasia SouthGauteng011 8527696
245879KOTZENo60 Bodenstein Street, Krugersdorp NorthKrugersdorpGauteng
248819KASOOJEENo29 Landor Street, Tulisa Park Ext 7Johannesburg SouthGauteng011 6135913
248835BABANoFlorida Medical & Dental Centre, 73 Goldman Street, FloridaRoodepoortGauteng011 6743946
258008VAN DER WALTNoShop 7 Karenpark Crossings, Doreg Street, KarenparkAkasiaGauteng012 5491083
268143KOCHNo533 Robert Craib Street, Constantia ParkPretoriaGauteng012 9988911
270342OPPERMANNo20 Joubert Road, NigelNigelGauteng011 8144727
270369MISTRYNo55 True North Road, MulbartonJohannesburgGauteng011 4325599
280097MANSOURNoTokoza Sai Medical Centre, Cnr Nkaki & Mjavane Street, TokozaThokozaGauteng061 8380786
286583AGBENIYINo72 Station Street, BrakpanBrakpanGauteng011 7402947
287660EGUAVOENNoG16 Pan African Shopping Mall, Cnr Watt & 3rd StreetWynbergGauteng011 4402885
292710NKOSINoVillage Medical Centre, 63 Stubbs Street, RandfonteinRandfonteinGauteng010 0231508
292966HANSANo36 Xavier Street, RobertshamJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 0427650
294764BARTKUNSKY AND PARTNERSNo48 Clinton Road, New RedruthAlbertonGauteng011 9078810
294853HLAKOANENoShop 16 Crownwood Square, 11 Crownwood Road, OrmondeJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4963032
303526HOLLNo7 Padstow Street, RaceviewAlbertonGauteng011 9078355
312576LAMPRECHTNoShop 3 Northern Lofts Silver, Oaks Centre Cnr Mike Street &, Von Backstroom BoulevardPretoriaGauteng012 0103650
313882MINNAARNo1 Doring Avenue, MontanaparkPretoriaGauteng012 5487334
324744KAROLIANoGlenzicht Retirement Village, 33 East Street, OakdeneJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4350887
324841DLUDLANo8 Monument Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng071 1734332
324868DLUDLA C F AND MAPONYA J PNoShop 23 Tembisa Plaza, Andrew Mapheto Drive, TembisaTembisaGauteng011 9255546
326240NGEMANo41 Cnr Rissik Street & Albertina, Sisulu Road, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 4923114
329738MASHEGONoShop 9b Mams Mall, Tsamaya Avenue, Mahube ValleyPretoriaGauteng067 1661132
334251SWARTNo206 Monument Road, GlenmaraisKempton ParkGauteng011 9750118
349909RAZACKNo111 Flamingo Street, LenasiaLenasia SouthGauteng011 8528792
357235REDDYNoM102a 1st Floor Boulders, Shopping Centre 1685 Old, Halfway HouseMidrandGauteng011 3150674
365769S SIGODI INCNoShop 11, President Acade, 264 Francis Baard StPretoriaGauteng012 3204095
366870NAVLAKHINo1st Floor Medical Chambers Rand, Hospital 38 Bruce Street, BereaJohannesburgGauteng011 6442864
367702MAHARAJHNoKensington Dental Centre, 158 Queen Street, South KensingtonJohannesburgGauteng011 6161233
368873SUKHANo42 Allie Crescent, Ennerdale Ext 9EnnerdaleGauteng011 2114110
369497SETLHAKONo762 Amandelboo, Doornpoort, Pretoria182Gauteng012 0127546888
371459SCHUTTENo94 Skilpad Street, MonumentparkPretoriaGauteng012 3463033
373664TITUSNo4 Moray Drive, BryanstonSandtonGauteng081 5500938
377309LABUSCHAGNENo9b Olympia Road, BrenthurstBrakpanGauteng011 8266028
378100TATYNo61a Raleigh Street, YeovilleJohannesburgGauteng011 2584446
382531HAJEENo80 Beyers Naude Drive, NorthcliffRandburgGauteng011 7825277
383716RAMOHLALENo2758 Maluleke Street, Mamelodi EastPretoriaGauteng012 7533265
389986PESSUNo8 Douglas Manor, Douglas RoadSundownerGauteng
392081MAKHUBU – KOPONo51 Albertyn Street, Vorna ValleyMidrandGauteng011 4660052
395528ONIGBINDENo10 Maunde Street, SaulsvillePretoriaGauteng012 3750925
398659CHUEUNo17962 Umzukuza StreetVosloorusGauteng011 8639885
403563SMITHNo370 Ontdekkers Road, Florida ParkRoodepoortGauteng
409359NTOMBELANo122 Hans Strijdom Street, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9313637
409812PHILIP S AND MANSOOR FNoShop 22 1st Flr Wits University, Matrix Building 1 Jan Smuts, AvenueBraamfonteinGauteng011 4030780
412376ABDOOLNo59 Pretorius Street, Ueckermann Buliding Unit 1, Cnr Ueckermann & Pretorius StHeidelberg Gp-1441Gauteng016 3407717
420026SELEKANoShop 34 Kyalami Corner Shopping, Centre Cnr R55 & Main Road, WitpoortMidrandGauteng010 6120407
424145PHANZUNoCnr Hospital & Memorial Road, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 9531897
428167GANDANo76 Mare Street, RoodepoortRoodepoortGauteng011 7661200
428485NKUNDHLANDENoShop 3 Dema Building, Prinsloo Street, SasolburgSasolburgGauteng060 4390515
430560A NAVLAKHI INCORPORATEDNoHouse 14 Netcare Garden City, Hospital 35 Bartlett Road, MayfairJohannesburgGauteng011 4955175
431796MYNHARDTNo94 Skilpad Street, MonumentparkPretoriaGauteng012 3463033
437530LAHERNo95 High Street, BrixtonJohannesburgGauteng011 8372571
445096SALEYNo1 Bien Benu Building, 15 Leslie StreetVereenigingGauteng016 4214448
447110NAUDENo255 Voortrekker Road, MonumentKrugersdorpGauteng011 9540760
449539LEFOTLHANoSuite 112 1st Floor Pretoria, North Medical Centre 259 Burger, StreetPretoria NorthGauteng012 5656283
453099NKOSINoCnr Desmond Tutu & Ruth First, Street, Lotus GardensPretoriaGauteng012 0231899
458155VAN DER WALT AND PARTNERNoSuite 3 Garsfontein Office Park, 645 Jacqueline Drive, Garsfontein EastPretoriaGauteng012 9935761
459224HLOPHENoGlenmed, 9625 Tshipo Street, Protea GlenSowetoGauteng011 2971773
461148VAN DEVENTERNoDoringkloof Medical Centre, 6 Aster Avenue, DoringkloofCenturionGauteng012 6672550
463922LABUSCHAGNENo8 Blackwood Street, Florida ParkRoodepoortGauteng011 6752708
471593HOLTZHAUSENNoMedicross Boksburg Dental Centre, Cnr Trichardts & North Rand Road, BardeneBoksburgGauteng011 8986561
472360DE VOSNoPlot 116, 23 Cnr Douglas & Austin Road, Glen AustinMidrandGauteng011 3129653
472441NEVHUNGONINo6 Cosmo Building Cnr Van Rhijn, And F W Beyer Street, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng
474371MORENoShop 18 Nafcoc Centre, Buitenkant Street, SoshanguveSoshanguveGauteng012 7972785
479152MAHOMEDNoFirst Floor Garden Mews Medical, Centre 1 Queens Road, MayfairJohannesburgGauteng011 8396033
479969STOLSNo92 Stella Street, BrooklynPretoriaGauteng012 0301008
480436JACOBSNo2 Sycamore Street, ZwartkopCenturionGauteng012 6431072
480444JACOBSNo2 Cnr Sycamore Street & Lenchen, Avenue, ZwartkopCenturionGauteng012 6431072
481025SATARNoThe Health House, Cnr Rietfontein & Dayan Road, JansenparkBoksburgGauteng011 8264704
482684KOKNo80 Pierneef Boulevard, KookrusMeyertonGauteng016 3631563
485837BOTTEN AND GOVENDERNoTown Square Shopping Centre, Hendrik Potgieter Road & Albert, StreetConstantia KloofGauteng011 6753266
487864PADIANo66 Mint Road, FordsburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8386295
494224DOCRATNo313 Commissioner Street, JeppestownJohannesburgGauteng011 6143015
494771RADEBENo3 Industry Road, Clayville IndustrialOlifantsfonteinGauteng011 3164330
496561MOHR-DE BODNoShop 47 Monument Park Shopping, Centre 73 Skilpad Road, MonumentparkPretoriaGauteng012 6640728
498947NKOSI L D AND PARTNERNoShop L05 Diepkloof Square, Immink Drive, DiepkloofDiepkloofGauteng011 5280480
499838VAN WYKNoHighveld Medical Centre Cnr, Logan Avenue & Charles De Gaul, CrescentHighveldGauteng012 6653882
501166NDLOVUNoJeppe Medical Centre, 658 Jeppe StreetJohannesburgGauteng
501530MANSOOR F INCNoShop 7 Ground Floor, Braamfontein Centre 23 Jorissen, BraamfonteinJohannesburgGauteng011 4033300
502979MAFOLENoShop 31 Centre Walk, Cnr Andries & Pretorius StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3235740
503088OSMANNoVodacom Lifestyle Centre, 082 Vodacom Boulevard, MidrandMidrandGauteng011 5462170
504599SALEYNo886 Singh Street, ActonvilleBenoniGauteng011 4201937
509523UYSNoRoom 6 – 36 University Of, Pretoria – Oral And Den 5, Bophelo RoadPretoriaGauteng012 3192519
510394AMODNoBedfordview Medi Suites, 40a Nicol Road, BedfordviewGermistonGauteng011 4501447
510483SAYANVALANoSouth Lake Centre Cnr South, Street & Lenchen AvenueCenturionGauteng012 6637644
513873NTULINo23207 Lerothodi StreetSebokeng Zone 13Gauteng011 8501183
520284JAGLALNoShop 8 4 First Place, Cnr Harrison & Pritchard Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8384537
522988YEONoShop 14 Mooikloof Village, Centre Cnr Garsfontein & Jollify, Ring RoadMooikloofGauteng081 4948800
524298MATAANo349 Kopanong Cnr Andrew Mapheto, Drive & Metis Street, Makhulong SectionTembisaGauteng011 9246021
526223CHETTYNoShop 1 Old Main, Reef RoadDunswartGauteng011 9140026
526258DR RISHAN CHETTY INCORPORATEDNoShop 1 Duswart, 4 Main Reef RoadDunswartGauteng011 9140026
528188SULIMANNoRaslouw Corner, 185 Ruimte Road, WierdaparkCenturionGauteng012 6601080
528951MATJEKANENoDelta Heights 167 Cnr Thabo, Sehume & Church Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3267168
529842MTHIMKULUNoMaphanga Section, 243 Tshabangu Street, KatlehongKatlehongGauteng011 0744502
533513MANTHONZINoSoshanguve Croissing Mall, Cnr Ruth First And Aubry Matlala, SoshanguveTembisaGauteng012 7930082
533882ELLANNoShop 5 Phumula Market Square, Cnr Luthando & Ludlelo Street, Roodekop Ext 21GermistonGauteng011 3632454
537101KHWINANANoSt Maria Boutique, House 109 Block 6, Gemini StreetSterparkGauteng15
538175CHENGNoShop 13 Early Dawn Centre Cnr, 9th Avenue & Rivonia Boulevard, RivoniaSandtonGauteng011 234 0060
540447MUTOMBE N AND MWACHA MAKITA MNo72 Market Street, BoksburgBoksburgGauteng073 2733746
542482BEHRENS A AND BEHRENS ENoShop C2b Attlyn Shopping Centre, Cnr Phudufufu & Umkhombe Street, AtteridgevillePretoriaGauteng012 3735481
542571NGOBENINoShop 10 Theo’s Place, Johannes Ramokhoase Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3239433
549525CHETRAMNo0 Arthur Hobbs Road, ReigerparkBoksburgGauteng011 9102962
550140RAMLANoSan Ridge Square, Cnr New & Lever Road, MidrandMidrandGauteng011 3180040
552259THERONNoSuite 21 Eting Medical Centre, 211 Stanza Bopape Street, ArcadiaPretoriaGauteng012 7531276
553522DHUNRAJNoFirst Floor Shop F3 B, Cnr Witkoppen & Newmarket Road, North RidingRandburgGauteng011 4626511
553654GANINo53 St Albans Avenue, Mayfair WestJohannesburgGauteng011 8379243
558656GUMEDENo11 Picollo Flat, 12th AvenueGezinaGauteng
565806SAKUPWANYANoBounty Bleu Building, 48 West Street, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng
568236FERGUSSON J & BLIGNAUT KNoShop 12 Lambton Court, Cnr Webber & Beacon Road, LambtonGermistonGauteng011 0712105
571083LIUNoRoom 203 Southdale Shopping, Centre Alamein Road, SouthdaleJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6805202
573108BHIKA B INCORPORATEDNo25 Concorde Crescent, Crystal ParkBenoniGauteng011 9681378
576093YENDENoShop 11 Twin Palms Shopping, Centre Cnr Baviaanspoort Road &, Malgas StreetEast LynneGauteng012 8001115
583928FR DU TOIT INCORPORATEDNo488 Skukuza Street, Faerie GlenPretoriaGauteng012 9910631
584584FOWLER & ASSOCIATES INCNoCnr Airport & Heidelberg Road, Dalpark Ext 5BrakpanGauteng011 8410360
585432VUNDLANoShop No8 Trust Centre, Voortrekker StreetAlbertonGauteng011 3632454
590525MAHOMEDNoJohannesburg Medical Centre, 126 Rahima Moosa Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 4921907
591386DE KOCKNoShop 43 Olievenhout Plaza, Cnr Olifantsfontein Road & R55, OlievenhoutboschCenturionGauteng014 5926261
591467MAHLOGONoShop 13 Fedforum Building C B D, Cnr Pretorius & Lilian Ngoyi, StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3200189
591483VAN BLOMMESTEIN AND SCHUTTE TNo94 Skilpad Street, MonumentparkPretoriaGauteng012 3463033
592897BOGENHOFERNoDanmed Medical Centre Cnr Dan, Street And Hepburn StreetDanvilleGauteng012 3861355
595160VAN DEN BERGNo255 Voortrekker Road, MonumentKrugersdorpGauteng011 9540760
595586DRS WADVALLA R AND WADVALLA NNoSuite 105 Medical Mews, Cnr Rivonia Road & 5th Street, Sandton CitySandtonGauteng011 7837168
595691ARIYANNoNhc Medical Centre Cnr, Brakfontein Road & Rasmus, Erasmus BoulevardMidstream EstateGauteng012 7626400
600938DR MENOLEE PILLAY INCNoLinbro Park Dental Surgery, 161b Clulee Road, Linbro ParkSandtonGauteng
602183MANGISANo56a Sekhukhune Street, Zone 2SowetoGauteng
608831NORTMANNoUndisclosed, MoreletaparkPretoriaGauteng076 0334763
609188BEHARIENoPrimrose Hill Medical Centre, 8 Magnolia Road, Primrose HillGermistonGauteng011 8251615
610232DR ARIYAN AND ASSOCIATES INCORPONoN H C Medical Centre, Cnr Brakfontein & Erasmus Road, LouwlardiaCenturionGauteng012 7626400
612553OOKANo7 Padstow Street, AlbertonAlbertonGauteng011 9078344
612642VALLYNoSuite 1 Savoy Medical & Dental, Centre 580 Louis Botha Avenue, Savoy EstJohannesburgGauteng011 4404601
612677DR NAZRANA VALLY INCNoSuite 1 Savoy Medical & Dental, Centre 580 Louis Botha Avenue, Savoy EstJohannesburgGauteng011 4404601
613843NKOSINo55 Cnr Nala & Ndudula Street, DuduzaNigelGauteng010 4439261
614599GUMEDENoShop 8 Cosmo Shopping Centre, Cnr South Africa Drive & Central, African Rep AvCosmo City Ext 6Gauteng011 6598039
615080RASWISWINoBaragwanath Medical Centre, 8301a Bara Road, Diepkloof Zone 6DiepkloofGauteng
616877DIKGALENo21c Goldman Street, FloridaRoodepoortGauteng
618500SIBISINoCnr Tonnel & Malacite Avenue, FleurhofRandburgGauteng011 0458827
619523VAN DER WESTHUIZENNo1 Doring Avenue, MontanaparkPretoriaGauteng012 5487334
622214DRS S M M PATEL AND DAYA JNo301 Main Road, Eldoradopark Ext 4SowetoGauteng011 9451110
623423MOODLEYNo237 Bryanston Drive, BryanstonSandtonGauteng011 4636552
624292DHUNRAJNoFirst Floor Shop F3 B, Cnr Witkoppen & Newmarket Road, North RidingRandburgGauteng011 4626511
624845NOCANDANoCathcart Multifuel Building, 4 Robinson StreetCathcartGauteng
625787JOHANNESNoShop 101 Quagga Shopping Centre, Cnr Quagga Road & Church Street, Proclamation HillPretoriaGauteng012 3272309
627127MMAKHUTONo28 Silvowillow Village 2Pretoria EastGauteng
627615BHAMJEENoDrift Service Station, Drift Boulevard, MuldersdrifKrugersdorpGauteng062 5018845
630179DR’S P MATHAI AND F MANSOOR INCNoMultichoice Wellness Centre, 251 Oak Avenue, RandburgRandburgGauteng011 2896497
630306HLOPHENo1253 Masoka StreetKwaxumaGauteng063 2181624
635081RAKABENoShop 35 Diepsloot Mall Cnr, William Nicole Drive & 1st, DiepslootDiepslootGauteng081 4549212
636223DR OOSTHUIZEN DENTISTRY INCNo149 Rienert Avenue, EdleenKempton ParkGauteng011 3933967
646822DR MOHLALA CV INCORPORATEDNo98 Elizabeth Street, BartlettsBoksburgGauteng
649252NAYAGERNoKingsley Medical Centre Cnr, Steve Biko & Stanza Bopape, ArcadiaPretoriaGauteng012 3414425
658138GERT RHEEDERS INCNo8 Panorama Road, RooihuiskraalCenturionGauteng012 6611648
665371MOOLLANo7 Railway Street, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 4551969
670227MAKONDONoStand 3306, 40 Hercules Sreet, Ennerdale Ext 3EnnerdaleGauteng011 8555345
671053VISSERNoShop 8 De Jongh Centre Cnr, Rachel De Beer & Ben Viljoen, Pretoria NorthPretoriaGauteng012 5466863
680508LINGHAMNoShop 7 Karenpark Crossing, Doreg Street, KarenparkAkasiaGauteng012 8802965
680745SEHLAKONoPlein Street, 28 BuildingJohannesburgGauteng
683027WALTERSNoUnit D1, 49 Loch Street, MeyertonMeyertonGauteng010 6340166
685704ARUMUGAMNoShop 3 The Valley Centre, Cnr Hendrikpotgieter And Jim Fou, WeltevredenparkRoodepoortGauteng011 6757661
687774LICHTENSTEINNoCnr Paul Kruger & Booysen Street, Les MaraisPretoriaGauteng012 3358650
697974NHLANGULELANo1st Floor Sunset Square, 7 Sunset Lane, Pine SlopesSandtonGauteng010 5971950
700894KHUPARINoMelamed Medical Centre, 29 Jensen Road, The OrchardsAkasiaGauteng012 9431945
701084UYSNoBlock D Mediclinic Emfuleni, 6 Jan Van Riebeeck Boulevard, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9508185
702390KEKANANo9 Kapokvoel Avenue, Birch AcresKempton ParkGauteng011 3912353
712191VAN STRATENNoExp Dental Centre – Three Rivers, Nile Drive, Three RiversVereenigingGauteng010 6016447
713880LUWAKUNUNo30 Voortrekker Street, DuncanvilleVereenigingGauteng082 3635866
715891DR N OSMAN INCNoSuite B2 Centurion Day Hospital, 192a Glover Avenue, LytteltonCenturionGauteng012 0012100
723304MAHLOBONoFormasa Walk Shop 4, Church StreetLadybrandGauteng
725048MABASANo4559 Angelfish Street, Kaalfontein Ext 15MidrandGauteng011 3120073
727385LERUMONo479 Peter Magano Road, Mabopane Block CMabopaneGauteng012 7003046
728950KHANYENo501 Jules Street, MalvernJohannesburgGauteng010 6150003
729671TSHILIMANDILANo1420 Agulhas Road, BloubosrandRandburgGauteng072 0926254
729973DR MA MATJEKANE INCNoDelta Heights 167 Cnr Thabo, Sehume & Church Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3267168
731692BHOOLANo65 Lilian Road, FordsburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8365760
733075DRS DE WET DANKA AND ASSOCIATESNo5a Bedford Manor, Cnr Kirkby Road & Regent Street, BedfordviewGermistonGauteng011 6165115
735248PEERNo138 Ivy RoadNorwoodGauteng011 6467560
741140MUDAUNoBusy Corner Mall, Chameleon St, Ebony ParkMidrandGauteng061 4032855
742597KADWANo53 Cavendish Road, YeovilleJohannesburgGauteng011 4871082
742732DE JONGNoShop 139 Office Block B, 314 Glenwood Road, Lynnwood ParkPretoriaGauteng012 3612188
743801MDLOVUNo1807 Phinzi Road, VosloorusVosloorusGauteng010 0231456
745871ENGELBRECHTNo35 11th Avenue, NorthmeadBenoniGauteng010 5000890
763497MAHOMEDNo70 Rebuplic Road, BlairgowrieRandburgGauteng011 7819236
763934VAN DEN BERGHNo207 Shilling Street, QueenswoodPretoriaGauteng012 1118855
764868PHURIWANo208 Unit D Kefilwe Kaboentle, Business Complex, HammanskraalHammanskraalGauteng082 2138950
765155MAHLATJINoSuite 22, 320 Pretorius Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3202439
766887KHAN-HASSANNoShop 18 Lakeside Shopping Mall, Tom Jones Street, BenoniBenoniGauteng011 4210302
777102DE BRUINNo288 Ben Viljoen Street, Pretoria NorthPretoriaGauteng066 2640026
778990MOHLALANoShop 39 Sammy Marks Square, Cnr Madiba & Lilian Ngoyi Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng
780138MATLALANo2688 Angelfish Street, KaalfonteinMidrandGauteng
781142RAMARENoGa Phooko Village Str 18SoekmekaarGauteng
782238MUSHADUNoAfricare Medical Centre, Tsakane Square, 21538 Tsakane StrTsakaneGauteng
783544BOUWERNo1032 Saxby Avenue, EldoraigneCenturionGauteng081 4913054
786896DR VAN DER WALT C AND DR POTGIETNoSuite 3 Garsfontein Office Park, 645 Jacqueline Drive, GarsfonteinPretoriaGauteng012 9935761
792608MOSANANoShop 14, Kopanong Shopping Centre, HammanskraalPretoriaGauteng
799483NQABENINoShop 5 Entrance 3, Cosmo Medical Centre, Cnr Malibongwe And Sa DriveJohannesburgGauteng081 4006482
799955DR CHAUKE K S AND PARTNERNo208 Marble Towers, Cnr Jeppe & Von Weilligh Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 3385108
810207NKADIMENGNo04 Augusta Complex, 1088 Bellini Crescent, RoodepoortRoodepoortGauteng010 2107975
810959MATHIRNo35 Ndaba Street, Protea NorthSowetoGauteng
813567BALOYINoLotus Gardens Medical Centre, Shoprite PlazaLotus GardensGauteng
815047BHAMNo33 N J Van Der Merwe Crescent, SasolburgSasolburgGauteng016 9760436
815055MOHAMEDNo33 N J Van Der Merwe Crescent, SasolburgSasolburgGauteng016 9760436
817007SMITNoShop 2 Mayville Mall Cnr, Nienaber Avenue & Van Rensburg, MayvillePretoriaGauteng081 7150726
818283VUNDLANoAndrews Garage Caltex, Stand 349RustenburgGauteng
818615MATHIRNo35 Ndaba Street, Protea NorthSowetoGauteng011 2116393
823759DRS DE WITTNoBuilding 7 Glen Manor Office, Park 134 Frikkie De Beer Street, MenlynPretoriaGauteng012 3485245
825352MADONSELANoRosemed Phc, Shop 7, 8 Bashee StreetVereenigingGauteng082 9273163
832057DRS LAMPRECHT AND ASS INCORPORATNoKarenpark Crossing Shop 7, Cnr Doreg Anf Heinrich AveKarenparkGauteng012 0103650
867950NAIDOONoBlue Valley Shopping Center, Shopa 6 Coatbridge RoadCenturionGauteng087 7022310
868361RAMOHLALENo341 Acacia Street, Ebony ParkMidrandGauteng012 5663254
868760MOLOTONoShop 003a Nedbank Plaza, Stanza Bopape Street, ArcadiaPretoriaGauteng068 0509783
868787MOTSHWANENo11 Erasmus Avenue, The OrchardsAkasiaGauteng
869880MOGANONo1096 Main Road, LebohangLeslieGauteng
870455PILLAYNo161b Clulee Road, Linbro ParkSandtonGauteng081 2762040
872369TSHIVHASENo1381 Real Rovers Street, NellmapiusPretoriaGauteng067 2925777
873438TSHITANGANONo28 Rubida Street, Lynnwood RidgePretoriaGauteng012 4720544
877735MAHARAJNo241 Rondebult Road, Farrar ParkBoksburgGauteng067 9684718
879347VAN DEN BERGHNo162 Hilton Park Center, Cradock Avenue, Lyttelton ManorCenturionGauteng012 0100518
879657LAUBSCHERNo24 Cnr Garden Road & Mispel, Avenue, The OrchardsAkasiaGauteng012 5493777
881546GOUNDENNoShop 3 The Clubhouse Centre, Malibongwe Drive, RobindaleRandburgGauteng011 7919038
883573DUBAZANE INCNo4th Floor Lister Medical Centre, 195 Rahima Moosa Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 5683457
884871MJ WALTERS INCNo2 Pier StreetDeneysvilleGauteng010 6340168
886866DAYANo20 Joubert Road, Nigel Ext 2NigelGauteng011 8144727
901490SWAMINATHANNoShop 18 Eldo Square Shopping, Centre Willem Botha Drive, EldoraigneCenturionGauteng012 6583094
902349MOKONYANENo375 Francis Baard StreetPretoriaGauteng012 8172070
903744DITSELANo4 Hausa Kingdom Street, Tlamatlama ExtTembisaGauteng010 0065450
904082ZWANE-NGCOBONo2 Magnet Street, KensingtonJohannesburgGauteng082 7751897
904120DUBENo3573 Msilinga Street, Pimville Zone 3PimvilleGauteng062 1482284
904198PAULNoBuilding B Floor 1 Loftus Park, 402 Kirkness Street, SunnysidePretoriaGauteng012 0720032
904627MAKHADONoPalm Springs MallOrange FarmGauteng
905283VAN DEN HEEVERNo449 Braam Pretorius Street, MagalieskruinPretoriaGauteng072 4834623
906719DRS VAN BLOMMESTEIN MYNHARDTNo94 Skilpad RoadMonument ParkGauteng012 3643033
907855RIHLAPFUNo30 Pheasant Street, Leboeng SectionTembisaGauteng082 6269025
912360RAMKISSOONNoE-med Centre, 18 Aimee Street, RuiterhofRandburgGauteng073 4135791
913782SINGNoRemedium Medical Centre, 110 6th Avenue, MayfairJohannesburgGauteng011 8377645
918393MOTANYANENo2552 Block LSoshanguveGauteng
921629THEMBONo23 Main StreetDannhauserGauteng
921718REISNoShop 49 Kempton Square, Cnr Voortrekker & Monument Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 3948751
922757NELNoSuite 3, Garsfontein Office Park, 645 Jacqueline DrivePretoriaGauteng084 3392747
928623MPAMONYANENo1068 E T Mdakalaan Street, PhomolongTembisaGauteng082 0585289
929018SELOMANENoShop 23 Riverside Square, Porcupine Park Avenue, DiepslootDiepslootGauteng010 0060983
929174DAMBHANo164 Beyers Naude Drive, MontrouxRandburgGauteng082 5727019
930407KARACHINoSuit 203 Block 1 Mediclinic, Sandton Cnr Main Road & Peter, BryanstonSandtonGauteng011 3921515
934771MASHATOLANoEastleigh Junction Shopping, Centre 32 Central Avenue, EdenvaleEdenvaleGauteng076 8445591
936375MASONTONo91 Iris Road, Norwood, JohannesburgGautengGauteng067 6573149
936693MABOEANo6466 Drakensberg Street, Clayville Extension 45MidrandGauteng
937371HLOKWENo1280 Angelfish Drive, KaalfonteinMidrandGauteng066 1294896
940909NARANNoShop 11 Tasso Centre, 3 Onyx Place, AlbemarleGermistonGauteng010 2380118
942618DIBAKWANENo498 Block V, SoshanguvePretoriaGauteng
944270MOTHATANo89 11th Road, KewJohannesburgGauteng072 3743740
944637RAMOTHWALANo340 Acacia Street, Ebony ParkMidrandGauteng012 5663254
945668MMAKONoShop 5 Entrance 3 Cosmo Mall, 26 Malibongwe Drive, Cosmo CityRoodepoortGauteng011 7080292
946370HLATSHWAYONo419 Mimosa Place, DoornpoortPretoriaGauteng
948004MPHIWENo2216 Commissioner Street, Soshanguve Block FSoshanguveGauteng012 0650295
951129NAICKERNo226 Dale Lace Avenue, Randpark RidgeRandburgGauteng010 4471251
953245MOTALANo19 Hamerkop AvenueBenoniGauteng
959855VENTER INCNoShop Gf99 Tshwane Regional Mall, Cnr Tsamaya & Waltloo Road, MamelodiPretoriaGauteng012 6520047
959863AYOBNoSuite 3 Medical Suites @ Campus, Cnr Kingsway & University Road, Auckland ParkJohannesburgGauteng
960144MALULEKANo36 Princes Avenue, BenoniBenoniGauteng076 4051493
968994MASIANoExt 10 Stand Number 6348, Eric Liberty StreetWitbankGauteng
976938NAICKERNo288 Ben Viljoen, Pretoria NorthPretoriaGauteng011 4548893
977195DR NHLANGULELA DENTIST INCORPORANoExp Medical Centre Contantia, Office Park Vlakhaaf Avenue, WeltevredenparkRoodepoortGauteng
978744MASHIKENo7959 Ext 11, Block V VPretoriaGauteng012 7933041
985406DE BRUYNNo2 Maan Street, AtlasvilleBoksburgGauteng011 3952893
985961LETSOALONo7 Sunset Lane, Magaliessig Ext 4FourwaysGauteng
992801JOHNSONNoMonument Dental, 255 Voortrekker Road, MonumentKrugersdorpGauteng011 9540760
1016512STROHNoSuite 3, Garsfontein Office Park, 645 Jaqueline DrivePretoriaGauteng012 9935761
5402018SHULMANNo23 Jellicoe Avenue, RosebankJohannesburgGauteng011 8806116
5408687DOCKRATNo65 Lillian Road, FordsburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8365760
5414601LAHERNo95 High Street, BrixtonJohannesburgGauteng011 8360016
5415055NELNo82 Breytenbach Street, NigelNigelGauteng083 2788861
5415616MISTRYNo13 Beaconsfield AvenueVereenigingGauteng016 4220794
5417791FOURIENo238 Visvanger Road, MontanaparkPretoriaGauteng012 5481957
5418070NAGDEENoSuite 105 Medical Mews, Cnr Rivonia Road & 5th Street, Sandton CitySandtonGauteng011 7837168
5418321VALLABHBAAINoPangate Centre, 194 2nd StreetWynbergGauteng011 7860229
5418909PEERNoShop 32a Alexandra Plaza, 36 3rd Street, AlexandraAlexandraGauteng082 6426274
5419743COHENNoMedicross Carnival Mall, Cnr Airport & Heidelberg Road, Dalpark Ext 5BrakpanGauteng011 7402300
5419840KLEMPTNERNo1st Floor Heathway Square Cnr, Beyers Naude & Castlehill Drive, BlackheathRandburgGauteng011 6784515
5420377DELPORTNo37 Monument Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 9704318
5420482NARSAINo3045 Sebenzisa StreetKagisoGauteng011 4104434
5420725BREYTENBACHNo390 Braam Pretorius Street, MagalieskruinPretoriaGauteng012 5431106
5421128FRIEDLANDERNo17 Webb Street, NorthmeadBenoniGauteng011 8497733
5421160CERICOLANo1st Floor Waterfall Corner, Shopping Centre Cnr Waterfall &, Country Estate DriveWatervalGauteng011 8025256
5421543JAMESNoSonja Street Business Centre, 121 Sonja Street, DoringkloofCenturionGauteng012 6673080
5422124MOOSANo25b Gerard Sekoto Street, FerreirasdorpJohannesburgGauteng011 8360854
5422590PARBHOONo8/1521 Khan Crescent, ActonvilleBenoniGauteng011 4214757
5422906BUITENWEGNo066 Human Street, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 6607377
5423201DE KLERKNo06 Penny Street, MindaloreKrugersdorpGauteng011 7622738
5423341ESSOPNo261 St Joseph Avenue, EersterusPretoriaGauteng012 8067644
5423422CHAHANNoRoom 615 Skosana Section, Hospital Road, Skosana SectionKatlehongGauteng011 9092013
5424860CRAWAGENo2 Osberg Street, Eldoradopark Ext 2SowetoGauteng011 9453683
5425077FOWLERNo9b Olympia Road, BrenthurstBrakpanGauteng011 8266028
5425271RAWATNo43 Ruben Avenue, NewclareRandburgGauteng011 6735865
5425328JORDAANNo@ Health Medical Centre, 258b Jean Avenue, Die HoewesCenturionGauteng012 6440660
5425352COETZEENoMedicross Boksburg Dental Centre, Cnr Trichardts & Northrand Road, BardeneBoksburgGauteng011 8986561
5425514MULLERNo79 Marija Street, WonderboomPretoriaGauteng012 5672316
5426294MALLNoBlock A Suite 3 Signet Terrace, Cnr Hummingbird & Guinea Fowl, StreetLenasia Ext 1Gauteng011 8527803
5426340NEUHOFFNo47 8th StreetSpringsGauteng011 8121641
5426391OLIVIERNoMedicross Boksburg Dental Centre, Cnr Trichardts & Northrand Road, BardeneBoksburgGauteng011 8986561
5426693VELLEMANNoBracken City Medical Centre, Hennie Alberts Street, BrackenhurstAlbertonGauteng011 8673520
5427215JOUBERTNo924 9th Floor Louis Pasteur, Building 374 Francis Baard, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3221380
5427347HENRYNoRoom 9 Kliptown Medical Centre, Union Avenue, KliptownSowetoGauteng011 3421066
5427894KNOETZENo121 Cantonments Street, LytteltonCenturionGauteng012 6643342
5428017MULLERNo245 Burger Street, Pretoria NorthPretoriaGauteng012 5466641
5428025VAN RENSBURGNoBlock 3 Life Robinson Private, Hospital Hospital Road, RandfonteinRandfonteinGauteng011 6922277
5428203JANSE VAN RENSBURGNo255 Anna Wilson StreetKilner ParkGauteng012 3334443
5428661SEEDATNoRoom 9 Kliptown Medical Dental, Union Avenue, KliptownSowetoGauteng011 3421066
5429013ROSSNoExp Dental Centre – Three Rivers, Cnr Nile Drive & The Square, Three RiversVereenigingGauteng010 6016447
5429374PROXENOSNo28 8th Street, SpringsSpringsGauteng011 8121977
5429412HERRNo195 Elston Avenue, BenoniBenoniGauteng011 8452063
5429781HAMMERSCHLAGNoSuite 104 Highlands North, Medical Centre Cnr Louis Botha &, 3rd AvenueHighlands NorthGauteng011 8878689
5430011GORDHANNo518 Bengal StreetLaudiumGauteng012 3743927
5430615FURTERNo24 Cnr Garden Road & Mispel, Avenue, The OrchardsAkasiaGauteng012 5493777
5430755BEMATHNoMidrand City Shopping Centre, 185 Old Pretoria Road, MidrandMidrandGauteng011 3156825
5430887MYNHARDTNo29 Landor Street, Tulisa Park Ext 7Johannesburg SouthGauteng011 6135913
5430925PESTANANo3b De La Rey Road, RivoniaSandtonGauteng011 8031706
5431670VAN HUYSSTEENNo149 Rose Street, RivieraPretoriaGauteng012 3295384
5431778VOLSCHENKNo7 Padstow Street, RaceviewAlbertonGauteng011 9078355
5431867HATTINGHNo557 De Beer Street, Wonderboom SouthPretoriaGauteng012 3355995
5431921GOUSNo270 Nicolson Street, BrooklynPretoriaGauteng012 3464505
5432073BOTHANo478 12th Avenue, GezinaPretoriaGauteng012 3354861
5432413MINNAARNo33 Monument Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 9752980
5432596SIZANINoSection T Maminze Medical, Centre 6908 Mphaki Street, Mamelodi WestPretoriaGauteng012 8054624
5432790MORKELNo450 Van Der Hoff Road, HermanstadPretoriaGauteng012 3790918
5433223ERASMUSNo2nd Floor Hatfield Plaza, Shopping Centre 1122 Burnett, HatfieldPretoriaGauteng012 3625773
5433673LA GRANGENoMedicross Constantia Park Dental, Centre Cnr Chopin & Duvernoy, StreetConstantia ParkGauteng012 9939017
5433738VAN RENSBURGNoShop 23 Central City Shopping, Centre M17, MabopaneMabopaneGauteng012 7020172
5433843MADARINoCnr Olywenhout Street &, Soutpansberg Avenue, BosmontRandburgGauteng011 4742053
5435013FOKNoGround Floor Swiss House, 86 Main Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8342326
5435080MOHAMEDNoFlat No 4 Zuleikha Mansions Cnr, Concord Place & Gemsbok Street, LenasiaLenasia SouthGauteng011 8527866
5435196TERBLANCHENo28 8th Street, SpringsSpringsGauteng011 8122640
5435374MOOPENNo356 Seventh Road, Halfway GardensMidrandGauteng011 3124595
5435455GELDENHUYSNo409 Kirkness Street, ClydsdaleHatfieldGauteng012 824585221
5435994VAHEDNoCnr Main Reef Road & Fifth, Street, West PorgesRandfonteinGauteng011 4122446
5436052DU TOITNo202 Omega Building, 28 F W Beyers Street, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9333850
5437458CHONOWITZNo28a Angus Street, GermistonGermistonGauteng011 8739200
5437660EASTERNNoGround Floor Swiss House, 86 Main Street, MarshalltownJohannesburgGauteng011 8342326
5438101DE JAGERNoExp Dental Centre – Three Rivers, Cnr Nile Drive & The Square, Three RiversVereenigingGauteng010 6016447
5438128POTGIETERNoSuite 3 Garsfontein Office Park, 645 Jacqueline Drive, Garsfontein EastPretoriaGauteng012 9935761
5438195MOOLLANoShop 4a Sarbec Place, 19 Beaconsfield Avenue, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 4220020
5438225MAHOMEDNo75 C R Swart Street, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9311212
5438284SURTEENo58 Pretoria Street, HillbrowJohannesburgGauteng011 4844574
5438292REDDYNo73 5th Street, SpringsSpringsGauteng011 8156951
5438993PINHEIRONoSuite 11 Ground Floor Highveld, Park Centre Cnr John Vorster &, Logan AvenueHighveldGauteng012 6651631
5439426FOKNoFox Street Medical Centre, 70 Fox Street, MarshalltownJohannesburgGauteng011 8364567
5439582MOTTIARNo210 Cnr Du Toit & Helen Joseph, Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3222123
5439744WAJANoShop 263 Dental Centre South, Gate Shopping Centre Cnr Rifle, Range Road & Columbine AvenueMondeorGauteng011 9421132
5439841DOCRATNoSuite 3 Bilsam Flats, 72 Gemsbok Street, Lenasia Ext 1LenasiaGauteng011 8541001
5440033CASSIMNoCnr Webber Road & Oliver StreetEsteraGauteng011 8247300
5440092CAJEENo143 Kitzinger Avenue, BrakpanBrakpanGauteng011 7442287
5440890MANINo107 Langermann Drive, South KensingtonJohannesburgGauteng011 6151116
5441161ESTERHUYSENo33 Monument Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 9752980
5442427LIEBENBERGNoDental Suite, Cascades RoadLittle FallsGauteng011 4759222
5442443PEERNo77 Millar Street, SophiatownJohannesburgGauteng011 4778665
5442699CHOPDATNo189 Swartgoud Str, Ridgeway, 2091South AfricaGauteng011 0114334565
5442923THOMASNoShop 1 Roramia Centre Cnr, Heidelberg Road & Kingfisher, ElsparkGermistonGauteng011 8933063
5442982RABICHANDNoGround Floor The Sentinel, 26 Van Der Merwe Street, HillbrowJohannesburgGauteng011 6426289
5443180NELNo32 Cnr Dieffenbachia Street &, Broodboom Road, KarenparkAkasiaGauteng012 5490456
5443326PAPONoOpposite Caltex Garage, 3625 Orange Farm, Drieziek Ext 1JohannesburgGauteng011 8501069
5443539BOPAPENoTshepong Medical Centre, 18881 Tsamaya Avenue, Mamelodi EastPretoriaGauteng012 8011283
5443687MALLNo23a Cnr Thornton Road & Dover, Street, WestdeneJohannesburgGauteng011 4772098
5443830JOHNSONNoMedicross Constantia Park Dental, Cntr Cnr Duvernoy & Chopin, StreetConstantia ParkGauteng012 9939017
5444489BONNETNo76 Shannon Road, NoordheuwelKrugersdorpGauteng011 9542460
5445124ROVITHISNo195 Elston Avenue, BenoniBenoniGauteng011 8452063
5445701MENEZESNoEsculapium Building, 19 Joubert Street, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 4211093
5446007MAGANNo33 Rifle Range Road, RidgewayJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4332250
5446147BOKSBURG DENTAL CENTRENoCnr Trichardts & North Rand Road, BardeneBoksburgGauteng011 8986561
5446244KGADITSWENoRoom 2 Leseding Complex, 4358 Jubilee Road, TembaTembaGauteng012 7177324
5446317CHETTYNoShop 1 Central City Mall, Retief Street, MabopaneMabopaneGauteng012 5410316
5446635ALLINoShop L02 Cambridge Crossing, Cnr Witkoppen & Stone Haven Road, PaulshofSandtonGauteng010 4955398
5446783MINNAARNoCnr Nile Drive & The Square, Three RiversVereenigingGauteng010 6016447
5446899TAYLORNoCnr Luipaard Street &, Paardekraal Drive, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 9509034
5447119TAYOBNoRoom C111 Block C Lenmed Clinic, 8 Marlin Avenue, Lenasia Ext 8LenasiaGauteng011 2116158
5447402VAN DEN BERGNoGezina Shopping Centre Cnr 12th, Avenue & Nico Smith Street, GezinaPretoriaGauteng012 4044619
5447453DE VILLIERS T A D & ASSOCIATES MNo1 Nigel Road, Selection ParkSpringsGauteng011 3653845
5447577LE ROUX & ASSOCIATESNo310 Pretoria Street, SilvertonPretoriaGauteng012 8047147
5447593JOHNSONNoCnr Chopin & Duvernoy Street, Constantia ParkPretoriaGauteng012 9939017
5447720MOTALANoShop 22 Kempstar Mall, Pretoria Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 9752593
5447925VAN WYKNo3rd Floor Long Point Building, Cnr Witkoppen & Montecasino, BoulevardFour WaysGauteng011 4659820
5448395DOCRATNo65 Lillian Road, FordsburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8365760
5448425JANSEN VAN VUURENNo551 Wf Nkomo Street, Pretoria WestPretoriaGauteng012 3275544
5448530SINGHNoErf 1542, 178 Starling Road, Lenasia South Ext 1LenasiaGauteng011 8550443
5449464ZAAYMANNoCnr Monument & Van Riebeeck Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 9285600
5449626MULLERNo16 Von Geusau Street, Industrial AreaPretoriaGauteng016 3491902
5449782YENNoSummerfield Shopping Centre Cnr, Kowie Weg Road & Kelly Avenue, BoskruinRandburgGauteng011 7910411
5449812WHITBY-VILJOENNoMedicross Constantia Park Dental, Centre Cnr Chopin & Duvernoy, StreetConstantia ParkGauteng012 9939017
5450012KELLERMANNo252 Grosvenor Street, HatfieldPretoriaGauteng012 3423105
5450225TAYOBNo3rd Floor Life Brenthurst, Clinic 4 Park Lane, ParktownJohannesburgGauteng011 4847775
5450314MATHIRNo23 Nicol Road, BedfordviewGermistonGauteng068 2871600
5450543DAYANoGreen Valley Shopping Centre Cnr, Greenstone & Stoneridge Drive, Greenstone HillLethabongGauteng011 8731822
5450918GANDANo76 Mare Street, RoodepoortRoodepoortGauteng011 7661200
5451027CASSIMNoCnr Rifle Range Road & Affodil, Street, Winchester HillsJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6801010
5451175BOKMANoNorthcliff Medical Centre, 251 Beyers Naude Drive, BlackheathRandburgGauteng011 4761759
5451280MASILELANoGrayston Mews, 134 Grayston Drive, SandtonSandtonGauteng011 8839990
5451663NHLAPONoShop 26 Steyns Arcade, Francis Baard Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3206472
5451841CHOONARANo425 Ontdekkers Service Road, Florida ParkRoodepoortGauteng011 4725055
5451949MOLOKWANENoShop 4 Fichardt Square, Fichardt Street, SasolburgSasolburgGauteng016 9731118
5451965MAOBANoShop 66a Dobsonville Shopping, Centre Elias Motsoaledi Road, DobsonvilleSowetoGauteng011 9890095
5452066SNYMANNo518 Begemann Street, EloffsdalPretoriaGauteng012 3351410
5452139PEERNoSuite 120 Sandton City Mall, Cnr Rivonia Road & 5th Street, Sandton CitySandtonGauteng011 7834575
5452317VARACHIANoShop 3 Bobat Centre, 24 Jacobs Street, ChamdorKrugersdorpGauteng011 7627453
5452929HOOSENNoSuite 21 Nembula House Lesedi, Private Hospital Chris Hani Road, Diepkloof Zone 6DiepkloofGauteng011 9334096
5453364VAN BLOMMESTEINNo89 Cnr Dely & Matroosberg Road, NewlandsPretoriaGauteng012 3465099
5453488MANTHATA-UTLWANo808 Lever Road, NoordwykMidrandGauteng011 3182801
5453674MASHISHINo677 Qambela Street, Mamelodi WestPretoriaGauteng012 8054809
5453720MAKHAFOLANo319 Temong Section, TembisaTembisaGauteng011 9263289
5454336COLEMANNoMedpark Building Cnr Joubert, Street & Beaconsfield Avenue, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 4226673
5454611ALLINo1 Spekhout Avenue, HeuweloordCenturionGauteng
5454867BAJOMONoPan Afrikaans Centre, Cnr 3rd Street & Watt Avenue, WynbergSandtonGauteng011 7865222
5455014MAKHAFOLANo3260 Milkweed Street, FourwaysSandtonGauteng079 3971407
5455073GANINo53 St Albans Avenue, Mayfair WestJohannesburgGauteng011 8379243
9500448MATSOMELANoStand 21061, Sebokeng Zone 14SebokengGauteng016 5924698
9500588MALEBYENo6th Floor Suite 606 Lister, Building 195 Cnr Jeppe & Smal, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 3335762
9500928MAKHETHANoZone 6, 64 Union Road, Sebokeng Ext 1SebokengGauteng016 5935892
9501266RAKAUNo666 Block X, MabopaneMabopaneGauteng
9501290MABASONo1450 Mamolaeng Street, Diepkloof Zone 2DiepkloofGauteng011 0246440
9501711PHIRINo43 Stubbs StreetRandfonteinGauteng
9501916THABETHENo8498 Section T, Mamelodi WestPretoriaGauteng012 8057674
9502238RAMPERSADHNoShop 2 Temba City Shopping, Centre Lucas Mangope Road, TembaTembaGauteng012 7174207
9502289LEDWABANo50 Bloekom DriveTerenure Ext 15Gauteng011 9827506
162639NAIRNoUnit 8, 18 Tynecroft Place, LongcroftPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5072586
163635TARMAHOMEDNoSuite 3 Bhoola Centre, 70 Dr Goonam Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3063601
164836FAHN P & PRETORIUS R LNoDomino Building, 4 Kerk Street, FairviewHibberdeneKwazulu Natal035 7723731
166278D’ARCYNoShop 1 Lot 2035 Mount Carmel, Marine Drive, Shelly BeachMargateKwazulu Natal039 6950530
167223NAIDOONo85 Balhambra Way, NewholmePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3871281
167452JAGLALNoA B C Centre, 91 George Sewpersadh Street, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal084 4466438
173053NAIDOONoShop 6 Ithala Centre Cnr, Mangosuthu Highway & Sibusiso, UmlaziUmlaziKwazulu Natal031 9068700
174122SOOBRAMONEYNoM1506, Bhungesi RoadKwamashuKwazulu Natal031 5043309
185914KHANNo23 Voortrekker StreetPort Shepstone Ext 1Kwazulu Natal039 6812670
188646SAGATHAVANNoWakesleigh Medical Centre, 251 Wakesleigh Road, BellairDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4654020
194859REDDYNoShop 3 Globes Shopping Centre, 41 Old Main RoadOttawaKwazulu Natal032 5376581
205567KATHRADANoShop 9, Stratford Road, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal082 8018346
207853NGEJANENo10 Bevis Place, KokstadKokstadKwazulu Natal039 7274978
211826SINGHNoShop F3 Ballito Junction, Ballito Drive, BallitoDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal032 9461501
226130GOVENDERNoShop 6 Murray Square, 44 Josiah Gumede Road, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7019347
233765PRITHIPALNo9 Pardy Road, Isipingo RailIsipingoKwazulu Natal031 9122337
236071BEHARINo63 8th Avenue, WindermereBereaKwazulu Natal031 3038821
236780SINGHNoShop 75 Protea Mall, 7 Lighthouse Road, Umhlanga RocksUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5616005
238031KANNIENoUnit 33 Broadlands Office Park, 9-11 Mountview Close, Mount EdgecombeMount EdgecombeKwazulu Natal079 8788256
238783I SEWCHURAN AND ASSOCIATES 93 INNoStandard Bank Building Prime, Cure Medical Centre 21 Power, ProspectonProspectonKwazulu Natal031 9022208
240656THAMANNANo224 Himalaya Drive, ShallcrossQueensburghKwazulu Natal031 4098213
242403LUTCHMANNoShop 27 Parklane Centre, 12 Chief Albert Luthuli Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3427420
244260RAMGATHEE AND ASSOCIATES 105 INCNo525 Anton Lembede Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3019807
245216MBOTHONoSuite 2, 428 Langalibalele Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3421280
249173QOBOSHIYANENoShop 16 Pinetown Arcade, 29/31 Hill Street, New GermanyPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7025431
6203SARDIWALLANoShop 106a The Plaza, Lyell Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6378641
37737VALAYUTHUMNo4 Gridham TerracePhoenixKwazulu Natal076 8605921
55581GOVENDERNoShop 7, 32 Tanner RoadEmpangeni StationKwazulu Natal035 7870602
68608MTOLONoSuite 1126 Floor 11 Durdoc, Centre 460 Anton Lembede Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3019742
71110MBONAMBINo221 Market StreetVryheidKwazulu Natal034 9808800
71315HASSIMNoShop 55 The Atrium Berea, 430 Peter Mokaba Ridge, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2076264
88153SOOKRAJNo58 Anne Street, DundeeDundeeKwazulu Natal034 2124495
89516FRANCISNoGreenbury Medical Centre, 2 Garbgreen Close, GreenburyPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5026321
89532KADWANoSuite 201 Musgrave Park, 18 Musgrave Road, BereaBereaKwazulu Natal031 2011234
89540ISMAILNoSuite 201 Musgrave Park, 18 Musgrave Road, BereaBereaKwazulu Natal031 2011234
91367NAIDOONoShop 12 Romax Court, 136 Jan Hofmeyr Road, WestvilleWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2669399
106364MOODLEYNoShop 6 Nadasen’s Centre, 60-70 Tomango Road, MerebankDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4624061
110752JORDANNo390 Andrew Zondo Road, AmanzimtotiAmanzimtotiKwazulu Natal031 9032335
116149NAIDOONoUnit 2 Shop 7 Bayview, 284 Pelican DriveChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4000230
123153MBONAMBINoParbhoo Centre, 152 Phila Ndwandwe Road, Isipingo RailIsipingoKwazulu Natal031 9023287
123617BHAGANoSuite 2, 2 Quail Street, KharwastanChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4015999
125091MAYATNoSuite 308 3rd Flr Musgrave, Office Tower 115 Musgrave Road, MusgraveBereaKwazulu Natal031 2027020
126284CHETTYNo6 Rutherford Street, South BeachDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3325544
131164SAGATHAVANNo19 Roland Chapman RoadMontclairKwazulu Natal031 4621842
138320DASSNoRenckens Centre, Old Main Road, MandeniMandiniKwazulu Natal032 4540699
139734HLATSHWAYONoSite 7275 Osizweni Medical, Centre, OsizweniNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3661331
142077SEWPERSADNoSuite 6 Salmon Grove Chambers, 407 Anton Lembede Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3061001
143324NANHOONoShop 34 Kingsburgh Centre, 4 Araucaria Road, WinklespruitKingsburghKwazulu Natal031 9161544
145424PILLAYNo5 Main Street, EshoweEshoweKwazulu Natal035 4742243
151920KADWANoShop 8 Shoprite Centre, Sibusiso Mdakane Drive, Umlazi VUmlaziKwazulu Natal031 9060193
485667ZUMANoShop 27 Melmoth Shopping Centre, 1 Opposition Street, MelmothMelmothKwazulu Natal035 4500045
486876KISSUNNo122 Balcomb Street, KwadukuzaKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 5522875
487643SHEMBENo21 Connaught Road, ScottsvillePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3454111
499803MZIMELANo271 Murchison Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6312626
503126CHIPETANo193 Utrecht Street, VryheidVryheidKwazulu Natal034 9810325
504726GOVENDERNo77 Hesketh Drive, HayfieldsPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3960156
506133MOODLEYNoSuite 17b New Croft Shopping, Centre 120 Croftdene Drive, CroftdeneChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4035879
334650ROBBNo28 Ayliff Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3127622
337242SINGHNo7 Aurora Drive, Umhlanga RocksUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5664646
337315DLAMININoSuite 105 Noleen Centre, 7/15 Old Main RoadPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7024328
341517MOOSANoShop 7 Atomic Centre, 275 Moses Kotane Road, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2077552
343765RAMBRIJNoShop 24b Arbour Crossing Mall, 2 Arbour Road, UmbogintwiniAmanzimtotiKwazulu Natal031 8378632
350524R I SEEDAT INCOPORATEDNoShop 4 Vawda Arcade, 46 Allen Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3129037
352233NAIDOONoThe Reservoir Hills Shopping, Centre 365 New Germany Road, Reservoir HillsDurbanKwazulu Natal082 4142545
353485HARICHUNDERNo36 Bertha Mkhize Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3067191
356565SHAHNoUpper Roof Level Game City Med, Centre Atrium 10 Mathews Meyiwa, RoadGreyvilleKwazulu Natal031 3097555
363804MOHANLALNoParlock Medical Centre, 441 Inanda Road, ParlockNewlands WestKwazulu Natal031 5771332
366056GOVENDERNo10 Ray Place, Newlands EastNewlands EastKwazulu Natal031 5777836
367087PADAYACHEENoC M A Centre, 170 Croftdene Drive, CroftdeneChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4019289
369438REDDYNo12 Lindley Street, KwadukuzaKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 5521033
370134SAIMLALLNo328 Arena Park Drive, ChatsworthChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4040808
370649NTSHANGASENo1079 Clermont RoadClermontKwazulu Natal031 8360949
374075PILLAYNoShop 3 Redefine Towers, 320 West Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3018402
376949JACKISONNo2nd Floor 210 Mansion House, 12 Joe Slovo Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3043000
377317GOVENDERNoVictoria Medical Centre, 157 Victoria Road, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3421610
379158KISSUNNo122 Balcomb Street, KwadukuzaKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 5522875
379565ROTHAM INCORPORATEDNoFirst Floor Suite 106, 325 Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Umhlanga RocksUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5662493
381071GOVENDERNo906 Main Road, MoseleyPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7081408
386073NAIDOONo1181 Chris Hani Road, Red HillDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5640514
388874PADAYACHEENoSuite 7 Starwood Mall, 3 Andromeda Street, PhoenixPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5009626
398969CHETTYNoShop 4 Richfield House, 68 Pioneer Road, KloofKloofKwazulu Natal031 7640499
403601GOVENDERNoSuite 5 Joydeen Centre, 18 Everest Street, ShallcrossQueensburghKwazulu Natal031 4098448
404292GOVENDERNoShop 4, 18 Oak Avenue, KharwastanChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4018457
410535RAMPERSHADNoShop 14 Pinespring Centre, 18 Anderson Road, New GermanyPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7012482
410543NAIDOONoShop 32 The Ridge Mall, 90 Shallcross Road, ShallcrossQueensburghKwazulu Natal031 4092984
411159KHANNoShop 51 Oval Shopping Centre, Queen Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6314607
413127NEERAHOONoShop 14 Fruit & Veg City, Complex 24 – 28 Voortrekker, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal081 4043317
419281BASANTHNo4 Lagoon Drive, Umhlanga RocksUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5614345
249394NAIDOONoRoom 909-913 Newkwa Medical, Centre Inanda Road, Newlands WestNewlands WestKwazulu Natal031 5781360
250600RAMESURNoS & R Medical Center, 2 Cardham DrivePhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5392861
252808JOBELANo3 Nandi Mthembu Drive, Dolphin CoastDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal072 5340073
256285NAIDOONoShop 118 Chatsworth Shopping, Mall 17 Joyhurst Street, WestcliffChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4036512
262358SOOBRAMONEYNoShop 9 The Boulevard Shopping, Centre Cnr Mark Strasse & Penny, LaneRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7897805
267171SIKHAKHANENoSuite 7 Joomason’s Centre, 476 Church Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3456738
271934NAIDOONoShop H1 Seadoone Mall, 27 Seadoone Road, AmanzimtotiAmanzimtotiKwazulu Natal031 9033072
272957GOVENDERNoSuite 2 Mohamed Medical Centre, 8 Pardy Road, Isipingo RailIsipingoKwazulu Natal031 9025449
273481M COVENDEN AND ASSOCIATESNoShop Number 1 South Way Mall, 27 Titren Road, Sea ViewDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4658723
274461SHANGENoShop 26 Broadwalk Arcade, 80 Broad Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal081 5498215
277444ISMAILNo249 Moses Kotane Road, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2072651
281743SUKDEONoShop 6 Durdoc Medical Centre, 460 Anton Lembede Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3051463
281913GOVENDERNoShop G31 Laager Centre, 88 Church Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3422595
293377MAISTRYNoSuite 203 – 204 Protea House, 330 Dr Pixley Kaseme Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3048830
294926SULTANNo81 Woodhurst Drive, ChatsworthChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4019214
296775MOHUNRAMNoPongola Medical Centre, 62 Hans Strydom Street, PongolaPongolaKwazulu Natal034 4131424
298778GAFOORNo1st Floor Suite 3 Swift Centre, 565 Ridge Road, EssenwoodBereaKwazulu Natal031 2074022
302627PILLAYNo182 Lilian Ngoyi Road, MorningsideBereaKwazulu Natal031 3032156
304859GOVENDERNoShop 19 Moorton Shopping Centre, Moorcross Drive, ChatsworthChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4044074
310484SINGHNoBraid Street Dental Clinic, 45 Braid Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3458004
316318RADEBENo126-130 Conner Street, EstcourtEstcourtKwazulu Natal036 3522588
327468MBATHANoThe Palms Medical Suites, 14 Wartski Drive, RamsgateMargateKwazulu Natal039 9405542
153907MAPHUMULONoHola Medical Centre, 7th Floor Durdoc Medical CentreDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3072756
153915ZONDONoShop 3, 22 Bisset Street, UmkomaasUmkomaasKwazulu Natal039 9731870
162299GOVENDERNo254 Main Road, MalvernDurbanKwazulu Natal031 4648510
162302RAMLUGANNoUnit 8 Ridgecroft Medical, Centre 491 Ridgecroft Drive, LongcroftPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5397554
584789NGWENYANoShop 4 Kadlay Centre, 5 Voortrekker Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3126752
588059DRS GOVENDER D AND MOODLEY SNoShop 64c La Lucia Mall, 90 William Campbell Drive, La LuciaLa LuciaKwazulu Natal031 5620558
592412LETSELANoA1034 King Bhekuzulu Drive, InandaIqadiKwazulu Natal
596663PILLAYNo27 Belverdere Drive, BuffelsdaleTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9451553
598615ELSNo28 Rooibok StreetNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3151155
599913GOVENDERNo29 Rosemary Drive, BrindhavenVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5336114
608483GOVENDERNo31 Calendula Avenue, CraigieburnUmkomaasKwazulu Natal039 9791012
614742MAKGATONoSite 4 B A Room 13 Ulundi Plaza, 372- 373 Princess Magogo Street, UlundiUlundiKwazulu Natal035 8703989
614912DLAMININoA711 Gobinsimbi Street, Emondlo, VryheidKznKwazulu Natal072 6236981
616583NAICKERNoAirport Medical, 11 Jadwat Street, Isipingo RailIsipingoKwazulu Natal031 9026220
617008SHONGWENoNdumo Main Road, 120 Methodist StreetNdumoKwazulu Natal017 8111694
619809SEWNATHNoSuite 9 Top Of The Rock, Shopping Centre 132 Effingham, Effingham HeightsDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5644311
626937GOPAULNo46 Warbler Way, Yellowwood ParkDurban SouthKwazulu Natal067 2451265
626996NAIDOONoSuite 1 Imf Medical Centre, 1 Ballito Drive, BallitoDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal067 3213214
628735NAIDOONo454 Anton Lembede Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3016785
628867MNKONYENINo151 Umsinsi StreetMtubatubaKwazulu Natal035 5503370
630950AHOMEDNoShop 4 Victoria Walk, 148 Bertha Mkhize Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3068551
649643SULEMANNoShop 3b Sandy Centre, 174 Josiah Gumede Road, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7023480
651737NAIDOONoUnit H, 8 Village Road, KloofKloofKwazulu Natal031 7643969
508365PILLAYNo80 Longbury Drive, RydalvalePhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5078621
509469D GOVENDER INCNoShop 105a Linkhills Shopping, Centre Inanda Road, WaterfallWaterfallKwazulu Natal031 7624796
511293AGJEENo5 Benn Grove, MontclairDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 8376408
511447REDDYNo2 Anchova Place, Newlands EastNewlands EastKwazulu Natal031 5777629
512338DUBAZANENo107 Albert Street, EstcourtEstcourtKwazulu Natal036 3521230
524514TSHABALALANoShop L7 Bridge City Mall, Station Ridge Road, KwamashuKwamashuKwazulu Natal066 2294573
529532NAIDOONo4 Village Way, SunningdaleUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5621216
530239GANIENoSuite 105, 18 Musgrave Road, MusgraveBereaKwazulu Natal031 2202005
530557MOHOMEDNo51 Bazley Street, Port ShepstonePort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6820088
531332MOODLEYNoThe Terrace Lion Match Office, Park 892 Umgeni Road, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3033874
531499MSOMINo61 Queen Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal
532649CHENGANNoUndisclosed, ChatsworthChatsworthKwazulu Natal
533009GOGANoShop 14a San Marco Centre, Cnr Hunter & Francis Road, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6372621
539228A M MAKADA INCORPORATEDNo171a Felix Dlamini Road, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2085451
540730MAVUSONoPongola Plaza, 38 New Republic Street, PongolaPongolaKwazulu Natal034 4131032
544590RAGHUBIRNoShop 3, 610 Mountbatten Drive, Reservoir HillsDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2762134
546003RATHIRAMNoNorthwick Centre, 120 Wick Street, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5336167
548057RAMDASNoShop 16c Southway Mall, Titren Road, Sea ViewDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4590320
548332MOODLEYNoSuite 1a, 12 Mysore Road, RaisethorpePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3871536
557366KHANNo137 Peter Kerchhoff Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3455501
562513BHOOLANo22 Ennisdale Drive, Durban NorthDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5631420
565768KHAMBULENoBozini Medical Centre, J2 91332 Mdlebe Ntshona Road, EsikhawiniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7967288
568406NAIDOONoShop Number 1 South Way Mall, 27 Titren Road, Sea ViewDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4658723
569585HARKOONoSuite 7 Docnor Medical Centre, 35 Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Durban NorthDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5732166
569755RAMRAJNoShop 4, 19 Lancers Road, GreyvilleBereaKwazulu Natal031 3011272
572322RABBIKISSOONNo81 Adelaide Tambo Drive, Durban NorthDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5023620
576247GOVENDERNo9, 365 Langalibalele Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3423508
577766GAMBUSHENoSibeko Medical Centre, 43 Joubert Street, PaulpietersburgPaulpietersburgKwazulu Natal034 9950074
422436NAIDOONo418 Chris Hani Road, BriardeneDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5632430
423033NAIDOONoShop 2a, Meerensee MallMeerenseeKwazulu Natal068 5403003
437867NENENoSuite 540 Commercial City, Dr A B Xuma StreetDurbanKwazulu Natal031 8370340
443050POOVANNo41 Olsen Road, Brighton BeachBluffKwazulu Natal031 4670365
445185MAISTRYNoFirst Floor North Coast Medical, & Dental Centre 27 Ireland, StreetVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5335579
446459MARKANDANNoShop 15 – 17a Springfield Park, Shopping Centre 17 Palmfield, RoadSpringfield ParkKwazulu Natal031 5793189
447625PILLAYNoSuite Ll04 Mega Medi Centre, Mega City Mall 50 Mangosuthu, HighwayUmlaziKwazulu Natal031 9070294
450588LOKADASENNo249 Arena Park Drive, ChatsworthChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4049095
454877NKOSINoB1124, Section 2MadadeniKwazulu Natal034 3144422
458082GOVENDERNoShop 7 Richards Park, Penny Lane, Richards BayRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7890634
463809GARACHNo42 Lilian Ngoyi Road, WindermereBereaKwazulu Natal031 3091247
464554RAGASVIRANNoShop 3 82-88 Cnr Catford, Crescent & Clayfield Drive, PhoenixPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5021285
465526NAIDUNoShop 1b Ashtown Centre, 1 Lupin Road, AshervilleBereaKwazulu Natal031 2099922
470902MAHOMEDNo104 Smiso Nkwanyana Road, MorningsideBereaKwazulu Natal031 3035818
473014SEWBUCKUSNoShop 3a Waterloo Super Spar, 161 Main Road, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal032 9481604
482323BURGERNo18 Battersea Avenue, Reservoir HillsDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2622710
484261MTAMBONoShop Ug 37 Umdoni Centre, 28 Crompton Street, New GermanyPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7015736
5426928KAMDARNo299 Quality Street, JacobsBluffKwazulu Natal031 4689219
5427681OMAR GANINoShop 26 Natraj Centre, Natraj Lane, MerebankDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4686897
5427878MOETHILALHNoRaza Medical Centre, Pandora Street, StarwoodDurbanKwazulu Natal031 5074139
5428823GOGANo81 Scott Street, AmajubaNewcastle RuralKwazulu Natal034 3154420
5429595SUKHNUNDANNoShop 2, 344 Gopalall Hurbans RoadTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9441719
880086TSHABALALANoNo 1 Wazaars Centre, Corner Peacock And Starling StreKinrossKwazulu Natal
882917MAJOZINo1353 Mfundi Mngadi, KwamakhuthaAmanzimtotiKwazulu Natal
901849PILLAYNo2 Finemanor Close, PhoenixPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5051674
906107NDLOVUNoErf 729 Bird Street, Cashbuild Building, Shop 8UmzimkhuluKwazulu Natal
914576BUGWANDEENNoShop 2, 33 Overport Drive, EssenwoodBereaKwazulu Natal031 2071557
917001BARAKZAINo46 Broadway RoadDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2668958
922382NAIDOONo43 Havenside Drive, HavensideChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4001851
942626HADEBENoShop No. A207 – Section, Philani MallDurbanKwazulu Natal031 9097040
946745ISMAILNoShop 5 Macksons Centre, 180 Albert Street, EstcourtEstcourtKwazulu Natal036 3522545
947466RAMKILAWANNoUnit 14a Calypso Centre, Cnr Krugerrand Grove & Lira Link, Richards BayRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7601402
952788DOCRATNoUnit A 14a Lillies Quarter, Lifestyle Centre 12 Old Main, HillcrestHillcrestKwazulu Natal031 7612591
954977DZANIBENo11 Grants Avenue, IxopoUmzumbe RuralKwazulu Natal081 4017471
959936SHANDUNo271 Murchison Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6312626
990434SUBRAMANINo3 Demat Road, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal083 2981019
991090SINGHNoNorth Coast Road Medical Centre, 490 Chris Hani Road, BriardeneDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5646771
993158MHLONGONoShop 5 Market Center, 4 Noodsberg Road, Mountain RisePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal068 2114872
5412099OMARNoSuite 115 1st Floor Goodhope, Centre 92 Denis Hurley Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3061321
5412978MAHOMEDYNoFlat 1 Mahomedys Building, 506 South Coast Road, ClairwoodDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4652669
5416043FOSTERNoSuite 203 Musgrave Park, 18 Musgrave Road, BereaBereaKwazulu Natal031 2012700
771120VEVASEN NAIDOO INCNoSuite 4b Strangeways Business, Park 6 Delamore Road, HilldeneHillcrestKwazulu Natal031 7653060
773840DR H KAJEE INCNo17 Cnr Blackburrow & Cleland, Road, HayfieldsPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 9402220
776696LAZARUSNo14 Glenridge Road, GrayleighWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2668075
777196MAHARAJNo6 Mungal Road, RietrivierVerulamKwazulu Natal067 6775286
779601NAIDUNo2nd Floor, 135 Masukwana Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3450090
781991JUGDAWNoShop 3, 1467 South Coast Road, MobeniDurban SouthKwazulu Natal067 1731555
790095JIYANENo113 Main StreetSterkspruitKwazulu Natal
799556KHUMALONoWoza Area 87MaphumuloKwazulu Natal
811939NAIDOONoShop 3, 299 Grays Inn Road, Brighton BeachBluffKwazulu Natal031 4671608
812366MZOLONoShop 4, 15 Union Street, EmpangeniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7995021
813583DR TASKEEN CHOHAN INCNoSuite 115 Musgrave Park, 18 Musgrave Road, MusgraveBereaKwazulu Natal031 0017866
815691MAZIBUKONo4933 Berlina ParkSasolburgKwazulu Natal
817880CEBEKHULUNoStand No 600, Nhlamulo Medical SuitsMkhuhluKwazulu Natal
822779MASHOODA GAFOOR INCNo1st Floor Suite 3 Swift Centre, 565 Ridge Road, EssenwoodBereaKwazulu Natal031 2074022
829374BADRI-DORASAMYNo38 Belvedere Drive, WatsoniaTongaatKwazulu Natal010 0407786
837660GOVENDERNoShop 12 Sunland, 163 Scott Street, ScottburghScottburgh/Umzinto NorthKwazulu Natal039 9767091
839728NXELENo3 1st Floor, 24 Kelly Road, HammarsdaleMpumalangaKwazulu Natal065 8426779
652512BHIKHANoShop 243 Kloof Village Mall, 33 Village Road, KloofKloofKwazulu Natal033 3464413
652725DR K I RAMELA INCORPORATEDNo107 High Street, MatatieleMatatieleKwazulu Natal039 7373384
654221MORGENROODNoMedentop Building, 153 Hoog Street, VryheidVryheidKwazulu Natal034 9816164
676462KAJEENo17 Cnr Blackburrow & Cleland, Road, HayfieldsPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 9402220
680230TULARAMNo165 Rinaldo Road, GlenhillsDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5633294
680850NAIDOONo881 Bluff Road, GrosvenorBluffKwazulu Natal031 4678515
711861NJOKONoShop 4, 15 Union Street, EmpangeniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7722279
712752DR RAJDEV AND DR SHAH INCNoUpper Roof Level Game City, Medical Centre 10 Mathews Meyiwa, RoadGreyvilleKwazulu Natal031 3097555
712965NGCONGONoSuite 3 Kwandengezi Medical Cent, 3 Tom Tom RoadPinetownKwazulu Natal
715875XIMBANoShop 19, Polly Shontts CentrePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3961950
720046PILLAYNo8 Fairview Road, BrindhavenVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5410491
723193MOSESNoShop5 Salamanca Centre, 39 Maryvale Road, DawncliffeWestvilleKwazulu Natal081 5503135
723274LAALJENo10 Keerath Centre, 168 Old Main Road, AmanzimtotiAmanzimtotiKwazulu Natal031 9021016
729140CHOHANNoSuite 115 Musgrave Park, 18 Musgrave Road, MusgraveBereaKwazulu Natal031 0361200
733253THAKURPERSHADNo974 Sarnia Road, BellairDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4601055
735604KHANNoShop 3 Belim Centre, Nelson Mandela Road, UmzintoScottburgh/Umzinto NorthKwazulu Natal039 9741274
744484NAIDOONo14 Medical Towers, 162/164 Phila Ndwandwe Road, Isipingo RailIsipingoKwazulu Natal
744832DR LINO CERICOLA INCNoShop 27 Tiffany’s Shopping, Centre 330 Salt Rock Road, Salt RockDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal032 5254210
752002LANGANoShop 32 Canal Walk Mall, MpumalangaMpumalangaKwazulu Natal071 6469633
757918BUTHELEZINoOmlambini Vie OfethuNongomaKwazulu Natal
761850REDDYNo14 Garden Street, GrangeVerulamKwazulu Natal032 8112525
583022NAIDOONoUnit 14 Bonela Medical Centre, 5 Cnr Bonela & Candella Road, Cato ManorDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2617092
583804DOCRATNo173 Retief StreetPietermarizburgKwazulu Natal033 3421895
5439493PARUKNo347 Randles Road, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2082621
5439507GOVENDERNo360 Clark Road, GlenwoodBereaKwazulu Natal079 3822746
5439558JACOBSNoMedicross Richards Bay Dental, Centre 2 Krugerrand GroveRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7891596
5439868HUMANNo26 Residency Road, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6311174
5439981THERONNo881 Bluff Road, GrosvenorBluffKwazulu Natal031 4678515
5440068VAN DER MERWENoShop 4 1st Floor Wakefield, Centre 392 Andrew Zondo Road, AmanzimtotiAmanzimtotiKwazulu Natal031 9033120
5440327MUNSAMINoShop 4 Khandias Building, 336 Gopalall Hurbans Road, TongaatTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9451301
5440645DESAINoRoom 103 L G F Shifa Medical, Towers 482 Randles Road, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2076644
5440742TURTONNo489 Langalibalele Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3946486
5440793KATHREENo3 Murray House, Moodie Street, New GermanyPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7010501
5440823BASSANo490 Dr Pixley Kaseme Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3061628
5441668REDDYNo10 Byrne Street, EmpangeniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7925463
5441714RUPNARAINNo46 Todd Street, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5331595
5441943NYARNoShop G3 International Plaza, 128 Dr A B Xuma Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3073659
5442281PILLAYNo99 701 Road, MontfordChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4045889
5442591MOODLEYNoShop 13 Ayesha Centre, 50 Joyhurst Street, ChatsworthChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4031340
5442885DOWLATHNo15 Medina Centre, 51 Business Square, WestcliffChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4019964
5443059MOOPENNo176 Wood Road, MontclairDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4624081
5443520ISMAIL-PATELNoShop 45 Workshop Medical Centre, 99 Samora Machel Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3041491
5443547CHOHANNo54 Church Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3944083
5444063RAMSONNo41 Adelaide Tambo Drive, Durban NorthDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5640901
5444098SINGHNo6 Comrie Road, MalvernDurbanKwazulu Natal031 4641747
5430585ADENDORFFNo6 Poort Road, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 0870995
5431212IBRAHIMNo59a Pine City Centre, Hill Street, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7010386
5431662MOOLLANoShop 18 Albaraka Arcade – I P C, I Centre 124 Denis Hurley, StreetDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3041067
5431719SAYED-ISMAILNoSuite 4b Strangeways Business, Park 6 Delamore Road, HillcrestHillcrestKwazulu Natal031 7653060
5432383VAWDANo16 Union Street, EmpangeniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7924877
5432502SAHADEWNoShop 14 B Market Plaza, 43 Cato Street, StangerKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 5514377
5432766JHAZBHAYNo429 Chamberlain Road, JacobsBluffKwazulu Natal031 4685902
5432987MANSABNoShop 3 Queen City, 54 Denis Hurley Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3055911
5433169BOTHANo390 Andrew Zondo Road, AmanzimtotiAmanzimtotiKwazulu Natal031 9032335
5433754NAIRNo1 3rd Way, RockfordPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5397322
5433924LAALJENo21 Marbleray Drive, Newlands EastNewlands EastKwazulu Natal031 5778253
5434343GANASEENoShop 8 Protea House, 15 Balcomb Street, KwadukuzaKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 5522762
5434521NAIDUNoShop 4 Karrico Centre, 172 Chatsworth Main Road, UmhlatuzanaChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4037785
5434912OLIVIERNo94 Hope Street, KokstadKokstadKwazulu Natal039 7273108
5435153SIPHALINoShop 17 Yusuf Centre, 26 Ireland Street, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5330165
5435226ADAMSNo1st Floor Room 15a Belmont, Centre Cnr West & O R Tambo, ParadeDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3372172
5435412BHAYLANoSolwa Centre, 14-16 Josiah Gumede Road, New GermanyPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7018999
5436346AMEENNoEshowe Medical Centre, 49 Kangela Street, EshoweEshoweKwazulu Natal035 4742607
5436818RAMCHANDRANo655 Dr Chota Motala Road, RaisethorpePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3911700
5437105BHAGWANDINNoShop 4 Arbee Centre, 559 Mountbatten Drive, Reservoir HillsDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2623212
5437288OMARJEENoShop 6 Overport Centre, 358 Felix Dlamini Road, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2095156
5437717EBRAHIMNo40a Reynolds Street, Port ShepstonePort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6827459
5437814MOOSANoShop 12a Mount Edgecombe Plaza, 102 Hillhead Drive, Mount EdgecombeMount EdgecombeKwazulu Natal031 5391664
5438233VAHEDNo82a Ismail C Meer Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3093753
5438594RAJDEVNoCity View Medical Centre, 10 Stamford Hill Road, GreyvilleDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3097555
5416809KAJEENo75 Lindley Street, StangerKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 5512592
5417341ESTERHUYSENNo388 Andrew Zondo Road, AmanzimtotiAmanzimtotiKwazulu Natal031 9032351
5417880ESSACKNoShop 4a Westcliff Shopping, Centre Florence Nightingale, ChatsworthChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4010058
5418615BOSMANNoMargate Medical & Dental Centre, Cnr Wartski & Jenkins Drive, MargateMargateKwazulu Natal039 3120462
5419352PADAYACHEENoSuite 14 Isipingo Hospital, 162 Phila Ndwandwe Road, Isipingo HillsIsipingoKwazulu Natal031 9023036
5420555MAHOMEDNoSuite 3 Knowles Centre, 22 Chancery Lane, New GermanyPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7014519
5420938VANMALINoShop 4 Havenside Shopping, Centre 4 Kingsbury Walk, HavensideChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4001328
5421675PATELNoShop No 2 North Beach Medical, Centre 37 Sol Harris Crescent, North BeachDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3326060
5421748PADAYACHEENoSuite 3 1st Floor Sdc Centre, 495 Church Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3451130
5422108BUXNoRandles Road Medical Centre, 468 Randles Road, SydenhamBereaKwazulu Natal031 2075252
5423325GOVENDERNo17 Price Street, Port ShepstonePort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6821216
5423805NAIDOONoSuite 3 Auto Bank Centre, 11 Shannon Drive, Reservoir HillsDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3095804
5423821HAFFEJEENo126 Alexandra Street, EstcourtEstcourtKwazulu Natal036 3521205
5424402NAIDUNoSuite A1 Phoenix Plaza, Parthenon Street, PhoenixPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5078655
5425573REDDYNoShop 3 Eurasia Centre, 56 Greendale Road, SilverglenChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4011150
5426561KLOPPERNo1st Flr Unit 15-16 Medicross, Richards Bay Dental 2 Krugerrand, GroveRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7891596
5426898MUNGANoShop 3 Maylands Building, 183 Moses Kotane Road, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2077292
9500510THULKANAMNoShop 12 Vlachos Shopping Centre, Nkosi Mtuba Road, MtubatubaMtubatubaKwazulu Natal035 5501104
9500731PARAKNoShop 2 Unit 7 Montford Shopping, Centre 701 Road, ChatsworthChatsworthKwazulu Natal039 8342371
9501185RAMPERSADNo261 Underwood Road, SarniaPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7081099
9501355PHUNGWAYONo58 Harding Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3128981
9501495RAMSUNDERNoSuite 4 Aslam Heights, 612 Randels Road, SydenhamBereaKwazulu Natal076 1501005
5450470MUDALYNo151 Balcomb Street, Stanger ManorKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 5516553
5450640KHANNoKhan Centre, 468 Trenance Park Drive, PalmviewPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5055836
5450705SINGHNoSteelcastle, 3 Newcentre Drive, Newlands WestNewlands WestKwazulu Natal031 5781664
5450837RATANNoShop No 2 North Beach Medical, Centre 37 Sol Harris Crescent, North BeachDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3326060
5450926VALJEENo19 Island View Road, BluffBluffKwazulu Natal031 4661629
5450942GOVENDERNo1 Landers Crescent, ScottburghScottburgh/Umzinto NorthKwazulu Natal078 1133629
5451256COOVADIANo131a Currie Road, MusgraveBereaKwazulu Natal031 2023169
5451353OOSTHUIZENNoFountain Medical Centre, 8a Murray Smith Road, WinklespruitKingsburghKwazulu Natal031 9166625
5451361RAMANNoSuite 1 Nurdock Centre, 74 Paterson StreetNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3155854
5451809MOODLIARNoShop 45a Scottburgh Mall, R102, ScottburghScottburgh/Umzinto NorthKwazulu Natal039 9781388
5452449MOFFATNo13 Halstead Road, ChelmsfordvilleGillittsKwazulu Natal031 7028475
5452457ANNANDALENo68 Anglers Rod, Meer En SeeRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7531227
5452481CASSIMNoShop 5 City Centre, 29 Murchison Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3154723
5452902ALLOPINo45 Glenwood Drive, GlenwoodBereaKwazulu Natal031 2618634
5453194VILJOENNoLot 2489 Shelly Beach Hospital, Flamingo Road, Shelly BeachMargateKwazulu Natal039 3150680
5453348GOGANoShop 11, 36 Murchison Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3121591
5453887MAISTRYNo2 Khan Street, Gandhi’s HillTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9442796
5454042MOOLLANo119 Voortrekker Street, GreytownGreytownKwazulu Natal033 4172416
5454069ANNANDALE ANDNo1st Floor Unit 15-16 Calypso, Centre 2 Krugerrand Grove, ArboretumRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7891596
5454441MOOSANoShop 37 Queensmeads Mall, Hillier Road, UmbiloBereaKwazulu Natal031 2056848
5454565GOVENDERNoDurban North Medical & Dental, 189 Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Durban NorthDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5630518
5455049NAIDOONoShop 19 Union Main Centre, 45-51 Old Main RoadPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7026228
9500030MAHABEERNoEr Medical Centre, 15 Gillespie Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3371288
9500138NAIKERNoUnit 17, 236 Grove End Drive, StanmorePhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5022169
9500197NZAMANo139 Montclair Road, MontclairDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4621723
9500219AMRITNoShop 3b Sandy Centre, 174 Josiah Gumede Road, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7023480
9500472PERUMALNo20 Bell Street, HowickHowickKwazulu Natal033 3306966
5444624MOOLANoShop 6 P53, Bhejane Road, KwamashuKwamashuKwazulu Natal031 5033523
5445264SALEJEENoFirst Floor Office 66 Davenport, Square 89 Helen Joseph Road, GlenwoodBereaKwazulu Natal031 2028741
5445620NAIDOONoGlenwood Medical & Dental Center, 293 Che Guevara Road, GlenwoodBereaKwazulu Natal031 2015281
5445914MBILINoShop 2 Spic & Spam Building, Marlin Drive, HibberdeneHibberdeneKwazulu Natal039 6992826
5445965NAIDOONo7 Portland Drive, Herrwood ParkUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5614906
5446309MAKANNoSuite 2 Empangeni Medical, Centre 48b Biyela Street, EmpangeniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7722227
5446341VAWDANoShop 4, 25 Queen Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6372601
5447267RODONoUnit 7, 228 Utrecht Street, VryheidVryheidKwazulu Natal034 9807965
5447275LEMMON-WARDENoSuite 1 Consulting Block Howick, Medical Centre 107 Main Road, HowickHowickKwazulu Natal033 3304799
5447380LOUWNo54 Lighthouse Road, BluffBluffKwazulu Natal031 4669500
5447399ROSSOUWNoCnr Ethelbert & Conabor Road, MalvernDurbanKwazulu Natal031 4899740
5448344MOITSHOKINoOffice 10/12, 1st Floor Nedbank Building, 45 Aiken StreetPort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6241065
5448352JANSE VAN RENSBURGNoCnr Old Main & Meller RoadPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7093080
5448514OMARNo62 Ronald Road, MontclairDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4628151
5448603SHEODASSNoGreen Cross Medical Centre, 29 Lenham Drive, WhetstonePhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5002334
5448697MNCUBENoRestorative Cosmetic Dent, Crompton Health Centre 36, Crompton StreetPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7021719
5449006MASEMOLANo14 Killarney Terrace, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3423596
5449049ROOPLALNo231 Arena Park Drive, Arena ParkChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4048711
5449189CHETTYNoShop 16 Nicol Square Garage, 111 Dr A B Xuma Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3054884
5449901NANDLALNo10 Sanele Nxumalo Lane, GandhinagarTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9443820
5449987VAWDANoSuite 01 Sunford Medical Centre, 1-3 Sunford Drive, PhoenixPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5073255
5450241KHADERNo77 Balcomb StreetStangerKwazulu Natal032 5527811
5450365ZULUNoShop 2, 7 Uplands Road, MargateMargateKwazulu Natal
5450462PILLAYNoMeremed Medical Centre, 11 Thie Road, Isipingo RailIsipingoKwazulu Natal031 4615678
5439000MAHARAJNo12 Blackburn Road, Red HillDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5640198
5439027TULARAMNo165 Rinaldo Road, GlenhillsDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5633294
5439132LUTCHMINARIANNoShop 2 Faisal Centre, 7 Arbee Drive, GandhinagarTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9447546
5439302HOOSENNo155 Landdrost Street, VryheidVryheidKwazulu Natal034 9832585
5439310INDERMUNNoShop 6 Ithala Centre Cnr, Mangosuthu Highway & Sibusiso, UmlaziUmlaziKwazulu Natal031 9068700
5439345DEVJEENoMedical Suite 2 Berea Centre, King Dinuzulu Road, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2012447
5439442TOOTLANo145 Barracuda Road, Newlands EastNewlands EastKwazulu Natal031 5772556
5439469JADWATNo423 Randles Road, SydenhamBereaKwazulu Natal031 2093544
392340NEMAGUVHUNINoMat-med Centre, 371 Main Street, SenwabarwanaBlouberg RuralLimpopo
392790HOBJANENoHouse 248 Block P East Muremela, Medical Centre, ThohoyandouThohoyandouLimpopo015 9625130
267058OLIFANTNo44 Joe Slovo Street, ModimolleModimolleLimpopo014 9406697
285498SIBUYINoShop 12 Masingita Mall, First Road, GiyaniGiyaniLimpopo015 2912271
289760MASINGE-SADIKINo10 Jan Lee Street, LephalaleLephalaleLimpopo014 7631379
162957MOLAWANoShop 3 Deposit Centre, 724 Charles Maberly Street, ModjadjiskloofModjadjiskloofLimpopo
189480MOTALENo20 Metropolitan Med Centre, Cnr Thabo Mbeki & Joubert Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2913170
38865MADISANoStand 01 Khula Ntuli CentreKwaggafonteinLimpopo073 0514627
88927SIEBANINoKanimambo Medical Centre, 113 Krogh Straat, MakhadoLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 5161116
111422GUYANoSection A, GiyaniGiyaniLimpopo015 8117300
118656CHOONARANo14 Kruger Street, GroblersdalGroblersdalLimpopo013 2623906
125547MASENYANo18 Nelson Mandela Drive, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo015 4914539
9500847RAMBUDANoBepro Shopping Centre, N1, MusinaMusinaLimpopo015 5342819
9501533NEMAKWARANINoStand 490 Ngudza Village, SibasaThohoyandouLimpopo073 9581689
5454204MOLOTONoShop 8 Amie Bava Square, 100 Market Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 8800084
5454999OKENo85 Grobler Street, MakhadoLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 5162325
5445469ROOSNo76 Celliers StreetLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 5166913
5446090MUDAUNoOld Mutual Building, Mphephu Drive, ThohoyandouThohoyandouLimpopo015 9625410
5448255MACHAKANo106 President Street, MakhadoLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 5166058
5429269PRINSLOONo821 Japonica Street, Marble HallMarblehallLimpopo013 2612128
867241MOTHIBANo707 Nyeke StreetMarapongLimpopo
872237MALULEKENoR523, ThohoyandouThohoyandouLimpopo015 0079250
872849SGUBUDUNoShop 2 Mokopane Plaza, 101 Nelson Mandela Drive, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo016 9333994
873039NGOBENINoTerminus Street, 5098 Block B, Terminus Street, 5098 Block B, Marys ComplexMabopane ,0190Limpopo671639522
877565MALULEKENoNoblehoek Village, Stand No 24GiyaniLimpopo
882747SEKGOTODINoShop P6 Block 5, 373 Rhodium AvenueSteelpoortLimpopo
883921MASHIFANENoStand 95 Luckau Village, GroblersdalGroblersdalLimpopo013 1100457
905003MOLEPO DENTAL PRACTICE INCNoShop 2 Crossroads Shopping, Centre Cnr Hospital & R71, MankwengPolokwaneLimpopo087 1502320
908614DR MM PULA INCNoShop K1a Limpopo Mall, Cnr Market & Devenish Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2974112
934119GWEBUNo60 C Pretorius StreetMokopaneLimpopo
962619MUNARININoNtondo P West, 953 Mphephu Drive, ThohoyandouThohoyandouLimpopo064 5789585
973157NGUBANANoMadombidzha Zone 2, Stand No 1801MakhadoLimpopo
1015613TAUNoKopanong Shopping Centre, Shop 14 Kopanong Medical Centre, Douglas Rens RoadPretoriaLimpopo
763470SOMONoHouse No 568LebowakgomoLimpopo
777080NGOEPENo35a Grobler Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo012 8172070
779105MOHLALANo52 Hooge Street, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo082 0726082
780049DR DL OLIFANT INCNo44 Joe Slovo Street, ModimolleModimolleLimpopo
780561PHIHLELANoKgabo Park Phase 4, Stand No H 17, MoletjieLonsdaleLimpopo
795321MATSIMELANoHouse 791 Zone F Extension, Leboneng StreetLebowakgomoLimpopo012 8172070
795410SETAGANENoShop No.7b, Mankweng Mall, Ga-makanyePolokwaneLimpopo
808040SAMBONo144 Thabo Mbeki Street, FaunaparkPolokwaneLimpopo015 2963929
812560MOGANONoHouse No 451Ga-MokgokongLimpopo
825832MANYONINo25 Proforum Buidling, Short And Kork Street, Central ParkTzaneenLimpopo
826863HLONGWANENoWonderkop, Dikhibidung Section, House No 45RustenburgLimpopo
832413TJELELENo70 Burger Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo
838764MAKGAMATHANoEco Ekhaya Rustic Estate, Aster Street, TzaneenTzaneenLimpopo072 4094316
839523MACHABANo20 Metropolitan Building, Genl Joubert Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo064 5151940
658545ANANDNo48a Cnr Plein & Grobler Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2911530
667919MATHEBULANoEmmanuel Medical Centre, Hospital Street, MalamuleleThohoyandouLimpopo
684341SIBIYANoMain StreetShayandimaLimpopo079 1235875
685488KGWADINoNapier Section, Mmametlhake Village, MametlhakeHammanskraalLimpopo082 3014716
689661MOKWANANoUnit B1 – B2 Hoedspruit Office, Park Main Road, HoedspruitHoedspruitLimpopo087 2601537
734136DR D I MARINGA INCNoHouse 944, Lebowakgomo Zone ALepelle-Nkumpi RuralLimpopo015 0650301
756725VAN DER LINDENo5 Herman Street, LephalaleLephalaleLimpopo014 7632843
759457DR RAKATSA INCNoSiyabuswa Complex Cnr Steve, Mahlangu & Maqhawe Street, SiyabuswaDr Js Moroka RuralLimpopo013 9733011
760676DR S T J SEKO RAMAHLODI INCNoShop 5 Absa Provincial Head, Office 76 Schoeman Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2800197
585696MATHEBULANo3 Rissik Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo081 5314814
589276MPYENoShop 12 Lebowakgomo Complex, LebowakgomoLepelle-Nkumpi RuralLimpopo078 2267324
623547MPONWANANoPwest Munaka – Madilonge, Medical & Maternity Cent 670, Mphephu DriveThohoyandouLimpopo083 5786189
626554NGWENYANo837 Mankweng Medical Centre, Zone 1, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo083 7082523
634107MTSHALINoTshilimandila Complex Ha-rabali, R523, NzheleleThohoyandouLimpopo
645680NKHUMELENINoShop 6 Noor Centre Complex, SibasaThohoyandouLimpopo060 7013249
525456MATEBANENoUpper Floor Shop 02 Superspar, 108 Main Road South, Marble HallMarblehallLimpopo013 2611035
540404NYALUNGANoSiyabuswa Medical Centre, 1732 Steve Mahlangu Street, SiyabuswaDr Js Moroka RuralLimpopo073 9659525
541354MOGOANENGNo1 Albert Street, LephalaleLephalaleLimpopo071 6393018
554219M M MATLOGA INCORPORATEDNoShop 6 Kirkade, 56 Schoeman Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2912417
560707SEMENYANo104b Sentrum Gebou, Nelson Mandela Drive, ModimolleModimolleLimpopo014 7171061
562106NKOSINoShop No 12 Lebowakgomo Complex, LebowakgomoLepelle-Nkumpi RuralLimpopo
563684NKUNANoShop 1 Leseding Medical Centre, Thabo Mbeki Drive, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo015 4918472
425591PULANoStand 7946 My Mall Shopping, Complex Cnr Nelson Mandela &, Polokwane DriveSeshegoLimpopo015 2235141
426946NGOBENINo66a Plein Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 0230064
465682SITHOLENoShop 5a Shoprite Centre, Mamulele RoadGiyaniLimpopo015 8120464
498130M V MADISA INCNoShop 18a, Kwaggafontein CEmpumalangaLimpopo
361569NEPFUMBADANo1315 Church Street, LenyenyeTzaneenLimpopo015 3072024
374253RAMALATSWANoShop 12 Lephalale Crossing, Hendrik Pistorius Avenue, LephalaleLephalaleLimpopo014 7636966
383724CONCONoShop 33a Paledi Mall, Cnr R71 & Hospital Road, MankwengPolokwaneLimpopo
458775BRANDNoDel Judor Medical Centre, 31 Dirkse Street, Del JudorEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6924415
460427NDHLOVU AND NTULINo4036 Emfuleni Road, MatsuluMatsuluMpumalanga013 7783033
487902MOSOMANoShop 2 Da Silva Trust Building, Ennis Street, ErmeloErmeloMpumalanga017 8116105
489700LEGODINo44 Du Plooy Street, BethalBethalMpumalanga017 6471528
493880MALEPENo11591 Mthunzini Avenue, MhluziMiddelburg – MpMpumalanga010 6340605
496332MASANGONoZone 14, 2 Machibini Drive, KwaguqaEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6954545
497363HODSDONNo40 Joubert Street, VolksrustVolksrustMpumalanga071 6880612
366692NORTJENoSuite 17 Smokey Mountain Office, Park Corridor Crescent, Ben FleurEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6565041
375489NDHLOVUNo39 Brown Street, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7523023
389978EJIKENoNo 2 Wazaar’s Centre, Cnr Peacock & Starling StreetKinrossMpumalanga083 3133490
396516ROSSOUWNo32 Dr Beyers Naude Street, MiddelburgMiddelburg – MpMpumalanga013 2827389
404780MABASANo16b Natal Street, BarbertonBarbertonMpumalanga
410381ROSSOUW & A B BROWNNo32 Dr Beyers Naude Street, MiddelburgMiddelburg – MpMpumalanga013 2827389
410403BROWNNo32 Dr Beyers Naude Street, MiddelburgMiddelburg – MpMpumalanga013 2827389
250090NGOBENINoVodacom Complex Downtown Cnr De, Klerk & Voortrekker StreetLydenburgMpumalanga013 7623036
251216MOKOKANoShop 207 Wonderpark Shopping Cen, 344 Brits Road, KarenparkPretoriaMpumalanga012 5490041
269379SULAMANNo15 Cnr Station & Stuart Street, BalfourBalfourMpumalanga017 7731826
269697TALANE F T & PARTNERSNoSuite 219b Emalahleni Private, Hospital Mandela StreetWitbankMpumalanga013 6553082
270393MAGAGULANoShop 2 Erg Firm Building, Bhimy Damane Street, MiddelburgMiddelburg – MpMpumalanga013 2821878
282316MOHLALANoRiver Cross Medical Centre, R37, BurgersfortBurgersfortMpumalanga082 7803069
285781ALLYNo471 Main Road, BurgersfortBurgersfortMpumalanga082 8678680
285935JADWATNoOffice 2 Cnr Dr Nelson Mandela, Dr & Louis Trichardt Street, VolksrustVolksrustMpumalanga017 7351162
299502SINGHNoMedical Practice Building, 12 Air Street, MalelaneMalelaneMpumalanga013 7900522
319775RAMOTHWALANo29 Eugene Marais Street, Ext 8, KlipfonteinWitbankMpumalanga017 8830095/08
324620STEYNNoDel Judor Medical Centre, 31 Dirkse Street, Del JudorEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6924415
169617TALANENoSuite 219b Emalahleni Private, Hospital Mandela StreetWitbankMpumalanga013 6553082
201898VAN DER SANDTNoRoom 210 Medforum Building, Heunis Street, SecundaSecundaMpumalanga017 6347406
225290PHIDANENoShop 30 Acornhoek Plaza, Thulamahashe Road, AcornhoekBushbuckridge RuralMpumalanga013 7955521
232319KHUMALONoCrossing Road, KwamhlangaKwamhlangaMpumalanga013 9478039
238929LIGTHELMNoSuite 17 Smokey Mountain Office, Park Corridor Crescent, Ben FleurEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6565041
239216PARSONSNo11 Louise Street, Del JudorEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6923255
247316MARUMANo24 Hours Medical Suite, 957a Calvin Ngobeni Drive, NamakgalePhalaborwaMpumalanga015 7691667
40096ESTERHUIZENNo65 Kruger Street, ErasmusBronkhorstspruitMpumalanga013 9323857
51489VISSERNo35 3rd Street, DelmasDelmasMpumalanga013 6653321
73261MQADINo31 Joubert Street, MkhondoPiet RetiefMpumalanga072 0611104
91200MOKOENANo168 Marone Street, BurgersfortBurgersfortMpumalanga013 2318268
101451TERBLANCHENo11 Palm Street, White RiverWhite RiverMpumalanga013 5901497
102202NKADIMENGNoMochadi Village, Stand 492Glen CowieMpumalanga082 4429464
112275KGOBENoHouse 1391 Cow Village, Mzinoni, BethalBethalMpumalanga017 6482041
118664PEER S & CHOONARA F SNo186 Cowen Ntuli Street, MiddelburgMiddelburg – MpMpumalanga013 2430197
144746VAN HEERDENNoFour Stones Office Park, 21 Dolerite Crescent, MiddelburgMiddelburg – MpMpumalanga013 2825247
9500677NGOBENINo4 Northey Street, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6560121
9500715ZWANENoElukwatini Medical Centre, Elukwatini Main Road, ElukwatiniAlbert Luthuli RuralMpumalanga079 5061669
5451434PATELNoSuite 17 Promenade Building, Louis Trichardt Street, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7551813
5451639NKOSINo52 Chris Hani Street, BethalBethalMpumalanga013 1705182
5452007BUCKLEYNoKriel Medical Centre Cnr Mooi, Avenue & Bokmakierie Drive, KrielKrielMpumalanga017 6482972
5452392ISMAILNoShop 3 Josra Centre, 6 Main Road, OgiesOgiesMpumalanga013 6431014
5454573DE JAGERNo17 Joubert Street, VolksrustVolksrustMpumalanga017 7354076
5454689LEKALAKALANoShop 34, Cnr Burger & Vry Street, StandertonStandertonMpumalanga017 7121153
9500170NKANYANINo9 Trust Building, Wilger Street, PhalaborwaPhalaborwaMpumalanga015 7810861
5445132GRABENo30 Market Street, MkhondoPiet RetiefMpumalanga017 8263002
5446015THABETHENoLimosa Medical Centre, 60 Moroni Street, BurgersfortBurgersfortMpumalanga013 2317518
5446546COOVADIANoStand 3969, Embalenhle Ext 7EmbalenhleMpumalanga017 6347445
5448441NTULINoSuite 219b 2nd Floor Emalahleni, Private Hospital 39 Mandela, StreetPholaMpumalanga013 6553082
5448484PEERNo186 Cower Ntuli Street, MiddelburgMiddelburg – MpMpumalanga013 2430197
5439906SMITNo44 Scheepers Street, HendrinaHendrinaMpumalanga013 2930588
5440815MEYERNo56 Ueckermann Street, HeidelbergHeidelberg – GpMpumalanga016 3417178
5442109KUSCHENoRoom 9 Potter’s Place, 20 Air Street, MalelaneMalelaneMpumalanga013 7900278
5429935VAN WYKNo27 Joubert StreetPiet RetiefMpumalanga017 8260854
5432103ESSACKNoLife Midmed Private Hospital, Crocker Street, MiddelburgMiddelburg – MpMpumalanga013 2824651
5435757JANSE VAN RENSBURGNoLotus Building, 22 Clerq Street, BethalBethalMpumalanga017 6476386
5435846ODENDAALNo22 De Clercq Street, ErmeloErmeloMpumalanga017 8113231
5420369MOOLANo7a Voortrekker Street, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7522773
5422027SCHNEIDERNoErmelo Building, Cnr De Jager & De Clercq Street, ErmeloErmeloMpumalanga017 8113098
5423872FERREIRANoRoom 205 2nd Floor Highveld Eye, Hospital Lana Street, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6563821
872059MAPOTENo31 Botha Avenue, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga065 9023458
875694MAKHAZANo275 Kwamhola, BarbertonMpumalangaMpumalanga
908886MALULEKENo127 Kakongo Street, ThembisaMiddelburg – MpMpumalanga064 5002899
930172BIDLANoSuite 304 3rd Floor Medforum, Building Heunis Street, SecundaSecundaMpumalanga017 6313025
931225MAEYANANoK B Medical Centre, 62 Chris Hani Street, BethalBethalMpumalanga017 6471128
932426SULZMAN-AYOBNo11b Retief Street, MkhondoPiet RetiefMpumalanga017 8266211
938467BIEMONo1938/3 Market Street, BushbuckridgeHazyviewMpumalanga079 8368183
958794MADLALANo23 Kerk StreetCarolinaMpumalanga
962481DR LDN MOTSHANA INCNo19 Nuweland Street, Reyno RidgeEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6920536
990094SHABANGUNoStand 27246, Embalenhle Road, EmbalenhleEmbalenhleMpumalanga017 6322340
992305MUFAMADINoStand 20121 M M Medical Centre, Vergelegen Street, Jane FurseBurgersfortMpumalanga079 3163214
1016822DR S PATEL AND ASSOCIATENoSuite 301d, Riverside Medical Suites, 5 Weir StreetNelspruitMpumalanga
776637BURGERNoUnit 1 Nelspruit Eye Institute, 23 Branders Street, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7522614
776947RANGWAGANoExt 5, 116 Marone Street, BurgersfortBurgersfortMpumalanga
777684VILAKAZINoUndisclosed, BronkhorstspruitBronkhorstspruitMpumalanga081 3584580
777765NKUNANoStand 1195 Ext 5KabokweniMpumalanga
780731MATEMANENo73 Sealene Road, PhalaborwaPhalaborwaMpumalanga073 0988288
788236DR MVULA JOHN SKOSANA INCNoShop 10 Shoprite Centre Complex, Lange Street, LydenburgLydenburgMpumalanga013 2353498
789720DR B P NTULI AND PARTNERNoSmile Bright Dental Studio, Cnr R37 And Modikwa Mine Road, DriekopLydenburgMpumalanga083 4605391
838861GELDENHUYSNo17 Country Square Lifetsyle, Centre Chief Mgiyeni Khumalo, White RiverWhite RiverMpumalanga013 7502244
656828TERBLANCHENo22a Clerq Street, BethalBethalMpumalanga017 6476386
676160DU PREEZNoTrio Centre, 70 Rissik Street, KomatipoortKomatiepoortMpumalanga061 6089323
683590NTULINoNo AddressBurgersfortMpumalanga
695998NYALUNGUNoWe Care Medical Centre, 1223 Somarobogo Street, TweefonteinKwamhlangaMpumalanga083 4525198
709395DR PULEDI MACHABA INCNoShop 3 Morena Shopping Complex, Stand 117, Jane FurseBurgersfortMpumalanga
741221S SIHLANGU INCORPORATEDNo975 Autelope TurnRoodepoortMpumalanga
747270F SULAMAN INCORPORATEDNo96 Van Riebeck Street, White RiverWhite RiverMpumalanga017 7731826
747963DLADLANoRietkuil Shopping Center, 11th AvenueRietkuilMpumalanga
578355MASHIGONo4642 Muhuluhulu Drive, Embalenhle Ext 9EmbalenhleMpumalanga
586447MATLALANoHouse 219 Dichoeung, Jane FurseBurgersfortMpumalanga
612200MOHLALANoShop 26 Bushbuckridge Complex, R40, BushbuckridgeHazyviewMpumalanga013 7990081
613169KOKNo33 Mare Street, HeidelbergHeidelberg – GpMpumalanga016 3412684
623628MOOSANo13 Zuidend Street, MkhondoPiet RetiefMpumalanga
629782NCHABELENGNoPilusa Medical Centre, ApelSekhukhuneMpumalanga
644587DR ANDRE ESTERHUIZEN INCORPORATENo65 Kruger Street, ErasmusBronkhorstspruitMpumalanga013 9323857
529400MUNSAMINo6 Von Brandis StreetPiet RetiefMpumalanga
533637SEDIBENo13b Prinses Street, StandertonStandertonMpumalanga017 7199600
549231VAN WYKNo27 Cnr Joubert & Zuidend Street, MkhondoPiet RetiefMpumalanga017 8260854
551104SKOSANANoElephants Hill, 36 Phofu StreetBurgersfortMpumalanga013 7697077
577316CONRADIENo2nd Floor Room 205 Secunda, Medforum Building Cnr Heunis, Street & Oliver Tambo DriveSecundaMpumalanga017 6315280
614467MOKHOCHANENoThe Fountain Private Hospital, R500, CarletonvilleCarletonvilleNorth West018 7881141
614858MOTSISINoShop 7 Platinum Square, Nelson Mandela Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5923217
616273SHARPENoShop 6, Silverside Centre, Ou Wapad RoadHartbeespoortNorth West
617709DAYANoAdlam Centre, 88 Agnew Road, CarletonvilleCarletonvilleNorth West018 7885113
621889LOUWNo17 Boontjie Street, LichtenburgLichtenburgNorth West018 0111130
637688NKUNJANANoShop No 11 Marikana Square, Marikana Main RoadMarikanaNorth West057 3552607
524034MOLOTONoOffice G006 Mogwase Forum, Complex Station Road, MogwaseRustenburgNorth West
527319SEPENGNoShop 38 Moruleng Mall, Main Hospital Road, SaulspoortRustenburgNorth West014 9400213
536180VEENEMANS T AND MATSHEGO L LNoCnr Bethlehem Drive & Heystek, StreetRustenburgNorth West014 5922283
548146MGIBINoShop 46 Phokeng Mall, Sun City Road, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5662712
553247HIRANo2 Carbon Street, CarletonvilleCarletonvilleNorth West018 7882091
557595MAGANENo48 Berg Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West067 0073710
577219RAGIENo11 President Square, ZeerustZeerustNorth West018 6421106
426083DE BEERNoShop 24 Macrovest Centre, Cnr Austin & William Street, WilkoppiesKlerksdorpNorth West018 4687974
443646TSHOSENoShop 6 Harties Mall, Beethoven Road, MelodieHartbeespoortNorth West067 1989815
445541KWINDANoHouse 1887b Legalaopeng Section, BapongBritsNorth West
446246MASIPANo10 Horvitch Street, FochvilleFochvilleNorth West018 7712403
454958THEKISONoShop 4 Midtown Mall, 66 Fatima Bhayat StreetRustenburgNorth West014 5928904
489328MAYETNo45 Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Street, KlerksdorpKlerksdorpNorth West018 4621435
497002MALATJINoShop 6 Thabazimbi Corner, Shopping Centre Van Der Bijl, ThabazimbiThabazimbiNorth West014 7771471
341940VEENEMANSNoShop 34 Transforum Centre, Bethlehem DriveRustenburgNorth West014 5942665
408611ENGELBRECHTNo45 Bult Street, Bo DorpRustenburgNorth West014 5239367
412457MPHAHLELANo1979 Pilanes RoadMajakanengNorth West
275026VAN TONDERNo32 Harrington Street, SchoemansvilleHartbeespoortNorth West012 2530079
324248NAGINDASNo19b Tom Street, BritsBritsNorth West012 2524695
157333NTULINoShop 9 Maxbornman Cnr Oliver, Tambo Drive & Bethlem StreetRustenburgNorth West
199788VAN STADENNoMedical Centre, 207 Beyers Naude Drive, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5923344
208981SMITNoShop 34 Transforum Centre Cnr, Nelson Mandela Street &, Bethlehem DriveRustenburgNorth West014 5926261
243744S PAPENDORF AND ASSOCIATES INCORNoMedicross Rustenburg Cnr, President Thabo Mbeki Dr & Von, Willigh StreetRustenburgNorth West014 5235115
76244TOKANo10204/18 Lucas Mangope Road, Ga-rankuwa Zone 2Ga-RankuwaNorth West012 7003285
96946MABUSELANoShop 7 Foro Spar, 3602 Monareng Street, TlhabaneTlhabaneNorth West014 5654577
103519NAIDOONoShop 53 Ga-rankuwa Shopping, Complex Magope RoadGa-RankuwaNorth West012 7038245
123986CASSIMNo14 Plein Street, KlerksdorpKlerksdorpNorth West018 4642786
9501304SHAINo147a Leyds Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5925553
9501398KGANYANoWisani Medical Centre, 9128 Mosoane Street, Ga-rankuwa Zone 1Ga-RankuwaNorth West012 7001022
9501525TSHIVHULANo4 Voortrekker Street, ZeerustZeerustNorth West018 6423809
5451647MOLOSIWANo26c Lang Street, LichtenburgLichtenburgNorth West018 6325301
5453895SHIBURINoShop 10a Mogwase Complex, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5555557
5454166NELNo11 Palm RoadFochvilleNorth West
5454255MOSTERTNo95 Readman Street, WilkoppiesKlerksdorpNorth West018 4684379
5454530LOUWNo11 Van Ryneveld Street, WilkoppiesKlerksdorpNorth West018 4649360
5454549GELDENHUYSNo11 Van Ryneveld Street, WilkoppiesKlerksdorpNorth West018 4649360
9500383MUTHUPHEINoShop 9 Ok Value Complex, 82 Pretoria RoadBritsNorth West012 2501990
5445833TEBEILANoShop 112 Pick ‘n Pay Centre Cnr, Nelson Mandela Street &, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5922099
5445876BLAAUWNo71 Kerk Street, LichtenburgLichtenburgNorth West018 6323677
5445892STEENEKAMPNoCnr Peter Mokaba Street & Dr, James Moroka Avenue, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2937800
5446902WINTERNo21 Piet Retief Street, WolmaransstadWolmaransstadNorth West018 5963027
5447143BORNMANNoTransforum Centre, Cnr Nelson Mandela And Bethlehem, RustenburgNorth WestNorth West014 5926261
5449200TSHOMANoShop 20a Biblio Plaza Shopping, Centre 36 Nelson Mandela Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5970337
5449359MASELWANENo112 Annan Road, CarletonvilleCarletonvilleNorth West018 7886185
5450268RAMOROLANoSunrise View, 10118 Molapo Drive, BoitekongRustenburgNorth West014 5930019
5439183MOSTERTNo95 Readman Street, WilkoppiesKlerksdorpNorth West018 4684379
5439655EBRAHIMNo14 Sarel Cilliers Straat, ZeerustZeerustNorth West018 6423672
5442508GOUWSNoRoom 1 Armansis Medical Centre, 12 Ludorf Street, BritsBritsNorth West012 2524243
5443814MONTOEDINoShop 4, Cnr Behrens & Ko-operasie Avenue, BritsBritsNorth West012 2520488
5443997MOGAJANENo37c Carrington Street, MahikengMmabathoNorth West018 3816490
5432308LE ROUXNoShop 12 Euronooi Shopping, Centre Cnr Wilkinson & Lonrho, DriveMooinooiNorth West014 5743202
5433126SCHMIDTNoJacorene Building, 40 Flecker Road, OrkneyOrkneyNorth West018 4732635
5437032SMITNoHartbeespoort Medical Centre, Cnr R511 & Beethoven Street, MelodieHartbeespoortNorth West012 2591088
5437830DU PLOOYNo67 Austin Street, WilkoppiesKlerksdorpNorth West018 4688411
5416884LOUBSERNo35 Monica Avenue, FlamwoodKlerksdorpNorth West018 4642469
5424682NELNoSuite 3 Armansis Medical Centre, 12 Ludorf Street, BritsBritsNorth West012 2523093
5427975DE JAGERNoCnr Von Wielligh Street &, President Mbeki Drive, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5235115
5428114MOUTZOURISNo36a Anderson Street, KlerksdorpKlerksdorpNorth West018 4626771
867837NEMUDZIVHADINo56 Nelson Mandela Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5926932
882631KHOTANoShop G23a Ground Floor Mpef, Shopping Centre 107 Or Tambo, NeserhofKlerksdorpNorth West018 4875616
905860JIKUMLAMBONoCorner Cheyne And Visser StreetVentersdorpNorth West
940682WIIDNo45 President Mbeki Drive, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 9400169
961205MOKGELENoHouse 1887b Legalaopeng Section, BapongBritsNorth West079 4812064
5405564SCHEEPERSNoStiemens Building, 203 Walter Sisulu Lane, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2943654
5416035ROBINSONNo2 Jameson Road, KosterKosterNorth West014 5432050
775541GUTOROVANo45 Bult Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 9400169
794406MABYANENo3117 Julias House Road, Unit 9MmabathoNorth West
814601MAMARONoStand No 283Mhlanga CrossingNorth West
817910COETZERNo22 Kerk Street, BritsBritsNorth West012 2526247
652601DR J MGIBI AND PARTNERNoShop 7 Platinum Square, Nelson Mandela Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5923217
734691MOUTONNo45 Bult Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 9400169
755478NOZWAYONoStand 938 Unit 3 Lesego Medical, Centre Kubu Road, MogwaseRustenburgNorth West
582468MASHABANoShop 12 Rooikoppies Complex, Marikana Main Road, MarikanaRustenburgNorth West081 5022962
602086DR C P BALOYI INCORPORATEDNo34 Von Wielligh Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5926169
615919AHMEDNo41 Du Toitspan Road, KimberleyKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8312723
578045TONGNoShop 22a, De Kock Street, VryburgVryburgNorthern Cape053 9273343
275263BELIMNoShop 11d Shoprite Centre, Barkley Way, HomesteadKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8712912
318868BELIMNoShop 11 D Shoprite Centre, 221a Barkley Road, HomesteadKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8712912
180785MUKHARINoShop 8, Church StreetVryburgNorthern Cape053 9270423
226394JALINoShop 10 Diamond Building, Bultfontein Road, KimberleyKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8321154
151351BURGERNo2 Rivier Street, SpringbokSpringbokNorthern Cape027 7122305
9502211RAKUMAKOENo12c Bo StreetPostmasburgNorthern Cape082 7562188
5451272BARDAYNo8a Corless Road, KirstenhofKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8743598
5444608DU TOITNo19 Barkly Way, West EndKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8312654
5445884VOGELNoMedicross Kimberley, 48 Long Street, KimberleyKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8304260
5430879SEYFFERTNo15 Schoeman Street, HartswaterHartswaterNorthern Cape053 4741012
5431352VAN DEVENTER FNo42 Leonard Street, DanielskuilDanielskuilNorthern Cape053 3840297
5432618JULYANNo27 Hoop Street, CalviniaCalviniaNorthern Cape027 3411505
5417910BENADENo12a Shone Street, PostmasburgPostmasburgNorthern Cape053 3130577
5420709MOODALEYNo25 Tyburn Street, KimberleyKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8311689
5424852REINERNo70 De Kock Street, VryburgVryburgNorthern Cape053 9271560
932272MAKHUMISANYNoShop 8, Church Street, VryburgVryburgNorthern Cape053 9270449
777706JANTJIESNoShop 2 Erf 2773 Chrisjan, Building Rietbok Street, KathuKathuNorthern Cape053 7232171
781037RIKHOTSONo1 Seodin Road, KurumanKurumanNorthern Cape053 0300091
838837OLIVIER-TE BAERTSNo4 Wag N Bietjie Avenue, HartswaterHartswaterNorthern Cape053 4730193
662615HENRICONoShop 23 Mokala Mall, 2627 Tsenin Road, KurumanKurumanNorthern Cape064 6515032
747459DR KGOA PRACTICE INCNoConsulting Rooms Medics, Building Cnr Kerk & Bree Street, KurumanKurumanNorthern Cape053 7122080
482102MNGOMEZULUNoShop 2 Excel Garage, Andalusia, Jan KempdorpJan KempdorpNorthern Cape053 4560542
5451043SPIESNo10 Hoog Street, GrabouwGrabouwWestern Cape021 8592923
5451159MOUTONNo6 Arauna Road, BrackenfellCape TownWestern Cape021 9824564
5451302DE RIDDERNo5 Tierberg Road, Fairfield EstParowWestern Cape021 9392123
5451493KHANNoAmeers Medical Centre, 72 Klip Road, Grassy ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 7058489
5452155BEILINSOHNNoShop 5, 369 Main Road, Sea PointCape TownWestern Cape021 4343663
5452414ABRAHAMSNoShop 3 Atlantis City Centre, Wesfleur Circle, AtlantisCape TownWestern Cape021 5726802
5452740SALIENo10 Oasis Road, Eerste RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9045521
5452759DAWOODNoThree Anchor Bay Medical Centre, 6 Main Road, Three Anchor BayCape TownWestern Cape074 3296526
5452848TSHWAKUNoShop 82 Gugulethu Mall, Cnr Steve Biko Street & Ny3, GuguletuCape TownWestern Cape021 6373945
5452864HARRISONNo42 Trotter Street, KnysnaKnysnaWestern Cape044 3825367
5453062ABDURAHMANNo88 Breda Street, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8711610
5453070JAFFERNo472 Halt Road, ElnorElsies RivierWestern Cape021 9331220
5454719ESSANo220 Voortrekker Road, MaitlandCape TownWestern Cape021 5116574
5454743AKOODIENo4 Summer Greens Drive, Summer GreensCape TownWestern Cape021 5517557
5454786MATHEENoUnit G04 Parc Du Links, 7-9 Niblick Way, Somerset WestCape TownWestern Cape021 8510461
5454808PRINSLOO & ASSOCIATES INC.NoNorth Pine Dental Centre, Northpine Drive, North PineCape TownWestern Cape021 9813640
5454883ALLIENo2 Medical Mews, 48 Church Street, WynbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7971290
5455170NARANNo45 Ray Street, MacassarCape TownWestern Cape021 8574744
5455200SALIENo33 Simonsig Avenue, WestridgeCape TownWestern Cape021 3914185
5455251CADERNo63 Gordon’s Bay Drive, StrandCape TownWestern Cape021 8533938
5444780SWARTNo7 Berg Street, SwellendamSwellendamWestern Cape028 5143345
5444829HATTINGHNo32 Lang Street, De KuilenCape TownWestern Cape021 9037603
5444950NELLNoCnr Melkhout Street & Louis, Fourie Road, HeiderandMossel BayWestern Cape044 6931351
5445035PAUWNo22 Coligny Road, DalsigStellenboschWestern Cape021 8864154
5446074LALLOONoShop 4a Metropolitan Life, Centre Valhalla Drive, CharlesvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9340765
5446589KRIELNoShop 126 Tyger Valley Centre, Cnr Bill Bezuidenhout & Willie, Van Schoor AvenueTyger ValleyWestern Cape021 9141814
5446813VAN DYKNo8 Mcintyre Street, ParowCape TownWestern Cape021 9367315
5446961BAUERNo31 Cnr Tokai Road & Keyser River, Drive, TokaiCape TownWestern Cape021 7109950
5447135DE KLERKNo28 Matzikama Street, VredendalVredendalWestern Cape027 2133574
5447216ZONNESTEINNo41 Fitchat Street, RexfordKnysnaWestern Cape044 3821410
5447224HUGONoBrighton Square, Brighton Road, KraaifonteinCape TownWestern Cape021 9887431
5447445VAN RENSBURGNoEikestad Dentist, 26 Piet Retief Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8876938
5447569LANGEBERG DENTAL CENTRENoBrighton Square Cnr Brighton, Road & Kipling Street, KraaifonteinCape TownWestern Cape021 9805118
5448336MOWZERNoCnr Lenton & Lavis Drive, Bishop LavisCape TownWestern Cape021 9528608
5448417ADAMSNo4 Musica Avenue, MacassarCape TownWestern Cape021 8572934
5448735GORDONNo110 Old Strandfontein Road, OtteryCape TownWestern Cape021 7037206
5448751NAIDOONo215a Dennegeur Avenue, Strandfontein VillageCape TownWestern Cape021 3932168
5448956VAN ROOYENNo145 Vasco Boulevard, GoodwoodCape TownWestern Cape021 5924460
5449138VALENTINENoBelmed Centre 16 Cnr Central, Avenue & Belgravia Road, Belthorne EstCape TownWestern Cape021 6970426
5449227INGLISNoWillowmead Medical Centre 88 Cnr, Kromboom Road & 3rd Avenue, Rondebosch EastCape TownWestern Cape021 6968571
5449529DA COSTANo458 Albert Road, Salt RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 4485410
5449588NATHANo206 Connaught Road, CravenbyCape TownWestern Cape
5438780HASSANNo79 5th Avenue, Grassy ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 7062828
5438861MARAISNo59 Bisset Road, Windsor ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 9884036
5439434JORDAANNo33a Church Street, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 3425269
5439523VALLIENoTown Centre, 3b Minuet Lane, Mitchells PlainCape TownWestern Cape021 3927770
5439647MIANoShop 104 1st Floor Golden Acre, Shopping Centre Adderley Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4617886
5439698BHAWOODIENNoCape Medical & Dental Centre, 297 Main Road, KenilworthCape TownWestern Cape021 7618594
5440017RIEKERTNo3 Hudson Street, RiversdaleRiversdaleWestern Cape028 7131836
5440130ZONDAGHNo50 Long Street, BredasdorpBredasdorpWestern Cape028 4252451
5440246BOSMANNoVillage Centre, 8 Worcester Street, GrabouwGrabouwWestern Cape021 8592695
5440300BASSIERNoSuite 20 Airport Shopping, Centre Belhar Drive, BelharCape TownWestern Cape
5440386BOOYSENNo1 Prins Street, WellingtonWellingtonWestern Cape021 8733396
5440580SALIENo128 Klip Road, Grassy ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 7071416
5441013KIRSTENNoShop 14 Bergzicht Plaza, Andringa Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8828587
5441226ZAAYMANNo22 Lagoon Terrace, 16 Gordon Street, KnysnaKnysnaWestern Cape044 3827122
5441293GOOLAMNoShop 5 Industrial House, 350 Victoria RoadSalt RiverWestern Cape021 4481498
5441390DHANSAYNo342 Halt Road, Elsies RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9326747
5441439ALLIENo8 Stella Weg, Lotus RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 7065722
5442524FORTUNENoFibro Centre, Cnr Brisbane & Perth Road, WynbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7629813
5442753ENGELBRECHTNo23 1st Street, KleinmondKleinmondWestern Cape028 2713662
5442834GOOLNoHawksbury Surgery, Staines Road, PlumsteadCape TownWestern Cape021 7611886
5443989VAN NIEKERKNo12 Martinson Road, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8802264
5444284CRONJENo71 Albert Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8732673
5444349MOSESNo4 Casino Road, StrandfonteinCape TownWestern Cape021 3931652
5444373DA COSTANo32 Hyde Road, Parkwood EstCape TownWestern Cape021 7051350
5444500SAITHNoRussel Rest, 28 Forest Drive, Eerste RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9040556
5444535RYLANDSNoShop 1a Cnr Manenberglaan & The, Downs Road, ManenbergCape TownWestern Cape021 6910180
5429773MAHATEYNoSir Alfred Place, 5 Sir Alfred Avenue, LansdowneCape TownWestern Cape021 6968641
5430003CHIKTENoGround Floor Knobbs Building, Cnr Voortrekker Road & Hugo, Richmond EstGoodwoodWestern Cape021 5926605
5430119KAMFERNo30 Cnr Stellenbosch & Kaap De, Goede Avenue, HartenbosMossel BayWestern Cape044 6951134
5430143ENGELSNo73 Main Road, SaldanhaSaldanhaWestern Cape022 7143347
5430933BOOLEYNo454a Klipfontein Road, Surrey EstCape TownWestern Cape021 6374111
5431751REDELINGHUYSNo57 Van Der Stel Street, TulbaghTulbaghWestern Cape023 2300284
5432561VAN DYKNoMedicross Parow Dental Centre, 8 Mcintyre Street, Glen LillyParowWestern Cape021 9367315
5432820NOWERSNoShop 14 Overberg Centre, 75 Church Street, BredasdorpBredasdorpWestern Cape028 1250151
5433177HENDRICKSNo1 Fourie Road, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9512632
5433231NAIDOONo21 Loop Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4180276
5433576LOTTERINGNo179 Langenhoven Road, OudtshoornOudtshoornWestern Cape044 2722163
5433614ALLIENoCnr 5th Avenue & 8th Street, KensingtonCape TownWestern Cape021 5937513
5433789COETZEENo13 Moodie Street, CamphersdriftGeorgeWestern Cape044 8742206
5434211BAKERNo11 Ottawa Street, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8726105
5435439KRITZINGERNo2nd Floor Room 202a Medpark 1, Louwtjie Rothman Street, N1 CityCape TownWestern Cape021 5953124
5435447MAHOMEDNoGrassy Park Medical Centre, Victoria Road, Grassy ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 7053999
5435862SABLAYNo29 Fulham AvenueMitchells PlainWestern Cape021 3700030
5435897PARKERNo75 12th Avenue, KensingtonCape TownWestern Cape021 5933621
5436036HEYNSNo1a Barnard Street, KempenvilleBellvilleWestern Cape021 9486607
5436168LEVENDALNo250 Voortrekker Road, SummervilleKraaifonteinWestern Cape021 9885101
5436443CYSTERNoSuite 134a Eikestad Mall, Andringa Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8876231
5436885CHRISTIANNo19 Long StreetVredenburgWestern Cape022 7133101
5437059DE KOCKNo11 Ottawa Street, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8722288
5437121MURDOCKNoShop 126 Tygervalley Centre Cnr, Bill Bezuidenhout & Willie Van, Schoor AvenueTyger ValleyWestern Cape021 9141814
5437415DAVIDSNoShop 6 Bonteheuwel Town Centre, Kiaat Road, BontheuwelCape TownWestern Cape021 6946735
5437865SMALNoEikestad Dentist, 26 Piet Retief Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8876938
5438330DE KOCKNo7 De Villiers Street, FranschhoekFranschhoekWestern Cape021 8764320
5438772LOUBSERNo52 Church Street, GansbaaiGans BayWestern Cape028 3842213
5416604KEMPNo133 St John Street, OudtshoornOudtshoornWestern Cape044 2727340
5417856STOLTZNo1st Floor Caversham Building, 27 Main Road, BergvlietCape TownWestern Cape021 7153921
5418283MORARNo48 Amandel Road, BelharCape TownWestern Cape021 9521480
5418429PARKERNoSurrey Centre, College Road, Surrey EstCape TownWestern Cape021 6378944
5418763PARKERNo238 Halt Road, Elsies RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9288068
5419166VAN WYKNo2 Lupedrian Building, 29 Kaap De Goede Hoop Lane, HartenbosMossel BayWestern Cape044 6966069
5420423PIENAARNo79 Kommetjie Road, Fish HoekCape TownWestern Cape021 7821511
5421470KARJIKERNo6-8 Findon Street, AthloneCape TownWestern Cape021 6971401
5421640ROOMANEYNoSuite 1 Promenade Medical, Centre A Z Berman Drive, EastridgeCape TownWestern Cape021 3928130
5422396SMITHNoIdeal Building, Koeberg Road, YsterplaatCape TownWestern Cape021 5112492
5422647PATELNo1st Floor Markhams Building, Cnr First & 4th Avenue, Mitchells PlainCape TownWestern Cape021 3922680
5422884KALANNo41 Main Road, RondeboschCape TownWestern Cape021 6855927
5422981BHIKHANoBedgro Centre, Belmore Avenue, Penlyn EstCape TownWestern Cape021 6921212
5423112BENGHIATNo40 Adderley Street, OudtshoornOudtshoornWestern Cape044 2723673
5423562VARIAWANoShop 101 Westfleur Town Centre, Wesfleur Circle, AtlantisCape TownWestern Cape021 5726552
5424275MAYETNo32 Aden Avenue, AthloneCape TownWestern Cape021 6960046
5424607SMITHNo14 Baron Van Rheede Street, OudtshoornOudtshoornWestern Cape044 2791268
5425549NIEUWOUDTNo79 Kommetjie Road, Fish HoekCape TownWestern Cape021 7821511
5425557BREYNo248 Retreat Road, RetreatCape TownWestern Cape021 7120677
5425662DU PREEZNoTre-foil Square, 8 Gloucester Lane, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8840557
5425727ALLIENoGround Floor Hazel Park Suites, Hazel Park Centre Hazel Road, GatesvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 6371634
5426243DE WETNo8 Verdi Boulevard, Sonstraal HeightsCape TownWestern Cape021 9758999
5426278GROENERNo19 Tana Road, RetreatCape TownWestern Cape021 7128944
5426286BOTHANoEikestad Dentist, 26 Piet Retief Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8876938
5427037MOOLLANoShop 16 Tembani Shopping Centre, Cnr Capital Drive & Lansdowne, RoadKhayelitshaWestern Cape021 3873310
5427118VERMEULENNo15 Duthie Street, MalmesburyMalmesburyWestern Cape022 4821228
5427363SAREMBOCKNo2nd Floor, 74 Loop Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4233377
5427509VERMEULENNoShop 10 Simonsrust Centre, Cnr Cluver & Helshoogte Road, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8832782
5427657LINDERNo7 Retief Street, MoorreesburgMoorreesburgWestern Cape022 4331832
5428106STEPHENNo55 John X Merriman Street, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9481831
5428157DE WETNoRoom K06 Mediclinic George Cnr, Gloucester Lane & York Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8744335
869449VENTERNo86b Marsh Street, Mossel BayMossel BayWestern Cape044 6912330
874698ESSOPNo14 Hoog Street, GrabouwGrabouwWestern Cape021 8567223
882968ELOFFNo33 Cilliers StreetDe AarWestern Cape
903671WEYERSNo9 Athens Street, UitzichtCape TownWestern Cape021 9750449
907464KOCKNo75 12th Avenue, KensingtonCape TownWestern Cape021 5933621
911674PRINSLOONo42 Victoria Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8715130
923397DR M R KALAN AND ASSOCIATESNo41 Main Road, RondeboschCape TownWestern Cape021 6855927
929662RAMKISSOONNo2 Riebeek Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape061 4570655
980889ARENDSENo81 Durban StreetWorcesterWestern Cape
5404126KASKARNo99 Halt Road, Valhalla ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 9324664
5406005BURGERNo5 Tierberg Way, ParowCape TownWestern Cape021 9302624
5416531PEPPERNo128 Park Avenue, WestridgeCape TownWestern Cape021 3713011
763411BARNARDONoShop 13 Haasendal Gables, Shopping Centre 2 Haasendal Road, Kuils RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9031405
768715VAN WYKNo18 Mark Street, PortervillePortervilleWestern Cape022 9312760
771783YOUNGNo3 Medical Centre, Cnr Old Paarl And Brackenfell, BrackenfellCapetownWestern Cape021 9812977
776068SYED RASSOOLNoBlock B Shop 7 Sable Square, Cnr Bosmansdam & Ratanga Road, SanddriftCape TownWestern Cape065 5045015
782750UNDRENo52 Stratford Avenue, Beverly ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 9040076
786764DR S BHORAT AND ASSOCIATESNoMelomed Gatesville Medical Centr, Hazel Road, GatesvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 6335562
789992SAREMBOCKNo302 The Link Building, 11 D F Malan Street, ForeshoreCape TownWestern Cape021 2000055
790311STEENKAMPNoShop 2b The Bridge, 304 Durban Road, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 0010286
790796SAMNoUnit 1 Harry Goemans Centre, 151 Main Road, BergvlietCape TownWestern Cape076 1745832
795984CADERNoMedicross Tokai Dental Centre 31, Cnr Tokai & Keyser River Drive, TokaiCape TownWestern Cape021 7109921
809705LOOCKNo5 Tierberg Road, Fairfield EstParowWestern Cape021 9392123
812358THOMPSONNoShop 3a Sulnisa Centre, Cnr 8th Avenue And Retreat RdRetreatWestern Cape
814733KAJEENoShop 12 First Floor, Gatesville Plaza Hazel RoadCape TownWestern Cape021 6373045
817147YOUNGNo92 Andries Pretorius Street, Audas EstCape TownWestern Cape021 8514674
818453SALIENo340 Victoria Road, Salt RiverCape TownWestern Cape067 1623964
818550SAMODIENNo559 Lansdowne Road, Nerissa EstSouthern SuburbsWestern Cape021 7617305
835846SCHOEMANNo2 Lupedrian Building, 29 Kaap De Goede Hoop Avenue, HartenbosMossel BayWestern Cape044 6954170
838780SIMMERSNo2 Cnr Van Der Stel & Carinus, Street, De KuilenCape TownWestern Cape079 5677721
652229MNGUNINo1 Njimba AvenueKhayelitshaWestern Cape021 3608006
656038DR JFB BRUWER INCNoUnit 4 Bridgeway, 6 Mascador Street, VoorbaaiMossel BayWestern Cape044 6954558
656755NIEFTAGODIENNo18 Cnr 4th Avenue & 4th Street, KensingtonCape TownWestern Cape021 5930717
658324JOOLAYNo95 Military Road, SteenbergCape TownWestern Cape081 7009109
658928NAIDOONoShop 2 C John Montague Centre, Montague Drive, Montague GardensCape TownWestern Cape021 5511213
668885ABRAHAMSNo100 Upper Roodebloem Road, University EstCape TownWestern Cape021 4869020
669784BASSIERNoSuite 14 Dennehof Centre, Sipres Avenue, ThorntonCape TownWestern Cape021 5340830
675156KLEINNo29 Fulham Road, Mitchells PlainCape TownWestern Cape021 3700112
678422DHALECHNoShop 13 Parklands Centre, Link Road, ParklandsCape TownWestern Cape021 5576100
680001PM MIDDLETON & W BOUWERNo68a Fairbairn Street, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 3421170
684961LOMBAARDNoShop 14 Bergzicht Plaza, Andringa Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8828587
686549KAMFERNo30 Cnr Stellenbosch & Kaap De, Goede Hoop Avenue, HartenbosMossel BayWestern Cape044 6951134
690414WYNGAARDNoUnit 01 Ground Floor Block F, Sure Store Storage A 70 Carmine, DriveBurgundy EstateWestern Cape021 5241008
709522DR HEROLD TRUTER INCNo75 Voortrekker Street, PiketbergPiketbergWestern Cape022 9131630
709905LEMLEYNoShop 2 Middestad Mall, Charl Malan Street, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9499863
710474SWIGELAARNo1 Wenlock Street, KuilsrivierCape TownWestern Cape021 9060380
711500DRS ANTOOLEY AND MOERAT INCNoSablay Medical & Dental Centre, 110 Market Street, Parow ValleyCape TownWestern Cape021 9322454
713732DAVIDSNo36 Bergsig Street, CeresCeresWestern Cape023 3170019
734683GAMIELDIENNoSurrey Estate, 48 Sirius Road, Surrey EstCape TownWestern Cape081 5296624
743321MOHAMMEDNoSuite 205 2nd Floor Broad Road, Medical Centre 42 Broad Road, WynbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7611880
756954DR V TRUSCOTT INCNoMedicross Wellington, 38 Jan Van Riebeeck Street, WellingtonWellingtonWestern Cape021 8731057
586749TINEKE VAN ZYL INCORPORATEDNoMedicross Wellington, 38 Jan Van Riebeeck Street, WellingtonWellingtonWestern Cape021 8731057
587095SWARTNo18 Sleigh Street, LangebaanLangebaanWestern Cape022 7720564
589624NAUDENoMedicross Langeberg Dental, Centre Cnr Brighton & Kipling, KraaifonteinCape TownWestern Cape021 9805118
592013PARKERNo8 Belgravia Road, Belgravia EstCape TownWestern Cape021 6370557
597716BRUMMERNo8 Paul Kruger Street, RobertsonRobertsonWestern Cape023 6261490
597775KAMALIENoCnr Merrydale Avenue & Mauritius, WayMitchells PlainWestern Cape021 3712121
598046MOUTONNoOffice Nr 05-202 1st Flr Sanlam, Head Office 2 Strand Road, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9812934
599042RAUBENHEIMERNoKoegelenberg Straat 4, LaaiplekVelddrifWestern Cape022 7830289
602833COETZEENoShop 15a City Centre, 18 Forest Drive, Eerste RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9020155
614963TERBLANCHENoShop 4 Glencairn Shopping, Centre Cnr Birkenhead Road &, Glen Beach WaySimon’S TownWestern Cape021 7820439
624691ERICKSONNoIntercare Milnerton Medical &, Dental Centre 117 Racecourse, MilnertonCape TownWestern Cape021 8795200
627992VENTER AND PARTNERNoWalk In Dentist, 2 Forest Road, HeatherlandsGeorgeWestern Cape044 8733912
628255MOHAMEDNoShop 7a The Stables Shopping, Centre Potsdam Road, MilnertonCape TownWestern Cape081 4561515
629200ALLIE JACOBSNoAshmead Medical Centre, 21 Church Street, AthloneCape TownWestern Cape021 6960817
629642MIDDELNo30 Cnr Stellenbosch & Kaap De, Goede Avenue, HartenbosMossel BayWestern Cape044 6951134
634239TITINCHINoTygerberg Hospital – U W C, Dental School Francie Van Zijl, ParowCape TownWestern Cape021 9373000
640557DR S BHORAT TOKAI INCNoSuite 401 4th Floor Melomed, Tokai Cnr Keysers & Main Road, TokaiCape TownWestern Cape021 7125781
641146DR A KAMEDIEN INCNoWest End Medical Suites, Jan Smuts Drive, PinelandsCape TownWestern Cape078 4534489
651001OMARNo1st Floor Shoprite Bellville, Voortrekker Road, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9171182
651036NKOMONo1st Floor Maitland Square, 278 Voortrekker Road, MaitlandCape TownWestern Cape021 5114850
517488STOFFBERGNoShop 5 Pinehurst Centre Cnr, Brackenfell Boulevald &, Pinehurst DriveDurbanvilleWestern Cape021 9792693
519545AHMAD A AND RAZACK Z HNoShop G21 Ground Floor Stadium, On Main Main Road, ClaremontCape TownWestern Cape021 6831237
526185SNYMANNo80 Bergriver Boulevard South, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8630886
527777JAMESNoDennegeur Medi Centre, 65a Dennegeur Avenue, StrandfonteinCape TownWestern Cape021 3935976
534420MOHAMEDNoShop 8 Sentra Building Cnr, Gordons Bay Drive & Hammond, StrandCape TownWestern Cape021 8543132
534587BEKKERNoShop 14 Queens Square, 1 Voortrekker Road, OudtshoornOudtshoornWestern Cape044 2722278
535591BRIJLALLNoCnr Solomon & Nombula Street, NomzamoCape TownWestern Cape
539333CASSIMJEENoShop 4 The Gallery Centre, 1 Turf Club Road, Montague GardensCape TownWestern Cape021 5551987
542520BEKKERNoShop 25 Ground Level Ipic, Aurora Shopping Centre Cnr, DurbanvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9764610
544507VAN DER HEYDENoShop 26 Victoria Mall, 21 Hoop Street, CaledonCaledonWestern Cape028 2141116
552283GAFFARNo190 Blue Downs Way, Tuscany GlenCape TownWestern Cape021 9095450
552968BOOCKNoVredenburg Centre, 7 Bree Street, VredenburgVredenburgWestern Cape022 7131289
564230DOLLIENo280 Ottery Road, OtteryCape TownWestern Cape021 7039151
571342VEERANNoSuite 8 Wembley Square Offices, 40 Solan Road, GardensCape TownWestern Cape021 4182977
572101RAWOOTNoShop 3 Florida Shopping Centre, De La Rey Street, RavensmeadCape TownWestern Cape021 9314876
573493PARKERNoMarina Medical Centre, 21 Atlantic Road, MuizenbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7889466
576174CROTZNo81 Durban Street, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 3422383
423084FAKIRNoCnr Klip & Lake Road, Lotus RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 7051923
430641RAATZNo25 Silversands Avenue, PortlandsCape TownWestern Cape021 3712300
431036DANIELSNo25 Silversands Avenue, PortlandsCape TownWestern Cape021 3712300
432466BOTESNoCnr Wellington & Stockenstrom, Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8845761
433861BOTHANoSuite 1, 101 Protea RoadProtea HeightsWestern Cape021 9818824
434787VAN ZYLNoCnr Wellington & Stockenstrom, Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8845761
437220MUGJENKARNoHood Road Medical Centre, 1 Hood Road, SunnysideCape TownWestern Cape021 8270524
437387L J VAN WYK INCORPORATEDNo2 Lupedrian Building, 29 Kaap De Goede Hoop Lane, HartenbosMossel BayWestern Cape044 6966069
442186NIEGAARDT-SMITH, HEYNS AND WIESENo16 Church Street, Kuils RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9032222
442496KOTZENo18 Mark Street, PortervillePortervilleWestern Cape022 9312760
445509MULLERNoHarry Goemans Centre, 151 Main Road, BergvlietCape TownWestern Cape076 1745832
454222BOUWERNoSuite 17 Graanendal Shopping, Centre Cnr Klipheuwel Road &, Brackenfell BoulevardDurbanvilleWestern Cape021 9792212
456683NELNo100 Voortrekker Street, CeresCeresWestern Cape023 3121033
456918RAWOOTNoShop 23 Lansdowne Corner, Shopping Centre Cnr Govan Mbeki, Road & Jan Smuts DriveLansdowneWestern Cape021 7036402
467499KRITZINGERNoOffice 5, Leentjiesklip Crescent, Calypso BeachLangebaanWestern Cape022 7721054
469238ABDURAOUFNo167 Wetton Road, WettonCape TownWestern Cape021 7032517
475181ADAMNo187 Voortrekker Road, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9499852
484490BURGER E & BURGER NNoMuizenberg Medical Square, 50 Main Road, MuizenbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7888880
489387AFRICANo10 Oasis Road, Eerste RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 3961155
489468SOMERSNo94 Klein Drakenstein Road, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape
507989DU PLESSISNo2 Uitkyk Street, FranschhoekFranschhoekWestern Cape021 8763070
333050RIDDELLNo9 Cnr Mitchell & College Street, HermanusHermanusWestern Cape028 3122219
333999BASSONNoEikestad Dentist, 26 Piet Retief Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8876938
341894SALIENoShop 17 Grand Central Building, Lower Plein Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4658799
343722BR??NNNo86b Marsh Street, Mossel BayMossel BayWestern Cape044 6912330
346942CYSTERNoShop V6 Delft Mall, Cnr Hindle & Delft Main Road, DelftCape TownWestern Cape081 0219541990
353736NAIRNoShop 3 Rawoot Square, Cnr Carnie & Klipfontein Road, Rylands EstCape TownWestern Cape021 6336566
361690ADONISNoShop 3 West Bank Centre Cnr, Jasmyn Street & Akasia Avenue, MalmesburyMalmesburyWestern Cape022 4864285
361992NAIDOONo3b Cavalier Centre, Robert Sobukwe Road, BelharCape TownWestern Cape021 9341408
371297PERSENSNo12 Monaco Street, UitzichtCape TownWestern Cape021 0450694
378976ABDEROOF A M AND SALIE SNoShop 17 Grand Central Building, Lower Plein Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4658799
382930DANIELSNo17a Brewery Road, StrandCape TownWestern Cape021 8530997
384836BALLARAMNo13 Market StreetParow ValleyWestern Cape083 7880226
390771WILLIAMSNoShop 12 Cavalier Shopping, Centre Hindle Road, Blue DownsCape TownWestern Cape021 9096289
391026KHALFE F AND MAHOMED MNoShop 17 Goodwood Mall Cnr, Voortrekker Road & Mcdonald, GoodwoodCape TownWestern Cape021 5916932
396222PARKERNoUnit No 11c, Mfuleni ShopriteMfuleniWestern Cape043 7361313
404985DE MANIELLE AND DU TOITSNo40 Wellington Road, DurbanvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9757478
412678BOTHANo30 Cnr Stellenbosch & Kaap De, Goede Hoop Avenue, HartenbosMossel BayWestern Cape044 6951134
419109BROWNNoIntercare Milnerton Medical &, Dental Centre 117 Racecourse, MilnertonCape TownWestern Cape021 8795200
254150ZEELIENo55 Main Road, HermanusHermanusWestern Cape028 3121213
254630SYLVESTER J & SYLVESTER E SNo369 Halt Road, Elsies RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9325421
255211DAVIDSENoShop 5 Cradock Shopping Centre, Cradock Road, SteenbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7017920
262919KUSHNER & DE VILLIERSNo15 Gray Street, KnysnaKnysnaWestern Cape044 3821535
268437PARUKNoShop 6 Habitat Centre, Cnr R44 & N2, Somerset WestCape TownWestern Cape021 8512117
274305AVENANT & MOUTONNo6 Arauna Road, BrackenfellCape TownWestern Cape021 9824564
275603BELIM PRETORIUS & ASSOCIATES INCNo117 Racecourse Road, MilnertonCape TownWestern Cape021 8795200
279145SWIGELAARNo126 Mars Street, ToekomsrusOudtshoornWestern Cape044 2740709
284882KATHANNo10 Wilderness Road, ClaremontCape TownWestern Cape021 6711199
289159MOHAMEDNoShop 7 Louis Square, Blanckenberg Street, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9494014
297305MOWZERNoPick N Pay Building, 123 Connaught Road, Parow ValleyCape TownWestern Cape084 4483000
298646MIDDLETONNo51 Tulbagh Street, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 1000723
301957JAMIENo123 Delft Main Road, RoosendalDelftWestern Cape021 9560027
304530VAN DER GRIJPNo67 Lang Street, MoorreesburgMoorreesburgWestern Cape022 4331100
305715ADAMSNoCorner Of Searle And Pontac, Street, Woodstock 7925Cape TownWestern Cape021 4601911
306029ABDEROOFNo1 Bond Street, Colorado ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 3711465
308463TRUTER & VAN DER GRIJPNo83 Voortrekker Street, CitrusdalCitrusdalWestern Cape022 9213110
309974KARJIKERNoShop 1a, Kimberley Way, PortlandsCape TownWestern Cape021 3911048
311162ABRAHAMSNo84 Churchill Road, PlumsteadCape TownWestern Cape021 7977141
320919STELLENBERGNo43 Bellhome Street, HighburyCape TownWestern Cape021 9036676
321265JOUBERTNo5b School Street, Northern PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8728768
324825ENSILNoUnit 1, 145 Blaauwberg Road, Table ViewCape TownWestern Cape021 5561303
325619RAMBHARANNo27 Faure Marine Drive, Gordon’s BayCape TownWestern Cape
332518KHATIEBNoPenlyn Medical Centre, 52 Belmore Avenue, Penlyn EstCape TownWestern Cape021 6916747
157724ALLIENo48 Klein Drakenstein Road, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8622202
158275DE VILLIERS & PARTNERSNo15 Gray Street, KnysnaKnysnaWestern Cape044 3821535
160296BEDFORDNoMaxillo-facial Radiology &, Diagnosis University O Robert, Sobukwe RoadBellvilleWestern Cape021 9373159
163627BHORATNoSuite 310 3rd Floor Melomed, Gatesville Clinic Street, GatesvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 6335562
167355PIETERSNoShop 101 Sonate Centre Cnr, Verdi Boulevard & Langeberg Road, Sonstraal HeightsCape TownWestern Cape021 9759292
175013FAU??LNo55 Main Road, HermanusHermanusWestern Cape028 3121213
175935DEALNoBuilding 8 Shalima Park, Sandkraal Road, ConvilleGeorgeWestern Cape044 8750233
180610BARNARDNo145 St John StreetOudtshoornWestern Cape044 2722314
180955KRITZINGERNo45 Long Street, Great Brak RiverGroot BrakrivierWestern Cape044 0085025
194409BRAAFNo32 Suikerbos Road, BelharCape TownWestern Cape021 9530127
208426WINTERBACHNo69 Voortrek Street, SwellendamSwellendamWestern Cape028 5142600
218189KHANNoSuite M8 Mezzanine Floor, Gardens Dental Surgery Mill, GardensCape TownWestern Cape021 4651511
220280ISAACSNoCnr Aberdeen Street & Victoria, Road, WoodstockCape TownWestern Cape021 4480334
222720RAWOOTNoShop No 23 Merrydale Centre, Ryan Way, MandalayCape TownWestern Cape021 3877889
222917ENSLINNo14 Voortrekker Street, StilbaaiStill BayWestern Cape028 7543986
223913PRETORIUSNo121 Marsh Street, Mossel BayMossel BayWestern Cape044 6905236
226033SONDAYNoFlat 1, Gemini Way, Ocean ViewCape TownWestern Cape021 7830024
226343SUNKURNoShop 11 Panorama Healthcare, Centre Cnr Hennie Winterbach, Street & Rothschild BlvdPanoramaWestern Cape021 9113124
240478JOUBERTNo7b Petrusa Street, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9461112
241164SMITHNoShop 2 Stop & Shop Centre, Cnr Raan & Horak Streets, Peerless ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 9882037
9571KURIENNo50 Cnr Blue Downs Way & Marigold, Street, HillcrestCape TownWestern Cape021 9092511
21008AVENANTNo6 Arauna Road, BrackenfellCape TownWestern Cape021 9824564
32018ARRISONNo130 The Quays, Park Lane, Century CityCape TownWestern Cape021 5528979
51527LANDERSNo22 Long Street, Great Brak RiverGroot BrakrivierWestern Cape044 6202459
61204HOFMEYR J & LAUBSCHER P LNo51 Fairbairn Street, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 3470182
73644KATHRADANo269 Delft Main Road, DelftCape TownWestern Cape021 9543102
76473DAMON-WILLIAMSNoCharles Morkel Medical Centre, 3 Gordons Bay Drive, StrandCape TownWestern Cape021 0231308
93718HOOSAINNo40 5th Avenue, Grassy ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 7062238
97942BEHARDIENNo51 Prince George Drive, MuizenbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7882991
98531ROSSOUW & ASSOCIATES INCORPNo3 Nina Street, BrackenfellCape TownWestern Cape021 0201057
99015SMITHNoSolnisa Centre, 1c Kasselsvlei Road, Bellville SouthCape TownWestern Cape021 9518161
101486RAZACKNoSuite 5 Kenilworth Centre, Doncaster Road, KenilworthCape TownWestern Cape021 6832945
103764ALLIENoShop 11 Bontheuwel Town Centre, Kiaat Road, BontheuwelCape TownWestern Cape021 6943408
116076PATHERNoUnit G14 The Colosseum, Century Way, Century CityCape TownWestern Cape021 5529059
122912HARTZENo81 Durban Street, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 3422532
128619JOUBERTNoMedicross Paarl, Cnr De Villiers & Verster Street, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8727928
128678VENTERNoCourtney Centre, 25 Courtney Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8743366
140651LOUWNo52 Palm Avenue, North PineCape TownWestern Cape021 9811168
144320DU PLESSISNo46 Victoria StreetGeorgeWestern Cape044 8743468
153133BAYATNoLitha Park, 124 Ntlazane Road, KhayelitshaCape TownWestern Cape021 6851781
680494TEMPELNo012 6520047
789216GHAZIASGARNo021 8518680
798940LAINoOffice No4. Willows Crossing, Cnr Simon Vermooten And Rossouw, Die Wilgers41081 0400887
811874DR MOKOTJO INCNo051 4305544
933252MOKHETHINoSibusiso Medical Centre, Butha Buthe, Lesotho40026659626625
872784PRETORIUSNo017 6315280
906883MAGAGULANo082 0488422
908894SADASIVANNo082 5183536
915688MOHAMEDNo079 4341786
928836LALLOONo087 0872721
826669MORGANNo021 8682041

What is a General Practitioner?

A GP is a medical doctor who has qualified in general medicine and works in the community, often in private practice, to treat patients for a wide range of medical conditions or health issues. Some of the services provided by a GP include:

  • Health check-ups and screenings
  • Diagnosis of illnesses or medical conditions
  • Medical advice and information
  • Mental health care 
  • Ordering of certain medical tests
  • Providing nutrition advice
  • Providing prescription medication
  • Providing referrals to appropriate specialists
  • Management of acute or chronic medical conditions
  • Immediate emergency care following an accident

When should you see a General Practitioner?

A family GP can assist with mild to severe medical conditions. They are instrumental in the early detection of certain diseases or conditions, and the subsequent treatment plan you receive. Book an appointment with a doctor from the Health4Me GP Network if you are sick, injured or experiencing serious medical symptoms. A general practitioner can assist you with acute or short-term medical problems like the treatment of a minor wound, an asthma attack or common colds and flu.

A GP can also assist with the treatment of chronic conditions, like high blood pressure, mental health conditions or heart disease. The general practitioner will prescribe a treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms. In order to do so, they might assess your health, consult your family medical history, order some diagnostic tests, recommend certain lifestyle changes, prescribe medication or refer you to a specialist. 

Get a doctor’s referral letter from the Health4Me GP Network

The Momentum Health4Me Gold health insurance plan members can book a consultation with a specialist provided they have obtained a referral from a Momentum Health4Me Network GP and pre-authorisation. Specialist consultations are limited to two visits per member at a maximum of R1,000 per visit each year. The Momentum Health4Me GP list provides a comprehensive report of general practitioners available in your local area. Check the specialist benefits for more information. 

GP benefits with Momentum Health4Me

General Practitioner benefits are available to Momentum Health4Me Gold, Silver and Bronze plans. There is no limit to the number of GP visits per year but a Hello Doctor pre-authorisation is required for every GP visit from the fourth visit onwards. GP consultations can be in-office or virtual.