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Health4Me is designed to provide you with access to quality, private healthcare and additional benefits through a network of providers. Enjoy full cover with our network of General Practitioners in South Africa. 

If you are unable to find what you’re looking for in the below table or need assistance, please call 0860 10 29 03 or send your benefits and claims queries to

Practice NumberPractice NameDispensingPhysical AddressCity or TownProvinceTelephone NumberMap
1479407MOODALEYYesMalabar Shopping Complex, 48 Mountview Drive, MalabarGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4571127View Map
1486047LUJABENoUnknownUnknownEastern Cape081 3574194
1491717MOOLMANYes184 Caledon Street, UitenhageUitenhageEastern Cape041 9921414View Map
1493833STRYDOMYesCapespan Building, R62 Road, LouterwaterLouterwaterEastern Cape042 2721225View Map
1497952MABASOYes115 Main RoadAddoEastern Cape036 6372111View Map
1504258BIYANANo328 Njoli Street, Zwide Ext 3IbhayiEastern Cape041 4644098View Map
1507591VAN DEN BERG A R & PARTNERSNo46 John Street, UitenhageUitenhageEastern Cape041 9921611View Map
1508687GERBERNo1st Floor Fleming Building, Fleming Street, Gqeberha (port Elizabeth)Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 5853686View Map
1509136LOCHNERNoNew Medical Centre, 1 Barrack Street, Fort BeaufortFort BeaufortEastern Cape046 6451177View Map
1509233QABAYes283 Main Street, FlagstaffFlagstaffEastern Cape039 2520001View Map
1511394SONAVANEYes184 Booysen Park Drive, Booysens ParkBethelsdorpEastern Cape041 4831242View Map
1513869RAMJANYesErf 50, Main Street, KeiskammahoekKeiskammahoekEastern Cape061 5816646View Map
1515179MAFUYAYesButterworth Medical Centre, 30 Merriman Street, ButterworthButterworthEastern Cape047 4914455View Map
1515616VORSTERYes9 Mill Street, MaclearMaclearEastern Cape045 9321002View Map
1518968SCHARNECKYes2 William Slammert Drive, BethelsdorpIbhayiEastern Cape041 4815271View Map
1528890MBELEKANENoTeba Building, Blythswood StreetNqamakweEastern Cape047 4870001View Map
1530410MATROSHEYes1 West Street, KentaniKentaniEastern Cape067 8261312View Map
1532901VAN STAADENYes40 Scholtz Street, BloemendalBethelsdorpEastern Cape041 4816163View Map
1536117ANJUMYesOld Taba Office, 2 Garden Street, AliceAliceEastern Cape040 6531314View Map
1537725COETZEENoSchuin Villa Medical Centre, 74 5th Avenue, Newton ParkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3651313View Map
1539205SWARTYesAlgoa Park Medical Centre, 125 Dyke Road, AlgoaparkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4564601View Map
1542737MANTSHIYOYes10249 Site And Service, Maqanda StreetKwazakheleEastern Cape082 5475642View Map
1545213RICHARDSONYes37 Hemming Street, CathcartCathcartEastern Cape045 8431052View Map
1547984ARENDSYes5 Starling Drive, GambleUitenhageEastern Cape041 9881120View Map
1548336SCHOEMANYesDr Adi-mari Schoeman Inc, Fred Ferreira RdPatensieEastern Cape042 0422830262View Map
1549243VELLEMANNoSchuin Villa Medical Centre, 74 5th Avenue, Newton ParkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3651313View Map
1552724PEERYes35 Beaufort Street, GrahamstownGrahamstownEastern Cape046 6224617View Map
1556142SAAYMANNo6 End Street, Somerset EastSomerset EastEastern Cape042 0110067View Map
1560689PRETORIUSYes10 Alfred Street, StutterheimStutterheimEastern Cape043 6831122View Map
1572849CHRISTIANEYes41 Grey Street, QueenstownQueenstownEastern Cape045 8381671View Map
1573713NCOYOYesN U 2, 151 Khama Road, MotherwellMotherwellEastern Cape041 4695474View Map
1577905NAIKERYes29a Balfour Road, VincentEast LondonEastern Cape043 7211055View Map
1582054MULLERYes22 Voortrekker Street, AberdeenAberdeenEastern Cape049 8460618View Map
1584774NDAMASEYes7 Joubert Street, QueenstownQueenstownEastern Cape045 8382457View Map
1586432SLABBERTYes31 Victoria Street, CradockCradockEastern Cape048 8810068View Map
1586629TEBELELEYes4 Mthunyelo Street, KwadwesiIbhayiEastern Cape041 4854260View Map
44385DE SOUZAYes56 Victoria Street, MthathaMthathaEastern Cape047 5310707View Map
44571FAGBUYIYes135 Durban StreetUitenhageEastern Cape041 0414509477View Map
77739NGQOBAYesOld Prime Cure Clinic Building, Cnr Khama Street & Hintsa Avenue, KwanobuhleKwa NobuhleEastern Cape041 9771330View Map
115339NGCEBETSHAYes8 Main Street, QumbuQumbuEastern Cape047 5530010View Map
127000FIKENIYesGround Floor Old Mutual, Building 171 Main Street, Mount FrereMount FrereEastern Cape039 2550130View Map
128422MUTESASIRAYesThe Colcade, 41 Hill Street, GrahamstownGrahamstownEastern Cape046 6361732View Map
145440NKALANEYesShop 4 Steady Centre, Thompson Avenue, BizanaBizanaEastern Cape039 2510171View Map
161683APPAVOOYes30 Albany Road, North EndEast LondonEastern Cape043 7222356View Map
167401NADARAJUYesN U 2 10390 Stand Street, MdantsaneMdantsaneEastern Cape043 7600024
171522ERASMUS C F & BARNARD R INCYes15 John Street, KirkwoodKirkwoodEastern Cape042 2301082View Map
181331MAHARAJYesShop 5 Amca Centre, Main Street, LusikisikiLusikisikiEastern Cape039 2531315View Map
184233SMITH W F & PIETERSE W RYes41 Noord Street, Graaff-reinetGraaff-ReinetEastern Cape049 8922231View Map
205737MBOYANAYesEngcobo Medical Centre, 59 Church StreetEngcoboEastern Cape047 5481848View Map
231622D J BOUWER INCORPORATEDYes11 Durban Road, KorstenGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4530051View Map
275115ODUFUYesN U 7, 14 Mzwazwa Street, MotherwellMotherwellEastern Cape041 4625787View Map
292648OLOWUYesRoom 7, Popo Molefi Street, WalmerGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 5812516View Map
299324FORMICANo68 Southwell Road, Port AlfredPort AlfredEastern Cape046 6245191View Map
300284DE LA HARPENo97 Cape Road, Mount CroixGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3630407View Map
325341SWANEPOELNo29 African Street, GrahamstownGrahamstownEastern CapeView Map
355429YAPINoShop 86 Nu6 Mdantsane City Mall, Cnr Billie Road & Qumza Highway, East LondonEast LondonEastern Cape043 7621299View Map
356115RAFOLSYes10 Garden Street, King William’s TownKing William`S TownEastern Cape043 6423819View Map
362336RAMMUTLANoCape Road Medical Centre, 433 Cape Road, CotswoldGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3641111View Map
373826GELAYesManyano StreetLady FrereEastern Cape047 8780246View Map
387673NOMBEMBENo29 Sprigg Street, NorwoodMthathaEastern Cape047 5310505View Map
393673SIHELENo24 Ebden Street, QueenstownQueenstownEastern Cape045 8381637View Map
430080MAMVEYes250 Richardson Road, DutywaIdutywaEastern Cape047 4891071View Map
437506DR HAROON MITHA INCYesPrime Cure Building, Cnr Durban & Kempston Road, SchaudervilleGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4511429View Map
450847ADKINSYes71 Madeira Street, MthathaMthathaEastern Cape047 5312840View Map
463698PRINSLOONoShop 11 My Pond Hotel Complex, 33 Van Der Riet Street, Port AlfredPort AlfredEastern Cape046 6245299View Map
468428LUDICKNoSchuin Villa Medical Centre, 74 5th Avenue, Newton ParkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3651313View Map
468606GXAMZAYesShop 3 Main Street, LorraineAddoEastern Cape041 3671406
493163FETSHANoUnit 6 Humerail Shopping Centre, Humewood Road, HumerailGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 5865360View Map
542717NAGTEGAAL J AND ASSOCIATESNo26a Woltemade Street, PellsrusJeffreys BayEastern Cape042 2931166View Map
562459H A NEETHLING INCORPORATEDYes73 Adderley Street, CradockCradockEastern Cape048 8811670View Map
642924HATTINGHNo74, 5th Avenue, Newton ParkPort ElizabethEastern Cape041 3651313
701815DRS KILIAN CONRADIE LOOTS AND ASYes1 8th Avenue, SummerstrandGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 5832121View Map
720402CINGOYesMoholo Building, 98 Westgate Street, Port St JohnsPort St JohnsEastern Cape047 5640043View Map
741191MALANTIYes71 Grey Street, DordrechtDordrechtEastern Cape045 9431114View Map
748781OLUBIYINoUnit 7-8 Saffery Centre, Cnr Alexander & Saffery Street, HumansdorpHumansdorpEastern Cape042 9400640View Map
774030FRAYYes42 Rotterdam RoadEast LondonEastern Cape043 7220144
786705KANKOLONGOYes12 Meintjies Street, MiddelburgMiddelburgEastern Cape049 8421015View Map
812234FREERCKSNo5 Rhapsody Centre, 140 St Francis Drive, St Francis BaySt Francis BayEastern Cape073 3413778View Map
909521TSHABALALAYes26 Sprigg Street, NorwoodMthathaEastern Cape047 4950778View Map
920851ADENIYIYes31 King Street, SouthernwoodEast LondonEastern Cape043 7220256View Map
922501DR MANDY LYONS INCNoSuite 5 Life St George’s, Hospital 40 Park Drive, CentralGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3734491View Map
940127DR SL VAN HEERDEN INCYes36 Lloyd Street, ElliotElliotEastern Cape045 9311911View Map
1409417GUNASEYesSpar Buffalo Flats, 36 Atlantic Circle, Buffalo FlatsEast LondonEastern Cape043 7338333View Map
1415174BERRIOSYes1 Songwiqi Street, KwanobuhleKwa NobuhleEastern Cape041 9773223View Map
1424807MEYERYes34 Da Gama Road, Jeffreys BayJeffreys BayEastern Cape042 2933339View Map
1426214MARAISNo14 Somerset Street, Graaff-reinetGraaff-ReinetEastern Cape049 8922171View Map
1431846LOYSONYes635 Govan Mbeki Avenue, North EndGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4841516View Map
1432842DE JONGH EN COETZEE INGELYFNo79 Main Street, DespatchDespatchEastern Cape041 9335100View Map
1437402VAN STADENNo56 Uitenhage Road, SydenhamGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4843333View Map
1440438GOVENDERYesSuite 8 Ground Floor Life, Mercantile Hospital 249 Kempston, KorstenPort ElizabethEastern Cape041 4533584View Map
1443925MANGAYesSanctor Medical Centre, 48 Marock Road, SanctorBethelsdorpEastern Cape041 4812161View Map
1448838VAN GREUNENYes3 P J Retief Street, JoubertinaJoubertinaEastern Cape042 2731313View Map
1452711RAMJEEYes63 Cambridge Road, King William’s TownKing William`S TownEastern Cape043 6422093View Map
1458191ESSAYes1 Main Street, TabankuluTabankuluEastern Cape039 2580062View Map
1458531PARUKYesUnit 86 Cleary Park Centre, Cleary ParkBethelsdorpEastern Cape041 4816076View Map
1461257MAHARAJYes70 Liebenberg Road, GelvandaleGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4523726View Map
1462490LIMBADAYes14a Wellington Street, King William’s TownKing William`S TownEastern Cape043 6421226View Map
1462598BAWASAYes4 St Bede Street, West EndBethelsdorpEastern Cape041 4814027View Map
1468138HERSELMAN & STANDER J JYes8 Riebeeck Street, KareedouwKareedouwEastern Cape042 2880601View Map
1478982MXENGENo104 Sobhuza Street, MotherwellMotherwellEastern Cape041 4691124View Map
1514156KRITZINGER JDW & PARTNERSNoBethlehem Medical Centre, 4 De Leeuw Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3036408View Map
1518895VAN ASWEGENNo7 Medene Building, 32 President Steyn Avenue, WestdeneBloemfonteinFree State051 4470177View Map
1523856NELYes30 Buitekant Street, KroonstadKroonstadFree State056 2132708View Map
1533460DU PLESSISYes50 Steyn Street, HennenmanHennenmanFree State057 5732047View Map
1535013MOKOLOKOYes35 Blue Street, BotshabeloBotshabeloFree State051 5344192View Map
1535056OMARYes43 Theron Street, TheunissenTheunissenFree State057 7331991View Map
1539922MPOBOLEYes1770 Manyatseng Street, LadybrandLadybrandFree State051 9241622View Map
1541188BOTHAYes1 Schultz Street, PhilippolisPhilippolisFree State051 7730484View Map
1544381NIEUWOUDTYesRoom G01 Mediclinic Welkom, Meulen Street, WelkomWelkomFree State057 3524029View Map
1550314DU TOIT & PARTNERSNoPromed Centre, 73 Fontein Street, FicksburgFicksburgFree State051 9332259View Map
1551345THABA NCHU MEDICAL SERVICESYes6 James Scott Street, Thaba NchuThaba NchuFree State051 8751041View Map
1553356LE ROUXYes42 Robertson AvenueKoffiefonteinFree State053 7422164View Map
1556568LOMBAARDYesGround Floor, 28 Oos Burger Street, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4474503View Map
1562215ELSNo37 President Swart Street, BultfonteinBultfonteinFree State051 8531121View Map
1567918KLEINGELDYes19 Van Riebeeck Street, TrompsburgTrompsburgFree State051 7130045View Map
1568035DE WILDEYesRoom 7-8 Reahola Shopping, Centre 161 Stand Street, BotshabeloBotshabeloFree State051 5342029View Map
1571818HLALELEYes1501 Moshoeshoe Street, RocklandsMangaungFree State051 4352459View Map
1573616VAN HEERDENNo19 Nienaber Street, LangenhovenparkBloemfonteinFree StateView Map
1575449NKWALIYes92 Van Tonder Street, SterkspruitSterkspruitFree State051 6110794View Map
1579932KRIEL E & THERON P H HNo2 Banting Street, HospitaalparkBloemfonteinFree State051 4476690View Map
1582720MULAUDZIYes265 Thelingoane Weg, ThabongWelkomFree State057 3964989View Map
30546KELLERYes79 Waterkant Street, Ou DorpOdendaalsrusFree State057 3982677View Map
110574ZONDOYes735 Matlakeng Business Centre, ZastronZastronFree StateView Map
147257SPIES L P & VAN STRYP D J GNo47 Els Street, HeilbronHeilbronFree State058 8521260View Map
160652PIENAARYes39 Bredenkamp Street, WesselsbronWesselsbronFree State057 8992716View Map
165492DE KLERKYesNaledi Healthcare Building, 345 Stateway, DoornWelkomFree State057 3574488View Map
222968MARITZNoMedical Suite 6 1st Floor, Middestad Sentrum West Burger, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4305100View Map
234648SIECKER & PARTNER INCYes29 De Leeuw Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3036780View Map
239151KARIMYes59 Loop Street, ParysParysFree State056 8177720View Map
242276BEZUIDENHOUTNo35 Kerk Street, ReitzReitzFree State058 8631074View Map
249068HEYNEKEYes52 Bastion Street, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4472552View Map
256617AMLAYesShop 4 Maruptsane Complex, Mohale Street, PhuthaditjhabaPhuthaditjhabaFree State058 7139064View Map
287814RAMANTSIYesSuite 220 Central Park Centre, Fichardt Street, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4483198View Map
325163NELNo43 Kuhn Street, VredeVredeFree State058 9132611View Map
367672VAN WYKYes20a Southey Street, HarrismithHarrismithFree State058 6221691View Map
378534MOKONOTELAYes23 Joubert StreetLadybrandFree State051 9240036View Map
396125HATTINGHYesFree State Medical Ctr 2nd Floor, 29 Poole Street Room 201, BradwagBloemfonteinFree State051 4440614View Map
486493KOTZE C B AND KOTZE YYes37 De Leeuw Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3031189View Map
497339MOTSOENENGYesHouse 383, NyakallongAllanridgeFree State076 6512423View Map
565954VAHEDYes79 Odendaal Street, Ou DorpOdendaalsrusFree State057 3542611View Map
604852MAPHAKISAYes11338 Sidwell Ngake Street, ThabongWelkomFree State057 3971009View Map
624322JANSEN G AND ASSOCIATESYesBvg University Of The Free, State 205 Nelson Mandela Drive, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4012603View Map
625922COERTZEYes111 President Hoffman Street, SmithfieldSmithfieldFree State051 6831108View Map
641839VERMAAKNo36 Craib Avenue, RiebeeckstadWelkomFree State057 3881011View Map
726567NOORDMANYes6 Kerk Street, EdenburgEdenburgFree State051 7431004View Map
742457KROUTZNo61 Durban Street, Aliwal NorthAliwal NorthFree State051 0040321View Map
788600OOSTHUIZENNoPreezmed Sentrum, 2 Van Riebeeck Street, SenekalSenekalFree State058 4813909View Map
1401181SCHULZYes8 Van Der Watt Street, DewetsdorpDewetsdorpFree State051 5410487View Map
1403583SHAHIMNo20 Engelbrecht Street, ViljoenskroonViljoenskroonFree State056 3432001View Map
1403729LE GRANGENo36 Union Street, MarquardMarquardFree State051 9910182View Map
1410369VAN RENSBURGYes44 Bredenkamp Street, WesselsbronWesselsbronFree State057 8997899View Map
1415700MARX L C & ASSOCIATESNoMimosa Mall Cnr Parfitt Avenue &, Kellner Street, BrandwagBloemfonteinFree State051 4445820View Map
1417851JANSEN VAN RENSBURG & PARTNERSYesCnr J J Hadebe & Nieuw Street, FrankfortFrankfortFree State058 8131004View Map
1425358OP’T HOFNo78b Nyala Street, DoornWelkomFree State057 3573211View Map
1425781ENSLINYes3 Charl Cilliers Avenue, ClocolanClocolanFree State051 9430196View Map
1429124OLIVIERYes5 De Smidt Street, Barkly EastBarkly EastFree State045 9710285View Map
1429558DANGORYes2 Exchange Lane, VirginiaVirginiaFree State057 2124731View Map
1430173VILJOENNoRoom 5 Netcare Kroon Hospital, R76 North Road, KroonstadKroonstadFree State056 2132226View Map
1437275MORRISONYes24 Brand Street, WinburgWinburgFree State051 8810063View Map
1440330DE JONGH W A & PARTNERSYesCnr Kerk & New Street, ColesbergColesbergFree State051 7530701View Map
1445316SWARTNo23 Cnr Botha & Preller Street, BothavilleBothavilleFree State056 5152034View Map
1447130MEYERNoLee Marco Centre, 48 Heatherdale Road, HeidedalBloemfonteinFree State051 4324302View Map
1447807GRONUMNo5 Alleen Street, FrankfortFrankfortFree State058 8132777View Map
1450263VAN WYKYes8 D J P Scholtz Street, VentersburgVentersburgFree State057 6514055View Map
1453106FERREIRAYes17 Church Street, WepenerWepenerFree State051 5831355View Map
1460617VAN JAARSVELDYes15 Brand Street, LindleyLindleyFree State058 4630121View Map
1460625BRITSYes7 De Leeuw Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3031161View Map
1461524GARMANYYes40 Du Preez Street, FouriesburgFouriesburgFree State058 2230755View Map
1462288SMITNo20 Voortreker Street, EdenburgEdenburgFree State051 7431307View Map
1462725GILLILANDYesCnr Zuider & Lange Street, SenekalSenekalFree State058 4812174View Map
1467093FOUCHENo11 Ella Street, WillowsBloemfonteinFree State051 4441565View Map
1473921SCHOOMBEEYes50 Main Street, VilliersVilliersFree State058 8210141View Map
1474642DU PLESSISNo20 Denyssen Street, ViljoenskroonViljoenskroonFree State056 3432007View Map
1480111JACOBSYes12 Loop Street, BrandfortBrandfortFree State051 8212259View Map
1486748KEMPYes43 Harvey Road, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4300201View Map
1488503OOSTHUIZENYesB 50, Van Der Walt Street, BurgersdorpBurgersdorpFree State051 6531862View Map
1490273MAMADIYes3274 Lethetsa Street, KroonstadKroonstadFree State056 2142779View Map
1490419BURGERNo7 Bridger Street, HoopstadHoopstadFree State053 4442481View Map
1496565BONNETNo33 Elias Motsoaledi Street, LangenhovenparkBloemfonteinFree State051 4463263View Map
1496700VAN DER LINGENNo5 Alleen Street, FrankfortFrankfortFree State058 8132777View Map
1499831DELPORTYes23 Kerk Street, HennenmanHennenmanFree State057 5731461View Map
1501097ANDERSONYesPreezmed Sentrum, 2 Van Riebeeck Street, SenekalSenekalFree State058 4813909View Map
1502506KAJEEYesMba Building, 44 Bok Street, WelkomWelkomFree State057 3574152View Map
1502743BOUWERNoShop 5 Heuwelsig Centre, Leo Van Der Heever Crescent, HeuwelsigBloemfonteinFree State051 4367272View Map
1508458RANTAIYesShop 12 Kopanong Centre, Mampoi Road, PhuthaditjhabaPhuthaditjhabaFree State058 7136942View Map
1547674OGUNSANWOYes321 Bosman StreetPretoriaGauteng012 7528971View Map
1551914KASOLOYes1420 Agulhas Road, Bloubostrand Surgery, SandtonSandtonGauteng011 4629255View Map
1552155LAOSEBIKANYes171 Robert Sobukwe Street, SunnysidePretoriaGauteng012 7724393View Map
1552708LINGOOMIAHYes1544 Singh Street, ActonvilleBenoniGauteng011 4214884View Map
1554255BEZUIDENHOUTNo2nd Floor Hatfield Plaza, 1122 Burnett Street, HatfieldPretoriaGauteng012 3626947View Map
1554336THOBEJANEYesStand 1240 B Marapyane Complex, Legodi SectionMarapyaneGauteng012 7243825
1560417ADAMYesMedical Suite 7 Killarney Mall, 60 Riviera Road, KillarneyJohannesburgGauteng011 4860835View Map
1563483RADEMANNoVereeniging Mediclinic A5, Hofmeyer AveVereenigingGauteng016 4220170View Map
1566253LAHERYesShop 21b Kempstar Mall, Pretoria Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 3949352View Map
1567047KARIMYes9b 2nd Street, SpringsSpringsGauteng011 8115362View Map
1567888NKADIMENGYes1st Floor Newgate Shopping, Centre Cnr Sauer & Jeppe Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8369009View Map
1568329VAN NIEKERKYes1319 Walter Avenue, WaverleyPretoriaGauteng012 3323226View Map
1568590PILLAYYes11 Halfway House Centre Cnr, North & Old Pretoria Main RoadHalfway HouseGauteng011 3150660View Map
1569589TAMBWEYesShop 2 E & T Building Cnr, Francis Baard & Sisulu Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3221608View Map
1570595STOFFELYes4198 Zakhe Road, Vosloorus Ext 2VosloorusGauteng011 8638908View Map
1570781KANAYes105 Algernon Road, NorwoodJohannesburgGauteng087 8091638View Map
1571656TABANEYesStand 865b Mametlhake Medical, Centre Main Road, HammanskraalHammanskraalGauteng012 7212627View Map
1572083MOOKADAMYesShop 13 H S Ebrahim Centre, 140 Bengal Street, LaudiumCenturionGauteng012 3740539View Map
1574051LUYTYes761 Stanza Bopape Street, ArcadiaPretoriaGauteng012 3431995View Map
1574434MUKHARIYes38 Lisoai StreetAtteridgevilleGauteng012 3734236View Map
1575481MAHLASEYes11137 Turton Street, DaveytonBenoniGauteng011 4264034View Map
1576615LAHERYes64 Griffith Road, NewclareRandburgGauteng011 4778002View Map
1576984NKOSIYes615 Hospital Road, Skosana SectionKatlehongGauteng010 2320003View Map
1577794MABELAYes2526 Chris Hani Road, Tshiawelo Ext 2SowetoGauteng011 9805237View Map
1578162BOTHAYesGolf Park, 1 Cnr Mimosa Drive & Mopani Road, Golf ParkMeyertonGauteng016 3622799View Map
1578510VARUGHESENoAlrode Medical House Cnr Juyn, Street & Vereeniging Road, AlrodeAlbertonGauteng011 8641211View Map
1579444CLOETENo64 Malcolm Road, DunnottarNigelGauteng011 7342585View Map
1581651OLATEJUYesStand 3638, Mosthidi Road, Mamelodi Ext 3PretoriaGauteng012 8404605View Map
1583204BODHANIAYes6 Hull Street, FloridaRoodepoortGauteng011 6727111View Map
1583387NENEYesEsiziba Section, 233 Sam Molele Drive, TembisaTembisaGauteng011 9256298View Map
1584286HOOSENYesSuite 108 Medical Mews, Cnr 5th Street & Rivonia Road, SandownSandtonGauteng011 7837320View Map
1586238AMOSYes7006 Vilakazi Street, Orlando WestSowetoGauteng011 7493083View Map
1489755COETZEENo969 15th Avenue, Wonderboom SouthPretoriaGauteng012 3313621View Map
1489941KHOMOYes590 Block AMabopaneGauteng012 7026863View Map
1490168CASSIMYes103 Starling Road, Lenasia South Ext 1LenasiaGauteng011 8551442View Map
1490559MOPHOSHOYes36 6th Avenue, AlexandraAlexandraGauteng011 4438708View Map
1490680LEONGYes100 Albertina Sisulu Road, Bezuidenhout ValleyJohannesburgGauteng011 6227522View Map
1490796TIMOLYes49 Lavers Street, NigelNigelGauteng011 8191111View Map
1491865GOVINDYes53 Cavendish Road, YeovilleJohannesburgGauteng011 4871082View Map
1494031DE KOCKNo750 Jacqueline Drive, GarsfonteinPretoriaGauteng012 9932044View Map
1496654MITHALYes4 Kort StreetJohannesburgGauteng011 834 5945View Map
1497642SWARTYesCnr Olympia & Mopanie Road, Dal FoucheSpringsGauteng011 8171341View Map
1498126SALEYYes13c Beaconsfield Avenue, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 4214220View Map
1498630BULBULIAYesRoom 805 8th Floor Lister, Building 195 Rahima Moosa Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 3372857View Map
1498649ISMAILYes540-1 Dlamini Street, Emdeni NorthSowetoGauteng011 9341049View Map
1500376RASETSOKENoRoom 2 1st Floor Sibanda, Building 18874 Tsamaya Avenue, Mamelodi EastPretoriaGauteng078 5488409View Map
1500600KHUMALOYesSizwe House, 4 Malahla Street, Vosloorus Ext 7VosloorusGauteng011 3820412View Map
1502395RAMPEDIYes2141 Lebanon Street, WinterveldMabopaneGauteng012 7021539View Map
1503367MABASOYesFirst Care Medical Centre 9350, Cnr Manetsi & Kaimane Street, Dobsonville Ext 3SowetoGauteng011 9342554View Map
1503545MATLALAYes2598, Cnr Ekukhanyeni & Loveday Street, Soshanguve Block GgSoshanguveGauteng083 3026567View Map
1503901KWINDAYes104 Cnr Buitenkant & Lucas, Mangope Drive, Soshanguve Block GgSoshanguveGauteng012 7982271View Map
1504665MARTINYes8 Rustenburg Road, MagaliesburgMagaliesburgGauteng014 5771047View Map
1504703DE BONTNo499 Schurmanns Avenue, Pretoria GardensPretoriaGauteng012 3770170View Map
1506706MOJAKWANAYes7208 Sithohimela Street, Vosloorus Ext 9VosloorusGauteng011 8633800View Map
1507303WILLEMSENo35 Anstruther Street, DiscoveryRoodepoortGauteng011 6745048View Map
1511246SEMETSIYes307 B Moriting Section, 42 21th March Street, TembisaTembisaGauteng011 9262347View Map
1511319TSATSIYes8969 Vergenoeg StreetAtteridgevilleGautengView Map
1512854PATELYes613 Hospital Road, Skosana SectionKatlehongGauteng011 9090061View Map
1513419BOTHANoCosmo City Medical Centre, 82 South Africa Drive, Cosmo City Ext 0RoodepoortGauteng011 8752061View Map
1514164GANGAZHENo3 Industry Road, Clayville IndustrialOlifantsfonteinGauteng011 3164330View Map
1515144DRABILEYesMaryanas Building, 476 Paul Kruger Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3203965View Map
1515543ADAMSYes459 Galaxy Street, EersterusPretoriaGauteng010 7860136View Map
1518917NELNoShop 4 Ann Villa, 21 Lucy Street, HomesteadGermistonGauteng011 8287699View Map
1519263RAMJEEYes180 Cnr Prairie & Petunia Street, RosettenvilleJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4362685View Map
1519506FERREIRANo220 Johannesburg Road, La RochelleJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4350302View Map
1521543CRAEMERYes7 Rossini Boulevard, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9823124View Map
1521950NALUMANGOYesBloubosrand Surgery, 1420 Agulhas Road, BloubosrandRandburgGauteng011 4623034View Map
1522248LALARAM-DOORGHAYesShop L29 Springs Mall, 19 Jan Smuts Road, CasseldaleSpringsGauteng011 3664045View Map
1523864SINGHYes188 Victoria Street, GermistonGermistonGauteng011 8255516View Map
1525034SHILALUKEYes3625 Opposite Drieziek Sweets, Supermarket, Orange FarmOrange FarmGauteng011 8501069View Map
1527215ZUNGUYes736 Block LlSoshanguveGauteng012 7982623View Map
1528157MUKELABAI-ECHUNNoUnit 7 Randburg Surgery, 100 Bordeaux Drive, RandburgRandburgGautengView Map
1529269JOOSUFYesShop 16 Burton Court 8 Cnr, Pretoria & Clarendon Street, HillbrowJohannesburgGauteng011 7252281View Map
1532308BHYATYes178 Albertina Sisulu Road, FordsburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8391522View Map
1534971HOOSENYes471 9th Street, Asiatic BazaarPretoriaGauteng012 3232433View Map
1536141ROOSNo1235 Charl Cilliers Street, Mountain ViewPretoriaGauteng012 3771226View Map
1536249MOCHIFEFEYesPholong Medical Centre, 16 Block W W, SoshanguveSoshanguveGauteng012 7914123View Map
1536494GANGATYes125 Barry Herezog Avenue, EmmarentiaRandburgGauteng011 8375158View Map
1536818MAKANGA – MUWANULAYesCorner Medical Centre, 386 Francis Baard Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3204975View Map
1538985SHAIKHYes26 Sutherland Avenue, RandfonteinRandfonteinGauteng011 4122330View Map
1539272NELNoLambton Medical Centre, 123 Webber Road, LambtonGermistonGauteng011 8271091View Map
1540416FAUL L J & ASSOCIATES MEDICROSSNo7 Cnr Nile Drive & The Square, Three RiversVereenigingGauteng010 6016447View Map
1540831MACINGWANEYes2082 Moagi Road, VosloorusVosloorusGauteng011 9061032View Map
1541013KWANYes41 Cnr 12th Avenue & 3rd Street, EdenvaleEdenvaleGauteng011 4534234View Map
1541021MILLERNo94 Green Avenue, EdleenKempton ParkGauteng011 9750631View Map
1542125GANCHIYesRoom 101 1st Floor Ismed, Medical Centre 199 4th Street, Asiatic BazaarPretoriaGauteng012 3230048View Map
1542133ISMAILYesRoom 101 1st Floor Ismed, Medical Centre 199 4th Street, Asiatic BazaarPretoriaGauteng012 3230048View Map
1542435MANSINGHYes123 Protea Avenue, LenasiaLenasia SouthGauteng011 8524222View Map
1543024JURGENSNo70 Shannon Road, NoordheuwelKrugersdorpGauteng011 9541021View Map
1543393MOOSAYes121 Cnr Longfellow Street &, Rifle Range Road, RidgewayJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6804986View Map
1543687RUBOMBORAYesRoom 1007 10th Floor Lister, Building 195 Rahima Moosa Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 3367788View Map
1543717KGANANEYes943, Soshanguve Block JjSoshanguveGauteng082 5687399View Map
1545205VAN ZYLYesShop B2a Renbro Centre, Old Warmbaths Road, HammanskraalHammanskraalGauteng012 7110494View Map
1545809GOVENDERYes4452 Old Warmbaths Road, HammanskraalHammanskraalGauteng012 7110988View Map
1545906ZULUYes6693 Link Road, Orange Farm Ext 2Orange FarmGauteng011 8502977View Map
1546708SEPAMLAYes6158 Mc Botha Drive, VosloorusVosloorusGauteng011 9063710View Map
1445383CHIBOOYes3 Kelvin Street, IndustriaJohannesburgGauteng011 4743158View Map
1447777MOHASOANEYes2067 Tshithuthune Street, TshiaweloSowetoGauteng011 9807995View Map
1448706VAN ZYLYesOffice No 10 Meyersdal Mall Cnr, Michelle Avenue & Hennie, Alberts StreetMeyersdalGauteng011 8671678View Map
1449001ALLYYesChurch Square, 179 Wf Nkomo Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3265718View Map
1449087DAYAYes7 Max Beyers Street, EldoradoparkSowetoGauteng011 3423883View Map
1449478ALLYYes339 Bloed Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3258281View Map
1449672MOODLEYYesShop 15 Dekema Mall, Cnr Dekema & Steenbras Road, WadevilleGermistonGauteng011 8270608View Map
1450026FRITZYes5 North J Van Der Merwe Crescent, SasolburgSasolburgGauteng016 9760940View Map
1450050LOESTYes5 N J Van Der Merwe Crescent, SasolburgSasolburgGauteng016 9760940View Map
1450182MAKHUNGAYes734/4 Makhubelo StreetMofolo NorthGauteng011 9886245View Map
1451014VAN ONSELENNo115a Hay StreetTurffonteinGauteng011 6838263View Map
1451839ISMAIL A A & VACHIAT IYes68 1st Avenue, AlexandraAlexandraGauteng011 7869552View Map
1452215GAFOORYesUnknown, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng082 8078619View Map
1452800KOOVERJEEYes56 Hytor Road, ChloorkopEdenvaleGauteng011 9761355View Map
1454269NAGDEEYes16 Protea Street, ReigerparkBoksburgGauteng011 9104939View Map
1454897MATTELAERNo15b Cnr Brits Road & Graffenheim, Street, NinaparkAkasiaGauteng012 5426189View Map
1456121COETZEEYes249 Brooks Street, BrooklynPretoriaGauteng012 3620651View Map
1456199HEADNo1st Place Bank City H & H, Medical Centre Cnr Simmonds &, Pritchard StreetJohannesburgGauteng011 8321381View Map
1456350BABENNoMedipark Pharmacy, 98 Green AvenueBrichleighGauteng011 3916274View Map
1456385SALOOGEEYes89 Edwards Avenue, WestonariaWestonariaGauteng011 7532903View Map
1457381MALATJIYes1884 Wild Chestnut Street, Protea GlenSowetoGauteng011 9876461View Map
1460781MAHOMEDYesKelvin Village Shopping Centre, Cnr Raymond & Southway Street, KelvinSandtonGauteng011 6561232View Map
1461826SCHUTTENo26 Christoffel Street, Van RiebeeckparkKempton ParkGauteng011 9724173View Map
1462687ROUSYesRoom 1020 10th Floor Louis, Pasteur Hospital 374 Francis, Baard StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3221198View Map
1462873JOYCENo423 Jacqueline Drive, GarsfonteinPretoriaGauteng012 3481182View Map
1463306TYAMZASHEYes362 Hlatywayo Street, Orlando EastSowetoGauteng011 9351276View Map
1463462POOEYesOld Mutual Building, 2191 Koma Street, Jabulani Ext 2SowetoGauteng011 9329774View Map
1464019MAKHUBELAYesKae Kapa Kae Shops, 1014-15 Tamane Street, TladiSowetoGauteng087 8086166View Map
1464655LUBBENo30 Shirley Rd, Valhalla, Centurion185GautengView Map
1464736KANAYesThokoza Sai Medical Centre, 9173 Cnr Nkaki & Mjavane Street, TokozaThokozaGauteng011 0712961View Map
1465104VALIALLAHYes73 Mare Street, RoodepoortRoodepoortGauteng011 7631307View Map
1466194WAJAYes18 Petrea Street, Lenasia Ext 3LenasiaGauteng011 8524115View Map
1466577MOTSHWANEYesSuite 1 Spruitview Medical &, Dental Cntr Brickfield RoadSpruitviewGauteng011 8668078View Map
1467026BAWAYes37 Voortrekker Street, BenoniBenoniGauteng011 4215044
1467700LAHERYes39a Mint Road, FordsburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8368602View Map
1468634SALOOJEEYes100 George Street, Ennerdale Ext 5EnnerdaleGauteng011 8528081View Map
1469231RUSTNo8 N J Van Der Merwe Crescent, SasolburgSasolburgGauteng016 9760886View Map
1470671BOBATYes24 Jacob Street, ChamdorKrugersdorpGauteng011 7625005View Map
1470728VAN DER LINDENo22 Heron Street, Mackenzie ParkBenoniGauteng011 4216334View Map
1471422RAMJEEYesShop 21 Village Square Shopping, Centre 46 Voortrekker Road, New RedruthAlbertonGauteng011 9075412View Map
1471627BHAMJEEYesShop 18 Shoprite Centre, 5 Sirkel Road, Eldoradopark Ext 5SowetoGauteng011 3423746View Map
1472739SEKETEYesPhooko Section Cnr Sontonga Road, & Thubela Street, KatlehongKatlehongGauteng011 9054503View Map
1472887CARIMNoShop 20 Laudium Plaza Cnr 6th, Avenue & Tangerine Street, LaudiumCenturionGauteng012 3742011View Map
1473301TENZERYesFaraday Medical & Dental Centre, 207 Eloff Street, WemmerJohannesburgGauteng011 4933333View Map
1474413NTIMANEYes17 Montoeli Street, Diepkloof Zone 4DiepkloofGauteng087 8066096View Map
1475177SURTEEYes808 Dajee Street, Actonville Ext 3BenoniGauteng011 4211267View Map
1478974MOTLANTHEYes9165 Cnr Kagiso & Zola Avenue, KagisoKrugersdorpGauteng011 4103883View Map
1479547PEERYesTakolia Centre, 3495 Klipspruit Valley Road, KliptownSowetoGauteng011 9337860View Map
1480731TICKLEYYes16 Senator Marks Avenue, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 4224152View Map
1481193SULEMANNo15 Derrick Avenue, CyrildeneJohannesburgGauteng011 6166548View Map
1481266SEEDATYes28c Rose Avenue, LenasiaLenasia SouthGauteng011 8521123View Map
1482459SEEDATYes38 Lake Avenue, BenoniBenoniGauteng011 4210953View Map
1483358ASMALYesBobs Centre, 167b Adam Street, IronsideVereenigingGautengView Map
1484044DESAIYesStand 23207, Lerothodi Street, Sebokeng Zone 13SebokengGauteng016 5943108View Map
1484400PATELYesSuite 1 Savoy Medical & Dental, Centre 580 Louis Botha Avenue, Savoy EstJohannesburgGauteng011 7860972View Map
1484419MOSALAYesOffice 85 Afrisport Centre, Thuluza Street, TembaTembaGauteng012 7178735View Map
1484796VAN ZYLNo474 Winifred Yell Street, Garsfontein Ext 8PretoriaGauteng012 3651866View Map
1485830MANTHATAYesShop 2 Ramahoebo Square, 651 Maboea Street, AtteridgevillePretoriaGauteng012 3738005View Map
1486071THINDISAYesMaokeng Section, 11 Andrew Mapheto Drive, MaokengTembisaGauteng011 9201635View Map
1486543MAMPANEYesRoom 18 – 20 Block R, KlipgatMabopaneGauteng012 7079266View Map
1486594FEINBERGNo150 Johannesburg Road, LyndhurstJohannesburgGauteng011 8826010View Map
1486683MAHOMEDYes34 Edward Street, RoodepoortRoodepoortGauteng011 7663680View Map
1488015SINGHYesShop 41 China Gate Mall Cnr, Zuurfontein & Oranjerivier, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 9765157View Map
1488295HOLLANDYes42 Macintyre Street, JeppestownJohannesburgGauteng011 6140097View Map
615641MASIAYes2652 Extention 45, Rosslyn Gardens, RosslynAkasiaGauteng670936549View Map
634409WILKINSONNo220 Johannesburg Road, La RochelleJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4350302View Map
635065DR PEER & PARTNERS INCYes185 Meyer StreetGermistonGauteng011 8250252View Map
635855DLAMINIYes16992 Mathewson StreetDaveytonGauteng011 4247868
638196SAUERMANN AND PARTNERS INCORPORANoShop 22 Pick N Pay Hyper, Atterbury Road, Faerie GlenPretoriaGauteng012 0040661View Map
645419DR D M RAKUMAKOE INCORPORATEDYes128 Fox Street, MarshalltownJohannesburgGauteng010 1419500View Map
693901ONAKOYAYes25 A Celtis Ridge Shopping, Centre Seedcracker Street, CenturionCenturionGauteng012 0019377View Map
700711DR CAJEE AND PARTNERSYesArea 4 Eastern Concourse Park, Station Wanderers Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 3334597View Map
700762DR B MASEBE INCORPORATEDYes1606 Cnr Acacia & Bluegum Street, Ebony ParkMidrandGauteng011 5686914View Map
702234KRUGERNo62 Ueckermann StreetHeidelbergGauteng016 3414121
706582FATEYEYesShop 305, Dobsonville Shopping MallSowetoGauteng
720666AHMEDYes19 Gompou Street, East LynnePretoriaGauteng012 7717765View Map
742872DR P C MAGANYes55 Abraham Street, Eden ParkAlbertonGauteng011 3850441View Map
772364DRS COETZEE AND DEKKERNo207 Shilling Street, QueenswoodPretoriaGauteng012 1118855View Map
776904IRINOYEYesUnit 1 Amanda Court, C/o Schoeman And Andries StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3225785
781827DR VERMEULEN PRETORIUS JANSEN VANo2 Cardigan Street, DalviewBrakpanGauteng011 7409620View Map
785679DR GM FOURIE AND ASSOCIATESYes99 Lenchen Road, Die HoewesCenturionGauteng012 6637895View Map
789135AYOBYesMutual & Federal Centre, 75 Helen Joseph Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8349119View Map
797863NEUHOFFNoNeumed, 57 Kruger Street, PetersfieldSpringsGauteng011 8115780
810797KAHNYes1307 Lister Medical Building, 195 Rahima Moosa Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 3330118View Map
912646MOUKANGWEYesBarclay Square Shopping Centre, 424 Cnr Rissik & Celliers Street, SunnysidePretoriaGauteng082 2542334View Map
916420MDAKAYes20 Russel Street, BenoniBenoniGauteng011 4211371View Map
927252FABIYIYesShop No. 2, Temba City Shopping ComplexTembaGauteng012 7173672
928135NDONGALAYes111b Vincent Street, MeadowlandsSowetoGauteng010 2107478View Map
929484DR P HIRA INCYes5-87 Dunswart Avenue, BenoniBenoniGauteng011 9143093View Map
931802WOKEYes368 Thabo, SehumeTshwaneGauteng012 3224541
935190WERKMAN M AND WERKMAN C FNo52 Rubida Street, Lynnwood RidgePretoriaGauteng012 3489595View Map
961086BREEWAG AND PARTNERNoRietfontein Pavilion Centre, 359 Frates Road, RietfonteinPretoriaGauteng012 3292606View Map
965936DRS MERCHANT VAN HEERDEN VAN STANoCastle Gate Lifestyle Centre, 478 Koedoesnek Avenue, Waterkloof RidgePretoriaGauteng012 8806100View Map
979929DR S JINA INCYes32 Van Wyk StreetRoodepoortGauteng671391359
997285LORGATYes73 Goldman StreetJohannesburgGauteng011 6743946
1024051DR M JIVAN INCYesShop 1 Diamond House, 35 Cnr Melle & Jorissen Street, BraamfonteinJohannesburgGauteng011 3398908View Map
1400533MANSOORYesSummit Building, 112 Claim Street, HillbrowJohannesburgGauteng011 4842773View Map
1404660PIETERSENo6 Cardigan Street, DalviewBrakpanGauteng011 7444417View Map
1405535LOUWYes6 Von Brandis Street, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 9531946View Map
1407627PHAYANEYesTshepong Medical Centre, 18881 Tsamaya Avenue, Mamelodi EastPretoriaGauteng012 8017230View Map
1408097MOTJUWADIYesFirst Care Medical Centre, 9160 Inciniba Circle, Pimville Ext 6PimvilleGauteng011 9389017View Map
1410563MODIYesJoburg Medical Centre 126 Cnr, Rahima Moosa & Simmonds Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8331588View Map
1412485KIRSTENNo742 Coley Street, GarsfonteinPretoriaGauteng012 9987557View Map
1412760CLOETEYesWaterval Pyramid, Plot 86PretoriaGauteng012 5454008View Map
1415190HUMANNoShop 4 Anne Villa, 21 Lucy Street, HomesteadGermistonGauteng011 8280193View Map
1419307KGALAMONOYes3801 Themba Drive, KagisoKrugersdorpGauteng011 4106784View Map
1425153CHANDRAPREGAAS MAHARAJYes41 Kagiso Drive, Kagiso 2 Ext 6KrugersdorpGauteng011 4106336View Map
1425544RAMONTJAYesExt 15, 2138 Umhlume Street, OlievenhoutboschCenturionGauteng010 5992331View Map
1425730MULLERNo15 Paul Kruger Street, DalviewBrakpanGauteng011 7409322View Map
1425811WEYERSYesCnr Siersteen Street & Mosaic, Road, SilvertonPretoriaGauteng012 8049858View Map
1426737SETATIYes49 4th Avenue, AlexandraAlexandraGauteng011 4433229View Map
1427059DULABHYes101 September Avenue, Klipspruit West Ext 2SowetoGauteng011 9472013View Map
1429140PILLAY-LUNGOOMIAHNo635 Fazel Street, ActonvilleBenoniGauteng011 4210786View Map
1429337PUPUMAYes35 Brittlewood Street, Dlamini Ext 3SowetoGauteng011 9357175View Map
1429752KHANNoRoom 1 Ennerdale Medical &, Dental Centre 3399 1st Avenue, Ennerdale Ext 3EnnerdaleGauteng011 8555320View Map
1430599MAPHALIYes4 Renbro Shopping Centre, 30 Old Warmbaths Road, HammanskraalHammanskraalGauteng012 7113599View Map
1430777VAN DER WALTNo31 Monument Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 9703308View Map
1434152JOOSUBYes190 9th Avenue, LaudiumCenturionGauteng012 3743176View Map
1436511PRETORIUSNoShop 38 The Mall @ Reds Cnr, Rooihuiskraal & Hendrik Verwoerd, RoadRooihuiskraalGauteng012 6568983View Map
1437011KHANYes1307 Lister Medical Center, 195 Jeppe StreetJohannesburgGauteng011 3330118View Map
1438247LAHERYes1622 First Avenue, BakertonSpringsGauteng011 7334550View Map
1438646MASEMOLAYes152 Emkhathini Section, 28 Hadebe Street, TembisaTembisaGautengView Map
1439022JOOSUBYes29 Commissioner Street, FerreirasdorpJohannesburgGauteng011 8368554View Map
1439359ERASMUSYes5 N J Van Der Merwe Crescent, SasolburgSasolburgGauteng016 9760940View Map
1439545ABOOBAKERYesShop 12 Jhina Centre, 189 6th Avenue, LaudiumCenturionGauteng012 3742775View Map
1441086KHANYes398 Adams Road, EvatonEvatonGauteng016 5910090View Map
1444670KALANNoShop 15 Ground Floor Barclay, Square 293 Rissik Street, SunnysidePretoriaGauteng012 3418243View Map
1445049MASHIGOYesHouse 351b Malateng Section, JerichoBrits RuralGauteng012 7291035View Map
192759HASSIMYes68 Mint Road, FordsburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8348227View Map
199915MADIYesShop 9 Karenpark Crossing Mall, Cnr Doreg Street And Heinrich StKarenparkGauteng012 5491602View Map
205869MOOSAJEE M A S & PARTNERYesMedical Centre, 135 Rose Avenue, Lenasia Ext 2LenasiaGauteng011 8545959View Map
213659PATELYes1st Floor Newgate Shopping, Centre Cnr Sauer & Jeppe Street, NewtownJohannesburgGauteng011 8343305View Map
219363NKOSIYes127 Kakongo Street, Leboeng SectionTembisaGauteng083 2914814View Map
229474KHANNo12 Boerneef Street, Vorna ValleyMidrandGauteng010 2240195View Map
235326S WADVALLA INCORPORATEDYesPrimecure Merafi, Cnr Moliwa & Matlomo Street, TladiSowetoGauteng011 9323503View Map
236586MAKINEYes136 Andrew Mapheto Drive, Tsenelong ExtTembisaGauteng011 9267965View Map
236942GENESSYesRoom 1108 Lister Building, 195 Rahima Moosa Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 3360982View Map
243531LYNE, FAKIER & PADAYATCHI INCNoMondeor Medical Centre, 274 Columbine Avenue, MondeorJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6805684View Map
247510LAWALYesShop 10 Spar Complex, Morula Street, Soshanguve Block FfSoshanguveGauteng079 9825183View Map
261270MABOTJAYes9 Kapokvoel Avenue, Birch AcresKempton ParkGauteng011 3912353View Map
269042NAGARYesXavier Health Centre, 34 Xavier Street, RobertshamJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4331127View Map
270458MAPIMELEYesShop 5 Phumula Market Square, Cnr Luthando & Ludlelo Street, Roodekop Ext 21GermistonGauteng011 8652348View Map
274496OSOAREYes12 Goldman Street, Shop 8 Opp Pick N PayFloridaGauteng011 9888381View Map
281336MAKDANoGlenvista Medical, 104 True North Road, MulbartonJohannesburgGauteng011 4323929View Map
281719LEKETI AND ASSOCIATES INC.Yes18069 Ngungunyane Street, KwathemaBrakpanGauteng011 7364405View Map
283533KHUMALOYesMbonani Centre, 7089 Rampela Street, KwathemaBrakpanGauteng011 7369753View Map
287199RAMMUTLAYes23303 Orange Street, Protea GlenSowetoGauteng011 0295223View Map
289337ILUNGAYes68 Voortrekker Road, New RedruthAlbertonGauteng010 0231034View Map
291706MONGWEYesSuite 4 Ground Floor Louis, Pasteur Hospital 360 Francis, Baard StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3200255View Map
293970COMFORT N NGONYAMA INCYesShop 10 Rainy Hill Shopping, Centre 163 Bram Fischer Drive, FerndaleRandburgGauteng011 7819236View Map
305227LYNE AND PARTNERSNo22 Cnr Main Road & Ino Street, ComptonvilleJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 9413796View Map
310492NWAFORYesRoom 12 Theo’s Place, 256 Johannes Ramokhoase Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3238303View Map
319333KHANYesEldorado Park Medical Centre, Cnr Main Road & Kremetart Avenue, Eldoradopark Ext 3SowetoGauteng011 3422737View Map
319422OBENG-MIREKUYes79 Silwood Road, BramleyJohannesburgGauteng011 8878017View Map
321850KILLIAN, NIENABER & ASSOCIATESYes258b Jean Avenue, Die HoewesCenturionGauteng012 6640617View Map
323853MAMETJAYesShop 107 Thorntree Shopping, Complex Senyenyane Street, Soshanguve Block VvSoshanguveGauteng012 7913730View Map
324043THIBELAYes46 Maunde Street, SaulsvillePretoriaGautengView Map
325422MAKDANoGlenvista Medical, 104 True North Road, MulbartonJohannesburgGauteng011 4323929View Map
326178KAZADIYesEasy Park Complex, 35 Jacobs Street, ChamdorKrugersdorpGauteng011 0677877View Map
331635MALAPANENoShop 13 Block A Bloed Street, Mall Cnr Lilian Ngoyi & Bloed, StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3241322View Map
338109KALULAYesUndisclosed, Orange FarmOrange FarmGautengView Map
345164ARAJUWAYesParagon Medical Centre, 499 Jorissen Street, SunnysidePretoriaGauteng012 3431539View Map
346705ANSARIYes44 Watt Street, AlexandraJohannesburgGauteng011 4401533View Map
350222MALOKAYes1014 Block U, Lucas Mangope Road, MabopaneMabopaneGauteng012 7258209View Map
357030DRS VEZI T D D & MOHAMED K DYesHouse 10c Netcare Garden City, Hospital 35 Bartlett Road, Mayfair WestJohannesburgGauteng011 4955243View Map
359033IMARALUYes5116 Tennessee Avenue, Cosmo City Ext 3RoodepoortGauteng081 4264658View Map
361747MALEPFANIYesShop 17 Prinsman Place, 327 Sisulu Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 0230198View Map
363383ONYEMAOBIYesShop 7, Maboa Street, AtteridgevillePretoriaGauteng012 3739000View Map
406031MOEPIYes1 Cnr Ruth First & Desmond Tutu, Street, Lotus GardensPretoriaGauteng012 0011560View Map
406058VERWEYNoMedical Suites Loerie Park, 894 Loerie Street, Silverton Ext 5PretoriaGauteng012 8037460View Map
410233VALLYNoShop 14 Standard Bank Centre, 291 Hellen Joseph Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3233824View Map
415421HLUNGWANEYesKenlaw Building, 27 De Beer Street, Kenlaw BuildingBraamfonteinGauteng011 4030495View Map
437492DR ISMAIL MITHA INCYes29 Nedbank Plaza, 175 Steve Biko Road, ArcadiaPretoriaGauteng012 3235926View Map
451363BARNESNo95 Breytenbach Street, NigelNigelGauteng011 8148288View Map
457760MITHA AND MITHA H MYesShop 103 Daveyton Shopping, Centre Eiselen Street, DaveytonBenoniGauteng011 4240028View Map
464716DUBERTNo103 6th Street, NorthmeadBenoniGauteng011 9692474View Map
470848MANENZHEYes19846 Eagle Street, KhutsongPretoriaGauteng012 8123234View Map
472425RINGANE & ASSOCIATES INCYes2413 Cnr Mahalefele Road &, Mncube Drive, DubeSowetoGauteng011 9825375View Map
477729JIRRIEYesSuite M1 1st Floor Block C, Northlands Corner Cnr Witkoppen, & New Market RoadNorth RidingGauteng010 0201777View Map
478768CASSIMYesRidgeway Garden Health Centre, 189 Swartgoud Street, RidgewayJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4333985View Map
488895ADEDEJIYesGreen House Medical Practice, Cnr Love Drive & Lesedi Street, NellmapiusPretoriaGautengView Map
500658A K AMOD INCYes1st Floor Focus House Building, 86 Cnr Loveday & Plein Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8368435View Map
504602ALLYYes4th Floor Hatfield Plaza, 1122 Burnett Street, HatfieldPretoriaGauteng012 3622799View Map
512575TSHISHONGAYesHouse 1531 Block LSoshanguveGauteng012 7930082View Map
546496MODIMOLANoRiverside View, 3591 Pioneer Street, FourwaysSandtonGauteng010 7451266View Map
551139JOOSUBNoEldomed Centre 1286 Cnr Penguin, Crescent & Willem Botha Drive, EldoraigneCenturionGauteng012 6600111View Map
552593PUTTER W F AND ASSOCIATESNoShop 8 Highveld Park Mall, C/o John Vorster And Logan AveHighveldGauteng012 6651183View Map
562203MUKUDUYes29 Landor Street, Tulisa ParkJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6131141View Map
565989BRANDTYesXavier Health Centre, 34 Xavier Street, RobertshamJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4331127View Map
567566ADEOTIYesShop D29 Metropolitan Life, Gateway Center, Tsamaya Avenue, MamelodiPretoriaGauteng081 7481521View Map
571792NEUHOFF W J W AND NIEMAND C JNo57 Kruger Street, PetersfieldSpringsGauteng011 8115780View Map
577537E.O. SENAMELA INCORPORATEDYes14319 Tsamaya Ave, 14319 Tsamaya Avenue, Medex CareMamelodiGauteng012 8011155View Map
2143SAIDYesShop 9 Pick N Pay Centre, Cnr Briggs & Forbes Street, WestonariaWestonariaGauteng011 7532091View Map
16667KAKAYesDrift Boulevard, MuldersdrifKrugersdorpGauteng071 1493482View Map
21431SCHOEMANYes66 Bedford Avenue, BenoniBenoniGauteng011 8452809View Map
26530SMITNoShop U002 1st Floor Eastpoint, Medical Centre North Rand Road, BeyersparkBoksburgGauteng011 8265801View Map
27677MONNAKGOTLAYes4757 Tigerfish Street, Kaalfontein Ext 17MidrandGauteng011 2611968View Map
30333MOLAPISIYes43 Sontonga Road, Ramokonopi EastGermistonGauteng011 9055643View Map
31429CHAUKEYes192/3 Mokhetle Street, Soshanguve Block UuSoshanguveGauteng012 7917987View Map
31984MOOLLAYes12 Fedler Street, RandfonteinRandfonteinGauteng011 6935697View Map
37338ESATYes34 Xavier Street, RobertshamJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6803474View Map
37834SLABBERT J D & ODENDAAL LYesWitpoortjie Medical Centre, 26 Mc Grath Avenue, WitpoortjieRoodepoortGauteng011 7624223View Map
49050ALAGBEYesShop 13 Fedsure Forum Building, Cnr Lilian Ngoyi & Pretorius, StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3227864View Map
50687SOOKRAJYes229 Enkeldoorn Avenue, MontanaparkPretoriaGauteng012 5481295View Map
51152HAFFEJIEYesSuite 101 Midrand City Old, Pretoria Road & Tonetti Street, Halfway HouseMidrandGauteng011 8053731View Map
54364CARNOYes49 Rifle Range Road, RidgewayJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6802226View Map
58386LANGAYes296 Kent Avenue, FerndaleRandburgGauteng011 3260622View Map
68438NTOANEYesUndisclosed, Soshanguve Block BbSoshanguveGauteng012 7900004View Map
69752NDWAMBIYes247, Soshanguve Block RSoshanguveGauteng012 7122105View Map
70513MUHAMMADYes3 – 9 Fuschia Road, Klipspruit WestSowetoGauteng011 9472411View Map
70556MOLEFEYesUnit D Stand 692, 1513 Boikarabelo Street, TembaTembaGauteng012 7172000View Map
70866YAKOYes3814 Ralerata Street, MohlakengRandfonteinGauteng011 7413960
71072DU PLOOYNo15 Doring Avenue, MontanaparkPretoriaGauteng012 5486882View Map
71080BHIKHAYesSuite 16 Ground Floor Barclay, Square 293 Rissik Street, SunnysidePretoriaGauteng012 3410142View Map
71277DOUWYes1377 Moepshe Street, Othandweni Ext 1ThokozaGauteng011 8604864View Map
73067MOKHESIYes27 Jansen Avenue, Randpark RidgeRandburgGauteng081 2143687View Map
77615OKHUEYes2847 Cnr 1 & 6DiepslootGauteng012 0231881View Map
82120THOBANEYesSite 7604b, Cnr Ben Naude & Marthinus StreetDiepkloof Zone 2Gauteng011 9858627View Map
83011TSHIYOYOYesUnknown, MabopaneMabopaneGauteng083 4970806View Map
84441ESSACK Y M & MITHA E AYesShop 3, 75 C R Swart Street, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9338723View Map
85324HLEZIYOYesSebokeng Plaza, 22 Moshoeshoe Street, SebokengSebokengGauteng016 5923378View Map
88390MATABANEYesCnr D M Marokane & Reverend R T, J Namane Drive, TembisaTembisaGauteng011 2014795View Map
88498MOKOENAYesPhase 2, 2314 Main Road, TshepisoVanderbijlparkGauteng016 4518906View Map
92150MATHEBULAYes4590 Cnr Sotho & Malandela, Street, TsakaneBrakpanGauteng011 7382814View Map
92959SALEHYesBuilding 1 Unit 2 Visiomed, Office Park 269 Beyers Naudé, CrestaRandburgGauteng011 6786740View Map
97411TIVANEYes8 Sibasa Street, Klipfontein ViewJohannesburgGauteng011 3112002View Map
97934PILLAYYesBenoni Health Centre, 54 Harpur Avenue, BenoniBenoniGauteng011 8453563View Map
101435NAICKERYesShop C02e Atlyn Shopping Centre, Phudufufu Street, AtteridgevillePretoriaGauteng012 3730303View Map
104973BALOYIYes4362 Extension 3, ZamdelaSasolburgGauteng016 9741076View Map
108359RAMPHELEYesTsenelong Section, 318 Cnr Kutse & Etosha Street, TembisaTembisaGauteng011 9241993View Map
108448TABANEYesSection U, 6925 Magnolia Street, Mamelodi WestPretoriaGauteng012 8050164View Map
109878NTENJWA-MAYABAYes7930 Cnr Xaba & Nkaki Street, TokozaThokozaGauteng011 8601234View Map
113158ITSWENGNo8498 Section T, Khubone DriveMamelodi WestGauteng012 8053631View Map
131148ALEKARYes51 Commando Road, IndustriaJohannesburgGauteng011 4741426View Map
137391LAHERYes313 Commissioner Street, JeppestownJohannesburgGauteng010 0233965View Map
137448REBESEYesRoom 628 Eyethu Medical Centre, Cnr Chris Hani & Vilakazi Road, Dlamini Ext 1SowetoGauteng011 9866275View Map
139130MATEBULAYes1493 Camel Crescent, Diepkloof ExtDiepkloofGautengView Map
147125VAN STADENNo10 Cardigan Street, DalviewBrakpanGauteng010 534 6677View Map
149144KHANYes212 Perry Avenue, EersterusPretoriaGauteng012 8067401View Map
150924BEEKANoThe Family Practice, 356 Seventh Road, Halfway GardensMidrandGauteng011 3156405View Map
153591SIBEKONoShop 12 Ekspa Building, D F Malan Street, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9311389View Map
153753MOLOTOYesMayibuye Shopping Centre, 6-409 Rotweiler Street, CommerciaMidrandGauteng011 3107989View Map
154601WA MATAMBAYesOlifantsfontein Shopping Centre, Main Road, Clayville IndustrialOlifantsfonteinGauteng011 3161017View Map
157422KUNZMANNYesSuite 17 G Eting Centre, 211 Beckett Street, ArcadiaPretoriaGauteng012 3442211View Map
157716MABASAYesShop 2 Palm Springs Mall, Cnr St Patrick & Falcon RoadVereenigingGauteng016 5811401View Map
170038SACKYesCarecross, 95 High Street, BrixtonJohannesburgGauteng011 8377777View Map
172650MARAPYANEYes29 September Drive, TembisaTembisaGauteng011 9252084View Map
173452ROOKNOODEENYes69 Pretoria Street, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 6607374View Map
176508GREY P C & DE BEER J JNo347 Dey Street, Nieuw MuckleneukPretoriaGauteng012 4608804View Map
178268MADISAKWANEYesShop 10 Zanspruit Value Center, Cnr Bayers Naude Peter RoadHoneydewGauteng078 5767098View Map
178683BHABHA B A & BHABHA ZYes23 Nicol RoadBedfordviewGauteng011 6157214View Map
179043CHABALALA MIHLOTI INCORPORATEDYes7830 Noko Street, Protea Glen Ext 11SowetoGauteng011 2970290View Map
179264ABOUCHABKINo4th Floor Hatfield Plaza, 1122 Burnett Street, HatfieldPretoriaGauteng012 3625870View Map
180173JAPHTAYes17 Mkhoma Street, Tokoza Ext 2ThokozaGauteng011 3859709View Map
180300MABELAYes2170 Erf/70 Opposite Spar, Supermarket C/o Amandla &, Freedom DriveBraamfischervilleGauteng010 2990035View Map
180696RASDIENYes35 Cnr Hexriviersberg Avenue &, Olywenhout Street, BosmontRandburgGauteng011 4747864View Map
892GOVENDERYes437 Clark Road, GlenwoodDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2013095View Map
5568MOODLEYYes215 Croftdene Drive, CroftdeneChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4035496View Map
10685RAJKISSOR & VANMARIE INCORPORATEYesMerebank Railway Station, 1467 South Coast Road, MobeniDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4625458View Map
15083MOODLEYYes189 Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Durban NorthDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5630518View Map
15466MHLUNGUYesCrompton Health Centre, 50 Josiah Gumede Road, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7021719View Map
26026QWABEYesManguzi Village, Main RoadKwangwanaseKwazulu Natal035 5920285View Map
31577RADHAKISSONYes2 Anchova Place, Newlands EastNewlands EastKwazulu Natal031 5777897View Map
70009VISAGIEYesMatshana Reserve, Lot 112, Old Main RoadUnderbergKwazulu Natal033 7011105View Map
70467RAMSUMERYes455 Gopalall Hurbans Road, Gandhi’s HillTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9448608View Map
71056SOMERAYesShop 2 Ally Centre, Calendula Avenue, CraigieburnUmkomaasKwazulu Natal039 9796791View Map
71374MAHARAJYesAmen Medical Centre, 55 George Sewpersadh Street, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5331190View Map
73490GOVENDERYes2 Camelia End, Trenance ParkAmaotanaKwazulu Natal032 5357639View Map
73946GOVENDERYes550 Mountbatten Drive, Reservoir HillsDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2622797View Map
78859CHATHURYYesShop 13 Springfield Park, 17 Palmfield Road, Springfield ParkDurbanKwazulu Natal031 5795541View Map
89710NKOSINoShop 12 Bus & Taxi City, Inkosi Mtuba Road, MtubatubaMtubatubaKwazulu Natal035 5500208View Map
99724SINGNoNorth Beach Medical Centre, 37 Sol Harris Crescent, North BeachDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3326060View Map
100110LEKHAYesShop 2 Ushaka Square, 64 Old Main Road, ShakaskraalDolphin CoastKwazulu NatalView Map
100358DE BRUINYes21 Egerton Road, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6377018View Map
103292NXUMALOYesShop 3 Shivile Centre, 1 Jacob Cohn Street, MelmothMelmothKwazulu Natal035 4507120View Map
109754RAWATYes333 Randles Road, SydenhamBereaKwazulu Natal031 2082030View Map
127590MAGUBANEYesUnit T13 Mapumulo Thusong, Centre 1106 Zazi Road, MaphumuloKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 4812167View Map
128082MOTALAYesShop 9 Murray Square, 46 Josiah Gumede Road, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7024870View Map
140201AZMUTHYesSummerfield Medical Rooms, 19 Roland Chapman Drive, MontclairDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4622573View Map
140287LAZARUSYesSuite 11b Chatsworth Centre, 17 Joyhurst Street, WestcliffChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4038383View Map
141534MNGOMEZULUYes36 Mango Groove StreetRichards BayKwazulu Natal082 7453647View Map
143774NTULIYesLot No 19, Flint StreetNqutuKwazulu Natal034 2710442View Map
151505JAGARNATHYesHowick Medical Centre, 20 Bell Street, HowickHowickKwazulu Natal033 3305949View Map
165395AMEERYes122 Albert Street, EstcourtEstcourtKwazulu Natal036 3521386View Map
166553VAN SCHALKWYK & VAN ROOYENNo157 Victoria Road, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3454056View Map
169927PADAYACHEEYes14 Bisset Street, UmkomaasUmkomaasKwazulu Natal039 9732361View Map
174513MOLIFENo3241 Isibhubhu Street, EsikhawiniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7962325View Map
182087GELDENHUYSYes34 Generaal Botha Street, MemelMemelKwazulu Natal058 9240442View Map
184284CHETTYNoGlenwood Village Pharmacy, 397 Che Guevara Road, GlenwoodBereaKwazulu Natal031 2012519View Map
189227MANGANoSouthgate Medical Centre, 19 Trelawney Road, BisleyPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3482017View Map
190012ESSACKYes7 Uplands Road, MargateMargateKwazulu Natal039 3171386View Map
199435BUDHOOYesShop 11 Aslam Heights, 612 Randles Road, SydenhamBereaKwazulu Natal031 2073499View Map
201138HUISAMENYesShop 5-6 Bay Centre, 59 Bullion BoulevardRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7897805View Map
204358MKWANAZINoStand A7278 Osizweni Medical, Centre, OsizweniNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3661606View Map
206326PILLAYYes99 Buldana Road, MerebankDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4612821View Map
208051NGXONGOYesSuite 3, Makhathini Shopping ComplexJoziniKwazulu Natal035 5721002View Map
208515BUDHOOYes286 Sea Cow Lake Road, Sea Cow LakeDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5792533View Map
210080NTSHANGASENo271b Murchison Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6311795View Map
215481SHANGEYesSuite 540 Commercial City, Building 40 Dr A B Xuma Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3051922View Map
217662SIECKERNo42 Voortrekker Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3151557View Map
221597FIRMINYesShop 10 Wentmore Shopping, Centre 255 Brighton Road, BluffBluffKwazulu Natal031 4670396View Map
230502NGCOBOYesShop 1 Mandini Square Centre, 502 Long Street, MandeniMandiniKwazulu Natal032 4562227View Map
235261PATEL INCORPORATEDYesShop 101 Checkers Southway Mall, 27 Titren Road, Sea ViewDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4658723View Map
235334Y MAHARAJ INCORPORATEDYesStandard Bank Building, 21 Power Drive, ProspectonProspectonKwazulu Natal031 9022208View Map
235342S JHUGROO INCORPORATEDYesShop 6 Murray Square, 44 Josiah Gumede Road, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7019347View Map
238953A RAMLUKHEN INCORPORATEDYes525-527 Anton Lembede Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3061112View Map
242470DUKINo53 Alhambra Drive, Mount ViewVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5336637View Map
247839ABOOBAKERYesShop 1 The Meridian, 6 Meridian Drive, Umhlanga RidgeUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5664439View Map
248185MATHAILAYesNo 1124 Section 2MadadeniKwazulu Natal034 3291425View Map
250236MASINGANoShop 6 Melmoth Plaza, Reinhold Street, MelmothMelmothKwazulu Natal035 4500000View Map
251151MATHABELAYesPo Box 143JoziniKwazulu Natal035 9404848
254207MAHARAJYesSondela Trading Store, Manqoba Road, Bothas HillOuter West DurbanKwazulu Natal031 7774627View Map
262536SIFOYes1 Balloon Street, MatatieleMatatieleKwazulu Natal039 7373782View Map
266914LAZARUSYesShop 7c Jamaica Junction, 66 Olympia Street, ShallcrossQueensburghKwazulu Natal031 4097411View Map
272744RAMCHARRANYesShop 3, 21 Murchison Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3127801View Map
281247BISRAMYes139 George Sewpersadh Street, GrangeVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5334118View Map
289132GOVENDERYesShop 4 Hibberdene Village Mall, Marlin Drive, HibberdeneHibberdeneKwazulu Natal039 6992723View Map
300152NAICKERNo125 Welbedacht Road, RisecliffChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4045885View Map
301698KHUMALOYesShop 23 Mpophomeni Shopping, Mall 1043 Mandela Drive, MpophomeniUmhlabuyalingana RuralKwazulu Natal033 3291013View Map
325864BADLOOYesShop 4 Amanat Supermarket, 21 Centre Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal081 3339888View Map
338591NODADAYes156 Pine Street, GreytownGreytownKwazulu Natal033 4132044View Map
339040NAIDOOYes69 King Shaka Street, StangerKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 5511544View Map
342408FALUADEYesShop 4 Bhamjees Corner, Chilley Road, RichmondRichmond – KznKwazulu Natal073 4963231
342815M BHIMAN 196 INCYes75 Wick Street, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5332164View Map
360775COOPSAMYYesShop 5 Starwood Mall, 3 Andromeda Street, StarwoodDurbanKwazulu Natal031 5009080View Map
369578ABOOBAKER INCORPORATEDYesShop 3, V863UmlaziKwazulu Natal031 9068448View Map
383406NAIDOONo65 Main Road, MalvernDurbanKwazulu Natal031 4643001View Map
393010PARUK AND MAHOMEDIYes15 Posselt Road, New GermanyPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7051931View Map
393177NEVENDRAN GOVENDER INCORPORATEDYesShop 1a Phoenix Plaza, 19 Parthenon Street, PhoenixPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5004791View Map
405744NAIDOOYesShop 5 Lot 32 Ushaka Medical, Centre Old Main Road, Dolphin CoastDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal084 7699486View Map
407445SMITHNo13 Jan Kemp Street, PongolaPongolaKwazulu Natal034 4132135View Map
421413MGABHIYesShop 12, Dube Street, Mtanenkosi CentreNqutuKwazulu Natal034 2710154View Map
433802NXUMALOYesNjoko AreaNongomaKwazulu Natal034 9330983View Map
439622PILLAYNoImf Medical Centre, 1 Ballito Drive, BallitoDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal032 5861230View Map
443883VEZIYes96 Sharrat StreetBergvilleKwazulu Natal036 9400070View Map
448257KATHRADANo658 Marine Drive, Brighton BeachBluffKwazulu Natal031 4671631View Map
452920NGWENYAYesShop 36 Queensmead Mall, 95 Teignmouth Road, UmbiloBereaKwazulu Natal031 2050568View Map
461369MAHOMED KAJEE AND MOHAMED KADERYesSuite 1 Mahomed Medical Centre, 8 Pardy Road, Isipingo RailIsipingoKwazulu Natal031 9029740View Map
469548HANSRAJ K AND ASSOCIATEYes464 Inanda Road, ParlockNewlands WestKwazulu Natal031 5771322View Map
479403NDLOVUYesSuperspar Building, 24 Josiah Gumede Road, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal031 9409761View Map
481726S A MAZIBUKO AND ASSOCIATES INCYesShop 1262 Ngwelezana Shopping, Centre Main Road, EmpangeniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7941262View Map
498866REDDYYes233 Main Road, MalvernDurbanKwazulu Natal031 4640996View Map
508454VAN NIEKERKYes28 Cnr Victoria Road & Rooibok, Avenue, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3124324View Map
517585DEVANATHANYes78 Meadow Road, Savannah ParkDurbanKwazulu Natal031 7061637View Map
561339NGCOBO S R AND KHANYILE R MYesShop Ll03 Umlazi Mega City, 50 Griffiths Mxenge Highway, UmlaziUmlaziKwazulu Natal031 9028808View Map
606057DR TIVOLEN GEORGE INCORPORATEDYes118a Camper Drive, HavensideChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4006828View Map
613975MBONAMBIYes2 Jozini Main RoadJoziniKwazulu Natal035 5721494View Map
629413ERASMUSNo13 Jan Kemp Street, PongolaPongolaKwazulu Natal034 4132135View Map
656143SONIYes2 Belmont Road, Effingham HeightsDurbanKwazulu Natal031 5633060
683043DEBIDEENYesSuite C5 Seadoone Mall, 21-37 Seadoone Road, DoonsideKingsburghKwazulu Natal031 9038333View Map
702676NAIDOONoNorth Beach Medical Centre, 37 Sol Harris Crescent, North BeachDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3326060View Map
736686JOOSABYesL-section, 175 Nyala Road, KwamashuKwamashuKwazulu Natal031 5011033View Map
742953ESSACKYesShop 2 Finsbury Court, 85 West Street, South BeachDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3320683View Map
743194DR M I ADAM INCYes39 Market Street, Mooi RiverMooi RiverKwazulu Natal033 2631540View Map
785997DRS MOORAD A A AND ASMAL SYes75 Helen Joseph Road, BulwerBereaKwazulu Natal031 2018512View Map
794627DR NKOSI L E AND KHUMALO S NYesShop 28 Murchison Mall, Lyell Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal087 5270265View Map
812870TIW NDLOVU INCYesStand 1316 Mahashini Section, WembeziEstcourtKwazulu Natal036 3533795View Map
813729ZIMUYesCarecross Medical Centre, 125 Balcomb Street, StangerKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 5521716View Map
821004MORRISNo49 Scott StreetScottburghKwazulu Natal039 9783344
821772ANANTHYesRoom 11, Mobeni Heights Shopping Complex, Mobeni Heights DriveMobeni HeightsKwazulu Natal031 4002457
885711MAHARAJNoShop 5 The Colony Centre, 50 Old Main Road, HillcrestHillcrestKwazulu Natal031 0010326View Map
946656DR P NADESAN INCYesSuite 23, 174 Underwood Road, SarniaPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7085797View Map
981028NADASENYes70 Longcroft Drive, Lon ComfortDurbanKwazulu Natal031 5007214
1401076VAN NIEKERKYesBazley Medical Centre, 25 Bazley Street, Port ShepstonePort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6821000View Map
1402560MAHARAJYesSuite 2 Snib Centre, Nelson Mandela Road, UmzintoScottburgh/Umzinto NorthKwazulu Natal039 9742901View Map
1405136BALGOBINDYes15 Gowran Gardens, Avoca HillsNewlands EastKwazulu Natal031 5652650View Map
1407066BEHARIRAMYesShop 12 San Marco Centre, Francis Road, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6310820View Map
1412949BHARATHYes45 Klaarwater Road, ShallcrossQueensburghKwazulu Natal031 4095811View Map
1415913GOVENDERNoR33, GreytownGreytownKwazulu Natal033 0040152View Map
1416642DANIELSYes50 Mysore Road, RaisethorpePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3970634View Map
1420704DOOKENYes9 Canterpalm Road, PalmviewPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5057512View Map
1422383KOOBAIRYesSuite 1 Nxa – Block Mount, Edgecombe Med Cntre 163-169, Redberry RoadRockfordKwazulu Natal031 5022278View Map
1422774MAREE, MAREE, SMIT WESSELSYes10 Byrne Street, EmpangeniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7721717View Map
1423819SEWPERSADYes211 High Terrace DriveCrossmoorKwazulu Natal031 4092332View Map
1424173SCHWELLNUS T E G & PARTNERYes84 Victoria Street, DundeeDundeeKwazulu Natal034 2122163View Map
1424815PANDAYYes3 Tom Tom Road, KwandengeziKwandengeziKwazulu Natal031 7046209View Map
1425285GOVENDERYesMeremed Medical Centre, 93 Krishna Rabilal Road, MerebankDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4613898View Map
1427180SHUNMUGAMNo110 Road 601, Arena Park Drive, Arena ParkChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4049014View Map
1429833NAIDOOYes1b Room 10 – 20 F K Plaza, Hulett Street, KwadukuzaKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 5513000View Map
1436813PEERYes10 Soldiers Way, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3011897View Map
1437704SULIMANYesShop 3 Murray Square, Glenugie Road, New GermanyPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7024902View Map
1437984MAHARAJYesShop 3 N B S Arcade, 131 Albert Street, EstcourtEstcourtKwazulu Natal036 3525396View Map
1438115CASSIMYes823 Inanda Road, ParlockNewlands WestKwazulu Natal031 5778605View Map
1439502DADAYesShop 12 -13 Lagoon Centre, 361 Andrew Zondo Road, AmanzimtotiAmanzimtotiKwazulu Natal031 9037170View Map
1440926MOTALAYesSuit 6, 159a Roger Sishi Road, WestvilleWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2629099View Map
1441760NEUMANYes257 Kerk Street, VryheidVryheidKwazulu Natal034 9821535View Map
1442392SEETHARAMYes53 Krishna Rabilal Road, MerewentBluffKwazulu Natal031 4611132View Map
1445197BOBATYesShop 10 Westham Shopping Centre, 10 Gridham Terrace, WesthamPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5002174View Map
1446673PARAKYes23 Main Road, IxopoUmzumbe RuralKwazulu Natal039 8342371View Map
1446959OMARYes178 Umgeni Road, Stamford HillDurbanKwazulu Natal082 8090909View Map
1449214MCDONOGHNo49 Scott Street, ScottburghScottburgh/Umzinto NorthKwazulu Natal039 9783344View Map
1450247PARBHOOYesShop 12 Pine Spring Centre, 18 Anderson Road, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7023245View Map
1450573PARAGYes4 Bardia Avenue, Reservoir HillsDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2621090View Map
1452177JAGATHPALYes320 Park Station RoadGreenwood ParkKwazulu Natal031 5644565View Map
1452940GOVENDERYes37 Magaliesberg Street, ShallcrossQueensburghKwazulu Natal031 4099088View Map
1453092MOODLEYYesMurchison Street, HardingHardingKwazulu Natal039 4331732View Map
1453114SCHUTTEYes5 Middel Street, PaulpietersburgPaulpietersburgKwazulu Natal034 9951727View Map
1453726NAIDUYes23 Green Road, HammarsdaleMpumalangaKwazulu Natal031 7363277View Map
1455745AKOOYes558 Pietermaritz StreetPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3453605View Map
1456830DURGAYesSunford Medical Centre, 1-3 Sunford Drive, SunfordPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5076015View Map
1459058JADWATYes349 Himalaya Drive, ShallcrossQueensburghKwazulu Natal031 4093011View Map
1459414RANAYes315 Randles Road, SydenhamBereaKwazulu Natal031 2082932View Map
1459643ISMAILNoSuite 2 Raza Oriental Plaza, 54 Pandora Street, StarwoodDurbanKwazulu Natal031 5002421View Map
1460153DE VILLIERSNo129 Scott Street, ScottburghScottburgh/Umzinto NorthKwazulu Natal039 9761312View Map
1460714VATHERYes165 Newholme Way, NewholmePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3914626View Map
1461559MOOLAYesShop 7 Old Kfc Building, P53 Bhejane Road, KwamashuKwamashuKwazulu Natal031 5030567View Map
1461877MAHARAJYes13 Blaine Street, KwadukuzaKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 5515647View Map
1461885BADATYes16 Moorton Drive, MoortonChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4048498View Map
1463926PATHERYes86 Lenham Drive, LenhamPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5079115View Map
1464043NAIDOOYes10 Sanele Nxumalo Lane, GandhinagarTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9443820View Map
1464221BUXYesMndeni Clinic, 39 Reynolds Street, Port ShepstonePort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6824948View Map
1464248DAYANANDYesDaymed Private Hospital, 595 Chota Motala Road, RaisethorpePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3871100View Map
1464329GOVENDERYes113 Lotus Drive, Lotus ParkLotus ParkKwazulu Natal031 9121854View Map
1467921EGGERSYes109 Lorne Street, EstcourtEstcourtKwazulu Natal036 3521540View Map
1468057RUGNATHYes237 Grove End Drive, Grove EndPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5393059View Map
1469037GOVENDERYesShop 8a Checkers Centre, 1 Osborne Road, EshoweEshoweKwazulu Natal035 4744043View Map
1469274MAHOMEDYes2 Sucrose Road, Isipingo HillsIsipingoKwazulu Natal031 9025510View Map
1470124JUGMOHANYesShop 29 Pine Spring Centre, 18 Anderson Road, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7025576View Map
1470310IYERYes6 Byrne Street, EmpangeniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7922170View Map
1473131PILLAYYes62 Road 736, MontfordChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4048824View Map
1474502HEMRAJHNoGaterite Shopping Centre, 22-24 Russom Street, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5336940View Map
1475290RASOOLYesShop 3a Izingolweni Plaza, Main Road, IzingolweniEzingoleni RuralKwazulu Natal039 5341036View Map
1475835VAN ZYLNoSuite 1, 3 Warwick Place, New GermanyPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7012286View Map
1477714GOVENDERYesUnit 8, 18 Tynecroft Place, LongcroftPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5004093View Map
1478184ERASMUSYes109 Lorne Street, EstcourtEstcourtKwazulu Natal036 3525133View Map
1478621MLISANAYes49 Main Road, HowickHowickKwazulu Natal039 2590249View Map
1478788NAIDOOYes7 Ireland Street, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5332300View Map
1479202SANPERSADNoSuite 119 Life Westville, Hospital 7 Harry Gwala Road, DawncliffeWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2651047View Map
1484281SEWGOOLAMYesHowick Centre, 2 Harvard Street, HowickHowickKwazulu Natal033 3305300View Map
1488147RAMLACHANYesNewkwa Medical Centre, 909-913 Inanda Road, Newlands WestNewlands WestKwazulu Natal031 5778932View Map
1488880SINGHYes4 Court House Road, Port ShepstonePort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6824494View Map
1489135KINGYes47 St Johns Street, KokstadKokstadKwazulu Natal039 7272322View Map
1489534BADULYes1 Erythrina AvenueLotus ParkKwazulu Natal031 9026665View Map
1489801MOODLEYYesShop 2, 418 Chris Hani Road, BriardeneDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5636201View Map
1490664MURUGANYes11 Main Street, EshoweEshoweKwazulu Natal035 4744727View Map
1491113MISTRYYesShop 14, Emsee Building, Banners RestPort EdwardKwazulu Natal039 3111116View Map
1491423BEUKESYes69 Willis Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6376831View Map
1492225PILLAYYes28 Bazley Street, Port ShepstonePort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6821938View Map
1493442NAIDOOYesRenkens Centre, Old Main Road, MandeniMandiniKwazulu Natal032 4541772View Map
1494384PILLAYYesPlot 10 Siyonga Medical Centre, 10 Jacaranda Avenue, MtubatubaMtubatubaKwazulu Natal035 5501005View Map
1494740KHOZAYesSite No 4 Ba 372/373 Prince Mang, Opposite Ulundi Pick&pay SupermaUlundiKwazulu Natal035 0358700731View Map
1495356RAWATYesGround Floor Bmrv Building, 16 Union Street, EmpangeniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7725750View Map
1495879RANDEREEYes249 Moses Kotane Road, SydenhamBereaKwazulu Natal031 2072872View Map
1497634NAICKERYes11 Soni Way, NaginaPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7064889View Map
1499106DAWDUTHYes193 Earlsfield Drive, EarlsfieldNewlands WestKwazulu Natal031 5783498View Map
1499564NUNDLALLYes33 701 Road, MontfordChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4041319View Map
1500813LUTCHMEENARRAINYes6 Mungal Road, RietrivierVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5376319View Map
1502468NANACKYes49 Wooley Street, Port ShepstonePort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6825005View Map
1503065NAIDUYes1 Newcentre Drive, Newlands WestNewlands WestKwazulu Natal031 5782290View Map
1503782RUPNARAINYesShop 11 A Dube Village Mall, 11 Ikhathazo Way, Newtown CInandaKwazulu Natal087 2879433View Map
1504274ENOCHYesShop 2, 68 Pioneer Road, KloofKloofKwazulu Natal031 7644707View Map
1505084VAN ROOYENYes35 Coronation Road, MalvernQueensburghKwazulu Natal031 4643997
1505815JEEWA INCORPORATEDYes490 West Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3048355View Map
1506374PAULYes22 Joubert Street, PaulpietersburgPaulpietersburgKwazulu Natal034 9951564View Map
1506811PILLAYYesShop 4 Globes Shopping Centre, 41 Old Main Road, OttawaVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5376378View Map
1507451SUNICHURYesShop 4 Clairwood Medical Centre, 622 South Coast Road, ClairwoodDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4658838View Map
1508660GAGIANONoCentre For Diabetes Excellence, 718 Marine Drive, Shelly BeachMargateKwazulu Natal039 3150343View Map
1510452MTHETHWAYesNongoma Private Hospital, 199 Main Street, NongomaNongomaKwazulu Natal066 0189697View Map
1510657PURMASIRYes64 Baijoo Road, RaisethorpePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3877411View Map
1510959GANGANYes2 Loophaven Road, Forest HavenPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5050049View Map
1511548PILLAYNoShop 33 Natraj Centre, Natraj Lane, MerebankDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4685360View Map
1514822NKOSIYesA537, Shaka StreetEzakheniKwazulu Natal033 4931000View Map
1516434NANDLALYes27 Belvedere Drive, BuffelsdaleTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9450841View Map
1519182GAUSEYes6 Thomas Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3944683View Map
1519611SULIMANYesShop K2 Ithala Centre, Malendela Road, KwamashuKwamashuKwazulu Natal031 5031188View Map
1520520GOVENDERYesShop 39 Mount Edgecombe Plaza, 105 Hillhead Drive, Mount EdgecombeMount EdgecombeKwazulu Natal031 5021303View Map
1522736KADWAYesG J Crookes Hospital, 1 Hospital Road, ScottburghScottburgh/Umzinto NorthKwazulu Natal039 9742552View Map
1523791SOOKOONo18 Wavemore PlaceStanmoreKwazulu Natal031 5024600View Map
1526642ERASMUSYesCato Medical Centre, 1 Ridge Road, Cato RidgeCato RidgeKwazulu Natal031 7822030View Map
1529056MUDALYYesLindwes Medical Centre, 134 Castlehill Drive, Newlands WestNewlands WestKwazulu Natal031 5781062View Map
1529676GOVENDERYesMaphitha Medical Centre, 6 Gqikazi Street, UlundiUlundiKwazulu Natal035 8701268View Map
1543326BADATYesSuite 1, 412 Felix Dlamini Road, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2080425View Map
1544152SALIGNo1 Medical Towers Isipingo, Hospital 162 Phila Ndwandwe Road, Isipingo RailIsipingoKwazulu Natal031 9027597View Map
1545523MAHARAJYesShop 210 Kwamnyandu Mall, Griffiths Mxenge Highway, UmlaziUmlaziKwazulu Natal031 9068953View Map
1546376MUNSAMYYesShop 4 Olympia Centre, 6 Nagle Square, WoodlandsDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4628202View Map
1546619COVENDENYes29 Lenham Drive, WhetstonePhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5071957View Map
1548050MARITZBURG FAMILY CLINICYesSuite 1, 465 Langalibalele Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3947784View Map
1548646MOHANLALYes61 Cedar Road, WoodlandsPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3873745View Map
1548980SHAYOYes36 Dower Street, KokstadKokstadKwazulu Natal039 7272246View Map
1553860PILLAIYesGreenbury Medical Centre, 2 – 4 Garbgreen Close, GreenburyPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5393225View Map
1554859NOBINYes56 Turnstone Avenue, BayviewChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4006993View Map
1554913JAMAYesCaltex Garage, 78 Hope Street, KokstadKokstadKwazulu Natal039 7273298View Map
1557262SACOORYesSuite 6 North Coast Mall, Medical Centre 163-179 Redberry, RoadRockfordKwazulu Natal031 5022582View Map
1559710NOORBHAINo79 Florence Nightingale Drive, WestcliffChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4035801View Map
1559753NAIDOOYesGlenwood Medical & Dental Center, 293 Che Guevara Road, GlenwoodBereaKwazulu Natal031 2015281View Map
1562177MITHOOYesE833 Lingelethu Road, NtuzumaInandaKwazulu Natal031 5092809View Map
1562371NAIDOOYes3 Inanda Road, HillcrestHillcrestKwazulu Natal031 7653590View Map
1562916NAIDOOYesJabula Hardware Complex, 2 Carlow Road, BonelaDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2619420View Map
1564366SIMJEEYesNandos Building, 276 Sparks Road, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2076756View Map
1564870RAMDHAREEYes41 Wilson Street, DundeeDundeeKwazulu Natal034 2121959View Map
1565540EHLERSYesHealth Line Medi Centre, 3 High Ridge Road, Fields HillPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7018868
1565710HADEBEYesP192 Cnr Mkhiwane &, Bonakele-nxumalo Road, KwamashuKwamashuKwazulu Natal031 5042690View Map
1565737MEERYesShop 8, 45 Joseph Nduli Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3685544View Map
1565745SINGHYes7 Church Street, GandhinagarTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9451110View Map
1571125RAMDUTTYes312 Crestbrook Drive, BrookdalePhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5059555View Map
1571451MAHARAJYesShop 16a Hammarsdale Junction, Mall Kunene Road, HammarsdaleMpumalangaKwazulu Natal031 7711454View Map
1572512SALEJEEYesShop 7 – 8 Madressa Mall, 81 Wick Street, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5331890View Map
1572938MOTALAYes2nd Floor Shifa Medical Towers, 482 Randles Road, SydenhamBereaKwazulu Natal031 2072097View Map
1573705ATHMARAMYes8 Fairview Road, BrindhavenVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5336652View Map
1574310MAHOMEDYes630 Dr Chota Motala Road, RaisethorpeRaisethorpeKwazulu Natal033 3876517
1577913PILLAYYesShop 7, 32 Tanner RoadEmpangeni StationKwazulu Natal035 7870602View Map
1581228KALAPDEOYesShop 6, 1 Peseta Parade, Richards BayRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7890322View Map
1581821CHOHANYesOffice 7 Mosque Arcade, Murchison Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3123781View Map
1583344MAHARAJYes6 The Zen, 31 Zenith Drive, Umhlanga RidgeUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 8114888View Map
1584073MEERYesShop 3, 16 Kajee Street, Isipingo RailIsipingoKwazulu Natal031 9025891View Map
1579517ZAHIDIYesEkupheleni Medical Centre, 1659 Steve Mahlangu Street, SiyabuswaDr Js Moroka RuralLimpopo013 9731108View Map
149705CALOKECHIYes97 General Joubert Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2974458View Map
1586017RAMBAUYesKhanimambo Medical Centre, 113 Krogh Street, MakhadoLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 5166652View Map
1525948CACHALIAYes53 Ruiter Road, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo015 4918373View Map
1533266PILODIAYes253 Worst Avenue, Marble HallMarblehallLimpopo013 2612047View Map
1534521SIKHITHAYesMentz Surgery, Mentz VillagePolokwaneLimpopoView Map
1535404GAIGHERNo31b Songozwi StreetLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 5160145View Map
1561693MINNAARYes1 Majuba Street, GroblersdalGroblersdalLimpopo013 2625372View Map
1564552MAMABOLOYesTibanefontein Complex, JunoAganang RuralLimpopo082 4109526View Map
1485695CAWOODYesCawood Clinic, 15 Irwin StreetMusinaLimpopo015 5340044View Map
1488813BOSMANYesFlora Medical Centre 80 Mc, Donald Avenue & Marshall Street, FloraparkPolokwaneLimpopo015 2962113View Map
1491598SWANEPOELYesKiosk 1b Pick ‘n Pay Centre, Rissik StreetPolokwaneLimpopo015 2971888View Map
1497200AYOBYesShop 2 Sendedza Shopping, Complex R523, DzananiLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 9730329View Map
1507281MTSETWENEYesShop 4 Giyani Shopping ComplexGiyaniLimpopo011 482 4667View Map
1513656TEMPELMANYesStand 934, Elandsdoorn-aGroblersdalLimpopo013 9838700View Map
1515357PRINSLOONoUnit A 620, 1073 Zone 4MankwengLimpopo015 2230219View Map
1442996GOVINDYes29 Oriental Plaza, Louis TrichardtLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 5164416View Map
1456008PIENAARYes42 Ruiter Road, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo015 4916324View Map
1456903RAMJEEYesStand 1559, KwaggafonteinThembisile RuralLimpopo013 9860196View Map
1458906SULIMANYesF71 Excel Medical Centre, Excelsior Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2973012View Map
1462660MALANNo905 Dahlia Street, Marble HallMarblehallLimpopo013 2612164View Map
763756BOSMANNoFlora Medical Centre 80 Mc, Donald Avenue & Marshall Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2962113View Map
930768DR QM MANGANYI INCYes111 Cnr Hlekelela & Vukuzenzele, Street, MalamuleleThohoyandouLimpopo015 8516089View Map
1017624THWALAYesStand 27aGiyaniLimpopo
1411225DU PLESSISYesShop 9 Marula Mall, Swartwater Road, AlldaysAlldaysLimpopo015 5751283View Map
1415298MANTHATAYesTintis Supermarket, 614 University Road, MankwengPolokwaneLimpopo015 2670893View Map
1417053GROBLERYes37 Luna Road, Bela-belaBela-BelaLimpopo014 7362220View Map
1420755VAN HEERDENYes54 Ruiter Road, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo015 4914161View Map
1433180MEINTJESYes46 Doornkraal Street, AnnadalePolokwaneLimpopo015 2930309View Map
386901NETSHISAULUYesN1537, R527 Road, VuwaniLouis TrichardtLimpopo082 5382119View Map
398934NGOBENIYesShop 6 Slan Boutique Comp, 55 Ruiter Street, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo015 4916663View Map
494348RAMALATAYesStand 1003 Tshandama, SibasaThohoyandouLimpopo015 0041100
538841ROSSOUWYes54 Ruiter Road, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo015 4914161View Map
544183SHIVAMBUYesOffice A2-a3 Hoedspruit Office, Park Strydom Road, HoedspruitHoedspruitLimpopo082 4658114View Map
557994MAHUDUYes1023 Ga-malekana Village, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo014 9406692View Map
616176NKONYANIYesShop 2 Dinoko Shopping Centre, GakgapanePolokwaneLimpopo015 3283032View Map
628344RABALAOYesShop 12 Lephalele Square, Cnr Wells And Jan Lee StreetLephalaleLimpopo014 7631835View Map
187100MUSHWANAYesHouse 1613b, Mondzo Street, NkowankowaLetabaLimpopo072 5753282
221880SHIRINDAYesBungeni Village, Elim HospitalLouis TrichardtLimpopo082 5346539View Map
242144MALULEKAYes2637 Mekwa SectionMakapaanstadLimpopo082 7696101View Map
249076VAN JAARSVELDYesSentra Building, 252 Voortrekker Street, VaalwaterVaalwaterLimpopo082 8552627View Map
250139MABUNDAYesShop 8 Tzaneen Crossing Mall, Cnr Peace & Danie Joubert Street, TzaneenTzaneenLimpopo015 3072747View Map
263214MANKOANIYesLetaba Cross Medical Centre, Cnr R36 And D763 RoadLetabaLimpopo015 2915221View Map
302031MUDAUYesShop 14, 51 Schoeman Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 0650870View Map
303011THUBAKGALEYesStand No 42 Mathibela Phase 1GroothoekhospitaalLimpopo015 6424158View Map
318876MANENZHEYesShop 4 Limdev Building, ThohoyandouThohoyandouLimpopoView Map
346322NGOBENIYes30 P East Hanyani Medical, Centre Mphephu Drive, ThohoyandouThohoyandouLimpopo015 9625837View Map
349291NYARHIYesShop 9 Shoprite Phangami Mall, Punda Maria Road (r524), ThohoyandouThohoyandouLimpopo083 7304514View Map
371106MALUNGANIYesNo 883b, 91 Tambo StreetNkowankowaLimpopo071 1197803View Map
566MAOWASHAYesWolkberg Building, 28 Danie Joubert Street, TzaneenTzaneenLimpopo015 3077550View Map
14915NAIDOOYes13 Chris Hani Way, Bela-belaBela-BelaLimpopo014 7365123View Map
28347TEFFO S F & POTO L TYesShop 23 Palm Centre, Cnr Grobler & Biccard Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2957693View Map
28916MANGOTLOYes85a Onder Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2914242View Map
30554MATHOSAYes390 Mamabolo Street, MookgophongMookgopong RuralLimpopo014 7433445View Map
33170SENOAMADIYes31 Ruiter Road, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo010 4472626View Map
70157MASINGIYesLadanna Medical Centre, 18a Witklip Street, LadannaPolokwaneLimpopo015 2930370View Map
74063NANGAMMBIYesBlock P East, 259 Garden Route, ThohoyandouThohoyandouLimpopo015 9625001View Map
105724RAMAVHANDAYesStand No 1179VleifonteinLimpopo015 5564367
116246KUBAIYes48 Pretoria Street, NylstroomModimolleLimpopo014 9406697
125520SCHULENBURGYes1975 Zone A, LebowakgomoLepelle-Nkumpi RuralLimpopo015 6324310View Map
137227MBHIZAYesShop10a Mopani Superspar, Giyani Main Road, GiyaniGiyaniLimpopo015 8120143View Map
137979MATSOKUYesMat-med Centre, 371 Main Street, SenwabarwanaBlouberg RuralLimpopo015 5053051View Map
145181VERMEULENYesFloramed, 80 Mc Donald Avenue, FloraparkPolokwaneLimpopo015 2962113View Map
1583603MULAUDZIYes1880 Nelson Mandela Drive, Seshego Zone 1PolokwaneLimpopo015 2232886View Map
749648DR S N XABA INCORPORATEDNoZone 14, 2 Machibini Drive, KwaguqaEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6954545View Map
760498MOODLEYNoShop C5 Secunda Village Mall, Five Star Superstar, SecundaSecundaMpumalanga084 2608370View Map
160792VAN ZYLYes111 Bree StreetAmersfoortMpumalanga017 7531025View Map
172774LEENo54 Merz Street, HeidelbergHeidelbergMpumalanga016 3416150View Map
176796KATHRADAYesShop 1 Mashego Centre, Hospital Road, BushbuckridgeHazyviewMpumalanga013 7992310View Map
188026RAMANNo10 Charles Cilliers Street, SecundaSecundaMpumalanga017 6311928View Map
205842MKHATSHWAYesSuite 4 Strydom Spar Shopping, Centre 15 William Lynn Street, White RiverWhite RiverMpumalanga013 7502647View Map
226211MAVUSOYes6371 Cobra Street, KanyamazaneKanyamazaneMpumalanga013 7941026View Map
235571MEINTJES & PARTNERS INCORPORATEDNoAllmed Kliniek, 23 Mel Mentz Street, ErmeloErmeloMpumalanga017 8115821View Map
239046T J BOTHA INCORPORATEDYesPrime Cure-medi Centre, 9 Or Tambo Street, MiddelburgMiddelburgMpumalanga013 2431435View Map
269891ABDOOLYes18 Oriental Plaza, Dr Beyers Naude Street, StandertonStandertonMpumalanga082 9595001View Map
273155TSOENEYes5097 Sibiloane Street, SiyathembaBalfourMpumalanga071 4799968View Map
288543MOTLHABINoShop No 8, Bloomfield LaneErmeloMpumalanga017 8111526View Map
290793NXUMALOYes1a Zuidend Street, MkhondoPiet RetiefMpumalanga017 8264040View Map
291439DHLAMINIYes130 Bram Fischer Drive, EvanderEvanderMpumalanga017 6323755View Map
379131MHLONGONo17 Market Square Sabie Medical, Centre Cnr Loius Trichard & Main, StreetSabieMpumalanga013 7642134View Map
10596MGUDLWANoNo05 Lisborna Bolosna StreetEvanderMpumalanga012 3202583View Map
25631MOJAPELOYesLynnville Medical Centre, 1547 Maluka Street, LynnvilleEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6961100View Map
28592SELESHOYesPhola Township, 1550 Phetla Street, OgiesOgiesMpumalanga081 5428966View Map
43656AYOBYes27 Voortrekker Street, AmsterdamAmsterdamMpumalanga017 8469991View Map
68853KOLLERNo62 Ueckermann Street, HeidelbergHeidelbergMpumalanga016 3414121View Map
70939LESHALABEYesStand 244, Vleeshboom VillageNeboMpumalanga072 2329487View Map
73830MKHABELENoSuite 957 Zone A, Calvin Ngobeni Drive, NamakgalePhalaborwaMpumalanga015 7691669View Map
79995KENNYYesNelspruit Plaza Shopping Co, 1a Cnr Henshall & Andrew StreetNelspruitMpumalanga013 7553609View Map
109363RONOHYes9 Westra Building, Cnr Kruger Street & Haig Avenue, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga067 6811321View Map
132675KHUMALOYes30a Joubert Street, MkhondoPiet RetiefMpumalanga017 8264882View Map
140007THERONNo22a Clerq Street, Bethal, NullMpumalangaMpumalanga017 6476238
144355MALULEKENoHouse 378b, LulekaniPhalaborwaMpumalanga015 7817492View Map
145866POTGIETERNo54 Merz Street, HeidelbergHeidelbergMpumalanga016 3416150View Map
1566717DU PLOOYYesRand Street Building, 13 Norda Street, LeslieLeandraMpumalanga017 6830158View Map
1575066MAHOMEDYesShop 3 Josrah Centre, Main Road, OgiesOgiesMpumalanga013 6431014View Map
1582739BREYTENBACHNo9 Suid Straat, CullinanCullinanMpumalanga012 7340911View Map
1583549MAKGATHOYes1911 Ekangala Ext FEkangalaMpumalanga082 8961894View Map
1586092LE ROUXYes4a Northey Street, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6562287View Map
1523929LEKHULENIYesSwalala Village, White RiverWhite RiverMpumalanga013 7884244View Map
1531735GROBLERYesCrossroad Plaza Crossroad, Medical Centre Kwa Mhlanga Taxi, KwamhlangaKwamhlangaMpumalanga013 9472285View Map
1534319JANSE VAN RENSBURGYes18 Air Street, MalelaneMalelaneMpumalanga013 7901433View Map
1539825MAHOMEDYesStand 2457, Moloto Road, MolotoCullinanMpumalanga013 9486999View Map
1545590NKAMBULEYesShop 4 Kelly Shopping Complex, Kabokweni Road, KabokweniKabokweniMpumalanga081 4581681View Map
1554743MAHLANGUYesStand 2231, Vezubuhle Area, KwamhlangaKwamhlangaMpumalanga013 9547207View Map
1555189VAN WYKNo30 Alie Van Bergen Street, White RiverWhite RiverMpumalanga013 7512700View Map
1556606THUBAKGALEYesStand 1122, VaalbankDr Js Moroka RuralMpumalanga078 7232818View Map
1559222LUKOMBONoVan Biljon Building, 23 Fitzgerald Street, EmakhazeniEmakhazeniMpumalanga013 2530887View Map
1559974BRONKHORSTYes7 Lilian Ngoyi Street, MiddelburgMiddelburgMpumalanga013 2825989View Map
1562762BASSAYesMzantsi Ethical Research Centre, 184 Cowen Ntuli Street, MiddelburgMiddelburgMpumalanga013 2825218View Map
1563459LEDWABAYesNyanyathu, 3637 Zulu Street, MhluziMiddelburg – MpMpumalanga013 2411262View Map
1485512VENTERNo54 Merz Street, HeidelbergHeidelbergMpumalanga016 3416150View Map
1487086NOOR MOHAMEDYes31 Voortrekker Street, CarolinaCarolinaMpumalanga017 8431386View Map
1490265HERBSTYes30 Kerk Street, StandertonStandertonMpumalanga017 7125381View Map
1495232JACOBSYesSuite 2 Ground Floor Medforum, Building Heunis Street, SecundaSecundaMpumalanga017 6341114View Map
1498924JANSEN VAN VUURENYesCnr Louis Trichardt Avenue &, Oorwinning Street, GraskopGraskopMpumalanga013 7671124View Map
1498983MEYERNo35 Cnr Hf Verwoerd & Van Der, Westhuizen Street, HeidelbergHeidelbergMpumalanga016 3412545View Map
1499483BARENDRECHTYesStand 2121, Khama Street, EmbalenhleEmbalenhleMpumalanga017 6855069View Map
1501542DE WAAL SPOELSTRA & PARTNER INCYesRoom 105-106 1st Floor Ampath, Centre De La Vie Beatty Avenue, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6566642View Map
1511289HAJEEYes61 Lange Street, LydenburgLydenburgMpumalanga013 2351435View Map
1512021PRETORIUSYes6 Zuid Street, AmersfoortAmersfoortMpumalanga017 8263560View Map
1523155LANDSBERGNo42 Kruger Street, ErasmusBronkhorstspruitMpumalanga013 9320104View Map
1439804ESTERHUIZENNo42 Kruger Street, ErasmusBronkhorstspruitMpumalanga013 9320104View Map
1447394CLOETENoKlipmed Building Cnr Rosemead, Road & Theunis Janson Avenue, KlipfonteinEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6970123View Map
1452835SULAMANYes15 Station Road, BalfourBalfourMpumalanga017 7730212View Map
1454773VENTER J A & PARTNERYes46 Louis Trichardt Street, VolksrustVolksrustMpumalanga017 7355101View Map
1457136PELSERYes15 Springbok Crescent, KrielKrielMpumalanga017 6482520View Map
1468200JOUBERTYesKriel Medical Centre, Bokmakierie Drive, KrielKrielMpumalanga017 6482111View Map
1479032SCHUTTEYes66 Voortrekker Street, HendrinaHendrinaMpumalanga013 2930351View Map
775274MANZINIYesShop 31 Simunye Shopping Mall, Arend Way, HazyviewHazyviewMpumalanga013 7377321View Map
781711VAN HEERDENNoAllmed Kliniek, 23 Mel Mentz Street, ErmeloErmeloMpumalanga017 8115821View Map
943258ISMAILYes2136 Khama StreetEmbalenhleMpumalanga017 6851051
951528S ALKEMA AND ASSOCIATESNo62 Ueckermann Street, HeidelbergHeidelbergMpumalanga016 3414121View Map
953121VAN DER LINDENo3 General Street, BarbertonBarbertonMpumalangaView Map
1403850BARTONYesShop 5, Shoprite Mall, 43 Lange StreetLydenburgMpumalanga013 2353667View Map
1412558JANSENNo31 Botha Avenue, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6562795View Map
1417908DINDARYes104 Breytenbach Street, BreytenBreytenMpumalanga017 8613219View Map
1422537BASSONNoSuite 26 Promenade Shopping, Centre Samora Machel Drive, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7551598View Map
1428284MOGALEYesShop No 2b Vp Da Silva Trust, Building Ennis Street, ErmeloErmeloMpumalanga017 8114642View Map
1433962HAGROOYes40 Church Street, KwaguqaEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6965173View Map
1435841KARIM & PARTNERSYes38 Chris Hani Street, BethalBethalMpumalanga017 6472368View Map
389366NTSHALINTSHALIYesShop 1239/4 Dikai Centre, R40 Road, HazyviewHazyviewMpumalanga013 7376061View Map
394483MMAKHUTONoSamancor Chrome Mine, SteelpoortSteelpoortMpumalanga013 2308230View Map
428906ZULUYes166 Marone Street, BurgersfortBurgersfortMpumalanga082 3127804View Map
449040UYSYes21 Eric Louw Street, SecundaSecundaMpumalanga017 6323543View Map
451010LINDEQUENo93 Petunia Street, BalfourBalfourMpumalanga017 7730248View Map
469319DIBAKWANEYesShop 6 Kgotso Building, 169 Ribbok Street, BurgersfortBurgersfortMpumalanga013 1705509View Map
481238HANDRI VILJOEN INCYes66 Chris Hani Street, BethalBethalMpumalanga017 6473087View Map
482234MOJALEFAYesShop 8 A, Rhodium Street, SteelpoortSteelpoortMpumalanga013 2303823View Map
607711KASONGOYes175 Cowen Ntuli Street, MiddelburgMiddelburgMpumalanga013 2432115View Map
611433MKHABELAYesNo 5 Meropa Office Complex, AcornhoekBushbuckridge RuralMpumalanga013 7959001View Map
614270DR N T MACHEBE INCORPORATEDYesShop P4-8 Geoff Godrich Square, Cnr Lanham & Kruger Street, BronkhorstspruitBronkhorstspruitMpumalanga013 9351485View Map
620416DR S L THWALA INCORPORATEDYesStand 60, Kwamhola, BarbertonBarbertonMpumalanga013 7136834View Map
625302MASEMOLAYesShop 1 Kgolane Complex, Hospital Street, Jane FurseBurgersfortMpumalangaView Map
627216MOSEAMEDIYesShop 4b, 20 Njala Street, PhalaborwaPhalaborwaMpumalanga015 7813841View Map
634530OLADEJOYes4 6 De Straat, DelmasDelmasMpumalanga081 4191290View Map
741914SIBEKOYes23 Kerk Street, CarolinaCarolinaMpumalanga060 5289673View Map
749028DABROWSKIYesTime Square 8, Huilboerboom StreetHoedspruitMpumalanga013 0810610313View Map
1566792MANSOORYesShop 10a Plaza Shopping Centre, Nelson Mandela Drive, MahikengMmabathoNorth West018 3817500View Map
1581589DE VILLIERSNo28 Hood Road, OrkneyOrkneyNorth West018 4730338View Map
1525670ERASMUSYes88b Rivier Street, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2947410View Map
1526081VENTERNoSuite 103 Mooimed Private, Hospital 1 Chief Albert Luthuli, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2930384View Map
1527681MOROKENo10 Lamb Road, OrkneyOrkneyNorth West018 4735477View Map
1534246PRETORIUSYes57 Berg Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5926596View Map
1540718MODISANEYesStand 222 Zone 1, LetlhabileNorth WestNorth West012 2512095
1540793SELETELAYesShop 2 Plot 0928, BethanieRustenburgNorth West012 2600939View Map
1561642RAMARUMOYesRoom 24 Mogwase Forum, 1401 Tlhantlhagane Street, MogwaseRustenburgNorth West014 5556108View Map
1563394NELYesShop 24 The Islands Centre, R512, HartbeespoortHartbeespoortNorth West012 2440744View Map
1487779MOTALAYes14 Plein Street, KlerksdorpKlerksdorpNorth West018 4624390View Map
1494821MOUTONYesSuite 103 Mooimed Private, Hospital 1 Chief Albert Luthuli, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2930384View Map
1503472KHANYesShop 6 Noordpark Centre, Geyer Street, WolmaransstadWolmaransstadNorth West018 5961427View Map
1503588KHUBEDUYesModises Coalyard, Mothutlung Road, MothotlungBritsNorth West012 7092523View Map
1503685RAMAFUTHULAYesTlhabane Garden, 2133 Pilane Street, TlhabaneTlhabaneNorth West014 5656699View Map
1507516LALAYes45a Golf Street, KlerksdorpKlerksdorpNorth West018 4623646View Map
1509292PITSOEYes179 Bethlehem Drive, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5971064View Map
1514083OMARYesShop 2 Octron Building, Dr James Moroka Street, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2943927View Map
1515292CHAMBERSNoShop 2&3 Alkmaar House Civic, Centre Somerset Drive, StilfonteinStilfonteinNorth West018 4843546View Map
1521683CHIBIYesLonrho Drive, MooinooiMooinooiNorth West014 5743078View Map
1439057MARIVATEYesWisani Medical Centre, 9128 Mosoane Street, Ga-rankuwa Zone 1Ga-RankuwaNorth West012 7031294View Map
1439308PATEL AHMED E & PARTNERYesSuite 206 Mogwase Shopping, Complex 1401 Thlanthlagane, MogwaseRustenburgNorth West014 5555712View Map
1443321ABBAYesMain Road Old Sun City Road, Opposite Mia’s StoreBoshoekNorth West014 5733032View Map
1448757CLOETEYes2 Meyer Street, SwartruggensSwartruggensNorth West018 0005287View Map
1453858CHOONARAYes8 Rodeon Centre, Aletta Street, SwartruggensSwartruggensNorth West014 5440288View Map
1457349NASSIRYes4 Benji Oliphant Road, UraniavilleKlerksdorpNorth West018 4692232View Map
1482122PIETERSYesMedical Centre, 10 Voortrekker Street, ChristianaChristianaNorth West053 4412227View Map
1484052MOSAMYes14 Plein Street, KlerksdorpKlerksdorpNorth West018 4624390View Map
880175DR PM DE KOCK VENNOOTSKAPYesCarpe Diem Medical Centre, 13th Avenue 190 Opal Street NortNorthamNorth West014 7771037
945005ILUYOMADEYes762 Freedom Park Phase 1, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West074 3461213View Map
974366FONTAINE,LUBIKU AND PARTNERSYesShop 112 City Mall, Cnr O R Tambo & Neser Street, KlerksdorpKlerksdorpNorth West018 1500789View Map
1401637SCHMITZYes33 Van Riebeeck Street, VentersdorpVentersdorpNorth West018 2643076View Map
1402749CONRADIEYes26 Dr James Moroka Avenue, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2978541View Map
1402919BESTERNoShop 3 Silverside Centre, Die Ou Wapad Street, IfafiHartbeespoortNorth West012 2590563View Map
1413244KLOPPERYes4 Fatima Bhayat Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West083 2997320View Map
1423266DE WETYes26 Dr James Moroka Avenue, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2978541View Map
1433598MAFAWALLAYesShop 8a Maroela Centre, Cnr Fatima Bhayat & Leyds Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5923723View Map
436518MOTLHAKOANEYesShop 8 Medicum Building, 9 Watson Street, ThabazimbiThabazimbiNorth West014 7721523View Map
469092DE WETNoCnr Kraalkop & President Street, FochvilleFochvilleNorth West018 7712345View Map
475777ZWANEYesUndisclosed, SegwaelaneBritsNorth West072 9052444View Map
485101FERNANDEZ SILVANoVmv Medical Centre, 90 Agnew Street, CarletonvilleCarletonvilleNorth West018 7883035View Map
500461LEGABEYesShop 87 Boitekong Mall, Tlou Street, PaardekraalRustenburgNorth West014 5935492View Map
524050KWINDAYesHouse 1887b Legalaopeng Section, BapongBritsNorth West071 2154960View Map
607150DR ML MORWE INCYesDitsobotla Medical Centre, 65 Lang Street, LichtenburgLichtenburgNorth West018 6323263View Map
610410RAGIEYes12 Gerrit Maritz Street, ZeerustZeerustNorth West018 6421147View Map
172170STEYNYes46b Mark Street, BloemhofBloemhofNorth West053 4331283View Map
182133SMIT J L & PARTNERS INCORPORATEDYesPretoria RoadKroondalNorth West014 5363916View Map
195073MADIOPEYesRoom 4, 116 Leyds Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5923731View Map
205834JOGIYes166 Klopper StreetRustenburgNorth West014 5971254View Map
252131RAPHUTIYes594 Mothotlung StreetMothotlungNorth West012 7092394View Map
260193BOGOPAYesShop 1 Shoprite Complex, Main Road, MarikanaRustenburgNorth West072 2223020View Map
262005NDHLOVUYes15 Loopapruit AvenueFochvilleNorth West018 7715325View Map
294446CHITTIGADUYesShop 1, 30 Flint Street, CarletonvilleCarletonvilleNorth West018 7862166View Map
312797MTOLONo808 Marikana RoadMarikanaNorth West082 2933481View Map
319430AKUOKOYesClinic 25 Montabe House, Cnr North & Anderson Street, KlerksdorpKlerksdorpNorth West018 4643810View Map
342270BEYERSYesVaalbos Avenue, MarikanaRustenburgNorth West072 4680160View Map
28673MOKOENAYesUnit 1, 2561 Molebatsi Lane, MmabathoMmabathoNorth West018 3847763View Map
37273KHANYes9 Zendeling StreetRustenburgNorth West014 5733845View Map
51314NSENDAYesClose To Zone 16, Ga-rankuwaGa-RankuwaNorth West012 7034561View Map
82856PRETORIUSNoCnr President Mbeki Drive & Von, Wielligh Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5235100View Map
136743KABONGOYes4 Cnr R565 & Sun City Road, PhokengRustenburgNorth West014 5664966View Map
151610HAFFEJEEYes5 Steyn Street, KosterKosterNorth West014 5434528View Map
1578103STEENKAMP & CONRADIE INCNo28 Hertzog Street, HartswaterHartswaterNorthern Cape053 4740157View Map
146099MOKOENAYes161 Maputle Street, VergenoegKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8711100View Map
1582658PHOLOHOLOYesStand 7 Ganyesa Village, Shopping Complex Tosca Road, GanyesaKagisano RuralNorthern Cape053 9983622View Map
1532987HOLROYDNo48 Long StreetKimberleyNorthern Cape053 0450485View Map
1551965VAN DER MERWEYes6 Blinkklip Street, PostmasburgPostmasburgNorthern Cape053 3133453View Map
1488368NELNoJoes Shopping Centre, Hlalakwabafileyo Street, PampierstadPampierstadNorthern Cape053 9961936View Map
1501100HEUERYes146 Barkly Road, HomesteadKimberleyNorthern Cape083 2309945View Map
1511084ODENDAALYesMedvend24 Centre, Ben Malan Street, KurumanKurumanNorthern Cape053 7120407View Map
1440322GHOORYesShop 30-31 North West Indian, Shopping Centre 185 Vry Street, VryburgVryburgNorthern Cape053 9271703View Map
1445561GHOOR Y A K & PARTNERYes131 Vry Street, VryburgVryburgNorthern Cape053 9274704View Map
1474774GROBBELAARYes62 Erasmus Street, WarrentonWarrentonNorthern Cape053 4973173View Map
1477595VERMEULENNoUndisclosed, HopetownHopetownNorthern Cape012 3490200View Map
1482262KUHNYes45 D F Malan Street, HartswaterHartswaterNorthern Cape053 4740713View Map
797901MAMPUYANo29 Arbek Street, PrieskaNorthern CapeNorthern Cape053 3531133
868906GRABEYes34 Van Riebeeck Street, CalviniaCalviniaNorthern Cape027 3411434View Map
474738MOKHALINo12a Shone Street, Central Road, Postmansburg8420Northern Cape053 0813074772View Map
513466OOSTHUIZEN JM AND PARTNERYes61a Green Street, West EndKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8613728View Map
552305KABENoErf 2773 Shop 2, Rietbok Street, KathuKathuNorthern Cape053 7231721View Map
701599MANENGANo4 Waterboer Street, Barkly WestBarkly WestNorthern Cape053 5310694View Map
728810KOOPMANNoJorisa Building, 15 Weideman Street, UpingtonUpingtonNorthern Cape051 4101666View Map
743356JACOBSYes11 Eagle Street, RoodepanKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8734449View Map
747874TAQVIYes383 Shimane Street, PaballeloUpingtonNorthern Cape054 3321463View Map
217603HAARHOFFYes35 Erasmus Street, WarrentonWarrentonNorthern Cape053 4974991View Map
249378STRYDOMNoVryburg Private Hospital, 67 Molopo Street, VryburgVryburgNorthern Cape053 9273940View Map
268054GOPANEYes757 Bree Street, KurumanKurumanNorthern Cape053 7120016View Map
374199BURGERYes5 Uitspan Street, SpringbokSpringbokNorthern Cape027 7121101View Map
70416JANSEN VAN VUURENYes14 Jacob Street, BoshofBoshofNorthern Cape053 5410490View Map
119938MJOLINoRoom 301 Lenmed Kathu Private, Hospital Frikkie Meyer Street, KathuKathuNorthern Cape053 7231669View Map
1578847VAN NIEKERKYes325 Main Street, Taung StationTaungNorthern Cape053 9941953View Map
202452BURMEISTERYes19 Orange Street, CeresCeresWestern Cape023 3162050View Map
207640POTGIETERYesKerk Street, KylemoreStellenboschWestern Cape021 8851087View Map
216402NAIDOOYes25 Plein Street, VredenburgVredenburgWestern Cape022 7151112View Map
221988DOWERNoSuite 4 E Coetzee Pharmacy, Building 72 York Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8841218View Map
233900PARKERYes1 Stegman Road, ClaremontCape TownWestern Cape021 6831232View Map
236411MATJEKANEYesShop 13 Khayelitsha Mall, Walter Sisulu Road, KhayelitshaCape TownWestern Cape021 3613429View Map
255629PAULSEYesCnr Aberdeen Street & Victoria, Road, WoodstockCape TownWestern Cape021 4480334View Map
269034MOHAMEDYes31 St Helena Street, StrandfonteinCape TownWestern Cape021 3933141View Map
293822CAMROODIEN-SURVEYesCnr Klip & Lake Road, Grassy ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 7051923View Map
302090AKANA TSOBZEYes19 Seringa StreetThorntonWestern Cape021 3917939View Map
340227KLOPPERNoShop Du12 Market Square, Beacon Way, Plettenberg BayPlettenberg BayWestern Cape044 5333499View Map
352276ROSSOUWYes20 Plein Street, Belmont ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 9871826View Map
360724HAFFEJEE INCYes242 Park Avenue, RocklandsCape TownWestern Cape021 3913025View Map
385190SETOABAYes5 De Lille Street, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 8014279View Map
9954GAUTAMYesMedirama Surgery I 119 Cnr, Fitzroy Street & Milton Road, GoodwoodCape TownWestern Cape021 5919269View Map
10154NAIDOOYesKuwait Taxi Rank Cnr Njongo, Avenue & Njabulo Street, Khayelitsha Site CCape TownWestern Cape021 9092615View Map
29300MARAISYes82 Link Avenue, MacassarCape TownWestern Cape021 8572906View Map
36749BOSMAN BRINK & GROENEVELD INCORPNo147 Dorp Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8872820View Map
36900FIRFIRAY A A & PATEL P C INCORPOYesGatemed Centre, 106 Shaanti Crescent, GatesvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 6379106View Map
36994BLAAUWYes25 Plein Street, VredenburgVredenburgWestern Cape022 7151112View Map
40304OMARYesSuite 3 Yasmeen House, Westfleur Circle, AtlantisCape TownWestern Cape021 5726171View Map
40983WARLEYYesGood Health Primary Care Centre, 34 Main Road, MowbrayCape TownWestern Cape021 6865093View Map
43699MOOSAYes207 Cnr Lake Road & 3rd Avenue, Grassy ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 7059580View Map
47406JANARIYes21 Joe Marks Boulevard, RetreatCape TownWestern Cape021 7127700View Map
55689KHANYes9 Victoria Avenue, Hout BayCape TownWestern Cape021 7902340View Map
58602RAWOOTYes116 10th Avenue, KensingtonCape TownWestern Cape021 5937000View Map
59587MULLERYes25 Plein Street, VredenburgVredenburgWestern Cape022 7151112View Map
68551DU TOITYes1 Cnr Downing Street & Pallotti, Road, MontanaCape TownWestern CapeView Map
104671MUGJENKARYes53 Retreat Road, RetreatCape TownWestern Cape021 7124487View Map
105708MOODLEYYes68 Kasselsvlei Road, Bellville SouthCape TownWestern Cape021 9514477View Map
110159COOMBESYes45 Ray Street, MacassarCape TownWestern Cape021 8572150View Map
111589SMIT & J N VOSLOOYes2 Main Road, GrabouwGrabouwWestern Cape021 8592850View Map
113565LEWINYesMarina Medical, 21 Atlantic Road, MuizenbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7889466View Map
114006LINDE & ASSOCIATES INCORPORATEDYesRoom 1, 69 Fairbairn Street, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 3472724View Map
115819HISHAMYes1st Floor Main Road Medi Centre, 123 Main Road, WynbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7977508View Map
117102DE VILLIERSNo11b Ipic Shopping Centre, Sonstraal Cnr Langeberg Road &, Verdi BoulevardSonstraal HeightsWestern Cape021 9758611View Map
119776NAIDOOYesCnr Washington Street &, Lerotholi Avenue, LangaCape TownWestern Cape021 6940413View Map
128880FRYYes58 Akasia Avenue, MalmesburyMalmesburyWestern Cape022 4864355View Map
130559BAGWANDEENYesCampus Health, University Of The Western Cape, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9111033View Map
130893E G STOFBERGYes10 Jakob Sadie Street, VredenburgVredenburgWestern Cape022 7131281View Map
144045HERBST & PARTNERSYesJakswa Building, 16 Caledon Street, MartinvilleSomerset WestWestern Cape021 8523107View Map
774340SABANYes13 Simonsig Street, WestridgeMitchell’S PlainWestern Cape021 3925030
779296CAWOODNo16 Sleigh Street, LangebaanLangebaanWestern Cape022 7721863View Map
782815DAWOODYesSuite G21 Ground Floor, Claremont Medical & Dental Main, ClaremontCape TownWestern Cape021 6831237View Map
790478MICHAUXNo26 Tide Street, KnysnaKnysnaWestern Cape044 3821492View Map
797820OLIVIERNoDana Bay Medical Centre, 13 Malva Road, Mossel BayMossel BayWestern Cape044 6981861View Map
815721DR LG STOCKIGT INCNo33 Voortrekker Street, Beaufort WestBeaufort WestWestern Cape023 4152663View Map
877603DR NE VAN ASWEGEN INCYes51 Church Street, De AarDe AarWestern Cape053 6312978View Map
933775NIEUWOUDT AND ASSOCIATES INCNoIntercare Milnerton Medical &, Dental Centre 117 Racecourse, MilnertonCape TownWestern Cape021 3688877View Map
933988DR JR BENEKE INCORPERATEDNo111 Montagu Street, Mossel BayMossel BayWestern Cape044 6903545View Map
934194SEBESTENYYesShop 6 Sonata Place, Sonata LaneMitchells PlainWestern Cape021 3926141
934720DR Z DADAKER AND DR M KADER INCYesCnr 1st Avenue & Klipfontein, Road, SilvertownCape TownWestern Cape021 6973786View Map
939315MATANDANo1 John Montague Centre, Montague Drive, Montague GardensCape TownWestern Cape021 5259121View Map
956406DRS NEETHLING AND TERBLANCHE INCYesUnit 6 Adam Tas Business Park, Cnr R44 & Adam Tas Road, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8871671View Map
978078PELSERNo503 The Regent, 19-33 Regent Road, Sea PointCape TownWestern Cape021 4348200View Map
979325HOPENo20b Langenhoven Street, DurbanvilleCape TownWestern CapeView Map
992437STANDERYes10 Main StreetMoorreesburgWestern Cape022 4332200
998214DELPORTNoGrace Medical Centre, 10 Park Road, DurbanvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9756064View Map
1403249PATELYesShop 6 Tembani Shopping Centre, Capital Place, TembaniCape TownWestern Cape021 3871166View Map
1405020WAYNIKNo1 Green Point Mews, 99 Main Road, Green PointCape TownWestern Cape021 4395852View Map
1405616COETZEYes28 Main Road, HermanusHermanusWestern Cape028 3121170View Map
1408682VAN DER WATTYesCnr Robertson And Zietsman RoadMossel BayWestern Cape044 6913906
1408755LOCHNERYes11 Maeder Street, Victoria WestVictoria WestWestern Cape053 6210331View Map
1409085PATELYesSir Alfred Place, 5 Sir Alfred Avenue, LansdowneCape TownWestern Cape021 6965940View Map
1410903DE WETNoLongstreet Medical Practice, Cnr Long & Unity Street, KnysnaKnysnaWestern Cape044 0503487View Map
1420763LOUWNoShop 1 Shoprite Centre, Market Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8747556View Map
1421948VAN WYKYes6 Church Street, WellingtonWellingtonWestern Cape021 8643590View Map
1422731SWARTYes6 Seaton Place, 30f Church Street, HopefieldHopefieldWestern Cape022 7230509View Map
1427210LOGHDEYYes530 Lansdowne Road, LansdowneCape TownWestern Cape021 7617966View Map
1427369VAN DER MERWEYes5 Church StreetRiebeek KasteelWestern Cape021 9051494View Map
1429779VERMEULENYes5 Cnr Protea Avenue & Hibiskus, Street, VelddrifVelddrifWestern Cape022 7830027View Map
1433156KHANYesAlpine Park Cnr Alpine Street &, Morgenster Road, Beacon ValleyCape TownWestern Cape021 3762964View Map
1436376VAN ZYLYes32 Lang Street, De KuilenCape TownWestern Cape021 9036519View Map
1436384WASCHNIGYes2 School Street, Eerste RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9045972View Map
391670HOOSAINYesCape Medical & Dental Centre, 297 Main Road, KenilworthCape TownWestern Cape021 7610427View Map
431532MARTINYes34 Boundary Road, RetreatCape TownWestern Cape021 7157688View Map
447684CYSTERYesShop V6 Delft Mall, Cnr Hindle & Delft Main Road, DelftCape TownWestern Cape021 9541990View Map
458503SADLERNoRiverside Cottage Clinic, 10 Rosendale Road, RondeboschCape TownWestern Cape021 6895141View Map
469726KHALFEYesSymphony Village, 19 Dimlang Street, DelftCape TownWestern Cape021 9271001View Map
509787MANNINGYes18 Voortrekker RoadRiebeek WestWestern Cape022 4612517View Map
523658VISAGIENoShop 23 Giant Valu Centre, 2 Repens Crescent, C/o Okavango And De Bron RoadBrackenfellWestern Cape021 9819426View Map
535273VAN DER WESTHUIZENNoShop 29 Langverwacht Plein, Langverwacht Road, Kuils RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9032090View Map
550957MATHURANo105 Vryburger Avenue, BothasigCape TownWestern Cape021 5580180View Map
573418ADAMSYesCnr Downing Street & Pallotti, Road, MontanaCape TownWestern Cape021 9340977View Map
583421VAN ZITTERSYesShop 2 Pelican Park Shopping, Centre Strandfontein Road, Pelican ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 3961155View Map
592382FOURIENo17 Cinneraria Street, Struis BayStruis BayWestern Cape028 4357130View Map
611212IYUN-JEJEYes113 Jakkalsvlei Avenue, BontheuwelCape TownWestern Cape021 6945495View Map
612782DR TREDOUX HEYNS INCORPORATEDYesTredoux Centre, 2 Voortrekker Street, VredendalVredendalWestern Cape027 2135147View Map
661295FOURIEYes6 Berg Street, WellingtonWellingtonWestern Cape021 8731047View Map
705543NCANGAYIYes7 Ngcwalazi Road, KhayelitshaCape TownWestern Cape021 3741560View Map
710334PETERSEN INCYesMelran House, Mark Street, AvondaleCape TownWestern Cape021 5728054View Map
722979CUPIDOYes25 Plein Street, VredenburgVredenburgWestern Cape022 7151112View Map
728438VAN DER WESTHUIZENNo23 Flamingo StreetSedgefieldWestern Cape011 3260115
742244ALLIE AND DAVIS INCYes337 Fountain Road, MatroosfonteinCape TownWestern Cape021 9326633View Map
743283M P LAMPRECHT INCNo19a White Street, RobertsonRobertsonWestern Cape023 6262270View Map
759945DOMINGOYesShop 6b The Emporium, 10 Sandown Road, ParklandsCape TownWestern Cape021 5542439View Map
153206RAMLALYesMaitland Medical Centre, 220 Voortrekker Road, MaitlandCape TownWestern Cape021 5118741View Map
162833RINKWESTYes3 Vision House, 19 Parklands Main RdParklandsWestern Cape021 5576933
166804JONKERYes7 Tuin Street, De DoornsDe DoornsWestern Cape023 3562086View Map
174432VAWDAYes115 Fairbairn Street, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 3422437View Map
177105KADERNo16 Fir Road, CloetesvilleStellenboschWestern Cape021 8896381View Map
180548BOSMAN JP & STYGER VYes55 Main Road, GansbaaiGans BayWestern Cape028 3841165View Map
182796BELLYes6 Central Circle, Fish HoekCape TownWestern Cape021 7826010View Map
192120SMITNoUnit 6d Park West Centre, Parklands Main Road, ParklandsCape TownWestern Cape021 5567717View Map
194735VERMAAKYes36 Voortrekker Street, DarlingWestern CapeWestern Cape022 4922339
1494562PARKERYesSimunye Primary Health Care, Centre Cnr First & Fourth Avenue, EastridgeCape TownWestern Cape021 3912661View Map
1494988BAILLYNo85 Arum Road, Table ViewCape TownWestern Cape021 5576036View Map
1496069KRIEKNoRoom 2085 Mediclinic Louis, Leipoldt 7 Broadway Street, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9481872View Map
1496468COETZEYesCnr Forest Drive & Oasis Road, Eerste RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9041666View Map
1497960JORDAAN DU TOIT GENIS & MARITZ IYes131 St John Street, OudtshoornOudtshoornWestern Cape044 2724676View Map
1498975APPIESYes25 Plein Street, VredenburgVredenburgWestern Cape022 7151112View Map
1499742JASSIEMYes541 Military Road, SteenbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7015873View Map
1499858EBRAHIMYesShop 3 Bishop Lavis Shopping, Centre Lavis Drive, Bishop LavisCape TownWestern Cape021 9340596View Map
1500848ABBASYesGrassy Park Medical Centre, Cnr Reddy Avenue & Victoria Road, Grassy ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 7053995View Map
1501577OMARYes23 Chestnut Way, BelharCape TownWestern Cape021 9522190View Map
1502433MAARSINGHYes26 Tide Street, KnysnaKnysnaWestern Cape044 3821492View Map
1502441SCHOONBEENo9 Trinity Street, CaledonCaledonWestern Cape028 2121180View Map
1503936MCDONALDYes1 Maasdorp Street, AmstelhofPaarlWestern Cape021 8621240View Map
1506579SATTARNoTouchstone House, 7 Bree Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4187900View Map
1506587STANDERNo23 Flamingo Avenue, SedgefieldSedgefieldWestern Cape044 3431943View Map
1506684MELMEDNoHawkesbury Surgery, Staines Road, PlumsteadCape TownWestern Cape021 7611886View Map
1508776JIVANJEEYes4 Grey Street, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 3471856View Map
1509489STOCKTONYes37 Barry Road, Hout BayCape TownWestern Cape021 7904044View Map
1514970CHAITYes112 Belvedere Road, ClaremontCape TownWestern Cape021 6713277View Map
1517279TRUTERYes64a Church Street, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 3471031View Map
1519395GANIYesCnr Hyde & Myrtle Road, Parkwood EstCape TownWestern Cape021 7065740View Map
1519492LUCASYes66 Kerria Avenue, Protea ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 5727100View Map
1519654VAN ZYLNo3 Gewelsentrum, MarkstraatMalmesburyWestern Cape022 4821640View Map
1523465DR PAUW AND PARTNERSNo24 Van Riebeeck Street, LadismithLadismithWestern Cape028 5511062View Map
1523775MARAISYes6 Vineyard Avenue, AustinvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9051494View Map
1436805PARKERYesShop 46b Level 2 Golden Acre, Shopping Centre Adderley Street, ForeshoreCape TownWestern Cape021 4187224View Map
1437178LOUWNoShop 126 Lower Level Entrance 6, Tyger Valley CentreBellvilleWestern Cape021 9141684View Map
1437208SOLANKIYesShop No 29 Paarl East Shopping, Centre Cnr Van Der Stel & Broad, Way StreetPaarl EastWestern Cape021 8625674View Map
1440314DE VILLIERSNo1 Meyer Street, BergsigGeorgeWestern Cape044 8732985View Map
1443046BARNARDNo27 Barnard Street, GansbaaiGans BayWestern Cape028 3840411View Map
1443887FOURIENo113 Market Street, Prince AlbertPrince AlbertWestern Cape023 5411090View Map
1443917STOLTZYes66 Suikerbos Street, Bellair EstCape TownWestern Cape021 9190055View Map
1445146KATHANYes96 Klip Road, Grassy ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 7058966View Map
1445286SMITHYes23 Baron Van Reede Street, OudtshoornOudtshoornWestern Cape044 2723074View Map
1446835BOYDYes1st House, 73 First Road, Grassy ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 7063744View Map
1447785HAYATYes95 Military Road, SteenbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7012308View Map
1450093WENTLEYYes21 Rustenburg Road, IdasvalleiStellenboschWestern Cape021 8879320View Map
1450786AHMEDYes55 2nd Avenue, ManenbergCape TownWestern Cape021 6910046View Map
1453181ANNANDALEYes9 Hoof Street, LaaiplekVelddrifWestern Cape022 7830040View Map
1453912LIDDLENo10 Stanley Street, Perm GardensCape TownWestern Cape021 9041280View Map
1459104SMITYes60 Hoof Street, PiketbergPiketbergWestern Cape022 9131172View Map
1460544BASSIERYesSuite 22 Airport Shopping, Centre Belhar Drive, BelharCape TownWestern Cape021 9525292View Map
1461680RABINOWITZYes44 West Street, Parow EastCape TownWestern Cape021 9395146View Map
1463187HANGONEYes202 Old Cape Road, GrabouwGrabouwWestern Cape021 8593927View Map
1463349MELLETTYes1 Brackenfell Medical Centre, Old Paarl Way & Brackenfell, BoulevardBrackenfellWestern Cape021 9812118View Map
1463519RAPITIYes17 Cinderella Crescent, EastridgeCape TownWestern Cape021 3976029View Map
1463713VAN ZYLYes2 Longships Drive, Plettenberg BayPlettenberg BayWestern Cape044 5335032View Map
1465414PAKADEYes138a Ny 3a, GuguletuCape TownWestern Cape021 6337530View Map
1467395VAN DER MERWEYes55 The Village Artisan, Cabriere Street, FranschhoekFranschhoekWestern CapeView Map
1468316CADERYes45 Kasselsvlei Road, Bellville SouthCape TownWestern Cape021 9515256View Map
1468863ASHTIKERYesAshmed Medical Centre, 21 Church Street, AthloneCape TownWestern Cape021 6966849View Map
1468987MULLAJEEYesOsman Centre, Cnr Lavender & Protea Street, LentegeurCape TownWestern Cape021 3718186View Map
1469061CHOTHIAYes50 Old Strandfontein Road, WettonCape TownWestern Cape021 7037331View Map
1472402SETZERYes361 Koeberg Road, RugbyCape TownWestern Cape021 5101441View Map
1473204DHANSAYYes99 5th Avenue, Grassy ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 7062829View Map
1473816NOORYesCnr 4th Avenue & Buck Road, Lotus RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 7035306View Map
1475428SALKINDERYesMillenium Centre, 580 Frans Conradie Drive, BrackenfellCape TownWestern Cape021 9821152View Map
1475673BAWOODIENYes21 26th Avenue, Norwood EstElsies RivierWestern Cape021 9329116View Map
1476939NEL INCYes22 Eeufees StreetWolseleyWestern Cape023 2311008View Map
1479326BERNARDYesOdeon Centre, 138 Lady Grey Street, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8724000View Map
1479792CADERYes304 5th Avenue, Lotus RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 7064050View Map
1480170AKOOJEENo1 Cnr Klipfontein & Libra Road, Surrey EstCape TownWestern Cape021 6379193View Map
1481363VOSLOOYes83 Kipling Street, Zoo ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 9874282View Map
1482211HEYWOODNo55 The Village Artisan, Cabriere Street, FranschhoekFranschhoekWestern Cape021 8762474View Map
1572865CORNELLNoRiverside Cottage Clinic, 10 Rosendale Road, RondeboschCape TownWestern Cape021 6895141View Map
1573888LE ROUXYes7 Charles Street, Groot BrakrivierGroot BrakrivierWestern Cape044 6202105View Map
1575597BRUWERYes73 Voortrekker Street, PiketbergPiketbergWestern Cape022 9131146View Map
1576151WALTERSNo55 Buitekant StreetYzerfonteinWestern Cape022 4512941View Map
1578243VAN DER WESTHUIZENNo10 Barron Court, Coronation Road, Walmer EstCape TownWestern Cape021 4475329View Map
1578618MOWZERYes144 Halt Road, Elsies RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9326811View Map
1578820DAYARAMYes82 De Wet Road, OtteryCape TownWestern Cape021 7042649View Map
1579010LE BRETONYesSomerset Heights, 2 Apollo Street, KleinvleiCape TownWestern Cape021 9043173View Map
1580167VASSENYes4 Shaftesbury Road, OtteryCape TownWestern Cape021 7042316View Map
1580388STULTINGNo195 Koeberg Road, BrooklynCape TownWestern Cape021 5111300View Map
1580507MORRISONYes60 Hoof Street, PiketbergPiketbergWestern Cape022 9131172View Map
1580515SCHEEPERSYes73 Voortrekker Street, PiketbergPiketbergWestern Cape022 9131146View Map
1581163FIRFIREYYesShop 2 Surrey Centre, 3 College Road, GreenhavenCape TownWestern Cape021 6380029View Map
1582712BOSCHNo20 Dirkie Uys Street, BredasdorpBredasdorpWestern Cape028 4241161View Map
1584200DUMAYesKhayelitsha Town 2, Aa114 Bekelentloko Street, KhayelitshaCape TownWestern Cape021 3610224View Map
1584618WILLIAMSONNoHawkesbury Court, Staines Road, PlumsteadCape TownWestern Cape021 7611886View Map
1584790GEORGEYesShop 7 Riverpark Shopping Centre, Cnr Nooiensfontein And Carinus SKuils RiverWestern Cape021 9064669View Map
1585649BARNARDYes162 Gordon’s Bay Drive, StrandCape TownWestern Cape021 8459213View Map
1586009REDDYYes6 Musica Avenue, MacassarCape TownWestern Cape021 8572520View Map
1586084BLUMENTHALNoRiverside Cottage Clinic, 10 Rosendal Road, RondeboschCape TownWestern Cape021 6895141View Map
1524240VIVIERSYesCampus Health Services, 7 Claassen Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8083496View Map
1525689LOGDAYYes65 Murton Road, Rylands EstCape TownWestern Cape021 6378831View Map
1525832BRUNDYNNo36 Rathgar Street, Oakdale EstCape TownWestern Cape021 9453615View Map
1527460GOVANYesShop 1 Nonkqubela Station Site, B 96 Sulani Drive, KhayelitshaCape TownWestern Cape021 3611171
1529137VAN HEERDENYesShop 19b Cavalier Retail Centre, Hindle Road, Blue DownsCape TownWestern Cape021 9095167View Map
1529730CONRADIEYes6 Berg, WellingtonWellingtonWestern Cape021 8731047View Map
1530062KOTZEYes38 Jeanette Street, AraunaCape TownWestern Cape021 9815546View Map
1530275HAMMANNoRoom 2085a Louis Leipoldt, Medical Centre Cnr Voortrekker, Road & Broadway RoadBellvilleWestern Cape021 9481871View Map
1531301COETZEEYesRoom 111 1st Floor Melomed, Mitchells Plain Symphony Walk, Mitchells PlainCape TownWestern Cape021 3926142View Map
1535102PILLAYYesShop 82a Gugulethu Mall, Steve Biko Street, GuguletuCape TownWestern Cape021 6372269View Map
1535137HAYESYesRoom 4 Lambert’s Bay Medical, Centre Main Road, Lambert’s BayLambert’S BayWestern Cape027 4321136View Map
1536788MULLERNo7 Cavendish Close, Cavendish Street, ClaremontCape TownWestern Cape083 6588177View Map
1537113LOGHDEYYes530 Lansdowne Road, LansdowneCape TownWestern Cape021 7617966View Map
1538578BANDERKERYesBelmed Centre, 16 Central Avenue, Belthorne EstCape TownWestern Cape021 6970421View Map
1542281MEIRINGYes1 Kerk Street, KlawerKlawerWestern Cape027 2161513View Map
1543377WEGNERNo3 Susan Way, TokaiCape TownWestern Cape021 7129367View Map
1544705ESTERHUYSENo28 Van Zyl Street, BonnievaleBonnievaleWestern Cape023 6163315View Map
1544713KATHANYes2 Silverhurst Close, WestridgeCape TownWestern Cape021 3923555View Map
1545191DE VILLIERSYesGrotepass Building, Alpha PharmacyWildernessWestern Cape044 2850155View Map
1547046THERONNo7b Petrusa Street, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9481308View Map
1548182ABRAHAMSYes148 Victoria Road, WoodstockCape TownWestern Cape021 4481757View Map
1548794RAWATYesShop 2 Abeesham Centre, Mitchell Avenue, WoodlandsCape TownWestern Cape021 3745012View Map
1549995BLAKENo31 Bird Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8878485View Map
1550578PEERYes7 Pomegranate Street, EastridgeCape TownWestern Cape021 3973020View Map
1551566MAWISAYesSite B Khayalethu Medical, Centre 1 Njimba Avenue, KhayelitshaCape TownWestern Cape074 4307392View Map
1551876KOTZEYesDutch Reformed Church Rectory, Saldanha Street, RuyterwachtCape TownWestern Cape021 5346041View Map
1555219GELDENHUYSNo18 Matzikama Street, VredendalVredendalWestern Cape027 2131053View Map
1556762MOSTERTNo5 Victoria Way, CaledonCaledonWestern Cape028 2121096View Map
1558943RABIENo9 Athens Street, UitzichtCape TownWestern Cape021 9750449View Map
1560530MAJIETYes280 Ottery Road, OtteryCape TownWestern Cape021 7039151View Map
1560727ISMAILNoUnit 131 Quays Commercial, Park Lane, Century CityCape TownWestern Cape021 5528080View Map
1562622GOUSYes8 George Street, BlancoGeorgeWestern Cape044 8708605View Map
1562991JAKOETYes74 Rose Street, Schotsche KloofCape TownWestern Cape021 1005146View Map
1563130BURGERYes91 Voortrekker Street, CitrusdalCitrusdalWestern Cape022 9212725View Map
1564358KAGEEYesShop 8 Vredenhof Building Town, Harmony Sqaure, Town CentreMitchells PlainWestern Cape021 3922839View Map
1566660MILLERNoRiverside Cottage Clinic, 10 Rosendale Road, RondeboschCape TownWestern Cape021 6895141View Map
1484141NAROTAMYes230 Leipoldt Avenue, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 3474015View Map
1485954JOHNSONYes108 Gordon’s Bay Drive, RusthofCape TownWestern Cape021 8538846View Map
1487744CHAVDAYesD & M Centre, Andrews Road, NewfieldsCape TownWestern Cape021 6914190View Map
1488805ASHTIKERYesCnr Norwood Road & 22nd Avenue, Elsies RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9316236View Map
1489240PAPIERNo91 10th Avenue, KensingtonCape TownWestern Cape021 5937662View Map
1490745VASSENYes67 Wein Road, SilversandsCape TownWestern Cape021 9091115View Map
1493981OLIVIERYes63 Cnr Gordon’s Bay Drive &, Gordon Street, StrandCape TownWestern Cape021 8533355View Map
1494511SETSUBIYesSetsmed, 371 Steve Biko Street, GuguletuCape TownWestern Cape021 6377384View Map
280550BULANEYesLithabaneng Ha Mots’oeneng, Opp Engen Garage, Main South 1 RoadMaseru
284076HANSONYesLndc Shop No 21Maseru662 2316955
664405ZIETSMANYes441 Peak Road, Pringle Bay7196028 2738069View Map
691631SKOSANAYes011 9531700
1584375PRETORIUSNo013 7123111
909467KLEYNHANSYes044 8736177
1408976DALGLEISHYes225 Incarha Drive, Morgans BayMorgan Bay082 6598491View Map
1530100GANIEYes339 Randles Road, SydenhamDurban031 9426007
709859DR BESTER AND PARTNERSYes12 Sandypoint Cresant, Saint Helenabay7390022 0227361448
691631SKOSANAYes011 9531700
1584375PRETORIUSNo013 7123111
909467KLEYNHANSYes044 8736177
1408976DALGLEISHYes225 Incarha Drive, Morgans BayMorgan Bay082 6598491View Map
1530100GANIEYes339 Randles Road, SydenhamDurban031 9426007
709859DR BESTER AND PARTNERSYes12 Sandypoint Cresant, Saint Helenabay7390022 0227361448
Please note that information is subject to change as practices are added or deleted.

What is a General Practitioner?

A GP is a medical doctor who has qualified in general medicine and works in the community, often in private practice, to treat patients for a wide range of medical conditions or health issues. Some of the services provided by a GP include:

  • Health check-ups and screenings
  • Diagnosis of illnesses or medical conditions
  • Medical advice and information
  • Mental health care
  • Ordering of certain medical tests
  • Providing nutrition advice
  • Providing prescription medication
  • Providing referrals to appropriate specialists
  • Management of acute or chronic medical conditions
  • Immediate emergency care following an accident

When should you see a General Practitioner?

A family GP can assist with mild to severe medical conditions. They are instrumental in the early detection of certain diseases or conditions, and the subsequent treatment plan you receive. Book an appointment with a doctor from the Health4Me GP Network if you are sick, injured or experiencing serious medical symptoms. A general practitioner can assist you with acute or short-term medical problems like the treatment of a minor wound, an asthma attack or common colds and flu.

A GP can also assist with the treatment of chronic conditions, like high blood pressure, mental health conditions or heart disease. The general practitioner will prescribe a treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms. In order to do so, they might assess your health, consult your family medical history, order some diagnostic tests, recommend certain lifestyle changes, prescribe medication or refer you to a specialist.

Get a doctor’s referral letter from the Health4Me GP Network

The Momentum Health4Me Gold health insurance plan members can book a consultation with a specialist provided they have obtained a referral from a Momentum Health4Me Network GP and pre-authorisation. Specialist consultations are limited to two visits per member at a maximum of R1,000 per visit each year. The Momentum Health4Me GP list provides a comprehensive report of general practitioners available in your local area. Check the specialist benefits for more information.

GP benefits with Momentum Health4Me

General Practitioner benefits are available to Momentum Health4Me Gold, Silver and Bronze plans. There is no limit to the number of GP visits per year but a Hello Doctor pre-authorisation is required for every GP visit from the fourth visit onwards. GP consultations can be in-office or virtual.

To download the GP network list to your device, please click on the download button below