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Health4Me Optometry Network List

Find an optometrist on the Momentum Health4Me network

Bloom is committed to helping you find the right medical health professional you need. Momentum Health4Me offers health insurance plans that provide you with access to top-quality, private healthcare services through its network of partner optometrists. Find an optometry outlet from the Momentum Health4Me Gold Optometrist List provided below.

If you are unable to locate a suitable Health4Me optometrist from the Momentum Health4Me Optometry list, or if you need assistance in this regard, please contact us at 0860 10 29 03 or send your benefits and claims queries to

Practice NumberPractice NameDispensingPhysical AddressCity or TownProvinceTelephone NumberMap
7014112DAVIESNo18 Bathurst Street, GrahamstownGrahamstownEastern Cape046 6226205View Map
7014279SPEC-SAVERS EAST LONDONNoShop 1 Central Square, Gladstone Street, East LondonEast LondonEastern Cape043 7433228View Map
7014465BENJAMIN LISS OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 1 Aa House, Cnr Rink Street & Park Drive, Port ElizabethPort ElizabethEastern Cape041 5863277
7014589RENS FISHERNoShop 48, Cleary Park Shopping Centre, Cleary ParkPort ElizabethEastern Cape041 4036400View Map
7015070BHAGWANDINNoShop 7 New Brighton Plaza, Dubu Street, Port ElizabethPort ElizabethEastern Cape041 4547764View Map
7015100BUDGET SPECSNo505 Govan Mbeki AvenueNorth EndEastern Cape041 4841615View Map
7015313NAIDUNoShop F8 Uitenhage Mall, Market Street, UitenhageUitenhageEastern Cape041 9926251View Map
7015682SPECTRUM OPTICALNoShop2 Queen Mary Centre, Queen Mary AvenueUitenhageEastern Cape041 9220633View Map
7015860CARELSENoShop 3 Coetzer Centre, 20 Main Street, HumansdorpHumansdorpEastern Cape042 2952515View Map
7016042FREEMANNo315 Durban Road, KorstenPort ElizabethEastern Cape041 4514233View Map
7016832SPEC-SAVERS GREENACRES CCNoShop 23a -24 Greenacres, Shopping Centre Ring Road, GreenacresGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3630353View Map
7017391SPEC-SAVERS PORT ALFREDNoShop 21 Heritage Mall, 11 Gluckman Road, Port AlfredPort AlfredEastern Cape046 6243027View Map
7018045PANDAYNo80 Rubin CrescentNmmuEastern Cape041 9228676
7018150FERREIRANoShop 2 Ground Floor Westbourne, House 74 Westbourne Road, CentralGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3743646View Map
7018908SINGHNo90 Liebenberg Road, GelvandaleGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4561692View Map
7019122ABDOLNo219a Govan Mbeki Avenue, CentralGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 5853856View Map
7019246KRIELNoShop 2 Halver House, Walker Street, King William's TownKing William`S TownEastern Cape043 6434223View Map
7019874ALEXANDRA OPTOMETRISTNo83 Nelson Mandela Drive, NorwoodMthathaEastern Cape047 5310577View Map
7019882SIMSONNoShop 12 A Stanford Square Cnr, Cotterell Street & Stanford Road, KorstenGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4531860View Map
7020511NXUMALONo24 Scanlen Street, ButterworthButterworthEastern Cape047 4891110View Map
7020678PEERNo7 Smith Street, King William's TownKing William`S TownEastern Cape043 6424579View Map
7021321SPEC WISENoShop 2, 114 Beetlestone RoadParksideEastern Cape041 4572699View Map
7022573CHETTYNo16 Belgravia CrescentEast LondonEastern Cape043 7436089View Map
7022719GLENNNoShop 1 Walmer Park Shopping, Complex 16th Avenue, WalmerGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3689790View Map
7022913BOURKENo29 Albany Street, East LondonEast LondonEastern Cape043 7430978View Map
7023472NAMANENoShop 1 Central Square, Gladstone Street, East LondonEast LondonEastern Cape043 7433228View Map
7023669MAPUMANoLiboria House, Grace Street, CentralGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 5822587View Map
7024207BUDGET SPECSNo68 Nojoli StreetSomerset EastEastern Cape042 2431687View Map
7024576RAMLUGANNo89 Kings Road, DutywaIdutywaEastern Cape047 4891620View Map
7024584VISION CARE UMTATANo6 Craister Street, NorwoodMthathaEastern Cape087 3103980View Map
7024924MUTHRAYNoWest End Medipark Centre, St Bridget Street, West EndBethelsdorpEastern Cape041 4812137View Map
7026021SPEC-SAVERS KING WILLIAM`S TOWNNoShop 36 Metlife Mall, Cnr Smith & Cross Streets, King William's TownKing William`S TownEastern Cape043 6425715View Map
7026315LE ROUXNo238 Cape Road, Mill ParkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape076 5904999View Map
7026498VAN DER WATNoShop 22 Metlife Mall, Kabega Road, Kabega ParkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3601141View Map
7026579KAWANo140 Ralo Street, KwamagxakiIbhayiEastern Cape041 4632000View Map
7026617DOWLEYNoMuirhead & Gowie Building, 42 High StreetGrahamstownEastern Cape046 6222295View Map
7027109MAKOANoShop G04 Hemingways Mall Cnr, Western Services Avenue & Two, Rivers RoadEast LondonEastern Cape043 7260855View Map
7027516MT FRERE OPTOMETRISTNo46 Cathcart RoadQueenstownEastern Cape045 8395624View Map
7028024DE WITTNo34 Graaff Reinet Road, UitenhageUitenhageEastern Cape041 9921543View Map
7028474KRIELNo16 St Peters Road, SouthernwoodEast LondonEastern Cape043 7229617View Map
7029381VAN ZYLNoThe Vision Centre, 197 Cape Road, Mill ParkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3732908View Map
7029764MINNAARNo38 Church Street, Graaff-reinetGraaff-ReinetEastern Cape049 8924114View Map
7030169MCFARLANE & PARTNERS INCNoShop 10 Pick 'n Pay Centre, Graaff-reinet Road, UitenhageUitenhageEastern Cape041 9911315View Map
7030177MCFARLANE & PARTNERS INCNo42 Church Street, HumansdorpHumansdorpEastern Cape042 2951844View Map
7030282MCFARLANE & PARTNERS INCNoShop 10 Pick 'n Pay Centre, Graaff Reinet Road, UitenhageUitenhageEastern Cape041 9911315View Map
7030770SPECSAVERS UMTATA INCORPORATEDNoShop 17, Circus Triangle, Sutherland StreetUmtataEastern Cape047 5310299
7030851MATYUNo179 Koyana Street, ZwideIbhayiEastern Cape041 4641727View Map
7030983NJIKELANANoShop 110 Edcott Square, 256 Oxford Street, East LondonEast LondonEastern Cape043 7436311View Map
7031262NAICKERNoShop 5 Excelsior Shopping, Centre Oxland Street, MthathaMthathaEastern Cape047 5314769View Map
7031491GIPPERTNoThe Colcade, 41 Hill Street, GrahamstownGrahamstownEastern Cape046 6223845View Map
7031521DUTTONNo33 King StreetSouthernwoodEastern Cape043 7432915View Map
7031963SPEC-SAVERS NELSPRUITNoShop 20, Northcliff Square, Corner Beyers Naude & Milner RoaNorthcliffEastern Cape011 8889966
7032021GIESENo2 4th Street, GonubieEast LondonEastern Cape043 7400336View Map
7032439SPEC-SAVERS OCUVISION KWAZULU NANoSuite 101, Oasim South, Pearson StreetCentrahilEastern Cape031 2074923
7034636DZINGWANoShop 6 Grovna Hotel, Maderia RoadMthathaEastern Cape031 3012884View Map
7034830TRZEBIATOWSKYNoShop M48 Moffett On Main, Lifestyle Centre Cnr William, Moffett Expressway & Main RoadWalmerEastern Cape041 3686301View Map
7034865TORGA OPTICALNoShop No 21, Beacon Bay Retail Park, Beacon BayEast LondonEastern Cape043 7481956View Map
7034938SPEC-SAVERS BEACONNoShop 32 Beacon Bay Retail, Centre Bonza Bay Road, Beacon BayEast LondonEastern Cape043 7482883View Map
7035608NDZEKUNoFashion Kapitol, Shop 3, 130 Pritchard StreetJohannesburgEastern Cape047 4914192
7036426NAIDOONoSuite 2 Caxton House, Terminus StreetEast LondonEastern Cape043 7229074View Map
453838JACOBSNoShop G33 6th Avenue Shopping, Centre 6th Avenue, WalmerGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 5811024View Map
461261RAGA M - CAPE ROADNoDischem Wellness Centre, 289 Cape Road, Newton ParkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3630516View Map
462829NONKULANoThe Mall Building, 51 Madeira Street, NorwoodMthathaEastern CapeView Map
479276HORN A - NONESI MALLNoShop 70 Nonesi Shopping Centre, Komani Street, QueenstownQueenstownEastern Cape045 8385009View Map
481203MSANENoShop 211, Oxford StreetSouthernwoodEastern Cape074 1668679View Map
491721JORDAAN F J - NEW BRIGHTONNoShop 41 Kenako Retail Centre, Cnr Uitenhage Road & Spando, Zwide Ext 4Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4523775View Map
503991KHANNo5 Church Street, Cannon HillUitenhageEastern Cape041 9225554View Map
505781TRZEBIATOWSKY P D - HEMMINGWAYSNoShop Ug 40 & 41 Hemmingways, Shopping Centre Cnr Western, East LondonEast LondonEastern Cape043 7263077View Map
505811TRZEBIATOWSKYNoShop 21 Walker Drive Shopping, Centre Walker Drive, SherwoodGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3604869View Map
507709KHUMALONoShop 8 Mdantsane Shopping, Centre Cnr Billie Road & Qumza, HighwayMdantsaneEastern Cape043 7624477View Map
511064TRZEBIATOWSKY P D - BEACON BAYNoShop 21 Beacon Bay Retail Park, Bonza Bay Road, Beacon BayEast LondonEastern Cape043 7481957View Map
515507SAMUELS C A - CLEARY PARKNoShop Ng 6 Cleary Park Shopping, Centre Stanford Road, Cleary ParkBethelsdorpEastern Cape041 4815339View Map
515515SAMUELS C A - NEW BRIGHTONNoShop 30a Kenako Mall Cnr Old, Uitenhage Road & Spondo Street, BethelsdorpIbhayiEastern Cape041 4524120View Map
516236RAGA - WALMER PARK SHOPPING CENTNoShop 50c Walmer Park Shopping, Centre Cnr 16th Avenue & Main, WalmerPort ElizabethEastern Cape041 3674790View Map
519936MAKAN M - ZEERUSTNoShop 1, Gerrit Maritz StreetZeerustEastern Cape018 6421491
521760MAKAN M - NIGELNoShop B Erf 1/1473, 44b Hendrikverwoerd AveNigelEastern Cape011 8143213
521779MAKAN M - VRYBURGNoShop 3 Vryburg Mall, De Kock StreetVryburgEastern Cape053 9275057
555762MGILANE B N - ZANEMPILO CENTRENo22 Oxford St, Shop 2, Zanempilo CentreEast LondonEastern CapeView Map
571431SCHREUDERNo3 Van Riebeeck Street, JoubertinaJoubertinaEastern Cape082 6303799View Map
575828YOUNGNo3 Robinson Road, QueenstownQueenstownEastern Cape045 8381305View Map
578134PHILLIPS S C - PORT ELIZABETHNoShop 17 Ground Floor Pier 14, Shopping Centre 444 Govan Mbeki, AvenuePort ElizabethEastern Cape041 4841203View Map
582905HORNNoShop Lg117 Baywest Mall, Walker DriveSherwoodEastern Cape041 4920314View Map
584894MANXIWANoShop 135 Mthatha Mall, 33 Errol Spring Avenue, MthathaMthathaEastern Cape047 5311965View Map
585556NAWAZNoShop Lg 19 Baywest Mall, Baywest Boulevard, Hunter's RetreatPort ElizabethEastern Cape041 4920347View Map
587621MAHAMBANoShop No 1 121 Cnr Richardson &, Thompson StreetIdutywaEastern Cape047 4892242View Map
587907TOMSETTNo7 Chase Street, UitenhageUitenhageEastern Cape041 9229971View Map
591645VAN DER WATNoShop Lg 31 Baywest Mall Cnr, Baywest Boulevard & Hunters, Hunter's RetreatPort ElizabethEastern Cape041 4502552View Map
591653VAN ZYLNoShop Lg 127 Baywest Mall, Walker Drive Extension, Hunter's RetreatGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4502554View Map
592218ARJOONNoShop G84 Hemingways Mall Cnr, Western Avenue & Two Rivers, CambridgeEast LondonEastern Cape043 7211022View Map
608793WOLMARANS A AND DOWLEY B JNoShop 23a-24 Greenacres Shopping, Centre Ring Road, GreenacresGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3633479View Map
609080VILAKAZINoShop 13 Nyara Shopping Centre, Cnr Tynira & W M Maku Street, MotherwellMotherwellEastern Cape041 4760300View Map
612693TOMSETTNo73 Main Street, DespatchDespatchEastern Cape041 9332182View Map
633887MURUGAN M CHETTY INCNo4 Marine TerraceEast LondonEastern Cape
660019LENGISINoShop 8 Mdantsane City Mall, Cnr Billie Road & Qumza Highway, MdantsaneMdantsaneEastern Cape043 7624477View Map
673498NYEZINoShop 36 Metlife Mall, Cnr Smith & Cross Streets, King William's TownKing William`S TownEastern Cape043 6425715View Map
686573MASHALABANoShop 21 Beacon Bay Retail Park, Bonza Bay Road, Beacon BayEast LondonEastern Cape043 7481957View Map
707473LENGISINoShop 51 Bt Ngebs Mall, Errol Spring Avenue, MthathaMthathaEastern Cape047 5311955View Map
720585BIGGSNoShop B32 The Bridge @, Greenacres Cnr Cape Road & C J, Langenhoven DriveGreenacresEastern Cape041 3630647View Map
721069MATHOSANoShop 25b, Cathcart Road, QueenstownQueenstownEastern Cape045 8396223View Map
730262MASHALABANoShop Ug 40 & Ug 41 Hemingways, Mall Cnr Western Avenue & Two, Rivers DriveEast LondonEastern Cape043 7261841View Map
750425HALL G AND POTGIETER KNoShop L19 Baywest Mall, Baywest Boulevard, Hunter's RetreatGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4920347View Map
760323CLAINOSNoShop 108 Walmer Park Shopping, Centre Main Road, WalmerGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3681378View Map
767697ZIKIZANoShop 9 Emerald Square Centre, Buffelsfontein Road, Mount PleasantPort ElizabethEastern Cape084 4536398View Map
788627VAN ZYLNoShop G 47 Fountain Mall Cnr, R102 Humansdorp & St Francis, Jeffreys BayJeffreys BayEastern Cape042 9400860View Map
817503VENTERNoShop C2, 40 Caledon StreetGraaf ReinetEastern Cape
7000146BERGMANNo50 Adderly StreetCradockEastern Cape048 8813245View Map
7000170WALLACENo122 Hurd Str, Newton ParkPort Elizabeth, 6045Eastern Cape041 3655637View Map
7001525NETTLNo26 Newton Street, Newton ParkPort ElizabethEastern Cape041 3651260View Map
7001568RADUENo35 Ayliff Street, King William's TownKing William`S TownEastern Cape043 6421558View Map
7002564V & T OPTOMETRISTSNo47 Western Avenue, VincentEast LondonEastern Cape043 7268042View Map
7002734HULBERTNo27 Eastbourne Road, Mount CroixGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3735554View Map
7004117BAMFORDNo81 Havelock StreetCentralEastern Cape041 5851918View Map
7004826MELLINNoShop 70 Nonesi Mall, 76 Cathcart Road, QueenstownQueenstownEastern Cape045 8392032View Map
7007566KRIELNo16 St Peters Road, SouthernwoodEast LondonEastern Cape043 7229617View Map
7008430DE WITTNo282 Cape Road, Newton ParkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3634130View Map
7009410JORDAANNoShop 13a Binnehof Centre, 86 Market Street, UitenhageUitenhageEastern Cape041 9220760View Map
7009666OLLSNo27 Van Reenen Street, MiddelburgMiddelburg - EcEastern Cape049 8421127View Map
7010710GLOVERNoShop 5 Berea Mall Cnr, Chamberlain Road & Pearce Street, BereaEast LondonEastern Cape043 7268511View Map
7010796MAKAN OPTOMETRISTSNoSuite 15 Ground Floor, Mercantile Centre Cnr Kempston &, Durban RoadKorstenEastern Cape041 4536900View Map
7012926MULLERNo2 Church Street, UitenhageUitenhageEastern Cape041 9229833View Map
7013280MAKANNoSuite 15 Ground Floor, Mercantile Centre Cnr Kempston &, Durban RoadKorstenEastern Cape041 4536900View Map
7013450S & L OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 15 City Centre Complex, 45 York Road, NorwoodMthathaEastern Cape047 5310528View Map
7013566GREENACRES OPTOMETRISTSNoShop G2 The Bridge Greenacres, Shopping Centre Cnr Newton, Street & Cape RoadGreenacresEastern Cape041 3631357View Map
7013833TYALITINo18 Ebden StreetQueenstownEastern Cape045 8381469View Map
5363PILLAYNoShop 11 Shoprite Centre, Amalinda Main Road, AmalindaEast LondonEastern Cape043 7411107View Map
6459NTSHIBANo17 Old Mutual, Building, 135 Cala RoadEngcoboEastern Cape047 5481422View Map
18384GOPALNo4b Allen Street, GrahamstownGrahamstownEastern Cape061 4582212View Map
50199COETZERNo15 Oosterland StreetJeffreys BayEastern Cape042 2931590View Map
55743PILLAYNoShop 48 Cleary Park Shopping, Centre Standford Road, Cleary ParkBethelsdorpEastern Cape041 4036400View Map
55751SPEC-SAVERS GOVAN MBEKINo49 Govan Mbeki Avenue, Gqeberha (port Elizabeth)Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 5854733View Map
60429VERMOOTENNoShop 21 Heritage Mall, 11 Gluckman Road, Port AlfredPort AlfredEastern Cape046 6243027View Map
60763CILLIERSNo10 Noorsekloof Road, Jeffreys BayJeffreys BayEastern Cape042 2960717View Map
68357GAYLARDNo23 Chamberlain Road, BereaEast LondonEastern Cape043 7260201View Map
88196GOVENDERNo67 Kobus Road, GelvandaleGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4571280View Map
91294DLANGALALANoShop 1 Lower Level Mdantsane, Mall Spine Road, MdantsaneMdantsaneEastern Cape043 7613641View Map
93130MCFARLANE F D & PARTNERS INCORPONoShop 5 Da Gama Centre, Da Gama Road, Jeffreys BayJeffreys BayEastern Cape042 2933480View Map
93211DULLABHNo48 Oxford Street, East LondonEast LondonEastern Cape043 7222511View Map
95680ISO OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 3 Imperial Complex, Leeds RoadMthathaEastern Cape047 5326798View Map
96768MOLATOLINoShop 25b Morums Building, Cathcard Road, QueenstownQueenstownEastern Cape045 8396223View Map
97500RAGANo48 Stanford RoadKorstenEastern Cape041 4532870View Map
110949CHRICHNoShop 28 Summerstand Village, 8th Avenue, SummerstrandGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 5835335View Map
110965NEERUSHA JUGOO INCORPORATEDNoShop Lg 03a Vincent Park, Shopping Centre Devereux Avenue, East LondonEast LondonEastern Cape043 7263337View Map
111031PEMANo42 Queen Street, CambridgeEast LondonEastern Cape043 7264185View Map
122254FLATELANoShop 5 Bizana Square, 89 Upper Main Street, BizanaBizanaEastern Cape039 2510283View Map
126322SMITHNoShop 28 Walmer Park Shopping, Centre Main Road, WalmerGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3681084View Map
133663HALLNoShop 92 Greenacres Mall, Ring Road, GreenacresGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3639801View Map
140953XEKETWANANo7 Madzikane, Lubacweni LocationMount FrereEastern Cape083 4679215View Map
146749D M RADUE - PORT ALFREDNo9 Gluckman Road, Port AlfredPort AlfredEastern Cape046 6244558View Map
149012ELLEMDINNoShop 59, 4th AvenueNewton ParkEastern Cape041 3650296View Map
157570DU RAANNoShop Ug 42a Upper Level Vincent, Park Centre Devereux Avenue, VincentEast LondonEastern Cape043 7056900View Map
163570RUSSELL MEYER & PARTNERS INCORPONoShop 30 Sunridge Shopping, Village Kragga Kamma Road, Sunridge ParkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3608406View Map
176168VAN ZYLNo41 Park Road, Port AlfredPort AlfredEastern Cape046 6243445View Map
176982PHILLIPSNoShop 14 Gardens Shopping Centre, Circular Drive, LorraineGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3682403View Map
179612SCHREUDERNo3 Van Riebeeck Street, JoubertinaJoubertinaEastern Cape082 6303799View Map
189588KRETZMANNNo66a Frere Road, VincentEast LondonEastern Cape043 7212434View Map
196827NDORINo49 Govan Mbeki AvenuePort ElizabethEastern Cape041 5854733View Map
199125CARELSE G J INC - JEFFREYS BAYNo12 Oosterland Street, Jeffreys BayJeffreys BayEastern Cape042 2932473View Map
216844MC FARLANE & PARTNERS - GRAHAMSTNoShop 50 Pepper Grove Mall, African Street, GrahamstownGrahamstownEastern Cape046 6222295View Map
219665MHLANTINo70 Owen Street, MthathaMthathaEastern Cape047 5313556View Map
230642MAHAMBANoShop No 1, Ludidi Building, Cnr 120 Corner Richarson & ThompIdutywaEastern Cape047 4892242View Map
257214PARUKNoShop 3 Alabama Shopping Centre, 244 Durban Road, KorstenGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 4538098View Map
262951DOWLEY B J - GRAHAMSTOWNNoShop 17 Circus Triangle Mall, Sutherland StreetMthathaEastern Cape047 5310299
263656RAUBENHEIMERNoShop 14 Neptune's Terrace, Da Gama Road, Jeffreys BayJeffreys BayEastern Cape042 2933303View Map
264539MAHLONoRoman Catholic Premises, 473 Umtata Street, CalaCalaEastern Cape047 5481655View Map
267163SIBUSISO OPTOMETRISTS MTHATHA PLNoShop 5a Mthatha Plaza, 35 Nelson Mandela Drive, MthathaMthathaEastern Cape047 5326664View Map
297380KHALATHANo408 Ians Lane, DutywaIdutywaEastern Cape047 4892222View Map
297666J S FOX OPTOMETRIST MDANTSANE INNoShop 42, Mdantsane City Shopping CentreMdantsaneEastern Cape031 2029595View Map
297690J S FOX OPTOMETRIST MOFFAT INCNoMoffat On Main Lifestyle Centre, Corner Of William Moffat &, Main RoadWalmerEastern Cape041 5065820
305502STEPHENSONNoThe Vision Centre, 197 Cape Road, Mill ParkGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3732908View Map
309931STEVEN PHILLIPS OPTOMETRIST INCONoShop 28 Walmer Park Shopping, Centre Main Road, WalmerGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3681084View Map
314366ZIKIZANoShop 20 Ziyabuya Shopping, Centre Mkwenkwe Street, KwadwesiIbhayiEastern Cape041 4855161View Map
332054SIBEKONoShop 17 Circus Triangle, Shopping Mall Sutherland Street, MthathaMthathaEastern Cape047 5310299View Map
336882MOJAPELONoPick 'n Pay Centre, Commercial RoadSidwellEastern Cape041 4533309View Map
352330SIBUSISO OPTOMETRISTS - HEMINGWANoShop G04 Hemingways Mall Cnr, Western Services Avenue & Two, Rivers RoadEast LondonEastern Cape043 7260855View Map
356719JANSEN VAN RENSBURGNo8 Church Street, Graaff-reinetGraaff-ReinetEastern Cape049 8911147View Map
359610WOLMARANSNoShop 3b Greenacres Shopping, Centre 1 Ring Road, GreenacresGqeberha (Port Elizabeth)Eastern Cape041 3630353View Map
368687G H PEER T/A OXFORD OPTOMETRISTNoShop 4 Sanlam Building, Cnr Argyle & Oxford Street, East LondonEast LondonEastern Cape043 7222285View Map
377619DUMINY P L - WITBANKNoShop 14 Safeways Crescent, Corner Or Tambo Mandela Street, Die HeuwelWitbankEastern Cape041 5065828
386685JANSE VAN RENSBURGNo90 Adderley StreetCradockEastern Cape048 8811412View Map
390194KANGONoShop 5 Bizana Square, 89 Upper Main Street, BizanaBizanaEastern Cape039 2510283View Map
390461LATHI THA ' BIZANA SQUARENoShop 5 Bizana Square, 89 Upper Main Street, BizanaBizanaEastern Cape039 2510283View Map
393738VAN DER WATNoG91 & G92 Fountains Mall Cnr, R102 Humansdorp & St Francis, Jeffreys BayJeffreys BayEastern Cape042 2931590View Map
395722LATAKGOMO L A - MTHATHANoShop 6 The Amll, 51 Madeira StreetMthathaEastern Cape087 1505759View Map
410586MOTIANENoShop 4 Lcm Ludidi Building, Main Street, Mount FrereMount FrereEastern CapeView Map
420840ADAMNo68 Nojoli Street, Somerset EastSomerset EastEastern Cape042 2431687View Map
424455BERGMAN AND ADAMNo50 Adderley Street, CradockCradockEastern Cape048 8813245View Map
438944MSITINI R B - MQANDULINo9 Mtinga Road, MqanduliMqanduliEastern Cape047 5313358View Map
441503RADUE D M - VINCENTNo47 Western Avenue, VincentEast LondonEastern Cape043 7268042View Map
637246FINDTNoShop L31 Mimosa Mall Cnr, Kellner Street & Parfitt Avenue, BrandwagBloemfonteinFree State051 4446052View Map
639834SENAKHOMONoShop 12 Shoprite Centre, Cnr Main & End Streets, Thaba NchuThaba NchuFree State051 8752564View Map
640840ADENDORFFNoShop 11a Sterkspruit Plazza, 230 Umlamli Road, SterkspruitSterkspruitFree State051 6110386View Map
675652NKGAPELENo8 Bullion Street, VirginiaVirginiaFree StateView Map
683671SMITHNoShop 16a Northridge Mall, Kenneth Kaunda Road, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4333377View Map
684759MAKOLANo8933a Makhala Street, PhuthaditjhabaPhuthaditjhabaFree State058 7132424View Map
691550SMITHNoShop 13 Pick N Pay Centre, Jan Spies AveBloemfonteinFree State051 4460015
729698MOHALENo8943 Mampoi RoadPhuthaditjhabaFree State
737054MAMABOLONoShop 9 Lemo Mall, 239 Dr Belcher RoadBloemfonteinFree State
748005HORNNoShop 9 Northridge Mall Kenneth, Khaunda Road & Christo, Groenewald StreetBloemfonteinFree State051 4107200View Map
753246SETHOLE SEREECO OPTOMETRISTS INCNoShop 1 Roots - Shoprite Complex, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 9241216View Map
763187MATSABUNoShop 15 Welkom Square, Cnr Long & Toronto Road, WelkomWelkomFree State057 3528166View Map
778281PIETERSENoShop 10c Preller Square, Shopping Centre Preller Square, Dan PienaarBloemfonteinFree State051 4362291View Map
794481BALOYINoShop M2, Maluti Crescent, Mampoi StreetPhuthadijhabaFree State
797421POPELANo3929 Giyani StreetBethlehemFree State
7000480VORSTERNo348 Stateway, DoornWelkomFree State057 3571380View Map
7001282MELLINNoMimosa Mall, Kellner Street, BrandwagBloemfonteinFree State051 4442588View Map
7001746TERBLANCHENo52 Van Riebeeck Street, SenekalSenekalFree State058 4813045View Map
7006039HORNNo76 Cross Street, KroonstadKroonstadFree State056 2122521View Map
7007485MELLIN & PARTNERS VIRGINIANoShop 9 Checkers Virginia, Cnr Market & East Street, VirginiaVirginiaFree State057 2125853View Map
7007973MELLINNo14 Kerk StreetLadybrandFree State051 9242939View Map
7008600HORNNoShop C8 Middestad Mall Cnr Wes, Burger & Elizabeth Street, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4477264View Map
7008619MELLINNoJoseph StreetThaba NchuFree State051 8751149View Map
7008880STRYDOMNo94 Besembos Avenue, PellissierBloemfonteinFree State051 5229333View Map
7009380DE KLERKNo49c Stuart Street, HarrismithHarrismithFree State058 6221358
7010036MELLINNoShop 46 Goldfields Mall, Cnr Stateway & Buiten Street, WelkomWelkomFree State057 3522336View Map
7010192SMITHNoShop 17b College Square, 193 Nelson Mandela Drive, WestdeneBloemfonteinFree State051 4488149View Map
7010206BESTERNo349 Stateway, DoornWelkomFree State057 3527855View Map
7010494MELLINNo73 Fontein StreetFicksburgFree State051 9333508View Map
7011377UYSNo141 Bloem Plaza, 38 Charlotte Maxeke StreetBloemfonteinFree State051 4306115View Map
7013337VAN ROOYENNoShop 15 Welkom Square, Cnr Long & Toronto Road, WelkomWelkomFree State057 3528166View Map
7014481STEYNS OOGKUNDIGESNoShop 7 Tourism Centre, Park Road, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4300836View Map
7016735DEYSELNo24 Hill StreetKroonstadFree State056 2125641View Map
7016778MELLINNoShop 29 Dihlabeng Mall, Preekstoel Road, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3034591View Map
7017294GOLDEN VISION - ERNEST OPPENHEIMNoErnest Oppenheimer Hospital, Power RoadWelkomFree State057 9002461View Map
7017847SPEC-SAVERS BLOEMNoShop 9 Bloem Plaza, 134 Charlotte Maxeke Street, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4301250View Map
7018444LETHOLANo6 Cnr Harvey Road & Charles, Street, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4499044View Map
7018460LESHABANENoBophelo Medical Centre, Harvey Street, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4485570View Map
7019408OLLSNo20a Kerk Street, ColesbergColesbergFree State051 7531607View Map
7019858RAMPERSADHNoShop 26 Setsing Shopping, Complex Cnr Main & Mampoi Road, PhuthaditjhabaPhuthaditjhabaFree State058 7131778View Map
7020325EYESAVE BETHLEHEMNo5 Baartman Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3038043View Map
7020422LEDWABANo6 Boje Street, Boje StreetSuidrandFree State056 2127856View Map
7020600MOKOENANo31 Mooi Street, WelkomWelkomFree State057 3521698View Map
7020619SPEC-SAVERS MIMOSA INCORPORATEDNoShop L1 D Mimosa Mall, 131 Kellner Street, BrandwagBloemfonteinFree State051 4442995View Map
7021402MOLEPONoShop 24 Amogela Mall, 6 Mooi Street, WelkomWelkomFree State057 3524995View Map
7022069RAMPERSADHNo47b Waarden Street, HarrismithHarrismithFree State058 6232631View Map
7022433MATLOUNo1124 De Villiers StreetTheronvilleFree State057 3043183View Map
7023650RAJAHNo52 Bastion Street, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4481080View Map
7025106TLOKOTSINoShop 12 Naledi Mall, Mampoi Road, PhuthaditjhabaPhuthaditjhabaFree State058 7136942View Map
7026455LESHABANE OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 11a Reahola Shopping, Centre, BotshabeloBotshabeloFree State051 5343084View Map
7027672MELLIN OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 19-20 Preller Square, Louw Wepener Street, Dan PienaarBloemfonteinFree State051 4366795View Map
7028652COBUS VAN WYK OOGKUNDIGES INGELYNo42 Kerk Street, HeilbronHeilbronFree State058 8531156View Map
7029268SENEKALNoShop 9c Dihlabeng Mall, 3371 Preekstoel Road, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3030200View Map
7031467MATHEBULANo10119 Motloung Street, PhuthaditjhabaPhuthaditjhabaFree State058 7183380View Map
7031858MOPHOSHONoShop 4 Re-a-hola Complex, BotshabeloBotshabeloFree State051 5341183View Map
7031874SELEMELANoShop 7 Cornerstone Building, Jan Van Riebeeck Street, Thaba NchuThaba NchuFree State051 8751101View Map
7031912KOTZENo4 Naval RoadWaverleyFree State012 7111164View Map
7032412EYEWORLD OPTICALNoHarvey Road Medical Centre, Harvey RoadBloemfonteinFree State051 4487544View Map
7033745GOLDEN VISION - WELKOMNoShop 4 Game Square, Long RoadWelkomFree State057 3575386View Map
7034423MAZUINoFashion Centre, 3a Selbourne PlainKroonstadFree State056 2129602
7034628KEKANANo204 Medicyn Forum, Bok StreetWelkomFree State057 3525820View Map
7036396BOTHAVILLE OPTOMETRISTNoShop 4 Von Abo Building, 20 Botha Street, BothavilleBothavilleFree State056 5151361View Map
7101341LE ROUXNoBethlehem Medical Centre, 4 De Leeuw Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3037733View Map
1090TLABELANoSs Building, 154 Maitland StreetFaunaFree State051 4302862View Map
8737SETHUNYANoShop 213, Cnr Hanger & Peet StreetBloemfonteinFree State051 4301751View Map
21210RANOKONo41 Fontein Street, FicksburgFicksburgFree State051 9333803View Map
21504THEUNISSEN H L A & LOTTER J H INNoShop 9 Pick N Pay Centre, Cnr President & Truter Street, KroonstadKroonstadFree State056 2133297View Map
62588GROENEWALD TRICHARDNoPasteur Medical Centre, 54 Addison Street, HospitaalparkBloemfonteinFree State051 5222924View Map
64351MOLEPONo33 Brand StreetKroonstadFree State056 2123763View Map
81957MAGATANo47 Josias Street, Ou DorpOdendaalsrusFree State057 3981141View Map
113670NIEL CILLIERS, ALPHONS THEUNISSENoShop 2 Twin City Mall, Heatherdale Road, HeidedalBloemfonteinFree State051 4320523View Map
122459HORNNoShop 23 Campus Student Centre, Univ Of Free State Nelson, Mandela StreetBloemfonteinFree State051 4446880View Map
135224SMITNoThe Square, 24 Buiten Street, ParysParysFree State056 8115361View Map
137529DE WETNo38a Somerset Street, Aliwal NorthAliwal NorthFree State051 6332259View Map
139459MOSIMA B M L - BLOEMFONTEINNo4 Southern Life Plaza, 41 Charlotte Maxeke Street, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 5240108View Map
146080REINECKENo10 Baartman Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3031101View Map
158178MASUPANo34 Middel Street, ParysParysFree State056 8114243View Map
159964MOTHAPONoShop 3 Robow Building, Malan Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3033924View Map
171417VAN ROOYENNoShop 14 Liberty Centre, Mooi Street, WelkomWelkomFree State057 3531170View Map
182095JANSE VAN RENSBURG - KYALAMINo1st Floor Middestadt Centre, West Burger Street, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4302421View Map
198927TLOKOTSI M M - LADYBRANDNo14 Church StreetLadybrandFree State051 9242074View Map
223573KGOMONo322 N Bluegumbosch, PhuthaditjhabaPhuthaditjhabaFree State058 7140566View Map
238228TLOKOTSI M M - FICKSBURGNo42 Erwee StreetFicksburgFree State051 9332072View Map
247502SIBUSESO OPTOMETRISTS INCNo190 Absa Building, Main Road, SterkspruitSterkspruitFree State051 6110802View Map
254835SEDIANENoShop 4 Naledi Mall, Mampoi Street, PhuthaditjhabaPhuthaditjhabaFree State058 7130912View Map
257559SETHOLENo18a Piet Retief Street, LadybrandLadybrandFree State051 9241216View Map
259330DE BEERNoShop 29 Southern Centre, Benade Drive, Fichardt ParkBloemfonteinFree State051 5225562View Map
283029MELLIN LOCH LOGANNoShop S11 Loch Logan Waterfront, Cnr 1st Avenue & Charles Street, WestdeneBloemfonteinFree State051 4483580View Map
298077DU TOITNo35 Brill Street, WestdeneBloemfonteinFree State051 4473344View Map
314064ERASMUS B - FLEURNoShop 6 Fleurdal Mall, Vereeniging Drive, FaunaBloemfonteinFree State051 5228999View Map
317373MULLER & MAHOPO OPTOMETRISTS INCNoShop 2 Khotso Pula Nala Centre, Constantia StreetThabongFree State057 3551260View Map
323632MOREMEDINo45 Voortrekker Street, FicksburgFicksburgFree State051 9333972View Map
323969MARIMANo2349 Mampoi Road, Mid - TownPhuthaditjhabaFree State010 4423876
340960HEYNSNoSuite 107 1st Floor Free State, Medical Centre 29 Poole Street, BrandwagBloemfonteinFree StateView Map
355925VAN DER WALTNo104a Kellner Street, WestdeneBloemfonteinFree State051 4303982View Map
357111NAUDENoSuite 1 B Absa Building, Cross StreetKroonstadFree State056 2132464View Map
361135JANSE VAN RENSBURGNo92 Waverley Road, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4368120View Map
376825MARIMANoShop 33 Tembisa Mega Mart, 37a Grey Street, Aliwal NorthAliwal NorthFree State081 4834231View Map
378496KGAKATSINoShop 1 Library House, 44 West Burger Street, BloemfonteinBloemfonteinFree State051 4306915View Map
382973MAKOLANo3 Cnr Bester & Stuart Street, HarrismithHarrismithFree State058 6221461View Map
383910MATSANENGNoShop 2, 24 Erasmus Street, LadybrandLadybrandFree State051 9242072View Map
394297DE BEERNoShop 5 Goldfields Mall, Stateway, WelkomWelkomFree State057 3522900View Map
395935CILLIERS N A AND BRUMMER W HNoShop 2b2 Preller Walk, General Hertzog Street, Dan PienaarBloemfonteinFree State051 4361355View Map
399418TRICHARDNoShop 12 Showgate Centre, Currie Avenue, HospitaalparkBloemfonteinFree State051 4481921View Map
416363ASMALNo24 High Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3031160View Map
461016MALULEKENo57 Constantia StreetReitzparkFree State057 3551146View Map
475025ROSSNoShop 28 Goldfield Mall Cnr, Buiten Street & Stateway RoadWelkomFree State057 3526249View Map
480509DE WETNo38 Piet Retief Street, BurgersdorpBurgersdorpFree State051 6531747View Map
496529TSHIDINONo24a Rea Hola ComplexBotshabeloFree State051 5340055View Map
505900JANSE VAN RENSBURGNoShop 19 Vrede Spar Centre, 28 Church Street, VredeVredeFree State058 9133098View Map
512788MOLEDINoShop 4 Oss Building, 14 Piet Retief Street, LadybrandLadybrandFree State051 9240752View Map
517275MVULANoOffice 2 Boxer Building, Main Street, SterkspruitSterkspruitFree State063 8744558View Map
523739RAMAGAGANoShop 3 Kenworth Centre, Moshoeshoe Street, RocklandsMangaungFree State082 7828439View Map
525391MOKONENoShop 30 The Strip Building, 314 Stateway, WelkomWelkomFree State057 3531416View Map
542458TRICHARD C L - BLOEMFONTEINNoShop 12 Showgate Centre, Curie Avenue, HospitaalparkBloemfonteinFree State051 4481921View Map
551325ANDERSONNoShop 13 Pick & Pay Centre, Jan Spies StreetLangenhovenparkFree State051 4460015View Map
551341ANDERSONNoShop 16a Northridge Mall, Kenneth Kaunda RoadLangenhovenparkFree State051 4333601View Map
558508ROSSNoShop 4b Parys Boulevard, Buiten Street, ParysParysFree State056 8113140View Map
563692SAIBNoShop 1 Woolworths Building, 19 Reitz StreetKroonstadFree StateView Map
584142BADENHORSTNoShop 12 Woodland Hills Village, 3 Woodland Hills BoulevardBloemfonteinFree State051 4360045View Map
590541BEKKERNoRoom F6 Bethlehem Medical, Centre 4 De Leeuw Street, BethlehemBethlehemFree State058 3039474View Map
596590COETZEENoShop F1a & F1b Loch Logan, Waterfront 105 Henry Street, WillowsBloemfonteinFree State051 4484871View Map
609641DEACONNoShop 4 Welkom Square Cnr, Toronto Road & Pretrus Bosch, WelkomWelkomFree State057 3881022View Map
611468DEYSELNo24 Hill StreetKroonstadFree State056 2125641
619531WESSELSNoThe Hill Medical Centre, 19 Hill Street, KroonstadKroonstadFree State056 2121494View Map
631949RALEKHETLANoShop 11a Reahola Shopping, Centre, BotshabeloBotshabeloFree State051 5343084View Map
632082BALOYINoShop 103 Boitumelo Junction, MallWelkomFree State057 3971124View Map
2585JADANoShop 17 Kliptown Taxi Rank, Klipspruit Valley Road, KliptownSowetoGauteng011 3423500View Map
3131MATLANATONoShop 6 Mangalani Complex, 4407 Chris Hani Road, TshiaweloSowetoGauteng011 9805508View Map
3263MACHABANoPhase One, 178 8th Avenue, AlexandraAlexandraGauteng011 8823189View Map
3859KOK L - APPLETONSNoShop 8 Appletons Village Cnr, Hill Street & Malibongwe Drive, RandburgRandburgGauteng011 7912378View Map
4456MORROWNo86 Commissioner Street, MarshalltownJohannesburgGauteng011 8368307View Map
4669UFP INVESTMENTSNoShop 41 - 25 A Sunnypark Centre, C/o Jeppe And EsselenPretoriaGauteng012 3410981View Map
4960BARNARDNoShop 25, Cnr Byer Naude & Milner StreetsNorthcliffGauteng011 8881058View Map
4995TORGA OPTICAL - ROSEBANKNoShop 21 Regent Place, Cradock Avenue, RosebankJohannesburgGauteng011 4422225View Map
5983RANSOMNo17 Beacon Road, Florida NorthRoodepoortGauteng011 6742638View Map
7994WILLEMSENoShop 11 Kingfisher Shopping, Centre Kingfisher DriveFour WaysGauteng011 7051619
9504BHIKANo25 Concorde Crescent, Crystal ParkBenoniGauteng011 9695052View Map
13803MISTRINoShop 3 Edgars City, Cnr Rissik & Pritchard StreetJohannesburgGauteng011 3339263View Map
16993LONDANoNo 1362 Mc BothaVosloorusGauteng081 7806434
17213STROUSNoShop 59 Killarney Mall, 60 Riviera RoadKillarneyGauteng011 4860441View Map
17221LOUBSERNoShop 73 Woodmead Retail Park, Woodmead DriveWoodmeadGauteng011 6569733View Map
19380DE ABREUNoShop Ff2 1st Floor Comaro, Crossing Shooping Cntr Cnr, Comaro & Boundary RoadOakdeneGauteng011 4360335View Map
19895NGOMANINoShop 223, Miriam Makeba Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng082 9506748View Map
20281STARK-VAN WYKNo85 General Hetrzog Road, Three RiversVereenigingGauteng016 4237709View Map
20834KASSIMATISNoShop 15 Coachmans Crossing, Peter Place, Lyme ParkSandtonGauteng011 4631116View Map
21377SEHUMENo27 James StreetWelgedagGauteng011 7376147
21555RALIAVHENGWANoShop 266 Jeep Medical Centre, Cnr Jeep & Mooi Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 0398067View Map
21970MOLELEKOANoShop 7 Columbine Crossing, Shopping Centre Cnr Columbine &, John Masefield DriveMondeorGauteng011 9412687View Map
22659ROEDIGERNo74 African Street, GardensSandtonGauteng011 7283689View Map
23183VAN VUURENNoShop 10 Princess Crossing, 54 Ontdekkers Road, RoodepoortRoodepoortGauteng011 7646428View Map
24295FRANSMANNoShop B106 Genesis Shopping, Centre Cnr George Avenue &, Sandler RoadFairmountGauteng011 4851446View Map
25208JOUBERT AND TILLY OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 9 Southdale Shopping, Centre Alamein Road, SouthdaleJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6803400View Map
26735E MARAIS INCORPORATED - MONTANANoShop 44, Montana Crossing Centre, Cnr Zambesi Veronica StreetMontanaGauteng012 5489365View Map
28312NALLANo38 Hamilton StreetNewclareGauteng011 6730836View Map
32492DATE CHONG BRYDGES INCORPORATEDNoShop 28 Pick 'n Pay Steeldale, Linroy Street, SteeledaleJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6137402View Map
33421MOTALANo4 3rd Street, Houghton EstJohannesburgGauteng011 8377727View Map
34436DE JAGERNo282 Chris Hougaard Street, WierdaparkCenturionGauteng012 6601151View Map
35211NHLAPONo9625 Protea Glen Ext 2Protea GlenGauteng011 4199657View Map
35289SELLONoShop 15 African Life Centre, 111 Commissioner Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 3366160View Map
35327MAREDINoShop No 13, Vosloorus Square, Bierman RoadBoksburgGauteng011 9065856View Map
35432MAPHOTO-MOUMAKOENoMelamed Medical Centre, 29 Jensen RoadThe Orchards Ext 3Gauteng012 7320098
35661KENOSINo3903 Block B, MabopaneMabopaneGauteng012 7011435View Map
41297MASHAMAITENo33 N J Van Der Merwe Crescent, SasolburgSasolburgGauteng016 9764878View Map
43648DU PLESSISNo76 Shannon Road, NoordheuwelKrugersdorpGauteng011 9544782View Map
44458TWALANo5491 Eiselen Street, DaveytonBenoniGauteng011 4263667View Map
46337JANSE VAN RENSBURGNoShop 26 & 27CenturionGauteng012 6568954
46825MALULEKENoLasika Healthcare Centre, 1919 Cnr Hebron & Rosslyn Road, HebronMabopaneGauteng078 7175166View Map
46973SEBOTSANENoShop No 1, 405 Pretorius Street, ArcadiaPretoriaGauteng012 3203159View Map
47554MAITERNo58 Rose Avenue, LenasiaLenasia SouthGauteng011 8528279View Map
47600HOOSENNoRoom 19 Nembula House Lesedi, Clinic Old Potchefstroom RoadDiepkloofGauteng011 9389013View Map
47929MARAISNoShop G153 Parkview Mall Cnr, Garsfontein Road & Netcare, MoreletaparkPretoriaGauteng012 9982093View Map
48844VAL OPTOMETRISTSNo429 Shoburg Building, Nelson Mandela StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3226370View Map
49921THAANYANENoShop 3, Pines Building, 41 Van Riebeeck AvenueBenoniGauteng011 4246837
50903RADEBENo9110 Cnr Tshele & Khumalo Street, TokozaThokozaGauteng011 8605829View Map
51675RASOESOENoStand 4051Meadowlands Zone 9Gauteng011 9885234
51926DE BRUINNoShop 19 Chilli Lane Shopping, Centre Rivonia RoadSunninghillGauteng011 2312600View Map
52876STEVENSNoShop 29 Ruimsig Centre Cnr, Hendrik Potgieter & Doreen Road, AmorosaRoodepoortGauteng011 9580163View Map
54038PIENAARNoShop 15 Waterkloof Ridge, Shopping Centre Cliff Avenue, Waterkloof RidgePretoriaGauteng012 3475756View Map
54380MATSEMELANo406 Ngasa, 522 Thabo Sehume Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 8074283View Map
55484MATABANENoRoom 601, Cnr Pascoe Avenue, Van Der Walt StreetKempton ParkGauteng011 9751029View Map
55883BEZUIDENHOUTNoKloof Road Medical Centre, 17 Kloof Road, BedfordviewGermistonGauteng011 6152374View Map
56278PILLAY K - ROODEPORT OPTOMETRISTNoShop 7 Allen's Nek Retail Park, 12 Cnr Hendrik Potgieter Road &, Jim Fouche DriveAllen'S NekGauteng010 5907118View Map
57703AHMEDNoShop 19 Pick 'n Pay Centre, Mc Grath Avenue, WitpoortjieRoodepoortGauteng011 7623023View Map
58017DANKANoShop U1 42 Alberton City, Shopping Centre Cnr Voortrekker, & Du Plessis RoadAlbertonGauteng011 8690058View Map
58025TORGA OPTICAL RISSIK STREETNoShop 46 York House, Cnr Kerk & Rissik Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8343286View Map
58300LAXMIDASNoShop 3 New Hyper Save, Supermarket 57 Turf Avenue, Eldoradopark Ext 8SowetoGauteng011 3422482View Map
60038STANLEY & DE KOCK OPTOMETRISTS KNoShop 88 Key West Centre, Cnr Paardekraal & Viljoen StreetKrugersdorpGauteng011 2730107View Map
60089TEKANoShop 15 Kopanong Shopping Centre, Ivory ParkMidrandGauteng010 6002670View Map
61107MOROKANENoShop 4 Matus Trust Building, 25 Sutherland StreetRandfonteinGauteng011 9575019View Map
61441SPEC-SAVERS RANDBURG SANLAM CENTNoShop 312 Level 5, Sanlam Centre, Hill StreetRandburgGauteng011 3260594
62235KATAKUZINOS P & HEYNS H OPT INCNoShop 3 Park Meadows Centre, Cnr Cumberland & Allum Road, KensingtonJohannesburgGauteng011 6153779View Map
62499SHAINoShop 3 Louis Pasteur Hospital, 280 Cnr Prinsloo & Francis Baard, StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3207514View Map
62693VAN DER MERWENoShop 1b Tharina Centre, President Swart Avenue, VaalparkSasolburgGauteng016 9711232View Map
62731NELNo590 Rubenstein Drive, MoreletaparkPretoriaGauteng012 9971400View Map
64696BAPOONoShop U2 Trade Route Mall, Cnr K43 & Nirvana Drive, Lenasia Ext 9LenasiaGauteng011 8523937View Map
65552EVANSNo2697 Kiepersol StreetEldoradopark Ext 3Gauteng011 3426113View Map
68195OPTICALNo24b Tom Jones StreetBenoni SouthGauteng011 4200137View Map
68586PATELNoShop 267 Oriental Plaza Cnr, Pine Avenue & Dolly Rathebe Road, FordsburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8382000View Map
69221VAN HEERDENNoShop 34 Waterglen Shopping, Centre Cnr General Louis Botha &, Garsfontein RoadWaterkloofGauteng012 9983349View Map
71161BROWN LINDSAY WYNNE INCORPORATEDNo2a Lakeside Building, 2004 Gordon Hood DriveCenturionGauteng012 6637916
72028NETSHIVHUYUNoR55 Medical Centre, 5549 R55 Road And Amogelang Str, OlivenhoutboschCenturionGauteng084 4444494View Map
73776NAIDOONoDuxmed Healthcare Centre, 6597 Sheffield Lake Road, Lenasia SouthLenasia SouthGauteng011 8558411View Map
74608LOMBARDNoShop 88 Key West Centre, Cnr Paardekraal & Viljoen StreetKrugersdorpGauteng011 2730107View Map
76996PATELNo87 Central Road, FordsburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8368451View Map
77194VITAL OPTICSNoShop 16, Superstar Save In Centre, 37 Fitzsimons StreetVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9826595View Map
78484MALULEKENoShop 35 Alex Mall, Cnr London & Lenin Road, AlexandraAlexandraGauteng011 8820487View Map
80268NELUVHOLANoShop 2 Palm Springs Mall, Cnr St Patrick & Falcon Road, VereenigingVereenigingGautengView Map
81825TORGA OPTICAL - SAMMY MARKSNoShop 1-14, Sammy Marks Square, Church StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3236411
81949PHIHLELANo58 Kleinbosch Complex, Muisvoel AvenueBirch Acres Ext 1Gauteng012 3446583View Map
83704MOTHEMINoShop No 11 Centre Forum, Lilian Ngoyi StreetPretoriaGauteng012 7986673View Map
84999VON POSERNoKodak Building, 7 Cnr Sherwell & Beit Street, DoornfonteinJohannesburgGauteng011 5596074View Map
85235NAGLENoShop 12 Glen Gables 722 Cnr, Lynnwood Road & January Masilela, StreetLynnwood GlenGauteng012 3482436View Map
85464SUJEENoShop 2 Fabric Centre, 261 Emily Hobhouse Avenue, Pretoria NorthPretoriaGauteng012 5463148View Map
87335DA SILVANoShop 12 Pick 'n Pay Centre, Cnr Bell & Shannon RoadNoordheuwelGauteng011 9546344View Map
88102INDUSTRIA OPTICALNo31 Albertina Sisulu Road, Industria WestJohannesburgGauteng011 4732535View Map
88331ALMEIDANo12 Kenneth AvenueHomesteadGauteng011 9783118View Map
89028VALLABHNo45 Nerina StreetLenasiaGauteng084 7432467
90158NAWABNo108 Helen Joseph Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 3368752View Map
90409NTLABATHINoShop 4 Delta Heights, Cnr Church & Thabo Sehume Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3219788View Map
92886DAYANo29 Cnr Alamein Road &, Landsborugh Street, SouthdaleJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6804307View Map
93068RAMAILANo133b Kitzinger Avenue, BrakpanBrakpanGauteng011 7402518View Map
93076MAREDI'S OPTOMETRISTSNo137 BBrakpanGautengView Map
96342MAYISELANo322 Esangweni Section, TembisaTembisaGauteng074 3530570View Map
96806NAKANo297 Columbine Avenue, MondeorJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6800287View Map
97128HALSTEADNoLcs Centre, 874 Dragme Avenue, Strubens ValleyRoodepoortGauteng011 4758906View Map
97144VISION STUDIONoShop 4 Epsom Downs Shopping, Centre Cnr William Nicol Drive &, Sloane StreetBryanstonGauteng011 4636717View Map
97551METROMALL OPTOMETRISTSNoMetro Mall, Shop 17, Saver StreetJohannesburgGauteng011 8384885
97926JORDAANNo4 Smuts Street, RandgateRandfonteinGauteng011 4124125View Map
98108SIR NICHOLAS ROSENoShop R16b, Cresta Shopping Centre, Cnr Beyers Naude Drive & WeltevrRandburgGauteng011 4768800View Map
98124HUGHESNoShop 1 Marie Court, Cnr Jorissen & Debeer Street, BraamfonteinJohannesburgGauteng011 4037040View Map
100404CASSIMNo27 Russel Street, Western ExtBenoniGauteng011 4216852View Map
101338PILLAYNoShop 26b Montana Corner Centre, Cnr Zambesi Drive & Dr Swanepoel, RoadMontanaGauteng012 5486547View Map
102555MAHOMEDNo308 Commissioner Street, BoksburgBoksburgGauteng011 9172838View Map
102725GROBLERNoShop 5 Sophia Town Centre, Cnr Edward & Millar StreetSophiatownGauteng011 6732687View Map
103373PATHERNoShop M68 The Glen Shopping Mall, Cnr Letaba & Orpen Road, GleneaglesJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4354061View Map
103756SMITHNoShop 40 Hatfield Plaza, Burnett StreetHatfieldGauteng012 3625779View Map
108952SINGHNoSuite 1 Savoy Medical & Dental, Centre 580 Louis Botha Avenue, Savoy EstJohannesburgGauteng011 7860972View Map
109320RAMATSETSENoShop 5 Momentum Building, 329 Pretorius StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3222091View Map
111643B J DOWLEY THE BERGNoShop 5 A The Berg Shopping Centr, Gordon Road & Bergbron Drive, Bergbron ExtentionFloridaGauteng011 6738820
113654SIKHOSANANoShop 22, Cnr Joubert & Market Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 3338160View Map
113816BISMILLAHNoShop 4 Meldon Court, 38 Greenhill Road, EmmarentiaRandburgGauteng011 6465786View Map
114170STANLEY & DE KOCK OPTOMETRISTS -NoShop 13 Kolonnade Centre, Sefako Makgatho Drive, MontanaparkPretoriaGauteng012 5481310View Map
114200VALANo20 Lily AvenueLenasia Ext 3Gauteng011 8544142/08View Map
115207HIRANoShop No 5 Latib Centre, 162 Grand PlaceLenasiaGauteng011 8545410
116521MAYETNoShop L7 Lakeside Mall, Tom Jones Street, Benoni NorthBenoniGauteng011 4271605View Map
116548JANSE VAN VUURENNo225 Ontdekkers Road, Horizon View Ext 1RoodepoortGauteng011 7637764View Map
117390VAN DEN HEEVER-ROETZ INCORPORATENo1199 Woodlands Drive, QueenswoodPretoriaGauteng012 3336666View Map
117471MATLANATO - PROTEA NORTHNoShop No 9, Makajane Street, Dobson Point ComplexDobsonvilleGauteng011 9801811
117668RUGUNANANNoLambton Court Shopping Centre, 138 Cnr Webber & Beacon Road, GermistonGermistonGauteng011 8285046View Map
118125JANSE VAN RENSBERGNoShop 26-27 The Mall @ Reds Cnr, Rooihuiskraal Road & Hendrik, Verwoerd DriveRooihuiskraalGauteng012 6568952View Map
118273SWARTZNoShop 7 The Square Shopping, Centre Cnr Rietfontein & Rigg, BoksburgBoksburgGauteng011 8235316View Map
119032SAYEDNoShop 37 Northmead Mall, 1st Street, NorthmeadBenoniGauteng011 8498381View Map
119202KHAINoShop 1 Maranco Building Cnr, Naude Street & Steve Biko Road, Wonderboom SouthPretoriaGauteng082 3630705View Map
120154SULTANNoShop 27 Van Riebeeck Mall, Van Riebeeck Avenue, EdenvaleEdenvaleGauteng011 4537580View Map
121517CHUEU S L - VOSLOORUSNo1701 Mc Botha DriveVosloorusGauteng015 2683143View Map
121924AHMEDNo28 Sunny Way, KelvinSandtonGauteng076 8009879View Map
122718WILLIAMS R J - RANDFONTEINNoLenmed Private Hospital, Ward Street, GreenhillsRandfonteinGauteng011 4113054View Map
122815RAMODIPA K A - SOWETONo15997 Cnr Immink & Eben Cuyler, Drive, DiepkloofDiepkloofGauteng081 2464859View Map
123471HARMSENoShop 11 Rietfontein Pavillion, Cnr Frates Road & Jacobs Street, RietfonteinPretoriaGauteng012 8092571View Map
124036GLENN H D - OLIVEDALENoShop 18 All Saints Centre, Windsor Way, OlivedaleRandburgGauteng011 4620801View Map
124060ROUX & JOUBERT OPTOMETRISTS INCNoShop 18 Groenkloof Plaza, George Storrar Drive, GroenkloofPretoriaGauteng012 3468168View Map
124923NTIMBANANo419 Monicas Place, NoordwykMidrandGauteng010 0012688View Map
126241WADEENoMedpark Medical Centre, N J Van Der Merwe Crescent, SasolburgSasolburgGauteng016 9769588View Map
126438DE FRIES S B - BRAAMFONTEINNoGround Floor, 6 Ameshoff Street, BraamfonteinJohannesburgGauteng011 4082899View Map
126535NETSHITUMI J M - SOSHANGUVENo104 Block G GSoshanguveGauteng012 7122105View Map
127426BALOYINoShop 2 Stand 1148 Mabopane Sun, Plaza, MabopaneMabopaneGauteng087 1511605View Map
127655GROENEWALD, UYS, & KILLIAN INCNoShop G104 Menlyn Park Shopping, Centre Atterbury Road, MenlynPretoriaGauteng012 3616150View Map
128600HENNNoShop 4 Valhalla Centre, Cnr Hekla & Vindhella StreetValhallaGauteng012 6544084View Map
128627HENN M - SAFINoShop 8 Old Safi Complex Cnr, Andries Pretorius & Van Riebeeck, StreetThaba TshwaneGauteng012 6514312View Map
128872VAN GRAANNoShop 22 Parkrand Piazza, 44 Van Wyk Louw Drive, ParkrandBoksburgGauteng011 9133909View Map
129712BARNARDNoShop 218 Upper Level Cresta, Shopping Centre Cnr Beyers Naude, Drive & Judges AvenueCrestaGauteng011 4765772View Map
129852BUDRUDDINNoShop 6, 445 Percy Street, Mid-ennerdaleEnnerdaleGauteng010 2300916View Map
129887KRUGERNoShop Gl111 The Colony, 345 Jan Smuts Avenue, CraighallRandburgGauteng011 4429510View Map
131628MAHAPANo23 Tom StreetBritsGauteng012 2527696View Map
133698BLECHMAN A B - FAIRMOUNTNo10 Bradfield DriveFairmountGauteng011 6407800View Map
134155RAMAILANo133b Kitzinger Avenue, BrakpanBrakpanGauteng011 7402518View Map
134252MAHLATJINoShop 14 Ok Shopping ComplexMabopaneGauteng012 7015876View Map
134309DANIEL A M OPTOMETRIST INCORPORANoShop 6 Woodbridge Square, Cnr Dann & Monument Road, GlenmaraisKempton ParkGauteng011 3914894View Map
135186MUDZUSINoShop 21 Sebokeng Plaza, Moshoeshoe Street, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 5923234View Map
135194MATLAILANoDemar Building, 375 Francis Baard Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3205884View Map
135984SEGOKODINoHalala Shopping Complex, 759 Block HSoshanguveGauteng012 7973572View Map
136212MAHOMEDNo33 Voortrekker Street, Benoni SouthBenoniGauteng011 4201066View Map
139246MKHWANENoBontebok Building, 12 C R Swart StreetVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9332701View Map
140120MAHADEONo1081 Dariek StreetWilgeheuwelGauteng011 6755999View Map
141488VALLABHNoShop 3 Mulbarton Shopping, Centre 13 True North Road, MulbartonJohannesburgGauteng011 4322520View Map
143286SHEPPARD K - OLYMPUS PLAZANoShop 16 Dischem Shopping Centre, Cnr Solomon Mahlangu &, Haymeadow CrescentFaerie GlenGauteng012 9916188View Map
145564BUCHANAN, ROSSOUW & ESTERHUIZENNoShop No 21/22, Sunwardpark Shopping CentreSunward ParkGauteng011 9130158View Map
145831SLADENo10 Hennie Alberts Street, BrackenhurstAlbertonGauteng011 8676158View Map
145998CRONJ??NoShop U02 East Point Retail Park, North Rand Road, BoksburgBoksburgGauteng011 8265540View Map
147036LARA & DELIA OPTOMETRISTS INCORPNoShop U19, Morningside Shopping CentreMorningsideGauteng087 9403830View Map
148687PAUL GLUCKMAN - RANDBURGNoShop 31 Newmarket Mall Cnr, Swartkoppies & Heidelberg RoadsNewmarketGauteng011 7899130View Map
148806CARRIM S - CARLETONVILLENo100 Athol StreetWaverleyGauteng018 7872589View Map
149179VISSERNoShop 6 Jean Village, Cnr Jean & Gerhard AvenueCenturionGauteng012 6440270View Map
149616OSMAN A W A G - RIVONIANoShop 14 Early Dawn Centre Cnr, 9th Avenue & Rivonia Boulevard, RivoniaSandtonGauteng011 2340060View Map
150584MAKANNo17 Henleyweg, Auckland ParkJohannesburgGauteng011 7263359View Map
150711ENGELNo8 Petra RoadGreensideGauteng011 6094934
150754BULBULIANoXavier Health Centre, 36 Xavier Street, RobertshamJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 0268686View Map
153257LEGARINoEersterus Shoping Complex, 86 Job AvenueEersterusGauteng012 8067401View Map
153362VON ABO & DU TOIT OPTOMETRISTS INoShop 39 Gezina Gallery, Nico Smith Avenue, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3359070View Map
153567MAKHALENo37 Corner Olivia And TurhopeBereaGauteng011 4824844View Map
154091KGOPANoShop 42 Sammy Marks Square, 33 Helen Joseph Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3220176View Map
155462FROMKORTHNoShop 13 Village View Centre, Cnr Kloof & Van Buuren Road, BedfordviewGermistonGauteng011 4551077View Map
157961SCHAFFER N - EASTRAND MALLNoShop 23a Eastrand Galleria, Rietfontein RoadBoksburgGauteng082 8510851View Map
158607BENSONNoShop 15 Upper Level Woodmead, Value Mart Waterfall CrescentWoodmeadGauteng011 6560038View Map
158771SIEFFNoBlock B Ground Floor Empire, Place 55 Empire RoadParktownGauteng011 4827417View Map
158992MAMBANANoShop 17c Taxido Junction, Union Street, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 4220399View Map
161225KARANo44c Joubert Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 3330981View Map
162604MVULANoShop 1e Ikusasa House, Cnr Von Brandis & Fox StreetJohannesburgGauteng011 3313400View Map
163015MPHUGANA N - DIEPKLOOFNo1st Floor Blackchain CenterDiepkloofGauteng011 9303003
163600GOLENoShop 5, 23 Village StreetRandfonteinGauteng011 6932930View Map
164127DANIEL A M - FESTIVAL MALLNoShop 82 Festival Mall Cnr, Kelvin Street & C R Swart Drive, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 9758531View Map
164216BHANANoShop 2 Northmead Mall, Cnr 7th Avenue & 2nd Street, NorthmeadBenoniGauteng011 4250242View Map
164410BRINK M - WILLOW WAYNo521 Rossouw Street, Die WilgersPretoriaGauteng012 8079340View Map
165212TAMENTINoShop 003 Lynnwood Lane Retail, Centre Lynwood Road, EquestriaPretoriaGauteng012 8802979View Map
165859BHYATNo14 Simmonds Street, MarshalltownJohannesburgGauteng011 4920408View Map
166421SCOTT WRIGHT INCORPORATEDNoShop 1007b Heathway Square, Shopping Mall Cnr Castle Hill &, Bayers Naude DriveBlackheathGauteng011 6784438View Map
166693VAN HEERDEN F H - GEZINANoShop 5a Gezina Shopping Centre, Nico Smith Street, GezinaPretoriaGauteng066 2381400View Map
166952MANOLAS M A - ESTHER PARKNoShop 98 B - Festival Mall, Cnr Cr Swart & Kelvin Road, Esther ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 3945026View Map
167185ODENDAALNo93 Green Avenue, EdleenKempton ParkGauteng011 9707148View Map
167215STANDERS'S OPTOMETRISTS INCNoShop Lm 179 Clear Water, Shopping Mall Hendrik Potgieter, Strubens ValleyRoodepoortGauteng011 6792300View Map
168211GLUCKMAN P - ROODEPOORTNo26 Voortrekker StreetAlbertonGauteng011 9072102View Map
168696KRIELNoShop Lm 126 Clearwater Mall Cnr, Hendrik Potgieter & Christiaan, De Wet RoadStrubens ValleyGauteng011 6755000View Map
168831MAHOMEDNoFlorida Medical & Dental Centre, 73 Goldman Street, FloridaRoodepoortGauteng011 4721513View Map
169919THEUNISSENNo69 Van Der Walt Road, DalviewBrakpanGauteng011 7440753View Map
171441SULTAN A A - BENONINoShop 24 Elgin Mall Cnr, Olienhout Avenue & Elgin Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 3916248View Map
173681KUTUNo497 Kraai Street, Rabie-ridgeMidrandGauteng011 3101837View Map
176559BUYSNoShop 29 Hatfield Plaza, Burnett Street, HillcrestPretoriaGauteng012 3622887View Map
177962JANSENNoLemon Tree Shopping Centre Cnr, Swart Koppies & Heidelberg RoadAlbertonGauteng011 9074385View Map
178195MULLER-SWANEPOEL I - RANDFONTEINNoGreenhills Medical Centre Cnr, Greenhills Avenue & Kenneth Road, GreenhillsRandfonteinGauteng011 4122327View Map
178721VAN ZYLNoShop 2 Village Green Centre, 127 Greenway, GreensideJohannesburgGauteng011 4862927View Map
179302NKOSI L S - ARCADENoShop No 17, Metro Mall, Corner Bree & Sauer StreetsJohannesburgGauteng012 3237559View Map
179876MAKGETLANENGNo1388 Gcaleka StreetMthathaGautengView Map
181129EMMERICHNo1 Zeerust Street, Zeerust And Reddersburg Streets, Wierda ParkCenturionGauteng012 3790829View Map
181226CARRIM S INCORPORATED - WESTONARNo29 Abdul Hassan CrescentAzaadvilleGauteng011 7533941/2View Map
181242PRIGGE & JANSE VAN RENSBURG INCONoShop No 3, Mutual Mews, 333 Rivonia BoulevardRivoniaGauteng011 2342997
182540KHOSINo658 Monise SectionKatlehongGauteng011 9054456View Map
182982VAN HEERDEN F H - MENLYNNoShop 10, Wonderboom South Plaza, De Beer Str 534Wonderboom SouthGauteng012 7516357
183849GLUCKMANNoSaxby Medicross, 1053 Frederick Avenue, EldoraigneCenturionGauteng012 6547752View Map
183857SUTHERLANDNoShop 11 The Ridge 1190 Cnr, Mozart & Paul Kruger Road, WilgeheuwelRoodepoortGauteng081 3312355View Map
184411BUCHANAN & VAN ZYL - GIFT ACRESNoShop No 56, Gift Acres Shopping CentreLynnwood RidgeGauteng012 3615627View Map
184780DINDARNo100 Athol Street, Highlands NorthJohannesburgGautengView Map
185671NALLANo87 Eloff Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 3339377View Map
186457CASSIMNoCnr Dover & Thornton StreetWestdeneGauteng011 6801010
186503MASILONo23313137 Zone 2MeadowlandsGauteng
187135MATHEBULANoShop 91 Opp U I F Building Cnr, Nelson Mandela & Sophie De Bruyn, StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3233621View Map
188247NTIMBANANo419 Monicas Place, NoordwykMidrandGauteng010 0012688View Map
190721MAHOMED A - DUNSWARTNo5 Dunswart AvenueDunswartGauteng011 9144041View Map
192244GREEFFNoShop L019 Westgate Shopping, Centre 120 Ontdekkers Road, Horizon ViewRoodepoortGauteng011 7680197View Map
192406THEOLOGO R, DU TOIT M & PRINSLOONoShop S03 Lower Level Alberton, City Voortrekker RoadAlbertonGauteng011 9076515View Map
192465HASSENNoShop 175, Lenasia Drive, LenasiaLenasia SouthGauteng011 8540202View Map
194743MOTARANoSpec-savers - Medicross Edenvale, 111 Andries Pretorius Street, EdenvaleEdenvaleGauteng011 4527457View Map
194840ROSENoShop L25, Cresta Shopping Centre, C/o Of Beyers Naude & WeltevredeRandburgGauteng011 4765332View Map
195103ESSOPNoShop 10c Benoni Plaza, Princess Avenue, BenoniBenoniGauteng011 8453644View Map
195464SEBAKA M M - SEBOKENGNo65708 Masoheng, Sebokeng Zone 14SebokengGauteng016 5923484View Map
195502ZELDA VAN COLLER OPTOMETRISTNoShop 28 Bracken Gardens, Shopping Centre Cnr Hennie, Albert & Delphinium StreetsBrackenhurstGauteng011 9002044View Map
197149VAN NIEKERK D - SUNNYPARKNoWonderpark Shopping Centre, Shop 205aKarenparkGauteng012 5491307View Map
198145DU TOIT & PRINSLOONoShop 82-83 Carnival Mall, Cnr Heidelberg & Airport Road, DalparkBrakpanGauteng011 9156390View Map
198218ANDERSONNoShop 7 Rock Cottage Centre Cnr, Christiaan De Wet & John Voster, RaodRandpark RidgeGauteng011 7947583View Map
199141RAHAMANNoShop 40b Galloway, Cnr Loch & Galloway Street, MeyertonMeyertonGauteng016 3621100View Map
200883MAHOMEDNoShop G12 Royal Square Centre, Tom Jones StreetBenoni SouthGauteng011 4200853View Map
201286SONINo4357 Siaga Street, Tshiawelo Ext 2SowetoGauteng010 2330039View Map
203076STANLEY & DE KOCK OPT - RIVERSIDNoShop 4 Riverside Boulevard, Shopping Centre Frikkie Meyer, BoulevardVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9322147View Map
205508BRISLEY OOGKUNDIGESNo53 Rossini Boulevard, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9822025View Map
206407GLUCKMAN & SUTHERLAND - WATERMEYNoShop 13 Watermeyer Park, Shopping Centre Watermeyer, StreetVal-De-GraceGauteng012 8044730View Map
206652MOOSANoHangar Building, 10 Rhodes Avenue, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 4229573View Map
209716KGOMO P R - TEMBANoLeseding Office Complex, Jubilee RoadTembaGauteng012 7177574
211176TSHAUKENoShop F103 Atlyn Shopping Centre, Cnr Khoza & Phudufufu Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3736549View Map
211591SAYEDNoShop L2 Trade Route Mall Cnr, Capella Street & Nirvana Drive, LenasiaLenasia SouthGauteng011 8521807View Map
212628SONINo73 Rahima Moosa Avenue, NewclareRandburgGauteng011 5341020View Map
215724GROENEWALD, UYS & KILLIAN INCNoShop 139 Vaal Mall, Rossini Boulevard, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9313390View Map
217425VAN ROOYENNoShop 9a Ferry Valley, Ferry Bidge RoadNigelGauteng011 8145090View Map
218030BOTHANoGround Floor East Agnone House, Building 53 Adriana CrescentRooihuiskraalGauteng012 9977857View Map
223220SULTANNoUndisclosed, BirchleighKempton ParkGauteng082 5864854View Map
223867LEONoUndisclosed, LonehillSandtonGauteng084 2055101View Map
224294SHER D - SPRINGSNoMedicross Springs, 1 Nigel Road, Selection ParkSpringsGauteng011 8152657View Map
225096BALOYI P O J - MABOPANENoShop 13 Nina Square, Grafenheim Street, NinaparkAkasiaGauteng087 8082779View Map
225959PITAMBERNoRivonia Sports And Medical, Centre 353 Cnr 10th Avenue &, Rivonia RoadRivoniaGauteng011 8079877View Map
226572OSMAN A W A G - NIGELNoShop 19 Pick 'n Pay Centre, Mc Grath Avenue, WitpoortjieRoodepoortGauteng011 7623023View Map
227307OSMAN A W A G - MONDEORNo126 Cnr Jeppe & Simmonds StreetJohannesburgGauteng011 8386397View Map
228451VAN MALINo37 Harrison Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8347405View Map
229911HUMANNoShop 12 Mooikloof Village, Cnr Garsfontein & Jollify RoadsPretoriaGauteng071 6972736View Map
232378JOUBERTNoShop 6a Boulders Shopping, Centre Old Pretoria Road, MidrandMidrandGauteng011 3150901View Map
233366VAN HEERDENNo209 Clifton Avenue, Lyttelton ManorCenturionGauteng012 6441434View Map
234737MOYONoPremier Health Centre, 13 Mackay Avenue, BlairgowrieRandburgGauteng010 5912223View Map
236594WILLIAM R J - KRUGERSDORPNoShop No 67 Keywest Mall Cnr, Paardekraal Drive & Viljoen, StreetKrugersdorpGauteng011 2730104View Map
237922MNISINo267 Du Toit Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3203590View Map
238635BHIKHANoShop G12 China Town Mall, Midrand Old Pretoria Road, Halfway HouseMidrandGauteng011 8050794View Map
239100MKHIZENo3417 Primecure Centre, Cnr Monalefele & Mncube DriveDubeGauteng011 9038086
240443MUGIVHINoThe Gym Shop 2 Woodlands Office, Park Woodlands Drive, WoodmeadSandtonGauteng011 2025289View Map
240850DAYANoShop 96 Enterance 1 Chris Hani, Crossing Cnr Brickfield &, Bierman RoadVosloorusGauteng011 9010111View Map
241350MOGALENoShop No 9pick N Pay CentreSoshanguveGauteng012 7900399View Map
241431ABADI DAYA OPTOMETRISTS INCORPORNoShop 96 Entrance 1 Chris Hani, Crossing Cnr Brickfield &, Bierman RoadVosloorusGauteng011 9010111View Map
242594PILLAYNoShop L158 Torga Optical -, Southgate Mall Cnr Columbine, Avenue & Rifle Range RoadMondeorGauteng011 9412880View Map
243167JANSE VAN RENSBURGNoShop No 23 Centurion Lifestyle, Cnr Lenchen Avenue & Old, Johannesburg RoadPretoriaGauteng012 6535059View Map
246794KAPARELIOTISNoManor Medical Centre, 189 Kelvin Drive, Morningside ManorSandtonGauteng011 8042192View Map
247197VALLYNoSuite C115 C-building Lenmed, Clinic 7689 Marlin Street, Lenasia Ext 8LenasiaGauteng011 8546686View Map
251259JACKSONNoShop 10 Princess Crossing, Ontdekkers Road, Apiesdoring AvenueRoodepoortGauteng011 0608724949View Map
253383NKOSINoShop 5 Shoprite Centre, 543 Jules Street, MalvernJohannesburgGauteng011 6151530View Map
254479MACMILLAN OPTOMETRISTS INCORPORANoShop 17a Southdowns Retail, Centre Cnr John Voster Drive &, Karee StreetIreneGauteng012 6650072View Map
255041STARK-VAN WYK - VANDERBILJPARKNo227 Louis Trichardt Boulevard, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9339222View Map
255297THORNENoShop 89 Killarney Mall, 60 Riviera Road, KillarneyJohannesburgGauteng011 6466812View Map
255351DESAINoWellness Centre Edgardale, 1 Press Avenue, EdgardaleCrown MinesGauteng
259454GROENEWALD, UYS & KILLIAN OPTOMENoShop G18 Fourways Crossing Cnr, William Nicol Drive & Sunrise, BoulevardFour WaysGauteng011 4652004View Map
259683NKHUMISHE T S - KWAMHLANGANoShop 5 Theo's Place, 256 Johannes Ramokhoase Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3235252View Map
262595THEUNISSEN OPTOMETRIST (ZAMBEZI)NoShop 1b Bank City Cnr Dr Van, Der Merwe & Zambezi Drive, MontanaPretoriaGauteng012 5483648View Map
266639SIKOSANA J T - ALBERTONNoShop 5, Kruis Street, Cnr Commissioner StreetJohannesburgGauteng011 3330740
268771VRETNoShop L88 Greenstone Shopping, Mall Cnr Modderfontein Road &, Van Riebeeck AvenueEdenvaleGauteng011 4527452View Map
269719MATLANATO & MAZUINoShop No 4, Old Sanlam Centre, Arcade No 1NewcastleGauteng034 3121517
271888RENE VREY OPTOMETRISTS INC - BENNoShop G14a Benmore Gardens, Shopping Centre Cnr Grayston, Drive & 11th StreetSandtonGauteng011 8830023View Map
272698DATELINGNoShop 4 Ground Floor Building A, 7 Minerva Avenue, GlenadrienneSandtonGauteng011 8830908View Map
272701DATELING & SCHAFFER - ATHOLL SQNoShop 6 Atholl Square Cnr, Katherine Street & Weirda Road, EastSandtonGauteng011 8830908View Map
273597MONEHI S M - CENTRAL CITYNoShop No 25 Central CityMabopaneGauteng012 7028826View Map
273635MONEHI S M - ROSSLYNNoShop No D5, Rosslyn PlazaRosslynGauteng012 5410963View Map
274860DABHELIANo52a Main Reef Road, RandfonteinRandfonteinGauteng011 6937377View Map
277908VAN WESTINGNoShop No 72 Woodlands Boulevard, Cnr Of Garsfontein & Devillabois, DriveWoodlandsGauteng012 9977857View Map
277924VAN NIEKERKNoShop 22 Xanadu Xing, R511 RoadHartbeeshoekGauteng012 5491307View Map
279609VREYNoFourways Medical Centre Cnr, Fourways Boulevard & Short, StreetFour WaysGauteng011 7456782View Map
279986BRANDNoLougardia Building, Embankment Road, CenturionCenturionGauteng012 6636502View Map
280828RAMOVHA & DOWLEY INCNo53 Voortrekker Road, New RedruthAlbertonGauteng011 9070956View Map
281042DOWLEYNoShop L25 Cresta Shopping Centre, Cnr Beyers Naude & Weltevreden, RoadCrestaGauteng011 4765332View Map
281069DOWLEY B J - ERMELONoShop 11 Fedforum Building Cnr, Pretorius & Lilian Ngoyi StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3220176View Map
281166MATLAILANoShop 1 Myers Place 60 Cnr, Robert Sobukwe & Meintjies, StreetSunnysideGauteng012 7546887View Map
281417LEGGETT & SCHAFFERNoOptions Optometrists, East Rand Mall Shop No23aBoksburgGauteng011 8263322View Map
281905ABADI A R - BLUBIRDNoShop No 10 Blubird Shopping, Centre Cnr Atholl Oaklands &, Fort StreetBirnamGauteng011 8877174View Map
281999SASOLBURG EYECARENo33 N J Van Der Merwe CrescentSasolburgGauteng016 9764878View Map
282073GLENN OPTOMETRIST INCORPORATED,NoShop No 4 Goldman Shopping, Centre Cnr Goldman Street &, Ninth AvenueFloridaGauteng011 6741112View Map
283843MOGAPINoShop 18a Mamas Mall, Mahube ValleyPretoriaGauteng012 8402777View Map
284939FRASERNo79 Pretoria Road, RynfieldBenoniGauteng011 4250077View Map
285021CASOOJEENo29 2nd Avenue, NigelNigelGauteng011 8144368View Map
285455MAHADEO A - JOHANNESBURGNoShop G58 Fourways Mall Cnr, Witkoppen Road & William Nicol, FourwaysSandtonGauteng011 4652774View Map
285943MANITSHANA & RAMODIPANoShop B25 Thabong Shopping, Centre Moshoeshoe Street, Sebokeng Zone 10SebokengGauteng016 5925185View Map
287482DINDAR Y & DINDAR LNo50 Cnr Smew Avenue & Guinea Fowl, Street, Lenasia Ext 1LenasiaGauteng011 8545940View Map
288411DU PREEZNoCenturion Mall Optometrist, Shop 257a, Heuwel AveCenturionGauteng082 7806121View Map
290114MAENETJANo1st Floor The Zone Phase 2, 177 Oxford Road, RosebankJohannesburgGauteng011 8801315View Map
290416CHABEDI M F - BRACKENHURSTNo28 Abel Moller Street, BrackenhurstAlbertonGauteng011 8677127View Map
290890MACHETELENo11 Hornbill Avenue, Birch AcresKempton ParkGauteng071 7386749View Map
291773OLIVIER OPTOMETRY INCOPORATEDNoShop B4 Centurion Lifestyle, Centre Cnr Old Johannesburg Road, & Lenchen AvenueCenturionGauteng012 6532288View Map
292443KRIELNoShop 10 Square@midstream, 2 Ashford Street, Midstream EstateOlifantsfonteinGauteng087 8053657View Map
293539DOZETOS V H - CORLETT DRIVENo82-84 Colett DriveMelrose EstGauteng011 4400883View Map
295140THANDARNoShop 15 Highlands North, Shopping Centre Cnr Louis Botha, And Athol StreetHighlands NorthGauteng011 4400675View Map
297631JANSE VAN VURENNoShop 13 Lambton Court, Cnr Webber & Beacon RoadLambtonGauteng011 8279720View Map
297852BUCHANAN M C - MOFFAT ON MAINNoShop M48 Moffat On Main Lifesty, Clo William Moffat ExpresswayPort ElizabethGauteng041 3686301
298131VREYNoShop 3 Woodmead Retail Park Cnr, Woodmead & Waterfall Crescent, WoodmeadSandtonGauteng011 6569725View Map
298794DE RU L - GARSFONTEINNo630 Jacqueline Drive, Garsfontein EastPretoriaGauteng012 9930838View Map
299758LOURIDASNo151 Beyers Naude Drive, Roosevelt ParkRandburgGauteng011 7826580View Map
301175BOLOKANoShop 12a Bothongo Plaza West, 271 Francis Baard Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3203803View Map
302961MOTTIARNoShop 3a Shoprite Centre, 4 Hendrik Verwoed Street, NigelNigelGauteng011 8147000View Map
304697MOHLABENoSuite 4 Raslouw Corner Building, 189 Ruimte Road, WierdaparkCenturionGauteng012 6601087View Map
308641LESLIE D LEO PRIMROSE SQUARE OPTNoShop 5 Primrose Centre Cnr, Shamrock Road & Churchill Avenue, PrimroseGermistonGauteng011 8280500View Map
310603YAKHAITSHE OPTOMETRISTS T/A BRISNoShop 8 Fnb Complex, John Vorster Street, SasolburgSasolburgGauteng016 9732626View Map
312703ISMAILNoShop 43 Protea Glen Mall, Cnr R558 & Protea Boulevard, Protea GlenSowetoGauteng011 2975772View Map
313610NSELENo11556 Dahlia StreetKagiso Ext 2Gauteng011 4113797View Map
313653BRIELNoShop 17 Canterbury Crossing, Shopping Centre Cnr Braam, Fischer & Hunter StreetRandburgGauteng011 7819026View Map
314072HOMANNoShop F8a Hobart Grove Centre, Cnr Hobart & Grosvenor Road, BryanstonSandtonGauteng011 7068675View Map
314293BEKKER & BEKKER OPTOMETRISTS INCNoShop 5 Block C Northwold, Shopping Centre Cnr Drysdale, Road & Elnita AvenueNorthwoldGauteng087 1507275View Map
314617MATSHABANoShop 0003 Joan's Place, 323 Bosman StreetPretoriaGauteng011 3260594View Map
315214A M DANIELS OPTOMETRIST INCNoShop 58 Stoneridge Lifestyle, Centre Cnr Hereford Road &, Blackrock StreetEdenvaleGauteng011 4521236View Map
315303BECKER & BEKKER OPTOMETRIST INCNoNhc - Medical & Dental Centre, Cnr William Nicol & Bryanston, DriveBryanstonGauteng011 0226034View Map
315311BECKER & BEKKER OPTOMETRISTS INCNoNhc Medical & Dental Centre Cnr, Beyers Naude Drive & Waugh DriveNorthcliffGauteng011 0273555View Map
315397EYEBROWSE OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 19 President Square, Cnr Market & Pretoria Street, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 6606734View Map
315753STANLEY & DE KOCK OPTOMETRISTNoShop 8 Kolonnade Retail Park, Cnr Zambezi & Enkeldoorn Road, MontanaPretoriaGauteng012 5487206View Map
315788STANLEY & DE KOCK OPTOMETRIST HINoShop 13, Hillcrest Boulevard Shopping Cen, 220 Lynnwood RoadHillcrestGauteng012 3623144
316156NGWENYANoCnr Snapper & Lamp Road, WadevilleGermistonGautengView Map
317721MOKGOSINoShop U24 Eyethu Mall, Link Road & D1871 Road, Orange FarmOrange FarmGauteng010 0232657View Map
318299NICOLE LEVY OPTOMETRISTS INCNo160 Jan Smuts Avenue, RosebankJohannesburgGauteng011 7881256View Map
318574MARAISNo1st Floor Building 7 Glen Manor, Ofiice Park 134 Frikkie De Beer, StreetMenlynGauteng012 3485245View Map
318779NTIMBANA B - PHUMULANINoShop 14 Phumulani Mall, Clayville, Olifantsfontein RoadMidrandGauteng011 3166516
320234VON ABO & LABUSCHAGNENoShop 10 Karenpark Crossing, Cnr Heinrich & Madelief Avenue, KarenparkAkasiaGauteng012 5492305View Map
320641KGOMO P R - PRETORIA WESTNoWestpark Itumeleng, Medical Centre, 32 Inner CrescentPretoria WestGauteng012 3868227
323314SHEPPARDNoShop 13 Block A Bloed Street, Mall Cnr Bloed & Lilian Ngoyi, StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3241322View Map
323845BHIKHA H & C KNoShop G12 China Town Mall, Midrand Old Pretoria Road, Halfway HouseMidrandGauteng011 8050794View Map
326372M M MNISI - VOSLOORUSNoShop No 04, Marimba Complex, Spar BuildingVosloorusGauteng012 3203590View Map
331325RASEBOYENoPhologo Med-center, 386 Fransis Baard Street, PretoriaPretoriaGautengView Map
331686THANDARNoHighlands North Shopping Centre, 28 Bolton RoadRosebankGauteng011 7882701View Map
331791MAVUNDANoSchreiner Chambers Tothills, Wellness Centre 94 Pritchard, StreetJohannesburgGauteng011 3465238View Map
333514MATHEVULANoCnr Monate & Forest Tea StreetOlievenhoutboschGauteng011 9237785View Map
333557MOKOBAKE C J - SHARPEVILLENoShop U14 Eyethu Mall, 1 Link Road, Orange FarmOrange FarmGauteng082 0921912View Map
333581OPTICROSS OPTOMETRISTNoUpper Level Medicross Clinic, Cnr Malibongwe Drive & Rabi, FontainebleauRandburgGauteng011 7911317View Map
334316NDHLAMANINoShop G8 Carlton Centre, Commissioner Street, Carlton CentreJohannesburgGauteng011 3318368View Map
335037MABASANoShop 157 Entrance 3 Westgate, Shopping Centre Ontdekkers Road, Horizon ViewRoodepoortGauteng011 7680702View Map
335177MOYONo13 Mackay Avenue, RandburgRandburgGauteng010 5912223View Map
335347SHAPIRONo26 Cook AvenueCinderellaGauteng011 8963379View Map
335924MOLOINo691a Forbes RoadMeadowlandsGautengView Map
336246RAMOTHOLENoGikole Section, 1950 Sontoga Road, Katlehong Ext 1KatlehongGauteng084 2557484View Map
336858MANXIWANoPretoria Central, 225 Madiba Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3263553View Map
337331ERASMUSNoHorizon Park, 217 Ontdekkers Road, HorisonRoodepoortGauteng011 7661052View Map
338281KOLOKOTONoShop 013 Twin Palms Shopping, Complex Baviaanspoort Road, East LynnePretoriaGauteng012 7559988View Map
338605MOLOTONoNo Address, Soshanguve Block T TSoshanguveGauteng012 7515748View Map
338680SULIMANNoShop 8b Station Square, Berlandina Street, RoodepoortRoodepoortGauteng011 7603260View Map
341797SULTANNoShop 27 Van Riebeeck Mall, Van Riebeeck Avenue, EdenvaleEdenvaleGauteng011 4537580View Map
342130MCHABENo1413 Bhekuzulu Street, BoipatongVanderbijlparkGautengView Map
342327VISIONWEB OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 21, Heathway Square, Castle Hill DriveBlackheathGauteng011 6784438View Map
342440LEDWABANoShop 1 Kelsalls Building, 27 Leslie Street, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 4213660View Map
342637OPTIXX EYECARE OPTOMETRISTSNo72 Hill Of Good Hope, 94 New RoadCarlswaldGauteng011 0213673
344478FAKIRNo7997 Capricorn AvenueLenasia Ext 9Gauteng011 8528616View Map
344524ABRAHAMSON D & ABRAHAMSON LNoShop U19 Morningside Shopping, Centre Cnr Rivonia & Outspan, MorningsideSandtonGauteng011 3265715View Map
344605CHILOANENoShop # 25 Vorna Valley Shopping, Corner Harry Gauluaye & AlbertynVorna ValleyGauteng011 6793055
345466KHUMALONo93 5th RoadKewGauteng072 0781199
345660MATSEMELANo286 Pretorius Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3234714View Map
346578MOKWENANo2a Medforum Building, 412 Francis Baard StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3223619View Map
348015P GLUCKMANNoShop 31 Newmarket Mall Cnr, Swartkoppies & Heidelberg Road, AlbertonAlbertonGauteng011 9072102View Map
348066JANSE VAN RENSBURGNo25 Padstow StreetRaceviewGauteng011 8690754View Map
348171RAMANoShop 11 Pineslopes Shopping, Centre Cnr The Straight Avenue &, Forest DriveDainfernGauteng011 4654028View Map
348708ENVISION OPTOMETRISTSNoShop F103, Attlyn Shopping Centre, Corner Khoza Phudufudu StreetAtteridgevilleGauteng012 3736549View Map
349437BUCHANAN M C - THE GROVENoShop L59 The Grove Shopping, Centre Cnr Lynwood Road & Simon, Vermooten RoadEquestriaGauteng012 8076977View Map
349690LATIEFNoShop 2, 12 10th Street, Asiatic BazaarPretoriaGauteng012 3230757View Map
349755MOLEFENo8103 Old Potchefstroom RoadDiepkloof Zone 6Gauteng011 9381528View Map
350516MAHUNDLANo8758 Cnr Protea Boulevard & Wild, Chestnut RoadProtea Glen Ext 11Gauteng011 2972187View Map
350818MARIMANo4020 Cnr Isimuku & Isikalu, Street, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng010 109 1751View Map
351148MAHOPONo1376 Melato Street, NalediSowetoGauteng083 4179415View Map
351555HIRANo42 Allie CrescentEnnerdale Ext 9Gauteng010 2300943
352187NTIM-FREMPONGNo12 Burger StreetRoodepoortGautengView Map
353302DUMALISILENoShop 11, Green Valley Shopping Centre, 88 Stoneridge DriveGreenstone HillGautengView Map
353469RAYMOND LAWREWNCE OPTOMETRIST INNoShop 15 Honeydew Village, Shopping Centre Cnr Christiaan, De Wet & John Vorster RoadHoneydewGauteng011 6755765View Map
354201MEYERNo167 Mirca Avenue, SinovillePretoriaGauteng012 5433982View Map
355194LAMOLANo1701 M C Botha DriveVosloorusGauteng011 9063268
355690SIBUYINo75 Drift Boulevard, MuldersdrifKrugersdorpGautengView Map
355879ABDOOLANo414 Cnr Kalkheuwel & Van Leanhof, Street, ErasmiaCenturionGauteng082 5629786View Map
356220CASOOJEENoShop 5 Kingfisher Square, Kingfisher Avenue, ElsparkGermistonGauteng011 8931376View Map
356387BADENHORSTNoShop 22 Queens Corner Cnr, Soutpansberg Road & Stead AvenueQueenswoodGauteng012 3333800View Map
356557NGOBENINo494a Cnr Van Onselen & Modjadji, Street, MeadowlandsSowetoGauteng011 9363345View Map
356778BADAT A - MARSHALLTOWNNo19 B Marshall StreetHeidelbergGauteng011 4423442
356816BOTHANoShop 19, Grey RoadCenturionGauteng012 6611740View Map
357685MAHOMEDNo308 Commissioner Street, BoksburgBoksburgGauteng011 9172838View Map
358177KEKANANoRenstown, 304 Eskom StreetHammanskraalGautengView Map
358258MDLULINo82 Cnr Tennessee Avenue & S, Africa Drive, Cosmo City Ext 5RoodepoortGautengView Map
358754MAKGATANo10052 Ndabezitha StreetTsakaneGauteng083 5278434View Map
360953SELEMELANoMimosa Medical Centre, 207 Booysens Street, Les MaraisPretoriaGauteng012 3350848View Map
364975NONYANANoShop No 41a, Protea Centre, 80 High StreetBrixtonGauteng011 8372702
366323PEERNoMain Street, RosettenvilleJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4341913View Map
368725MC CARTHYNoShop 2 Valley Centre, 396 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall ParkRandburgGauteng011 3263901View Map
368733CHRISTODOULOU AND ROSEWALLNoShop 2 Valley Centre, 396 Jan Smuts Avenue, Craighall ParkRandburgGauteng011 3263901View Map
371157MALULEKENoShop 29 B & C Randburg City, Oak Avenue, FerndaleRandburgGauteng011 3264013View Map
372617NDHIMANoWild Chestnut StreetProtea Glen Ext 11Gauteng011 2972258View Map
372641BROCKETTNo123 Webber RoadLambtonGauteng011 8274212View Map
374210GROENEWALD UYS KILLIAN - ZAMBESINoShop 302, Zambezi Retail Park, Corner Zambesi Moloto RoadsPretoriaGauteng051 4107200View Map
374512AIFANTISNo111 Andries Pretorius Street, EdenvaleEdenvaleGauteng011 4527457View Map
376019GLOBLERNoIrene Intercare Medical & Dental, Centre Cnr John Vorster &, Nellmapius DriveIreneGauteng012 6855600View Map
376582NTIMBANE B - MAPONYA MALLNoShop 102 Maponya Mall, Chris Hani RoadPimvilleGauteng011 9384136View Map
376930MDLULINoShop 38 Chris Hani Crossing, Cnr Brickfield & Bierman Road, VosloorusVosloorusGauteng011 9010040View Map
379662SEROBANoShop 79a Soshanguve Crossing, Mall, SoshanguveSoshanguveGautengView Map
380202PRINSNoShop 10 Boskruin Village, Shopping Centre Cnr President, Fouche Drive & Hawken AvenueBromhofGauteng011 7933568View Map
381209PEYPERNo56 Van Ryneveld Avenue, CenturionCenturionGauteng012 6624030View Map
381950NGOBENI A P - MEADOWLANDS -No494a Cnr Van Onselen & Modjadji, Street, MeadowlandsSowetoGauteng011 9363345View Map
382078FOLSCHERNoShop 21 The Buzz Shopping, Centre Cnr Nerine Street &, Witkoppen RoadFour WaysGauteng011 6581840View Map
382094BERNADETTE CHADINHA OPTOMETRISTNoShop G6 Ferndale Village Centre, Cnr Main & Oxford RoadFerndaleGauteng011 7816736View Map
382507NAUDENoShop 25 Glen Village Shopping, Centre Cnr Hans Strydom &, Olympus DriveFaerie GlenGauteng012 9914675View Map
383058RAMALOKONo72 Cnr Mmila Road & Mkhize, Street, Mofolo NorthSowetoGauteng011 9881252View Map
383082RAMAGAGANo3146 Lekgetho StreetMohlakengGauteng082 5750586View Map
383473THATHANE - TSHETLO OPTOMETRISTSNoLesedi Centre, 17 Mc Botha DriveVosloorusGauteng011 0514442View Map
384550MAHADEO A - BRAAMFONTEINNoShop 6 Rsa House, Cnr Melle & Jorrison StreetBraamfonteinGauteng011 4037722View Map
384569MAHADEO A - ROSSETTENVILLENoShop 312 Northgate Shopping, Centre Northumberland &, Olievenhout AvenueNorth RidingGauteng011 7946337View Map
385727VON HOLDT H M - GREENSTONENoShop L47 Greenstone Shopping, Centre Modderfontein RoadModderfonteinGauteng011 4523971View Map
385735VON HOLDT H M - BEDFORDSQUARENoShop G11 Bedford Square, Cnr Van Der Linde & Smith Road, BedfordviewGermistonGauteng011 6152280View Map
385743VON HOLDTNoShop 50 Campus Square Cnr, Kingsway Avenue & University, MelvilleJohannesburgGauteng011 4825871View Map
386588JINA Y D - LAKEFIELD SQUARENoShop 20 Lakefield Square, 116 Lakefield Avenue, Benoni SouthBenoniGauteng011 8946608View Map
386642MISTRYNoShop 17b River Walk Shopping, Centre Cnr Nile Drive & General, Hertzog RoadThree RiversGauteng016 4235805View Map
387118MAHOMED ANoShop 4 Jamila Centre, 916 Silver StreetEldoradoparkGauteng011 3425779
387959RAMAANONoShop 002 Time Place, 153 Cnr Pretorius Street & M18, AtteridgevillePretoriaGauteng067 1989815View Map
388297QUANNoThe Square Business Centre, Cnr Rivonia & Naivasha Road, SunninghillSandtonGauteng011 8034938View Map
388629ATKINS-SCHOLTZNo172 Hennie Alberts Street, BrackenhurstAlbertonGauteng011 9001791View Map
389390SITHOLENo736 Block LlSoshanguveGautengView Map
390070MBAMBONo409 Rotweillir Street, MidrandMidrandGauteng011 0797199View Map
390291RAMMUTLANo182 Meyer Street, GermistonGermistonGauteng011 8250112View Map
390488SENOAMADINo235a President Street, GermistonGermistonGauteng011 8255691View Map
390577GOLDEN VISION OPTOMETRISTNoShop 16 Silverlakes Crossing, Shopping Cnr Van Brackstrom Ave, & HansSilver LakesGauteng012 8092571View Map
391409CORPORATE VISION OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 31 Newmarket Mall Cnr, Swartkoppies & Heidelberg RoadsAlbertonGauteng011 9072102View Map
392103HELEN VON HOLDT OPTOMETRISTS INCNoShop U 116 Eastgate Shopping, Centre 43 Bradford Road, BedfordviewGermistonGauteng011 6222653View Map
393509RAMONGANENoOppo- Site Shoprite, 3rd Street MallWynbergGautengView Map
394602VREYNoShop 5 Victory Park Centre, Cnr Rustenburg Road & 2nd AvenueVictory ParkGauteng011 7823119View Map
394939PANAYIOTOUNoShop 20 Bryanston Shopping, Centre Cnr Ballyclare & William, Nicol DriveBryanstonGauteng011 7067791View Map
396184LAMBINON OPTOMETRISTS INCORPORATNoShop 63b Monumentpark Shopping, Centre 73 Skilpad Road, MonumentparkPretoriaGauteng012 4608818View Map
396214REHMANNoShop 40 Station Bazaar, Railway Street, GeorgetownGermistonGauteng011 8737664View Map
396567JOHNSTONNoDiscovery - Wellness Centre, Fredman DriveSandtonGauteng011 6095167View Map
397075MATSHABA K R - NOORDVAALNoShop 0003 Joan's Place, 323 Bosman StreetPretoriaGauteng011 3260594View Map
397938EBRAHIMNo1 Telesure LaneDainfernGauteng011 7157197View Map
397954SNYDERSNoShop 62 Montana Crossing Centr, Cnr Zambesi & Veronica StreetMontanaGauteng012 5489365View Map
398179KOOS COETZEE OPTOMETRISTNoWoodlands Boulevard, Shop 10a, Cnr De Ville Bois Garsfontein RdMoreletaparkGauteng012 9974933View Map
399264CASSIM F A - KEMPTON PARKNoShop 1, 3 Voortrekker Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 3940054View Map
403814HANSANoMondeor Medical Centre, 274 Columbine Avenue, MondeorJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6808218View Map
404926BHYAT S - MARSHALL TOWNNo14 Simmonds Street, MarshalltownJohannesburgGauteng011 4920408View Map
407488KWANINI L V - ZOLANo890 Cnr Khanyile And Bondile Str, Zola 3SowetoGauteng011 9311342
408816NZULANoShop L - 25a Sunnypark Shopping, Centre Cnr Jeppe & Esselen, StreetSunnysideGauteng012 3410981View Map
410209SEPENGNoShop 8 Sancardia Shopping, Centre 524 Wf Nkomo Street, Pretoria WestPretoriaGauteng012 3230588View Map
411736ABDULNoShop 8 Goldspot Shopping Centre, 156 Barry Marais Road, VosloorusVosloorusGauteng011 9066135View Map
411981HORWITZNoShop G 1 Melrose Crossing, 83-85 Corlett Drive, BirnamJohannesburgGauteng011 4400883View Map
412740MAVUSONo9297 Khabashiane StreetSharpevilleGautengView Map
413887RAMOHLALENoShop 3 Station Place, 190 Scheiding Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng072 2657516View Map
417459BLECHMAN A B - JOHANNESBURGNo36 Rissik StreetJohannesburgGauteng011 0255914View Map
418862EBRAHIMNo36 6th Street, ParkhurstRandburgGauteng011 4313142View Map
422835RAMPATHYNoShop 61 Blue Hills Shopping, Centre Cnr Olifantsfontein Road, & African View DriveBlue HillsGauteng011 3184255View Map
423319MATLOUNo551 W F Nkomo StreetPretoria WestGauteng012 2375131View Map
425249LETSIENoShop 97 Jabulane Mall, Cnr Koma Street & Bolani Road, JabulaniSowetoGauteng011 9301126View Map
431478MABASA T S - RANDBURGNoShop 240 Randburg Oriental, Plaza Bram Fischer DriveRandburgGauteng011 3261890View Map
433187MISTRYNoShop 20 Midway Mews Centre Cnr, Seventh Road & Harry Galaun, DriveHalfway GardensGauteng011 3158415View Map
434612ALLIBHAINo39 Rifle Range Road, RidgewayJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4332368View Map
435821ZWANENoShop 5 Trust Centre, 50 Voortrekker RoadAlbertonGautengView Map
436194GERMISHUIZENNoShop 5 Mountain View Centre, Cnr 14th Ave & Weltevreden Road, NorthcliffRandburgGauteng011 4763864View Map
436755GROENEWALD J J - SOUTHGATE MALLNoShop L174 Southgate Mall, Rifle Range Road, MondeorJohannesburg SouthGauteng010 1003133View Map
436798GROENEWALD J J - THE GROVE MALLNoShop L28 The Grove Mall Cnr, Simon Vermooten & Lynnwood Road, EquestriaPretoriaGauteng012 1003020View Map
436887NARSINoTrue North Medical Centre, 55 True North Road, MulbartonJohannesburgGauteng011 4350324View Map
437123CASSIM F A - BENONINoBenoni Health Centre, 54 Harpur Avenue, Western ExtBenoniGauteng011 4216852View Map
437301MATTHEUSNo806 Jacqueline Drive, GarsfonteinPretoriaGauteng012 9933349View Map
438030MKHABELANoPo Box 591RoodepoortGauteng011 9883393
438596GROENEWALD J J - CLEARWATERNoShop Lm086 Clearwater Mall Cnr, Hendrik Potgieter & Christiaan, De Wet RoadStrubens ValleyGauteng010 1003234View Map
438855SWARTNoMedicross Roodepoort, 54 Ontdekkers Road, RoodepoortRoodepoortGauteng011 7644443View Map
439185TSANGARI & C N SAVVANoShop U2 9b Cedar Square Centre, Cnr Cedar Road & Willow Avenue, FourwaysSandtonGauteng011 4679165View Map
439584BOLTNoUnit 7 Royal Palm Business, Estate 646 Washington Street, Halfway HouseMidrandGauteng011 3123812View Map
440922SHIVAMBUNo19973 Zambezi Street, Protea Glen Ext 20SowetoGautengView Map
442445BHIKHA H AND BHIKHA C K - RASLOUNoShop 18 Raslouw Lifestyle, Centre Cnr Rooihuiskraal &, Hendrik Verwoerd RoadRaslouwGauteng012 6568812View Map
442453BHIKHA H AND BHIKHA C K - MIDRANNoShop 19 Sanridge Square, Cnr Lever & New Road, MidrandMidrandGauteng011 3181155View Map
443972VALIALLAHNoWest Wing Ground Floor, Brenthurst Clinic 4 Park Lane, ParktownJohannesburgGauteng011 4843602View Map
445207EDRIES Y - PRETORIA WESTNoShop 2 Kitkat Plaza, 327 Nelson Mandela StreetPretoria WestGauteng082 3399988View Map
446483LAMBATNo38 Lake Avenue, BenoniBenoniGauteng011 4200656View Map
449636HAFFEJEENoShop 4 Daveyton Mall, Cnr Eiselen & Turton Street, DaveytonBenoniGauteng011 4244301View Map
450995FOUCHENoShop 114 Golden Walk Shopping, Centre 141 Victoria RoadGermistonGauteng082 7366078View Map
451746ABRAHAMSNoShop 12a Intercare Wonderboom, Junction Cnr Steve Biko &, Lavender RoadWonderboomGauteng012 5434017View Map
451800BHIKHA C K AND MISTRY J HNoShop 20 Midway Mews Centre Cnr, Seventh Road & Harry Galaun, DriveHalfway GardensGauteng011 3158415View Map
453609KARANo44c Joubert Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 3330981View Map
454028SULTANNoShop 12 Pick 'n Pay Centre, Cnr Bell Drive & Shannon RoadNoordheuwelGauteng011 9546344View Map
454850CHETTYNoShop 7a Retail Crossing Centre, Cnr Hendrik Potgieter & Nic, Diederichs RoadStrubens ValleyGauteng011 6755542View Map
454915SAYEDNo55 Rose Avenue, Lenasia Ext 2LenasiaGauteng011 8548551View Map
455261NYOKANo245 Brunfelsia Street, Ebony ParkMidrandGauteng081 7919098View Map
456144BODENSTEINNoShop 7b Eco Boulevard Shopping, Centre 270 Witch Hazel Avenue, CenturionCenturionGauteng012 6612545View Map
456632JHETAMNo33 Voortrekker Street, Benoni SouthBenoniGauteng011 4201066View Map
456640JHETAM N - ACTONVILLENo1539 Mayet DriveActonvilleGauteng084 6729235View Map
456659JHETAM N - ELDORADOPARKNo916 Silver StreetEldoradoparkGautengView Map
458007VREYNoShop L23 Nicolway Shopping, Centre William Nicol Drive, BryanstonSandtonGauteng011 7067161View Map
459151MASHITOANo3318 Falcon Street, Palm SpringsEnnerdaleGautengView Map
461709SUBRAMANY N - SUNWARD PARKNoShop 21 Kingfisher Corner, Centre Cnr Kingfisher Avenue &, Nicholson RoadSunward ParkGauteng011 9130458View Map
461733MARE T - FEATHERBROOKE VILLAGENoShop 42 Featherbrooke Village, Shopping Center Cnr Hendrik, Potgieter & Peter RoadRuimsigGauteng011 9582640View Map
461830SEDINGWE E S - KAGISO MALLNoShop 7, Kagiso Mall, Corner Kagiso Avenue & RandfonteKagisoGauteng011 4109293
461873AMLANoShop Gl16 Ormonde Shopping, Centre 18 Crownwood Road, OrmondeJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4963873View Map
465143THOKANo1870 Block KkSoshanguveGautengView Map
465208SCHOEVERSNoShop 10 Eastwood Village, Cnr Pretorius & Eastwood StreetArcadiaGauteng012 3428751View Map
465348POSTHUMUSNoSuite 219 Pretoria Eye, Institute 630 Francis Baard, ArcadiaPretoriaGauteng012 3432070View Map
466638SHER K - MELROSE CROSSINGNoShop G 1 Melrose Crossing, 83-85 Corlett Drive, BirnamJohannesburgGauteng011 4400883View Map
466875MAHARAJNoShop 4 Northlands Corner, Cnr Witkoppen & New Market Road, North RidingRandburgGauteng011 7046581View Map
467294REHMANNoShop 23 Germiston Station, Station Street, GermistonGermistonGauteng011 8732305View Map
467952PATHER S - MIDRANDNoAa1b Carlswald Decor Centre Cnr, 5th Road & Harry Galaun Drive, MidrandMidrandGauteng011 3183671View Map
468037MCHABENo1413 Bhekuzulu Street, BoipatongVanderbijlparkGauteng084 5412764View Map
469149MAHADEO A - PROTEA GLENNoShop 12a Westgate Shopping, Centre 120 Ontdekkers Road, Horizon ViewRoodepoortGauteng011 7680501View Map
469289LOLWANANo2666 Dikeledi StrWestonariaGauteng011 7551220
470376MDLULINoShop 80 Sam Ntuli Mall, Cnr Kumalo & Masakhane Street, KatlehongKatlehongGautengView Map
470899VAN DEN HEEVERNoShop 4a Olivewood Centre Cnr, Wekker Road & De Villebois, Mareuil DriveMoreletaparkGauteng012 9972624View Map
474320MALULEKENoShop 29 B & C Randburg City, Oak Avenue, FerndaleRandburgGauteng011 3264013View Map
475017ROSSNoShop 63a Campus Square Cnr, Universiteits Road & Kingsway, AvenueAuckland ParkGauteng011 4824375View Map
476536BRESLERNo144 General Hertzog Road, Three RiversVereenigingGauteng016 4233255View Map
476846VAN VUUREN Y - KYALAMI DOWNSNoCnr Kyalami Boulevard & Main, RoadKyalamiGauteng011 4663031View Map
476870VAN VUUREN Y - THE FALLSNoShop 4 Pick N Pay The Falls Cnr, Hendrik Potgieter & Johan Road, RoodepoortRoodepoortGauteng011 9581021View Map
476897RASEBOYENoShop 3c & 4c Corporate Park Cnr, South Street & Old Pretoria, Main RoadMidrandGauteng076 0917070View Map
477346MOABELONoShop 101a Kwa-guga Shopping, Mall Matthews Phosa BoulevardTembaGauteng013 6980118View Map
478490BODENSTEINNoShop 4 Northdale Shopping, Centre Grafenhiem Street, NinaparkAkasiaGauteng012 5421606View Map
483214DE ANDRADENoShop 4 Westwood Village, Cnr Phillips & Atlas RoadBeyersparkGauteng011 9182893View Map
483532ESSANoLesedi Clinic, 19b Nembula HouseDiepkloofGauteng011 9389013View Map
484393SAOHATSENoMeredale Medical Centre, Cnr Main Road & Ino Street, ComptonvilleJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 9414497View Map
484415SAOHATSENoMeredale Medical Centre, Cnr Main Road & Ino Street, DiepkloofDiepkloofGauteng011 9414497View Map
485519KWAPE M P - RANDBURGNoStand 3115 Shop 7b Yarona, Shopping Complex 405 Cnr, Angelfish Street & ArcherfishKaalfonteinGauteng011 3120073View Map
486752MOKWELENoShop A3 Spruitview Medical, Centre Cnr Brickfield & Moagi, SpruitviewKatlehongGauteng010 2360018View Map
490199MULLERNoShop 13 Hillcrest Boulevard, Cnr Lynnwood & Duxbury Road, HillcrestPretoriaGauteng012 3623144View Map
492299GOLE M J - RANDFONTEINNoShop No 8, Station RoadRandfonteinGauteng011 4124284
493007JEENA N - VICTORY PARKNoPick N Pay Hypermarket East Rand, Mall 258 Bental Avenue, JansenparkBoksburgGautengView Map
495832DE BRUINNoShop 6b Wierda Village Shopping, Centre 1276 Willem Botha Drive, WierdaparkCenturionGauteng012 6548687View Map
496278SULTANNoShop 14 Kingfisher Centre Cnr, Kingfisher Drive & Alexander, AvenueFour WaysGauteng011 7051619View Map
497312MEYER M & COETZEE C MNoShop 3 Feather Square, Cnr Furrow & Falls Road, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 6621096View Map
499269VERSTERNoShop 15 Waterfall Corner, Shopping Centre Cnr Maxwell &, Woodmead DriveMidrandGauteng010 5968939View Map
500941MOOLANoShop 28-29 Norwood Mall Cnr, Sarie Marais Road & 6th Avenue, NorwoodJohannesburgGauteng011 7284296View Map
503002WIESNERNoShop 6 Jean Village, Jean AvenueCenturionGauteng012 6440270View Map
503479RAMOLOKONo3506 Alekhine Street, Protea NorthSowetoGauteng011 9806855View Map
504343NKGARENoSilver Hawk Building, Office No 1, Kruger AvenueVereenigingGauteng
504815NAKEDINoShop F1 Mamelodi Crossing, Cnr Stormvoel & Waltloo RoadMamelodi WestGauteng012 8051112View Map
505390MASHELENoShop 9 Soshanguve Plaza, Buitekant Street, SoshanguveSoshanguveGauteng012 7906475View Map
506028MAKHOBANoShop 2 Howard House, 23 Loveday Street, MarshalltownJohannesburgGauteng084 6092219View Map
508047HLAKUDINoShop 10 Tembisa Plaza, Andrew Mapheto Drive, TembisaTembisaGauteng011 9254756View Map
508578VORSTERNoShop 18 Lifestyle Centre, Cnr Kingfisher & Trichard Road, Sunward ParkBoksburgGauteng011 9130399View Map
508918MAHARAJNoShop 24 Torga Optical -, Carlsward New Road, MidrandMidrandGauteng011 3180307View Map
508926DANKANoShop 24 Carlswald Lifestyle, Centre New Road, MidrandMidrandGauteng011 3180307View Map
509124AIFANTIS N - CRESTA SHOPPING CENoShop R16b Cresta Shopping, Centre Cnr Beyers Naude Drive &, Weltevreden RoadRandburgGauteng011 4768800View Map
510602HAMIDNoShop 59 Protea Glen Mall, Cnr R558 & Protea Boulevard, Protea GlenSowetoGauteng011 2972010View Map
511331STRYDOMNoShop L55 Cradlestone Mall Cnr, Hendrik Potgieter & Furrow Road, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng010 5949500View Map
513024KOBENoShop 113 Level 1 Bel Air, Shopping Centre Cnr Malibongwe &, Bellairs DriveOlivedaleGauteng010 0036047View Map
513377AGATHOCLEOUSNoShop 1108, Wilrogate Shopping Centre, Cnr Ontdekkers & C R Swart RdRoodepoortGauteng011 0102220177View Map
513644VAN WESTINGNoShop 51 Mall Of New Market, 1 Heidelberg Road, AlbertonAlbertonGauteng011 9070202View Map
514500ASMALJEE A AND ASMALJEE T INCNoShop 41 Carnival Mall, Cnr Airport & Heidelberg Road, Dalpark ExtBrakpanGauteng011 9157741View Map
514837HORN A - CRADLESTONE MALLNoShop U109 Cradlestone Mall Cnr, Furrow & Hendrik Potgieter Road, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng010 4922849View Map
514861SITHOLENoLevel 4 Office 405 Sunnypark, Shopping Centre Cnr Steve Biko, Road & Jeppe StreetSunnysideGauteng012 3416344View Map
514896FONDSE E - BROOKLYNNoShop 4 Brooklyn Mall, Cnr Fehrsen & Bronkhorst Street, Nieuw MuckleneukPretoriaGauteng012 3460187View Map
514969MAKANNoShop 62 Montana Crossing Centre, Zambezi Drive & Veronica RoadMontanaGauteng012 5489365View Map
514977MAKAN M - NOORDVAALNoShop 2 Noordvaal Arcade, 225 Madiba StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3263553View Map
515051SHER K - MORULENGNoShop 65 Moruleng Mall, Main Hospital Road, Lyttelton ManorCenturionGauteng082 5292098View Map
515531MAHOMED A - WILFRED HEINRICHNoShop 18 President Arcade, 266 Frances Baard StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3226538View Map
515698LETSIENoShop 344 Maponya Mall Cnr Chris, Hani Road & Mohloka Street, PimvillePimvilleGauteng011 9381212View Map
516767VAN VUUREN Y - CRADLESTONE MALLNoShop L92 Cradlestone Mall Cnr, Hendrik Potgieter & Furrow Road, MuldersdrifKrugersdorpGauteng011 6621757View Map
516937DU TOITNoShop 82 Vaal Mall Cnr Barrage, Road & Rossini Boulevard, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9311669View Map
516961COETZEENoShop 128b Centurion Mall, 2004 Gordon Hood Road, CenturionCenturionGauteng012 6637916View Map
518506VAN DER MOLENNoShop U75 Cradlestone Mall Cnr, Hendrik Potgieter & Furrow Road, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng010 0036699View Map
519820MAKAN M - FOURWAYSNoShop G12a Fourways Crossing Cnr, William Nicole Drive & Sunrise, BoulevardFour WaysGauteng012 6534587View Map
519979MAKAN M - SUNNY PARKNoShop L1-25a Sunny Park Mall Cnr, Steve Biko Road & Robert, Sobukwe StreetSunnysideGauteng012 3410981View Map
520128SUBRAMANY N - FESTIVAL MALLNoShop 98b Festival Mall Cnr C R, Swart Drive & Kelvin Street, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 3945011View Map
521310CARRIM S - KEMPTON PARKNoShop 64 Kempton Square, Cnr Voortrekker & Monument Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 9758544View Map
521655CASOOJEENo39 Rifle Range Road, RidgewayJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4332368View Map
522554PILLAY P - SOUTHGATE MALLNoShop L158 Southgate Mall Cnr, Columbine Avenue & Rifle Range, RoadMondeorGauteng011 9412880View Map
526983DE BEERNoShop G32 Cnr Braam Pretoruis, Street & Lavender Road West, AnnlinPretoriaGauteng012 5430270View Map
527130PEERNoShop 3 Health Emporium, Cnr Church & Market Street, Halfway HouseMidrandGauteng011 3153800View Map
527785ABDUL N - CARLTON CENTRENoShop G8 Carlton Centre, Commissioner Street, Carlton CentreJohannesburgGauteng011 3318368View Map
530336REICHELNoShop 10 Aero Shopping Centre, Atlas RoadBonaero ParkGauteng011 9070306View Map
530530JOMPOLONoShop 12a Palm Court Centre Cnr, J G Strydom Road & Cornelius, StreetWeltevredenparkGauteng011 4754501View Map
532533PRINSLOONoShop G 10 Northmead Square, O' Reilly Merry StreetBenoni SouthGauteng011 4250071View Map
538558HORN A - WOODLANDS BLV SHOPPINGNoShop 228 Woodlands Blv Shopping, Centre Cnr Garsfontein Road &, De Villabois Mareuil DrivePretoriaGauteng012 4921229View Map
539902VREYNoShop 530 Wonderpark Shopping, Centre Cnr Heinrich Avenue &, Brits RoadKarenparkGauteng012 5494303View Map
540595DE BRUYNNoShop 23 Level 1 Brooklyn Mall, Cnr Veale & Fehrsen Street, Nieuw MuckleneukPretoriaGauteng012 9428642View Map
541079JANSE VAN RENSBURGNoShop 105a Forest Hill Mall, Cnr R55 & N14, MonavoniCenturionGauteng012 6681123View Map
541443PAPENFUSNo121 Elizabeth Road, Impala ParkBoksburgGautengView Map
544027MAHOMEDNoUnit 03 Crystal Mall Ext 6 Cnr, Cavendish Street & George Elliot, AvenueEldoradoparkGauteng011 3422482View Map
545341VREYNoShop 328 The Mall Of Rosebank, 50 Bath Avenue, RosebankJohannesburgGauteng011 8802516View Map
546720DE KOCKNoShop C209 Rosebank Mall, 50 Bath Avenue, RosebankJohannesburgGauteng011 8806677View Map
548723STEENKAMPNoShop 4 Linden Place, 59 4th Avenue, LindenRandburgGauteng011 7822613View Map
549096BHIKHA C K AND MISTRY J H - ROSNoShop Gf09 The Zone, Oxford Road, RosebankJohannesburgGauteng011 8801610View Map
549479BOTHMANoShop 10 Lambton Square, Webber & Piercy Avenue, LambtonGermistonGautengView Map
551538AIFANTIS N - RANDBURGNoShop Bl3a Cresta Shopping, Centre Cnr Beyers Naude Drive &, Weltevreden RoadRandburgGauteng011 4766416View Map
555193CHETTY S - SHARONLEANoShop 30 Jean Crossing Mall, Cnr Jean Avenue & N14 Highway, CenturionCenturionGauteng012 6440775View Map
556289MARENoShop 109 Flora Centre, Ontdekkers Road, Florida NorthRoodepoortGauteng011 4723513View Map
557560VAN ZYLNoShop G12a Fourways Crossing, William Nicol DriveFour WaysGauteng011 4653756View Map
558281MODUTWANENoOffice 1005 First Floor Maponya, Mall 2127 Chris Hani Road, KlipspruitSowetoGauteng010 8232276View Map
558850MALATJINoShop 3 The Ridge Shopping, Centre Cnr Mozart & Paul Kruger, Honeydew RidgeRoodepoortGautengView Map
560715SCHULZENoShop 19 Chilli Lane Shopping, Centre Rivonia Road, SunninghillSandtonGauteng011 2312600View Map
561088JOUBERTNoShop 9 Ryneveld Lifestyle, Centre Cnr Van Ryneveld & Pieter, Botha AvenuePierre Van RyneveldGauteng012 6620188View Map
561363THEOLOGO R - NORTHGATE MALLNoShop 324 Northgate Mall, NorthridingRandburgGauteng011 7949690
564958PATHER S - MAPONYA MALLNoShop 47 Maponya Mall, 2058 Chris Hani Road, KlipspruitSowetoGauteng011 9331226View Map
566322KEYSER C - PRETORIANoShop 2b Castle Walk Centre, Cnr Lois Avenue & Nossob Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3477642View Map
567302KOBENoShop 16 Maponya Mall, 2127 Chris Hani Road, KlipspruitSowetoGauteng079 1810847View Map
569550SALOOJEENoShop 4 Ridgeway Gardens Centre, 278 Swartgoud StreetRidgewayGauteng011 4331006View Map
570249SHAIKHNoShop 18 Palm Springs Shopping, Centre 4th Street, SpringsSpringsGauteng011 8151938View Map
570303MOOLANoShop 18-19 Palm Springs, Shopping Centre 28 - 34 4th, SpringsSpringsGauteng011 8151227View Map
570389SCHMULIANNoShop 62 Montana Crossing Centre, Cnr Zambesi & Veronica StreetMontanaGauteng012 5489365View Map
572837GOVENDERNoShop 523 Level 5 Randburg, Square Cnr Oak Avenue & Sentrum, FerndaleRandburgGauteng011 3260594View Map
573256VORSTERNoShop 7 Rock Cottage Centre Cnr, Christiaan De Wet & John Vorster, StreetRandpark RidgeGauteng011 7947583View Map
575666NENUNGWINoSuite 901 Louis Pasteur, Hospital 374 Francis Baard, StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3205375View Map
576387OPPERMANNoShop U42 Lakeside Mall, Tom Jones Street, BenoniBenoniGauteng011 4271799View Map
577391MAHASHANo1478 Ndabezitha Street, TsakaneBrakpanGauteng081 4927293View Map
577804DU PLESSISNoMedicross Boksburg, Cnr Trichardt & North Rand Road, BoksburgBoksburgGauteng011 8942228View Map
577936STRYDOM B - KRUGERSDORPNoShop 71 Keywest Shopping Centre, Cnr Paardekraal Drive &, Voortrekker RoadKrugersdorpGauteng011 2730203View Map
577960SWARTNoCnr Paardekraal Drive & Luipaard, Street, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 9535777View Map
578126BHOOLANoShop 14 Kingfisher Centre Cnr, Kingfisher Drive & Alexander, AvenueFour WaysGauteng011 7051619View Map
578185MOHLALANoShop 22 Dawn Park Shoping, Centre Galahad Road, Dawn ParkBoksburgGauteng082 3686527View Map
578215NELNo215 Monument Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 9702073View Map
578231KHANNoMedicross Germiston, Cnr Webber Road & Olivier Street, EsteraGermistonGauteng011 8245237View Map
578290BEZUIDENHOUTNoShop 5a The Berg Shopping, Centre Cnr Gordon Road &, Bergbron DriveBergbronGauteng011 6738820View Map
578312LEO L D - BENONINoMedicross Benoni, Cnr Great North & Kei Road, FarrarmereBenoniGauteng011 4250060View Map
578363AUSTINNoMedicross Vereeniging, Cnr Nile Drive & The SquareThree RiversGauteng016 4548400View Map
578762DE SMEDTNoSuite 219, 630 Francis Baard StreetArcadiaGauteng012 3438428View Map
578940LUTHULI S T AND ASSOCIATENoShop 15 Rand Value Centre, 35 Rand Road, GeorgetownGermistonGauteng011 8255018View Map
579734BHANANoShop 170 Balfour Mall, Athol Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8851208View Map
583502TSHAUKENoShop F103 Attlyn Mall, Cnr Khoza & Phudufufu StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3736549View Map
584169HOMANNoShop 16 Dainfern Square Cnr, William Nicol & Broadacres, DriveDainfernGautengView Map
584460RADEBENoEvaton Road, ResidensiaEnnerdaleGauteng074 7863717View Map
585807MARXNo347 Dey Street, Nieuw MuckleneukPretoriaGauteng012 4358007View Map
585971JEENAHNoShop 12 Crownwood Square, 11 Crownwood Road, Evans ParkJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4961309View Map
591270SELEMELA K AND SENOAMADI VNoShop L65 Golden Walk Shopping, Centre Victoria StreetGermistonGauteng011 8737764View Map
591491SELOLONo1928 Block U XMabopaneGautengView Map
597007GEYSERNo1st Floor Victoria Gate Hyde, Park Lane Cnr Willliam Nicol And, JansmutHyde ParkGauteng086 1005681View Map
597058RICHARDSNoShop 218 Northgate Shopping, Centre Cnr Northumberland &, Olievenhout AvenueNorth RidingGauteng011 7953155View Map
598518RAMPATHYNoShop 61 Blue Hills Shopping, Centre Cnr Olifantsfontein Road, & African View DriveBlue HillsGauteng011 3184255View Map
599034ENGELBRECHTNoShop F053 Mall Of The South, 1 Kliprivier DriveMulbartonGauteng011 6822686View Map
605689MUSHIANoEx 33, 762 Amandebloom RoadDoornpoortGauteng012 5475546View Map
605816COWELLNoShop B03 Nedbank Phase 2, Cnr Rivonia Road & Maude Street, SandtonSandtonGauteng011 7847668View Map
607428PATELNoShop 5 Sinoville Corner 284 Cnr, Braam Pretorius & Vinko Street, SinovillePretoriaGauteng012 5675791View Map
608548SCHMULIANNo454 Hilda Street, Hatfield GablesHatfieldGauteng012 9438100
609544SLADENoShop G073 Mall Of The South Cnr, Swartkoppies Road & Kliprivier, DriveMulbartonGauteng011 6822445View Map
610569MATLOANo13920 Freedom Drive, Ivory ParkMidrandGautengView Map
611085LUTTIGNoShop M38 The Glen Shopping, Centre Cnr Letaba & Orphen Road, GleneaglesJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4359571View Map
612383HARMSE AND PARSONS INCORPORATEDNoRietfontein Pavilion 11 Cnr, Frates Road & Jacobs Street, RietfonteinPretoriaGauteng012 3292436View Map
612405MOTSEPENoShop 12 1st Floor The Bridge, Shopping Centre 79 Buccleuch, BuccleuchSandtonGauteng011 8020172View Map
612995BARNARD S M AND VAN DEVENTER CNoShop L057 Greenstone Shopping, Centre Modderfontein RoadGreenstone HillGauteng011 4521272View Map
613045PIETERSENo229 Bell Drive, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng010 1003824View Map
614394CASOOJEENoShop 2a Brentwood Park Shopping, Centre Cnr Great North &, Stanley RoadBenoniGauteng011 3951060View Map
614408CASOOJEENoShop 33 Sunward Park Centre Cnr, Kingfisher Avenue & Duiker Road, Sunward ParkBoksburgGauteng011 9130059View Map
618772GOOSENNoShop 6 Olympus Village Cnr, Archilles Road & Olympus Drive, Faerie GlenPretoriaGauteng010 0354445View Map
618780LOWRYNoShop 10b Edenmeadow Shopping, Centre Cnr Van Riebeeck Avenue &, Modderfontein StreetEdenvaleGauteng011 6093644View Map
620890HLONGWANoShop F01 Mamelodi Crossing, Cnr Stormvoel & Waltloo Road, MamelodiPretoriaGauteng012 8051112View Map
621153MOOSA G H AND BUYS J ONo4a 7th Street, RandfonteinRandfonteinGauteng011 6921208View Map
621706SMITHNoShop 15 Upper Level Woodmead, Value Mart Waterval Crescent, WoodmeadSandtonGauteng011 6560038View Map
622257LAHERNoShop 24 Elgin Mall Cnr, Olienhout Avenue & Elgin Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 3916248View Map
622559SELEPE M W AND ASSOCIATENoShop No 10, Shoprite Centre, Cnr Krugar And President StreetJohanesburgGauteng011 0711285
624187NAIDUNoShop G134 Mall Of The South Cnr, Swartkoppies Road & Kliprivier, DriveMulbartonGauteng011 6822716View Map
624195MODIBANoShop 121 Middestad Mall Cnr, Pretorius & Thabo Sehume Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3040110View Map
624802NAGELNoShop 59 Doringkloof Mall, Aster Avenue, DoringkloofCenturionGauteng012 6676044View Map
626791HORNNoShop 1145 Mall Of Africa, Cnr Lone Creek & Magwa Crescent, Halfway HouseMidrandGautengView Map
627976MATEBANENoShop 56 Kyalami Corner, Cnr Main & R55 Road, KyalamiMidrandGauteng010 0206892View Map
628239MOILANo219 Cnr Meyer And SpilsburyJohannesburgGauteng
628972SCHMULIAN M AND HILDEBRAND NNoShop 62 Montana Shopping Centre, Sesako Makghato Drive, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 5489365View Map
630691RAMULUMISINoShop 18 Evaton Plaza Cnr Easton, Road & Charleston Street, Evaton WestEvatonGauteng016 0230045View Map
635774VENTERNoShop G07a Menlo Park Shopping, Centre 71 13th Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3463322View Map
636266MALULEKENoShop 339 Randburg Square Mall, Oak Avenue, RandburgRandburgGauteng011 7899130View Map
637343PATELNoClifton Heights, 92 De Korte Street, BraamfonteinJohannesburgGauteng011 4037722View Map
638986LEENoShop 18 Vorna Valley Shopping, Centre 51 Albertyn Street, MidrandMidrandGauteng011 8051034View Map
639648MABUNDANoShop 4 84 Prinsproes Cnr Sisulu, & Johannes Ramokgouse StreetJohannesburgGauteng072 8886054View Map
639753NAIRNoSuite 5 Midrand Dental And, Medical Center 181 Bekker Road, Vorna ValleyMidrandGauteng083 7750581View Map
640182KHANNoShop U407 A Entrance 3, Southgate Shopping Mall Cnr, Columbine & Rifle Range RoadJohannesburgGauteng011 9422025View Map
640875ISMAILNoShopg14 Bonaero Park Shopping, Centre Crn Atlas & Geldenhuys, RoadsKempton ParkGautengView Map
640913STANDERNoShop E15 River Square Shopping, Centre Nile Drive, Three RiversVereenigingGauteng016 4548400View Map
644307REICHELNoShop 4 B Meyersdal Square Cnr, Michelle Avenue & Jochem Bruggen, StreetAlbertonGauteng011 9070306View Map
646644NGWEPENoRazorite Medical Centre Corner, Bellairs Drive & Malibongwe, DriveJohannesburgGauteng010 0720676View Map
646865PIENAARNoShop 12 Checkers Hyper Centre, 14th Avenue, Constantia KloofRoodepoortGauteng011 6791077View Map
647187MARIETTE VAN DER MERWE AND PARTNNoShop 31a Menlyn Maine Shopping, Centre Cnr Aramist & Dallas, AvenueMenlynGauteng012 3615627View Map
647543HORNNoShop U11 Kolonnade Shopping, Centre Sefoko Makgatho Street, MontanaPretoriaGauteng087 3504504View Map
649201SMITNoMenlyn Square Office Park, 134 Aramist Avenue, NewlandsPretoriaGauteng012 3610693View Map
649945PANAYIOTOUNoShop Bc 34a Sandton City, 163 5th Street, SandtonSandtonGauteng011 7842513View Map
650366SCHOLTZNo172 Hennie Alberts Street, BrackenhurstAlbertonGauteng011 9001791View Map
652369ABDULNoPeermed Health Centre, 265 Madiba StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3216317View Map
654841RAMOTHWALANo6559 Ndabezitha Street, TsakaneBrakpanGautengView Map
655007MOODLEYNoShop 60 Kyalami Corner Shopping, Centre Cnr R55 & Main Road, CrowthorneMidrandGauteng087 2323402View Map
655023NAIDOO AND PARTNERNoShop 15 Douglasdale Village, 40 Leslie Avenue, DouglasdaleSandtonGauteng087 2366454View Map
655112KRUGERNo73 Rossini Boulevard, Sw 1VanderbijlparkGauteng016 9311040View Map
656046SELLONoShop 14 Grayston Shopping, Centre Grayston Drive, SandtonSandtonGauteng011 8838288View Map
657905AMORI KLOPPER AND PARTNERNoShop 176 East Rand Mall, Bental Road, BoksburgBoksburgGauteng011 8231732View Map
657913RAMODIPA AND PARTNERNoShop 5 Tanganani Shopping, Centre Africa StreetDiepslootGauteng011 5280500View Map
659088VAN EEDENNoShop 57 Dainfern Square Cnr, William Nicol & Broadacres Drive, DainfernSandtonGauteng011 4690543View Map
661171ADLAM AND LOMBARD INCNoShop 5b Rynfield Square Cnr, Pretoria Road & Rickard Street, RynfieldBenoniGauteng010 6000279View Map
661635CLAASSENS AND VAN DYK INCNoShop L59 The Grove Mall Cnr, Simon Vermooten & Lynnwood Road, EquestriaPretoriaGauteng012 8076977View Map
662003ARBEENoShop C2 1st Place Fnb Bank City, Retail Pritchard Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGautengView Map
665789PRETORIUSNoLyttelton Shopping Centre Cnr, Botha Avenue & Cantonments Road, LytteltonCenturionGauteng062 8905030View Map
668796MALOPENoShop 30b Station Square, Winternest Pharmacy Daan De Wet, ClarinaAkasiaGauteng012 7722730View Map
671274MACHETHENo55929 Shop 9, Zone 3 Shopping Centre, SebokengSebokengGauteng016 5930035
672483LATIBNoShop 6 Columbine Square, 82 Swartgoud Street, SuideroordJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6801086View Map
672750MAKHOMUNoShop L019 Westgate Shopping, Centre 120 Ontdekkers Road, Horizon ViewRoodepoortGauteng011 7680197View Map
673196KEKANANoShop 80 Taxido Junction, Union Street, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 4218245View Map
673811VAN HEYNINGENNo110 Louis Trichardt Boulevard, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9321779View Map
675008MOKGATLHANENo310 Pretoria Street, Medicross ClinicSilvertonGauteng
676365HAFFEJEENoShop 10 Aero Shopping Centre, Cnr Atlas & Tempelhof StreetBenoniGauteng011 3952749View Map
676756CHETTYNoShop 207d Centurion Mall, 334 South Street, CenturionCenturionGauteng087 0861075View Map
676942STRYDOMNoShop 31a Tambotie Mall, Cnr Tambotie Road & Malan Street, RandfonteinRandfonteinGauteng011 6921716View Map
677574BALOYINoShop U35a Springs Mall, 19 Cnr Wit & Jan Smuts Road, SpringsSpringsGauteng011 8120305View Map
677787MOOLANoShop U17 Springs Mall, 1257 Jan Smuts Road, SpringsSpringsGauteng011 8120126View Map
678937MATSAPOLANoShop 06 A Tambotie Mall, Cnr Tambotie Road & Malan Street, RandfonteinRandfonteinGauteng011 6921300View Map
679852KHUZWAYONoShop 6a Boulders Shopping, Centre 15759 G Old Pretoria Road, MidrandMidrandGauteng011 3150901View Map
680036DE BEERNoShop 9a Woodlands Boulevard, Shopping Centre Cnr Garsfontein, Rd & De Villebois Mareuil DrivePretoriaGauteng012 9972823View Map
680044KOBENoShop 16 Maponya Mall, 2127 Chris Hani Road, KlipspruitSowetoGauteng082 2672901View Map
681709NORTMANNoShop 9 Ryneveld Lifestyle, Centre Cnr Van Ryneveld & Pieter, Botha AvenuePierre Van RyneveldGauteng012 6620188View Map
683116HAMILTON-HOSKINSNoShop 73 Woodmead Retail Park, 1 Waterfall Crescent, WoodmeadSandtonGauteng011 6569733View Map
686085BHOOLANoShop 14 Kingfischer Shopping, Centre Cnr Kingfischer Drive &, Alexander AvenueFourwaysGauteng011 7051619View Map
686379SCHMULIANNoShop 13 Watermeyer Shopping, Centre Cnr Watermeyer Street &, Cussonia AvenueVal De GraceGauteng012 8044730View Map
688088SAVHASENo76 Knox StreetGermistonGauteng011 8250645
688703NGOEPENoUnit 33 Midriver EstateKempton ParkGauteng012 8172070
690937REHMANNoShop 6, 110 Rietfontein Road, PrimroseGermistonGauteng011 8224311View Map
696358BODIRWANoShop 39 Sammy Marks Square, 333 Helen Joseph Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 7527488View Map
700665ABDULNoPeermed Health Centre, Cnr Voortrekker & Monument Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 3948751View Map
701017SURAJPAULNoShop 38b Mall @ 55, Cnr R55 Road & Marais Avenue, CenturionCenturionGauteng012 6560910View Map
702978NEETHLINGNoCnr Brakfontein Road & Erasmus, Drive, CenturionCenturionGauteng011 7006615View Map
705381COETZEENoShop 325 Centurion Mall, Heuwel Road, CenturionCenturionGauteng012 6636502View Map
705802VAN VUURENNoShop 8 Parkmore Gardens, Shopping Centre 126 11th Street, ParkmoreSandtonGauteng051 4101666View Map
709816VORSTERNo17 Merriman Avenue, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 3624564View Map
713414ASMALJEE A AND ASMALJEE TNoShop U42 Lakeside Mall, Tom Jones Street, BenoniBenoniGauteng011 4271799View Map
713902MULLERNoShop 102a Atterbury Value Mart, Selikats Causeway & Atterbury, RoadFaerie GlenGauteng012 9421422View Map
715107MOOSANoShop 3 Woodmead Retail Park Cnr, Woodmead & Waterfall CrescentWoodmeadGauteng011 6569725View Map
717746MOOLANoCnr Airport & Heidelberg Road, BrakpanBrakpanGauteng011 9150417View Map
721158SMITHNoShop 5 Noordheuwel Shopping, Centre Robert Broom Drive, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 9545613View Map
725390JAGATHPALNoUndisclosed, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng073 2097177View Map
725730JAVERNo1045 Fiver StreetStrubens ValleyGauteng
734152LATIBNoPeermed Health Centre, 185 Cnr Jack & Meyer Street, GermistonGermistonGauteng072 7978686View Map
735027TLAKANo12152 Kgabo Road, Phase 1, Morula ViewPretoriaGauteng
735396LETSIENoShop 41a Protea Centre, 80 High Street, BrixtonJohannesburgGauteng011 8372702View Map
735418RAHAMANNoShop 5, 92 Main Road, De DeurDe DeurGauteng016 5901901View Map
735434VEERA GALOO (NEE MOODLEY)No1 Patricia Crescent, BeyersparkBoksburgGauteng082 8026870View Map
736112DOS SANTOSNoTorga Optical Rosebank Mall, Shop 240, 51 Bath AvenueRosebankGauteng011 8806117
737291MOOSANo110 Gordon Road, BergbronRandburgGauteng064 5937185View Map
742686SCHULIANNoShop 6 Jean Village Shop, Cnr Jean Avenue & Gerhard Street, LytteltonCenturionGauteng012 6440270View Map
745138NAGELNoShop 40, Hatfield Plaza, Burnett StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3625779
745820NCHABELENGNoShop D 09, Mnandi Shopping Center, Corner Umkhombe & Maunde StreetPretoriaGauteng
748242MALATJINo490 Moteong Section, TembisaTembisaGauteng078 7003763View Map
748609MAPANoPlot 1285 Mapa Stand, Phalama Road, WinterveldMabopaneGautengView Map
748633SCHAYNoShop 32 Flamingo Centre, 8 Queens Road, ModderfonteinLethabongGauteng072 6388010View Map
748935VAN DEN BERGNoShop 21 Meyersdall Mall Cnr, Michelle Avenue & Hennie Alberts, StreetAlbertonGauteng011 8672492View Map
748951N BADENHORST AND B FROSTNoShop 22 Queens Corner Shopping, Centre Cnr Soutpansberg Road &, Stead AvenueQueenswoodGauteng012 3333800View Map
749176VAN DEN BERGNoShop 10 New Redruth Village, St Austell Street, New RedruthAlbertonGauteng011 8699705View Map
752177LOONATNoShop 24 Northcliff Square Cnr, Beyers Naude Drive & Milner, MontrouxRandburgGauteng011 8880144View Map
752479LEBOGONo9128 Mosoane StreetGa-RankuwaGauteng
755923MALATJINo45 Maseko Street, SaulsvillePretoriaGauteng061 4985322View Map
756393LATIBNoPeermed Health Centre, 267 Madiba Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3216317View Map
756598DOWLEYNoShop Lr 14 & 15 The Marc, 129 Rivonia Road, SandownSandtonGauteng010 0351136View Map
757209SMITHNoShop Ur13 The Marc, 129 Rivonia Road, SandtonSandtonGauteng010 0351131View Map
758604PRINSLOONo75 Grant Avenue, NorwoodJohannesburgGauteng011 7287118View Map
758795KONYANENoShop 9 Kitkat Plaza, 327 W F Nkomo Street, Pretoria WestPretoriaGauteng081 3543466View Map
759147SEBATANENoShop 3 The Ridge Shopping, Centre Cnr Mozart & Paul Kruger, HoneydewRoodepoortGauteng011 6755999View Map
762849BADATNo70 Republic Road, BlairgowrieRandburgGauteng067 2032298View Map
766046LOMBARDNoShop 20 Honeydew Village, Shopping Centre Cnr Christiaan, De Wet & John Vorster RoadWeltevredenparkGauteng011 6755765View Map
766585DE BEERNoEntrance 5 Shop 540 Wonderpark, Shopping Centre Cnr Brits Road &, Heinrich AvenueKarenparkGauteng012 5490086View Map
767344ARENDSNoShop 328 The Mall Of Rosebank, 50 Bath Avenue, RosebankJohannesburgGauteng011 8802516View Map
767727DADOONoCabin 4 Rustic Timber & Garden, Centre 42 Witkoppen Road, FourwaysSandtonGauteng011 4679776View Map
768545JANSEN AND SWANEPOEL OPTOMETRISTNoShop Lf72a Menlyn Shopping, Centre Attenburg Road, MenlynPretoriaGauteng012 0030295View Map
768960BODIRWANoShop 16 Maponya Mall, 2127 Chris Hani Road, KlipspruitSowetoGauteng010 1091831View Map
769746MALELENo92 CollegeviewBushbuckridgeGauteng012 8172070
770094VAN HEERDENNoGezina Shopping Centre, Medicross Gezina Nico Smith, GezinaPretoriaGauteng012 3357878View Map
770353PHOFANo126 Cnr Rahima Moosa & Simmonds, Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8386397View Map
771716WILKINSONNoShop 18 All Saints Shopping, Centre Windsor Way, North RidingRandburgGauteng011 4620801View Map
772771LE ROUXNoShop 27 Willow Way Centre Cnr, Lynnwood Road & Albeth Street, Die WilgersPretoriaGauteng012 8073702View Map
773166DU TOITNoShop P16 River Square Shopping, Centre Nile Drive, Three RiversVereenigingGauteng016 9311669View Map
773441SEKANONoShop 12 Dainfern Square, William Nicole Drive, Broadacres AvenueJohannesburgGauteng
773859MOOSANoCnr Ruth First & Aubrey Matlala, Shop 36, Soshanguve CrossingPretoriaGauteng
775770OMARJEENo65 Lilian Road, FordsburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8360613View Map
780987HOOSENNoShop 13 Rand Steam, Corner Napier And Barry HertzogJohannesburgGauteng
782777HAMIDNoShop 30a Sky City Mall, Cnr R550 & K91 Road, VereenigingVereenigingGautengView Map
782807SWARTNoShop 6a Jean Village Shopping, Centre 251 Jean Avenue, Die HoewesCenturionGauteng012 6440270View Map
783803NDLALANo59 Robert Sobukwe Street, Alans PlacePretoriaGauteng
784710MAE OPTOMETRISTS INCNoShop 13 Kolonnade Centre, Sefako Makgatho Drive, Montana ParkGautengGauteng012 5481310View Map
784745MABEANo120 End StreetJohannesburgGauteng011 7263359
790346PATELNoShop 21 - 22 Lynnridge Mall 278, Cnr Hibiscus & Freesia Street, Lynnwood RidgePretoriaGauteng012 1119506View Map
791083SWARTNoShop U39 Eastgate Shopping, Centre 43 Bradford Road, BedfordviewGermistonGauteng011 6151370View Map
791091BALOYINoShop L02, Ferndale On Republic, Republic RoadRandburgGauteng
791121BALOYINoShop 10 My Citi Development, SandownSandtonGauteng015 8510522View Map
791482HORNNoShop F26 Fourways Mall, Fourways Boulevard, FourwaysSandtonGautengView Map
792470ENGELBRECHTNoShop 79 Keywest Shopping Centre, Cnr Paardekraal And Viljoen Rd, KrugersdorpGautengGauteng011 6601811
792667MOTHAPONo1923 Hinterland Avenue, Mamelodi GardensPretoriaGauteng012 8011773View Map
794570LUTTIGNoShop 55 Glenfair Boulevard, 3 Daventry Street, Lynnwood ManorPretoriaGauteng012 0351500View Map
795143MFUPHINo419a White CitySowetoGauteng
795526JORDAN VAN DEN BERG ANDNoShop L92 Cradlestone Mall Cnr, Hendrik Potgieter & Furrow Road, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 6621757View Map
795917DU PLESSISNoNo 4 The Falls Centre, Cnr Hendrik Potgieter And Johan, WilgeheuwelGautengGauteng011 9581027View Map
796034VAN DER HEEVERNoShop 10 Princess Crossing, 54 Ontdekkers Road, RoodepoortRoodepoortGauteng011 7646428View Map
797766GANINoVision Clinic, 57 Henri Road, EldoraigneCenturionGauteng012 4926659View Map
799254MAHASHANoShop 4a Tsakane Square, Cnr Jabulani & Tsakane Street, TsakaneBrakpanGautengView Map
799637OZOEKWEMNoShop 5 Victory Park Shopping, Centre Rustenburg Road, Victory ParkRandburgGauteng011 7823119View Map
810010NGOMANINoShop 08, Modjadji StreetPimville SquareGauteng
810967DONNA VAN DER MERWE OPTOMETRISTNoShop 8 Fnb Complex, John Vorster Avenue, SasolburgSasolburgGauteng016 9732626View Map
812617TANIA NOACH OPTOMETRISTS INCNoShop G16 Benmore Gardens, Grayston Drive, SandtonSandtonGauteng011 8830023View Map
812749KHANNoShop B7 First Place Bank City, 55 Harrison Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8385718View Map
815098HARIDUTTNoShop 4a Olive Wood Centre, 841 Wekker Road, MoreletaparkPretoriaGauteng012 9972624View Map
816248GROBLERNoShop 31a Tambotie Mall, Cnr Tambotie Road & Malan Street, RandfonteinRandfonteinGauteng011 6921716View Map
817627DREYER E AND COETZEE MNoShop 4 Brooklyn Mall, Cnr Fehrsen & Bronkhorst Street, Nieuw MuckleneukPretoriaGauteng012 3460187View Map
818852NOACHNoShop 1061 Mall Of Africa, Magwa Crescent, Halfway HouseMidrandGauteng082 2557022View Map
820733PHILLIPSNo523 Level 5 Randburg Square, Cnr Sentrum And Oak AvenueRandburgGauteng011 3260594View Map
822663LABUSCHAGNENoShop 17 Sasolburg Boulevard, Shopping Centre Df Malan Road, SasolburgSasolburgGauteng016 9731947View Map
824763MINTYNoThe Towers Centre, 136 North Rand Road, BoksburgBoksburgGauteng011 9189188View Map
824801OPTOMETRISTS M M KGOPA INCNoShop 42 Sammy Marks Square, 33 Helen Joseph Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3220176View Map
826081CHETTYNoShop L56a Ferndale On Republic, Mall Republic Road, RandburgRandburgGauteng010 8805583View Map
826243SIBDA N A AND PARTNERSNo21 Market Street, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 6652148View Map
829064COETZEENoShop 127 Irene Mall, Nellmapius Drive, IreneCenturionGauteng012 9431249View Map
830070BALOYINoShop 45 Sam Ntuli Mall, Masakhane Street, KatlehongKatlehongGauteng011 8601025View Map
832154MOSTERTNoShop 114a Golden Walk Shopping, Centre 61 Victoria Street, GermistonGermistonGauteng010 0351199View Map
833835PHASHANoDinoko Medical Centre, 5 Spekhout Avenue, HeuweloordCenturionGautengView Map
834882MCHUNUNoKaalfontein Medical Center, Cnr Angelfish & Archerfish Drive, KaalfonteinMidrandGauteng060 4841384View Map
836109PEERNoShop No L2, Cnr Witkoppen And Store Haven RdBryanstonGauteng
840017SEBAKENo2526 Chris Hani RdTshiaweloGauteng011 9805237
871834MNISINoCcma Towers, 345 Pretorius Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3703590View Map
882283AIFANTISNoShop S08b, Club StreetLinksfieldGauteng
7000057ATKINSONNoGround Floor Special Eyes, Building Van Rhijn StreetVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9321779View Map
7000235BRUWER MENLOPARK OPTOMETRISTSNo1234 Justice Mahomed Street, Menlo ParkPretoriaGauteng012 3461038View Map
7000294TAMBOURLASNoShop No 7 El Corro Centre, 130 Weltevreden RoadNorthcliffGauteng011 4767054View Map
7000588FELDMANS OPTOMETRISTSNoShop G26 Sunninghill Village, Cnr Maxwell Drive & Edison, CrescentSunninghillGauteng011 8034730View Map
7000626BECKERNoShop U6 Sandton City Shopping, Centre Rivonia Road, Sandton CitySandtonGauteng011 8840232View Map
7000774MILTONS OPTOMETRISTS ROSEBANKNoOxford Eye Centre, 104 Oxford RoadHoughton EstGauteng011 7881308View Map
7000960GOLDBERGNo198 Athol Street, Highlands NorthJohannesburgGauteng011 8852543View Map
7001878SESSELNoShop B Bedford Court, 55 Van Buuren Road, BedfordviewGermistonGauteng011 4555869View Map
7001975SNEAGNo40 Boshoff Street, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 6605931View Map
7001991SPILKIN OPTOMETRISTS PRETORIANoRobert Koch Building, 345 Pretorius StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3227610View Map
7002025STANLEYNo17 Merriman Avenue, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 4220707View Map
7002378WIENANDNo337 Jorissen Street, MonumentKrugersdorpGauteng011 6602131View Map
7003110SHEPHERDNo360 Prince George Avenue, BrakpanBrakpanGauteng011 7409510View Map
7003269OSKOWITZNoOaklands Shopping Centre, Cnr Kruger & Victoria Street, OaklandsJohannesburgGauteng011 7285446View Map
7003471HEINRICHNoShop 18 President Arcade, 266 Francis Baard StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3226538/9View Map
7003625MELLINNoShop 29 Sasolburg Plaza, John Vorster Avenue, SasolburgSasolburgGauteng016 9760570View Map
7003781DORFANNo1st Floor Wendywood Shopping, Centre Darwin Street, WendywoodSandtonGauteng011 8022219View Map
7004354ABRATTNo75 Grant Avenue, NorwoodJohannesburgGauteng011 7287118
7004842HEINRICH & MANN CCNoShop 6 & 7 Cradock Village, Cnr Cradock & Napier Road, LytteltonCenturionGauteng012 6631161View Map
7005040MOOSANo65 Lilian Road, FordsburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8360613View Map
7005245PARK OPTOMETRISTSNoSuite 4 Park Vista, 38 Van Riebeeck AvenueEdenvaleGauteng011 4530001View Map
7005555BLUMENTHALNo252 Danie Theron Street, Pretoria NorthPretoriaGauteng012 5656744View Map
7006063MELLINNoSanlan Sentrum, Shop 12, D F Malan StreetVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9339742View Map
7006195SCHLOSBERGNoShop 5a Dowerglen Plaza, 73 Sycamore Drive, DowerglenEdenvaleGauteng011 4525704View Map
7006527ROSENoShop G57 Fourways Mall Cnr, Witkoppen Road & William Nicol, DriveFour WaysGauteng011 4653871View Map
7006837SIEFFNo191 Main Reef RoadLewishamGauteng011 6647412View Map
7006896STRAUSSNo11 Rietfontein Pavillion, 367 Frates StreetRietfonteinGauteng012 3292436View Map
7007035SCHOEMANNo3 Nile Gate, 110 General Hertzog Road, Three RiversVereenigingGauteng016 4549243View Map
7007221NORTJENoShop 10 Vaal Walk, D F Malan Street, VanderbijlparkVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9813146View Map
7007426SCHOEMANNoShop 7 Blairgowrie Plaza, 70 Conrad Drive, BlairgowrieRandburgGauteng011 7815610View Map
7007590WILLIAMSNo3 8th Street, RandfonteinRandfonteinGauteng011 4121060View Map
7008155DEMBYNo88 Ridge RoadFairvaleGauteng011 6406945View Map
7008163STANLEYNo4 Consolidate Building, Attie Fourie StreetVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9851085View Map
7008252ROOSNo1 Marble Arch, 91 Roberts RoadPietermaritzburgGauteng012 8172070View Map
7008384GLUCKMANNo26 Voortrekker StreetAlbertonGauteng011 9078745View Map
7008597SCHNEIDERNo179 Beyers Naude Drive, NorthcliffRandburgGauteng011 7824436View Map
7008783MC CUSKERNo462 Jacqueline Drive, GarsfonteinPretoriaGauteng012 3482587View Map
7008791BALFOUR PARK OPTOMETRISTNoShop 195 Balfour Park Shopping, Centre Athol RoadHighlands NorthGauteng011 8851208View Map
7008856MEYERSONNo58 Club Street, LinksfieldJohannesburgGauteng011 6402993View Map
7009259GLUCKMANNoShop 26 Bracken City Shopping, Centre Hennie Alberts Street, BrackenhurstAlbertonGauteng011 8673920View Map
7009267NURDENNoLyndhurst Medical Centre, 150 Johannesburg Road, LyndhurstJohannesburgGauteng011 8827000View Map
7009275STANLEYNoShop E15 River Square Shopping, Centre Nile Drive, Three RiversVereenigingGauteng016 4231207View Map
7009283MELLINNoShop 24 Markpark, Voortrekker StreetVereenigingGauteng016 4551838View Map
7009364BOTHANoUnit 1a Westwood Office Park, 602 Kudu Street, Allen's NekRoodepoortGauteng011 6792129View Map
7009593CARRIMNoGood Hope Building, Cnr Kgosi Mampuru & Boom Street, DaspoortPretoriaGauteng012 3238574View Map
7009690MANITSHANANo7002 Butshingi Street, Orlando WestSowetoGauteng011 9391838View Map
7009755LOUW & DE MILANDER OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 149a Vaal Mall Cnr Rossini, Boulevard & Barrage Road, Sw 2VanderbijlparkGauteng016 9313563View Map
7009941SIDNEYNoMelrose North Medical & Dental, Centre 82 Corlett Drive, Melrose NorthJohannesburgGauteng011 4405388View Map
7010168MADHINo49 Rose Avenue, Lenasia Ext 2LenasiaGauteng011 8546060View Map
7010508CROUSENo102 Highlands North Med Centre, 10 Cnr 3rd & Louis Botha Avenue, Highlands NorthJohannesburgGauteng011 8851747View Map
7010745HEATH OPTOMETRISTSNo406 Friesland Lane, LynnwoodPretoriaGauteng012 3481177View Map
7010826AMOILSNoShop 112 Randridge Mall Cnr, John Vorster Road & Kayburn, Randpark RidgeRandburgGauteng011 7922046View Map
7010834NEW VISION OPTOMETRISTS CCNo9 Malherbe Street, BrackenhurstAlbertonGauteng011 8676035View Map
7010885SIMONSNoShop 8 Glenvista Shopping, Centre Cnr Bellairs Drive & True, North RoadGlenvistaGauteng011 6823327View Map
7010893VAN WESTINGNo2 Michelle Avenue, AlbertonAlbertonGauteng011 9079008View Map
7011113SPECSAVERS - SPRINGSNoShop 9 Springs Mall, Cnr N17 & Wit Road, CasseldaleSpringsGauteng011 8155345View Map
7011121BOOYSENNo248 Voortrekker Road, MonumentKrugersdorpGauteng011 9541000View Map
7011164COBUS VAN WYK OOGKUNDIGES INGELYNo21 N J Van Der Merwe Crescent, SasolburgSasolburgGauteng016 9731046View Map
7011172RUTTENBERGNo4 Ridgeview Office Park, 248 Kent AvenueRandburgGauteng011 8864665View Map
7011253TORGA OPTICAL - GERMISTONNo235a President Street, GermistonGermistonGauteng011 8255691View Map
7011318NAGELNo169 Northdene Street, BrakpanBrakpanGauteng011 7409930View Map
7011350MISTRYNo240 13th Avenue, LaudiumCenturionGauteng012 3740553View Map
7011679SHERNoShop 9a Central City Shopping, Centre Central Road, MabopaneMabopaneGauteng012 7026313View Map
7011792MISTRY OPTOMETRISTSNo240 13th Avenue, LaudiumCenturionGauteng012 3740553View Map
7011822SHERNo258 Bourke StreetMuckleneukGauteng012 3432089View Map
7012179SCHAFFERNoShop 29b Enterprise Building, Cnr 3rd Avenue & Goldman Street, FloridaRoodepoortGauteng011 4723470View Map
7012195VARTYNo61 Clinton Road, New RedruthAlbertonGauteng011 9079019View Map
7012268DE KOCKNo71 5th Street, SpringsSpringsGauteng011 8154213View Map
7012314GRANTHAM T/A OPTOMNo28 8th AvenueBooysensGauteng021 7857626View Map
7012373MEYERNoCharles Street Medical Centre, 463 Charles StreetBrooklynGauteng012 4608655View Map
7012438JORDANNo3 Mc Neillie CrescentLibradeneGauteng011 9133677View Map
7012470CORNELIUSNoShop 8 Quagga Centre, W F Nkomo Street, Pretoria WestPretoriaGauteng012 3272297View Map
7012667NEUTELNoShop 9b The Angelo Mall, Cnr Station & Heidelberg Road, NigelNigelGauteng011 7395605View Map
7012756MELLINNoShop U 86b Cresta Centre, Beyers Naude Drive, CrestaRandburgGauteng011 4766061View Map
7012977VON ABONoShop 39 Gezina Gallery, Nico Smith Avenue, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3359070View Map
7013116BENJAMINNoShop 3 Parktown Quarter, Cnr 3rd & 7th Avenue, Parktown NorthRandburgGauteng011 4477783View Map
7013256MOOLLANo68 5th Avenue, SpringsSpringsGauteng011 8155701View Map
7013264LEENoNorthcliff Medical Centre, Cnr Beyers Naude & Acacia StreetBlackheathGauteng011 4768878View Map
7013299DARRAS OPTOMETRISTSNoPick N Pay Darras Centre Cnr, Kitchener Avenue & Juno Street, KensingtonJohannesburgGauteng011 6241063View Map
7013418EAST LYNNE OPTOMETRISTSNoPremises 27 Eastpark Centre, Baviaanspoort Road, East LynnePretoriaGauteng012 8004716View Map
7013515SHEPPARDNoShop 14 Kopanong Shopping, Centre Kudebe Douglas Rens Road, HammanskraalHammanskraalGauteng012 7110828View Map
7013639MOTINGOENo34 San Henrique Estate, Rosewood StreetBroadacresGauteng011 4678514
7013663BULBULIANoLotus Centre, Cnr Bree & Central Road, FordsburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8360787View Map
7013736SEVENSTER D F & NEETHLING M SNoShop 15/16, Brooklyn Square Shopping Centr, Veal StreetBrooklynGauteng012 3464377View Map
7013779VAN NIEKERKNo107 Cantonments Road, LytteltonCenturionGauteng012 6640089View Map
7013795I CARE OPTOMETRISTS GERMISTONNoShop 12 Golden Walk Centre, Victoria StreetGermistonGauteng011 8255018/9View Map
7013809SULIMANNoShop 2 Nedbank Mall, 145 Commissioner Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 3318210View Map
7014104MOOSANo1c 5th Street, RandfonteinRandfonteinGauteng011 4123905View Map
7014120OPTIVISION CCNoBergbron Shopping Centre, Cnr Gordon Heidelberg RoadNorthcliff Ext 19Gauteng011 4312037
7014260PHEEHANoTshepong Medical Centre, 18881 Tsamaya RoadMamelodi EastGauteng012 8015275View Map
7014414JAN VORSTER OPTOMETRISTS INCNo30 E Loch Street, MeyertonMeyertonGauteng016 3624564View Map
7014430SCHAFFERNoShop 119 A Southgate Mall, Cnr Columbine & Rifle Range RoadMondeorGauteng011 9422715View Map
7014511DE JONGHNo886 Rubenstein Drive, MoreletaparkPretoriaGauteng012 9987592View Map
7014600BODENo39 Rifle Range RoadRidgewayGauteng012 2444013View Map
7014732VOLLRATH & BRANDSCH INCNoPretoria Eye Institute, 630 Francis Baard Street, ArcadiaPretoriaGauteng012 3432431View Map
7014775SOUTHDALE OPTOMETRISTSNoShop G29 Southdale Shopping, Centre Alamein Road, SouthdaleJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 6805360View Map
7014821IMRANNoShop 3 Sarbec Place, 19 Beaconsfield Avenue, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 4221315View Map
7014856DE SMEDTNoShop 10 Waverley Plaza, Hertzog Street, WaverleyPretoriaGauteng012 3322057View Map
7014864VAALPARK OOGKUNDIGESNoDent-o-med Building, Karas AveVaalparkGauteng016 9712031View Map
7014953ODENDALNoShop 4 Summerfield Centre, Cnr Kelly Avenue & Kowie Road, BoskruinRandburgGauteng011 4761617View Map
7015003HEINRICH & MANN CCNoShop 6 & 7 Cradock Village, Cnr Cradock Avenue & Napier Road, LytteltonCenturionGauteng012 6645707View Map
7015194DOZETOSNoShop 23 Post Office Centre, 33 Rudd Road, IllovoSandtonGauteng011 8839537View Map
7015232NORKEM OOGKUNDIGESNoShop 5 Norkem Mall, 146 Mooirivier Drive, Norkem ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 9726177View Map
7015305BARCLAY SQUARE OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 9 Pavilion Centre, 92 Steve Biko Road, SunnysidePretoriaGauteng081 4149283View Map
7015348CHINERYNoShop 5 Meadowdale Mall 15 Cnr, Brickfield & Edenvale Road, EdenvaleEdenvaleGauteng011 4538087View Map
7015526CHOTHIANo39 18 Cnr Leipoldt Street &, Shakespeare Avenue, RidgewayJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4334157View Map
7015542VAN KRIEKEN OPTOMETRIST INCNoShop 17e Entrance 1 East Rand, Mall Rietfontein Road, BoksburgBoksburgGauteng011 8266403View Map
7015569THOMASNo4 Cnr 9th Avenue & 2nd Street, NorthmeadBenoniGauteng011 4252578View Map
7015607KESHAVNo72 Rose Avenue, Lenasia Ext 2LenasiaGauteng011 8546121View Map
7015690VENTERNo62 Charterland Avenue, SelcourtSpringsGauteng011 8185731View Map
7015739LOTUS OPTOMETRISTSNo37 Harrison Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8347405View Map
7015798VAN GRAANNo407 Atterbury Road, Menlo ParkPretoriaGauteng012 4600125View Map
7015887LOCHNERNoShop 1 Club 2 Die Klub Huis Cnr, Pinaster Avenue & 18th Street, HazelwoodPretoriaGauteng012 3462413View Map
7016034RAMOVHANo12 Kingfisher Close, Bromhof Ext.18BromhofGauteng076 9188616
7016050SMAL STREET MALL OPTOMETRISTNoShop 14 Small Street Mall, Crn Jeppe And Small StreetJohannesburgGauteng011 3335617View Map
7016069KEEVAN SHER EYECARE - MORULANoShop 9b Morula Shopping CentreMorulaGauteng012 7021568
7016093MOGAPINoShop D31 Metropolitan Life, Gateway Denneboom Station, Mamelodi WestPretoriaGauteng012 8057591View Map
7016174JINANoShop 20 Lakefield Square, 116 Lakefield Avenue, Benoni SouthBenoniGauteng011 4212171View Map
7016220DE BEERNoShop U72 Kolonnade Shopping, Centre Sefako Makgatho Drive, MontanaPretoriaGauteng012 5486071View Map
7016239VAN DER RYSTNoShop 23 Pick N Pay Hyper Market, Atterbury Road, Faerie GlenPretoriaGauteng012 9911862View Map
7016255MOKOENA OPTOMETRISTNo3504 Dungeni Street, DaveytonBenoniGauteng011 4241964View Map
7016271DOZETOSNoSuite 108 Netcare Mulbarton, Hospital 25 True North Road, MulbartonJohannesburgGauteng011 4323574View Map
7016379SPILKIN OPTOMETRISTS JACARANDANoShop 3 Frederika Centre 658 Cnr, 14th Avenue & Frederika Street, GezinaPretoriaGauteng012 3300026View Map
7016395SPILKIN OPTOMETRISTS VERWOERDBURNoLougardia Building, Embankment Road, CenturionCenturionGauteng012 6636502View Map
7016646PEERSNoShop 16 The Pavilion, Rivonia RoadMorningsideGauteng011 8044225View Map
7016751KRUGERNoC/o Simon Vermooten & Furrow Roa, Shop 4The WillowsGauteng012 8070961
7016786HAASBROEKNoShop 21c Cavendish Glen, 127 Monument Road, GlenmaraisKempton ParkGauteng011 9727182View Map
7016867OSMANNo18a 2nd Street, SpringsSpringsGauteng011 8111690View Map
7017154EYELAND EYECARENoShop 17 Broadacres Shopping, Centre Cnr Cedar & Valley Road, BroadacresSandtonGauteng011 4652566View Map
7017375TORGA OPTICALNoOpera Plaza Building, Pretorius Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3242637View Map
7017898BULBULIANo102 Church StreetMayfairGauteng011 8375075View Map
7017936ROOSNo2 Danie Theron Street, AlberanteAlbertonGauteng011 8690056View Map
7018010JACOBSONNoSuite 124 Sandton City Medical, Mews 5th Street, Sandton CitySandtonGauteng011 7840754View Map
7018096VAN DER SPUYNo161 Queen Street, KensingtonJohannesburgGauteng011 6225485View Map
7018126SHERNo96 George AvenueSandringhamGauteng011 4853109View Map
7018223NOORBHAINoShop 5 Shoprite Centre, Sirkel Road, EldoradoparkSowetoGauteng011 3424403View Map
7018509DAVID MUIR OPTOMETRISTNo20 Bradford Road, BedfordviewGermistonGauteng011 6229798View Map
7018517RAMUDZULINoShop 3c, Voortrekker Road, Cyprus CourtBenoniGauteng011 4221717View Map
7018665THOMASNoShop 48 Jabulani Mall, Cnr Koma Street & Bolani Road, KwaxumaSowetoGauteng011 9303294View Map
7018681KRIELNoShop 16 Checkers Hyper Centre, Jan Van Riebeeck BoulevardVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9310747View Map
7018738EKSTEENNo28a Cnr Hazelwood Road & 19th, Street, Menlo ParkPretoriaGauteng012 3461658View Map
7018797STANLEY & DE KOCK OPTOMETRIST INNo45 B Main Reef RoadRandfonteinGauteng011 4121751View Map
7018819VISION CENTRE - SANDTONNoShop 4 Nelson Mandela Square, Cnr Maude & 5th StreetSandtonGauteng011 7842513View Map
7018940KUBJANENoShop 13 B, 4th AvenueSpringsGauteng011 8154142View Map
7018959SPECTACLE WAREHOUSE HILLFOXNoShop 26 Hillfox Power Centre, Hendrik Potgieter Road, WeltevredenparkRoodepoortGauteng011 4750720View Map
7019084JOUBERTNo870 Barnard Street, ElardusparkPretoriaGauteng012 3452893View Map
7019092LEVINNo117-11th AvenueSydenhamGauteng011 6483540View Map
7019297VERSTER $ VOSTER OPTOM INCNoShop 5a Jacqueline Mall, 1 Venter Street, RandhartAlbertonGauteng011 8646832View Map
7019327SUJEENo103 General Hertzog Road, Three RiversVereenigingGauteng016 4224130View Map
7019343MAKGATONo111 Hospital View, TembisaTembisaGautengView Map
7019432CHABEDINoShop 80 Taxido Junction, Union Street, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 4555091View Map
7019602ABADINoOff Railway Street, Germiston StationGermistonGauteng011 8732305View Map
7019645MOOSANoShop 9 East Rand Retail Park, Cnr Fire Station & North Rand, BoksburgBoksburgGauteng011 8941040View Map
7019718SUBRAMANYNoShop 34 The Square, Cnr Kei Road & Klip Street, FarrarmereBenoniGauteng011 4253785View Map
7019785DE JAGERNo282 Chris Hougaard Street, WierdaparkCenturionGauteng012 6601151View Map
7019807TSUENENoShop 15 Highlands Centre, 117 Athol StreetHighlands NorthGauteng072 8955493View Map
7019912GOVINDASAMYNoSuite 1 Medpark Building, 22 Joubert Street, VereenigingVereenigingGauteng016 4552681View Map
7020007VAN NIEKERKNo2a Medforum Building, 412 Francis Baard StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3223619View Map
7020163LOMBARD VERSTERNoShop 27 Elridge Corner Shopping, Centre Cnr Ridge & Elizabeth, RoadBartlettsGauteng011 8943652View Map
7020201SIBDANo21 Market Street, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 6652148View Map
7020228GOUWSNoShop 43a Village Square, 72 Main Reef Road, RandfonteinRandfonteinGauteng011 4122119View Map
7020414VAN RENSBURGNoShop 12 Pick N Pay Centre, Bedworth Park Cassandra Avenue, Bedworth ParkVereenigingGauteng016 9853724View Map
7020503MOKONENo330 Booysen Street, Les MaraisPretoriaGauteng012 3357350View Map
7020589BARNARDNoShop G91 Fourways Mall Shopping, Centre William Nicol Drive, FourwaysSandtonGauteng011 4658984View Map
7020651VILLAGE OPTOMETRISTSNoShop No 2, Westwood Village Shops, Phillips RoadBeyersparkGauteng011 9182893/4
7020708VAN DER MERWENoShop 10d Cornwall View, Cnr Boeing Street & Piering Road, ElardusparkPretoriaGauteng012 3455434View Map
7020732MKHABELANoShop No 101a, Dobsonville Mall, Elias Motsoaledi RoadRoodeportGauteng011 9883393
7020759MASTROMATTEONo371 Milner Street, WaterkloofPretoriaGauteng012 3465289View Map
7020783EXECUSPECS CENTURIONNoShop 5 6 South Lake Centre, C/o Lenchen-north Heuwel AveCenturionGauteng012 6633325View Map
7020848GRAYNoBlock 9 Second Floor Panorama, Office Estate Kudu StreetAllen'S NekGauteng011 6751325View Map
7021011MOTSEPENoCrossroad Centre Cnr Elias, Motsoaledi Road & Phera Street, White CitySowetoGauteng011 9821052View Map
7021038RAMCHANDERNoMorningside Medical Centre, 200 Rivonia Road, MorningsideSandtonGauteng010 0100028View Map
7021097ROBIN OPTOMETRISTSNo136 Kayburne Avenue, Randpark RidgeRandburgGauteng011 7920377View Map
7021224TLAKULANoShop F25 The Bridge Shopping, Centre Cnr Noord & Wanderers, StreetJohannesburgGauteng011 7206929View Map
7021356MARENoShop 4 Standard Bank Centre, 3 Simmonds Street, MarshalltownJohannesburgGauteng011 8331747View Map
7021364NELNo722 Witdoring Avenue, MoreletaparkPretoriaGauteng012 9973477View Map
7021372SAKSNo12a Newlands Plaza, Lois Avenue, NewlandsPretoriaGauteng012 3487734View Map
7021445KEEVAN SHER EYECARE STATIONNoCorporate Park, 54 Suni Avenue, Randjies ParkMidrandGauteng011 3141036View Map
7021534SEYMOURNoShop 8 A, The Boulders, Old Pretoria RoadMidrandGauteng011 3181155
7021771MOODLEYNoThird Floor Anchor House, 100 Juta StreetJohannesburgGauteng011 6783307View Map
7021798DANIELNoShop 6 Woodbridge Square, Cnr Dann & Monument Road, GlenmaraisKempton ParkGauteng011 3914894View Map
7021860CHAVOOSNoShop 5 Nural Islam Plaza Cnr, Flamingo Street & Zebra Avenue, LenasiaLenasia SouthGauteng011 8524577View Map
7021887SCHAFFERNoShop L 37 1 Eastgate Shopping, Centre Bradford RoadBedfordviewGauteng011 6161733View Map
7022050CRAFFORDNoShop 5 Southlake Centre, Cnr Lenchen & Heuwel AvenueCenturionGauteng012 6633325View Map
7022077KHANNo161 Lenasia Drive, LenasiaLenasia SouthGauteng011 8522120View Map
7022107KEEVAN SHER EYECARE TEMBA CITYNoShop 38, Temba CityHammanskraalGauteng011 3141036
7022131KEEVAN SHER EYECARE CENTRAL CITYNoShop 9a Central City Shopping, Centre Central Road, MabopaneMabopaneGauteng012 7026313View Map
7022174DE RUNo630 Jacqueline DriveGarsfonteinGauteng013 7377385View Map
7022360SWARTZNoShop U67 Upper Level Eastgate, Shopping Centre Bradford Road, BedfordviewGermistonGauteng011 6229488View Map
7022417MOLDOVANOSNo313 Ontdekkers Road, CarenvaleRoodepoortGauteng011 4727430View Map
7022425PATELNoShop 12 Metropolitan Centre, Marais CloseEnnerdaleGauteng011 8553557View Map
7022654MOODLEYNoShop 24 Elgin Mall Cnr, Olienhout Avenue & Elgin Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 3916248View Map
7022816JEENANoShop 5 Victory Park Centre, Cnr Rustenburg Road & 2nd AvenueVictory ParkGauteng011 7823119View Map
7022859RAMASODINo10 Mareka Street, AtteridgevillePretoriaGauteng012 3738281View Map
7022921DE SMEDTNoShoprite Centre, Ben Viljoen StreetPretoria NorthGauteng012 5463105View Map
7023138SPEC-SAVERS WESTGATENoShop 157 Entrance 3 Westgate, Shopping Centre Ontdekkers Road, Horizon ViewRoodepoortGauteng011 7680702View Map
7023170DE FRIESNoShop G15 Midways Mall, 280 Corlett Drive, Bramley GardensSandtonGauteng011 4409001View Map
7023189ODENDALNoShop 4 Summerfield Centre, Cnr Kelly Avenue & Kowie Road, BoskruinRandburgGauteng011 7911698View Map
7023278TEKANoShop 10 Lower Ground Floor, Standard Bank Building 291, Nelson Mandela StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3289817View Map
7023367SPEC-SAVERS MENLYNNoShop G1979 Menlyn Centre, Atturbury Road, MenlynPretoriaGauteng012 3681346View Map
7023405RENOU & NETTMANN OPTOMETRISTSNo23 Orpen Road, OakdeneJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4351194View Map
7023456LEDWABANoShop No C2, Mamelodi Crossings, Cnr Stormvoel & Watloo RdsMamelodi WestGauteng012 8055448
7023502MOKHEHLENoShop 121 Newgate Shopping, Centre Cnr Sauer & Jeppe Street, NewtownJohannesburgGauteng011 8380066View Map
7023936OOSTHUIZENNo72 Marais Street, BrooklynPretoriaGauteng012 4602921View Map
7023995LYDIA PIETERSE OPTOMETRISTNo228 2nd Avenue, VerwoerdparkAlbertonGauteng011 9026687View Map
7024088DU TOITNoShop 9 Hyperama, Rondebult Road, Farrar ParkBoksburgGauteng011 9170770View Map
7024096SPEC-SAVERS EASTRANDNoShop L37 & 38 East Point Mall, Rietfontein Road, Boksburg NorthBoksburgGauteng011 8264333View Map
7024185SPECTACLE WAREHOUSENoShop 16 Prinsman Place 328 Cnr, Nana Sita & Sisulu Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3200223View Map
7024231SEGALENoNo 1 Hillmoor Manor, Falcon StreetMeyersdalGauteng073 5906836
7024592MUDAUNo214 Sekelgras Street, DanvillePretoriaGauteng079 6450003View Map
7024630MOSETENo871 Kgomo Ya Tilaba StreetBekkersdalGauteng011 9801590View Map
7024762MASINDINo5 Frost Avenue, SunnysideAuckland ParkGauteng015 9620625
7024800JUDELSONNoAlberton Mall, 23 Voortrekker Road, AlbertonAlbertonGauteng011 9078780View Map
7024916SPECSAVERSNoShop 43a Village Square, Main Reef Road, RandfonteinRandfonteinGauteng011 4122119View Map
7025076HAASBROEKNoShop 21c Cavendish Glen, 127 Monument Road, GlenmaraisKempton ParkGauteng011 9727182View Map
7025114SALOOJEENo198 Protea Avenue, Lenasia Ext 8LenasiaGauteng011 8545394View Map
7025130PATHERNoNew Road Office Park, 5 Cnr New Road & Segodi Street, CarlswaldMidrandGauteng074 1104415View Map
7025149MAHUNTSINoShop 5 West Place, 6 West Street, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 3940263View Map
7025181MOSWATSENoShop 9 Atteridge Stadium Centre, Cnr Komane & Ramokgopa Street, AtteridgevillePretoriaGauteng082 3870998View Map
7025319CHABALALANoShop 18 Nafcoc Centre, M20 Buitenkant StreetSoshanguveGauteng012 7973623View Map
7025424YENSONNo126 17th Street, Orange GroveJohannesburgGauteng011 6223494View Map
7025653MNISINoShop 5, Rosslyn Weg, RosslynAkasiaGauteng012 5410424View Map
7025734VAN STADENNoShop 14 Eastrand Retail Park, 113 North Rand Road, BoksburgBoksburgGauteng011 3061450View Map
7025793MONEHINoRoom 101 1st Floor Cuthberts, Chambers Cnr Nelson Mandela &, Thabo Sehume StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3230215View Map
7025807NAUDENo505 Indiana Avenue, Faerie GlenPretoriaGauteng012 9914911View Map
7025866STANLEY & DE KOCK OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 12a Westgate Shopping, Centre Ontdekkers RoadHorisonGauteng011 7680511View Map
7025904KEETSENoShop 29 Midrand City, 185 Old Pretoria Main Road, Halfway HouseMidrandGauteng011 8055020View Map
7025947KGOMOSOTHONo111 Ext BaKwamhlangaGauteng013 9472704
7026420NALLANo131 High StreetBrixtonGauteng011 8378526View Map
7026528JOHNSTONNo6 Chacely Place, Eden GlenEdenglenGauteng011 6095167View Map
7026587SPEC-SAVERS PRETORIA CBDNoShop 8 Jsl Building, 259 Pretorius Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3230420View Map
7026641ALLANNoShop 30 Lower Level Bedford, Centre Cnr Smith & Bradford Road, Bedford GardensGermistonGauteng011 6156008View Map
7026676SMITHNoShop 10 Festival Mall, Kelvin Street, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 9701474View Map
7026722WOLFFNoShop 15 Trinity Village, Shopping Centre Knoppiesdoring, Randpark RidgeRandburgGauteng011 7943494View Map
7026730MELVILLE OPTOMETRISTSNoShop No 2 Denmyr Court, 65 7th Street, LindenRandburgGauteng011 7824936View Map
7026854NETSHITUMINo247 Block RSoshanguveGauteng012 7122105View Map
7026862MANAMELANoShop 7, Matanela StreetSaulsvilleGauteng082 6907885View Map
7026889SEBAKANoEmfuleni Medical Centre, 584 Wessels Mota Street, Sebokeng Ext 3SebokengGauteng016 5923484View Map
7026935SPEC-SAVERS BEDFORDVIEW VILLAGENoShop 25, Village View Centre, Van Buuren RoadBedfordviewGauteng011 4551077View Map
7027052MOHLALANo1497 Section LSoshanguveGauteng012 7993170View Map
7027125MOHLALANo24 Gesternte RoadSunward Park Ext 2Gauteng011 7372522
7027133PHOOKONo1865 Sagewood Street, Protea GlenSowetoGauteng011 9871927View Map
7027168SPEC-SAVERS PRETORIA NORTH CCNoShop 4 De Jong Center, Rachel De Beer Street, Pretoria NorthPretoriaGauteng012 5656646View Map
7027230KWANININoFirstcare Medical Centre, 9160 Inciniba CirclePimville Ext 6Gauteng011 0395146View Map
7027281SAKS TAYLORNoShop 344 Upper Level Brooklyn, Mall Maria Bronkhorst Road, Nieuw MuckleneukPretoriaGauteng012 4605360View Map
7027370EYECARE CENTRENo12052 Zone 14SebokengGauteng011 4824844View Map
7027389THABONoPark Central Mall, Shop 1b, Cnr Noord, Twist And Plein StreeJohannesburgGauteng082 8556790View Map
7027435MABOEANoRoss Medical Suites, Shop 6, Cnr. Victoria & Nelson Mandela DMafikengGauteng016 5922715
7027451MAHOMEDNoShop 4 Kgw Sentrum, 33 Cnr Human & Market Street, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 953 4444View Map
7027524EYEPEROPTICS NIGELNo44a Hendrik Verwoerd StreetNigelGauteng011 8143213View Map
7027540EYEPEROPTICS EYELABNoShop 42 Sammy Marks Square, 33 Helen Joseph Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3220176View Map
7027648DU PLESSISNoGezina Shopping Centre, Medicross Gezina Nico Smith, GezinaPretoriaGauteng012 3357878View Map
7027761BERMANNo740 Codonia Avenue, WaverleyPretoriaGauteng012 3320167View Map
7028091MKHIZENo924 Nkosi Street, WattvilleBenoniGauteng011 9142944View Map
7028253BECKERNoShop L38c Sandton City, Cnr 5th Street & Rivonia Road, SandtonSandtonGauteng011 7831405View Map
7028326OTTONo28 Degrees North Shopping, Centre 142 Webber Road, HazelparkGermistonGauteng011 8279769View Map
7028334CHERNICKNoShop 6 The Avenues Ext, Cnr 6th Avenue & 4th Street, SpringsSpringsGauteng011 8122436View Map
7028342FAKTORNoShop 0017 Silver Plate, Pretoria Street, SilvertonPretoriaGauteng012 8043514View Map
7028636HASSANNo6908 Section TMamelodi WestGauteng012 8055127View Map
7028814BULBULIANoGarden Medical Mews, 18 Bartlett Road, MayfairJohannesburgGauteng011 8396032View Map
7028822MOTALANo12 Beaconsfield AvenueVereenigingGauteng011 8547234View Map
7028881WIERDAPARK OPTOMETRISTSNo282 Chris Hougaard Street, WierdaparkCenturionGauteng012 6601151View Map
7028911CHRISTINE CROKERNo19 Sheridan Road, FarrarmereBenoniGauteng011 8497417View Map
7028938MILUNNoShop 8 Wedge Shopping Centre, 255 Rivonia Road, MorningsideSandtonGauteng011 7835151View Map
7028989VAN ROOYENNoSunward Park Boksburg, 256 Kingfisher Avenue, Sunward ParkBoksburgGauteng011 8962215View Map
7029020NEETHLINGNo2988 Cnr William Nicol &, Bryanston Drive, BryanstonSandtonGauteng011 7006615View Map
7029039MEINTJESNoShop 19 Town Square Cnr Hendrik, Potgieter Road & Albert Street, WeltevredenparkRoodepoortGauteng011 4752830View Map
7029098COETZERNoRoom 004 Netcare Krugersdorp, Private Hospital 9 Burger Street, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng011 9533230View Map
7029276FERREIRANoShop 64-66 Menlyn Retail Park, Cnr Garsfontein Road & Lois, AvenueNewlandsGauteng012 3610693View Map
7029292SCHOEMANNo1081 Dariek Street, WilgeheuwelRoodepoortGauteng011 4753116View Map
7029373HEIDEMANo477 Falda StreetGarsfonteinGauteng012 9974880View Map
7029411LANGFORDNoShop 18, Thembalethu Square, ThembalethuGeorgeGauteng044 8805002
7029535NXUMALONoMedijunxion Medical Centre, 229 Twala SectionKatlehongGauteng011 8606428View Map
7029608BRYDGESNoShop Ug2b Comaro View Shopping, Centre Comaro Street, BassoniaJohannesburg SouthGauteng011 4328367View Map
7029829JORDANNo3 Mcnellie CrescentLibradeneGauteng011 9133677View Map
7029896WESSELSNoShop 8 The Park Shopping Centre, 837 Barnard Street, ElardusparkPretoriaGauteng012 3455678View Map
7029926RAMODIPANo15997 Cnr Immink & Eben Cuyler, Drive, Diepkloof Zone 3DiepkloofGauteng011 5280500View Map
7029934LAWRENCENoBank City Complex, 55 Harrison Street, JohannesburgJohannesburgGauteng011 8385718View Map
7030339OSMANS FASHION OPTICALNoShop 18 -21 Palm Springs, Shopping Centre 4th AvenueSpringsGauteng011 8151227View Map
7030428RUTHVENNo1024 Saxby Avenue, EldoraigneCenturionGauteng012 6540723View Map
7030460STANLEYNoShop 13b Glen Acres Shopping, Centre Cnr Dann & Monument Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 3917425View Map
7030495EYEPEROPTICS NOORD-VAALNoShop 2 Capital Towers North, 225 Madiba Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3263553View Map
7030541MPHUGANANoShop 58 Maponya Mall, 2127 Chris Hani Road, PimvillePimvilleGauteng011 9388352View Map
7030592HOROWITZNo1 Livingstone StreetFairmountGauteng011 4851446View Map
7030835NTSIENoShop 10b Clayville Shopping, Centre Cnr Southward Drive &, Olifantsfontein RoadClayvilleGauteng011 0275497View Map
7031025BLOCKNoShop 52 Upper Level Van, Riebeeck Mall 5 Van Riebeeck, EdenvaleEdenvaleGauteng011 4533979View Map
7031165MATLOUNoBophelong Medical Centre, 18069 Ngungunyane Street, KwathemaBrakpanGauteng010 0102116View Map
7031270LEKHOEHLANo12 Cr Swarts Avenue, Bunabok BuildingVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9332701
7031351EYEPEROPTICS FOURWAYS CROSSINGNoShop G48, Fourways Crossing Centre, William Nicol DriveFour WaysGauteng011 4670543
7031440WISSENoShop L55 Cradlestone Mall Cnr, Hendrik Potgieter & Furrow Road, KrugersdorpKrugersdorpGauteng010 5949500View Map
7031564BOTJENoUnit 1 Bush Hill Office Park, 2170 Jan Frederick Avenue, Randpark RidgeRandburgGauteng011 7944038View Map
7031777GLUCKMANNoShop 31 Newmarket Mall Cnr, Swartkoppies & Heidelberg Road, AlbertonAlbertonGauteng011 9072102View Map
7031831MELLIN OPTOMETRIST THREE RIVERSNoShop W4b River Square Shopping, Centre 8 Nile Drive, Three RiversVereenigingGauteng016 4540952View Map
7031866MADIMANo49c Village StreetRandfonteinGauteng011 6935410View Map
7031904SEDINGWENoShop 30 Kagiso Mall Cnr, Randfontein Road & Kagiso Avenue, Kagiso Ext 6KrugersdorpGauteng011 0361220View Map
7031955MARAPYANE OPTOMETRISTNoStand 1240 B, Lekgodi Section, MarapyaneMarapyaneGauteng012 7243566View Map
7032013BADENHORSTNoShop 18 Benmore Gardens, Shopping Centre Cnr Grayston, Drive & Benmore RoadSandtonGauteng011 7831918View Map
7032250TLAKANo7 Centre Place 275 Cnr Wf Nkomo, & Central Street, TshwanePretoriaGauteng012 3264586View Map
7032269TSAGAENo310 Boom StreetPretoriaGauteng074 3416518View Map
7032285KGOMONo548 Vaalbank MedicalMbibaneGauteng012 7177574
7032293SPEC-SAVERS HATFIELD INCORPORATENoShop 29 Hatfield Plaza, Burnett Street, HatfieldPretoriaGauteng012 3622887View Map
7032404MAAKENo1729 Sagewood Street, Protea Glen Ext 2SowetoGauteng011 9877376View Map
7032560ELLISNoShop 43 Stoneridge Lifestyle, Centre Cnr Hereford Road &, Blackrock StreetSandownGauteng011 4521236View Map
7032579OPTICAL EYES SANDTON CCNoGrayston Mews, 134 Grayston DriveSandownGauteng011 8835660View Map
7032595NKOSINo17 Bree StreetFordsburgGauteng074 2434261View Map
7032609MOKOBAKENo20224 Moshoeshoe Street, Sebokeng Ext 14SebokengGautengView Map
7032803MNCUBENoMedicross Delmas, No 1, 4th StreetDelmasGauteng011 7385096
7032811EBENEZER VISION CLINICNoMedicross, Kwa-thema, 18069 Ngungnyane StrSpringsGauteng083 7334864View Map
7032854SULIMANNo90b Church Street, MayfairJohannesburgGauteng011 8391593View Map
7032919VARACHHIANoSuite 1 Bilsam Flats, 72 Gemsbok Street, Lenasia Ext 1LenasiaGauteng011 8521068View Map
7032935VREYNoShop 5 Victory Park Shopping, Centre Rustenburg Road, Victory ParkRandburgGauteng011 4527452View Map
7032986NKOSINoShop 18 Staff Arcade, 43 Pretoria Road, Kempton ParkKempton ParkGauteng011 9759566View Map
7033044EYEPEROPTICS WESTGATENoWestgate Shopping Centre, 120 Ontdekkers RoadRoodepoortGauteng011 7680501/2
7033079MEYEROWITZNo24 Sunny Road, GlenhazelJohannesburgGauteng011 8877726View Map
7033133ISIS OPTOMETRISTSNo126 11th Avenue, ParkmoreSandtonGauteng011 8842080View Map
7033168MOGANENo31 Holly Street, Van DykparkBoksburgGauteng074 5843233View Map
7033206SINOVILLE OPTOMETRISTNo244 Sefako Makgatho StreetSinovilleGauteng012 5675791View Map
7033249PILLAYNo10 Swallowtail StreetLittle Falls Ext 6Gauteng010 5907118
7033257DIALENo1983aMeadowlands Zone 9Gauteng012 7906557View Map
7033303KHANNoShop 14 Alex Plaza, 3rd Street, AlexandraAlexandraGauteng011 8851391View Map
7033583MAKGOTLOENoShop C4 Rosslyn Plaza, De Waal Street, RosslynAkasiaGauteng012 5413228View Map
7033621SCHOONBEENoShop U43 Upper Level Lakeside, Mall Tom Jones StreetBenoni SouthGauteng011 4271416View Map
7033672ADLAM & LOMBARD INCORPORATEDNoShop U5-6 Lakeside Mall, Tom Jones Street, BenoniBenoniGauteng011 4271695View Map
7033710MOLOTONoNew Health Science Building, 27 St Andrews Road, ParktownJohannesburgGauteng011 7946488View Map
7033818CHOPDATNoShop 21 Matrix Mall, University Of The WitwatersrandBraamfonteinGauteng011 3393995View Map
7033842KGOPENo7598 Seiso StDaveytonGauteng011 4244945View Map
7033907T D OPTOMETRISTNoMakwakwa Shopping Centre, Bushy Makwakwa StreetSaulsvilleGauteng011 0514442View Map
7033923MOKONYANENoShop 1 Ndinaye Building, 178 Francis Baard Street, PretoriaPretoriaGauteng012 3266373View Map
7034210VAN DER WALTNoShop 229 Centurion Mall, Heuwel Road, CenturionCenturionGauteng012 6431091View Map
7034318SEHLODIMELANoShop No 2 Eastleigh Courts, Cnr Beatrix & VermeulenArcadiaGauteng012 3232882
7034474TICKLEYNoShop 5, 3 Eric Louw StreetVanderbijlparkGauteng016 9319719View Map
7034490PANDAYNoShop 15 Upper Level Woodmead, Value Mart Waterfall CrescentWoodmeadGauteng011 6560038View Map
7034539MAKGETLANENGNoPharmera Building, Moshoeshoe StreetSebokengGauteng016 5943767View Map
7034547JOEL DORFANNo1st Floor Wendywood Shopping, Centre Darwin Street, WendywoodSandtonGauteng011 8022219View Map
7034652MOKOENANo3504 Dungeni Street, DaveytonBenoniGauteng011 4241964View Map
7034695THE VIEW OPTOMETRISTNoShop 10d Cornwall View, Cnr Boeing Street & Piering Road, ElardusparkPretoriaGauteng012 3455434View Map
7034806JASSATNo36 Arend Drive, HelikonparkRandfonteinGauteng082 4967966View Map
7034881FRAMES EYEWEAR OPT SANDTONNoShop U6 Sandton City Shopping, Centre Rivonia Road, Sandton CitySandtonGauteng011 8840232View Map
7035063CHAUKENo192 Block UuSoshanguveGauteng012 7911797View Map
7035101SWARTZNoShop 19 Rynfield Terrace, Cnr Pretoria & Vlei Road, Benoni SouthBenoniGauteng011 9681092View Map
7035179TORGA OPTICAL-NoShp 59 Kenilworth Shopping Centr, Cnr Commando And Maraisburg RdJohannesburgGauteng021 6712756
7035195OSMANYNo4 Kareeboom StreetBosmontGauteng011 4749932View Map
7035489THAUMULLER -SWANEPOELNoShop 12 Fontainebleau Village, Cnr Republic Road & Rabie Street, FontainebleauRandburgGauteng011 7914933View Map
7035500DUFFINNoShop 15 Pick 'n Pay Centre Cnr, Douglas Drive & Leslie Avenue, DouglasdaleSandtonGauteng011 4627350View Map
7035527MUSEKENENoErf 3116Kaalfontein Ext 5Gauteng011 0258037View Map
7035632OSMANS OPTICALNoShop 8 Springs Gate Shopping, Centre Paul Kruger Road, GeduldSpringsGauteng011 8112169View Map
7035713SHEPHERD & MANNNoShop 13a Second Avenue Shopping, Centre Cnr 2nd Avenue & Braun, StreetVerwoerdparkGauteng011 9026661View Map
7035772SUKHANo67 Protea Avenue, Lenasia Ext 5LenasiaGauteng011 8548219View Map
7035888BEKKER & DU TOIT OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 23 Highlands Centre, Cnr Rabie Street & Glover Avenue, LytteltonCenturionGauteng012 6646680View Map
7035969TORGA OPTICAL-NoSouthgate Mall, Shop L 158SouthdaleGauteng011 9412880View Map
7036043KUTUMELANoShop No 11 Thibault Arcade, 225 Pretorius StreetPretoriaGauteng012 3252043View Map
7036124FAM-OP FARRAR PARKNo1st Floor, 225 Rondebult Road, Farrar ParkBoksburgGauteng011 9134511View Map
7036280PATELNoShop C22 Clifton Heights, 92 De Korte Street, BraamfonteinJohannesburgGauteng011 4037722View Map
7036310MEYERNoL01a Thrupps Illovo Centre, 204 Oxford Road, IllovoSandtonGauteng011 2680355View Map
7036361MABUSONoStand 4348 B T & K BuildingHammanskraalGauteng082 5421570View Map
7036434MDLULINo7006 Vilakazi Street, Orlando WestSowetoGauteng011 7493083View Map
7100558PRETORIUSNo38 Meriman AvenueVereenigingGauteng016 4221328View Map
133833NAIDOONoRandles Road Medical Centre, 468 Randles Road, SydenhamBereaKwazulu Natal031 2087379View Map
134341GRAYNoShop 25 Victoria Centre, 157 Victoria Road, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3429673View Map
57118COOKNoHyper By The Sea, 89 Waterkant Road, Durban NorthDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 563 7098View Map
57436BLACKBURNNo95 Sharrat StreetBergvilleKwazulu Natal036 4482595View Map
57444MOFFAT OPTICAL GATEWAYNoF080 Gateway, 1 Palm Boulevard, New TownUmhlanga RidgeKwazulu Natal031 5665040
57827NICOLA WILCOX & ASSOCIATE OPTOMENoShop F246 Gateway Theatre &, Shopping Centre 1 Palm BoulevardUmhlanga RidgeKwazulu Natal031 5664066View Map
58742DAWOODNo454 Anton Lembede Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3056012View Map
59250FENWICKNoShop 141 The Crescent, 1 Sunset Crescent, Umhlanga RocksUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5665696View Map
60003MOODLEYNo35 Holmpark PlaceDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5635120View Map
61514LALOONoSuite 11 Medical Towers, 162-164 Phila Ndwandwe Road, Isipingo RailIsipingoKwazulu Natal031 9024494View Map
70777ASHLEY OPTOMETRISTNoShop C4 Ashley CentreAshleyKwazulu Natal031 7004747View Map
72133TEKANANo35 Rembrandt StreetPetervaleKwazulu Natal035 5721456View Map
84557NAIDOONoShop 29 Beachview Mall, Sylvester Ntuli Road, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3325691View Map
84972BHAYATNo525 Anton Lembede Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3044007View Map
86037XULUNo68 Osborn StreetEshoweKwazulu Natal035 4742166View Map
88358MAWILANo49 Victoria Street, DundeeDundeeKwazulu Natal034 2124784View Map
93475RAMSAROOPNoShop 223 Pinecrest Centre, 17 Kings RoadPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7025341View Map
95761BEGGS BROWSE & MEYER OPTOMETRISTNoShop 141 The Crescent, 1 Sunset Crescent, Umhlanga RidgeUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5665696View Map
95850NAIDOONo47 Coronation Road, WatsoniaTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9446444View Map
96717MULAUDZINoMpillenhle Medical Centre, 131 Pine Street, GreytownGreytownKwazulu Natal033 4172671View Map
98299MAHOMED OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 5f Dube Village Mall, Main RoadInandaKwazulu Natal082 7286721View Map
485DE MARIGNY & LELLONoShop Uf02 Hillcrest Corner, Cnr Old Main & Hospital Road, HillcrestHillcrestKwazulu Natal031 7656471View Map
7366HODGSONNoShop 6 The Circle Centre, Douglas Crowe Drive, BallitoDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal032 5860939View Map
14389PILLAYNo29 Clydesdale AvenueAthloneKwazulu Natal033 3910145
17760MTSHALINoShop 4d Bears Arcade, Scott Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3124399View Map
18724RAMURATHNo147 Pine Street, GreytownGreytownKwazulu Natal033 4132513View Map
18740HASSIM SAKOORNoUnit 11 Hassims Centre, 15 Stoneham Avenue, WhetstonePhoenixKwazulu Natal031 4093932View Map
21598PRINSLOONoShop 9 Town Square Mall, Bullion Boulevard, Richards BayRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 0680992View Map
23752JAGESURNoShop 16 City Gate, 140 Joe Slovo Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3065163View Map
30384PADAYACHINoShop G3 Ground Floor Durban, Medical Centre 68 Cross Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3093347View Map
49182LEGODINoShop 4a, Empangeni Post Office Shopping C, 45 Maxwell StreetEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7726991View Map
51403KHAKINo20 D Westcliff Centre, 171 Florence Nightingale DriveWestcliffKwazulu Natal031 4017864
51837IBRAHIMNoUndisclosed, HillaryDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4648173View Map
52809GOVENDERNoShop 7w Nicol Square Parkade, 330 Monty Naicker Road, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3010222View Map
53201SPEC-SAVERS KLOOFNoShop 10 Delcairn Lifestyle, Centre Village Road, KloofKloofKwazulu Natal031 7644006View Map
54186KASSIENoShop 3 Natrimed Centre, 390 KingswayAmanzimtotiKwazulu Natal031 9036338View Map
54569SPEC-SAVERS GATEWAYNoShop F061 Gateway Theatre Of, Shopping 1 Palm Boulevard, Umhlanga RidgeUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5664000View Map
55247MUNSAMYNo14 Raymond CrescentQueensburghKwazulu Natal031 3048607View Map
55905MMAMOGOBONoShop 5 Sparks Mall, 92 Long StreetMatatieleKwazulu Natal039 7373922View Map
55913ANDERSONNoShop 107 La Lucia Shopping Mall, 90 William Campbell Drive, La LuciaLa LuciaKwazulu Natal031 5620354View Map
264261SAEEDNo12 The Lighthouse, Equinox Road, Umhlanga RocksUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5663800View Map
267031ASSAMONo19 Attercliffe RoadWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2667552View Map
270350OPTICAL EMPORIO OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 8 Flanders Mall, 14 Flanders Drive, Mount EdgecombeMount EdgecombeKwazulu Natal031 5025098View Map
276456RAONo75 Wick Street, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5332628View Map
276766BELIM S - PIETERMARITZBURGNo128 International Plaza, Dr A B Xuma Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3011006View Map
279978MANJRANo45d Lindley StreetStangerKwazulu Natal032 5516762View Map
283525SELEPENoShop 10 Old Absa Building, 52 Scotts StreetOsizweniKwazulu Natal073 0136958View Map
193437NAIDOONoMedicross Richards Bay, 3 Lira Link, ArboretumRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7898011View Map
194395MDLETSHENoLot 50b, Jan Smut AvenueMtubatubaKwazulu Natal061 1328734View Map
196444KHUZWAYONoRoom U23 Umlazi Mall, W Section Upper LevelUmlaziKwazulu Natal031 4622324View Map
196630MCHUNUNoShop 61 Pine City Centre, 26 Hill StreetPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7016536View Map
197076BUCHANAN M C - SHELLY BEACHNoShop 65 South Coast Mall, Izotsha RoadShelly BeachKwazulu Natal039 3150151View Map
200468BARUTH A - NEWLANDS EASTNoProspectron, 21 Power Drive, ProspectonProspectonKwazulu Natal031 9021010View Map
201553KADERNoShop 9 Bayview Centre, 310 Lenny Naidu Drive, BayviewChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4004615View Map
202541TORGA OPTICAL BALLITONoShop 641 Ballito Junction, Leonora Drive, BallitoDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal032 9461416View Map
204110PENCHALIAHNo57 Titren Road, RossburghDurbanKwazulu Natal083 7907662View Map
205338DIENERNo18 Mendoza DriveUmhlanga RocksKwazulu Natal031 5613576View Map
206261SPARROWNoHayfields Mall, 28 Blackburrow Road, HayfieldsPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 0320200View Map
207195MKHWANAZINoIsidingo Business Partners, Shop No 1,jozini Roadside, Jozini Main RoadJoziniKwazulu Natal035 5721439View Map
216380MADARJITHNoShop 11 Chatsworth Centre, 3 Joyhurst Street, WestcliffChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4018589View Map
224235SHER D - MALVERNNoMedicross Malvern, Ethelbert & Connabar StreetsMalvernKwazulu Natal031 4640658View Map
224472HASSIMNoSuite 2 Ghella Building, 179 Retief Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3942234View Map
237701MOODLEYNo151 Phoenix Plaza, 19 Parthenon Street, PhoenixPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5073208View Map
237795PIKENoShop 72a Southcoast Mall, Izotsha Road, Shelly BeachMargateKwazulu Natal039 3150151View Map
135216WILLIAMSNoShop 2a Oribi Plaza, Sinclair Road, Port ShepstonePort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6821804View Map
135267MOODALIYARNoShop 3, 41 Chatsworth Main Road, UmhlatuzanaChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4021473View Map
156205ODENDAALNoShop 5, 153 Hoog Street, VryheidVryheidKwazulu Natal034 9813832View Map
157147BHOGALNoShop 1 Jangnoor Centre, 62 Hullet Street, StangerKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 5527727View Map
159832ISAACSNo76 Stamford RoadGreyvilleKwazulu Natal031 3097800View Map
165514KIRK & PARTNERS INCORPORATED - HNoShop 3 Christian Village Centre, Old Main Road, HillcrestHillcrestKwazulu Natal031 7657991View Map
169412GOVENDERNo12 Silverstream RoadSilverglenKwazulu Natal033 3972003View Map
170895KRAUTZ S H H & MARAIS A - WATERFNoShop 9 Link Hills Shopping, Centre Inanda Road, WaterfallWaterfallKwazulu Natal031 7632396View Map
177946ORINoShop 2 Springfield Business, Centre 17 Palmfield RoadSpringfield ParkKwazulu Natal031 5792000View Map
179655MAAKENo54 Medicare Medical Centre, 175 Nyala RoadKwamashuKwazulu Natal035 7724967View Map
184098MAWILA & MULAUDZINo61 A Gladstone StreetDundeeKwazulu Natal034 4930427View Map
185574MULLERNo4 Higgs StreetHluhluweKwazulu Natal035 5623200View Map
187968MANZININoShop 1a Perchan Centre, King Shaka RoadStangerKwazulu Natal035 5920462View Map
188336LEGODI M J - VRYHEIDNoShop 4 Sanlam Centre, Cnr Allen & Scott StrNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 9809553
189081BEHARIENoNatraj Centre Bp Building, 3 Raj Mahal Road, MerebankDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4612323View Map
102091M E RABALAO DUNPARKNoShop 3, 56 Smit StreetDundeeKwazulu Natal034 2123642View Map
102199PARSOTAMNoShop 12 Queensburgh Mall, 161 Main Road, MalvernDurbanKwazulu Natal031 4645628View Map
103365KOVIN NAIDOO ANDNoShop 54 Chatsworth Centre, 17 Joyhurst Street, WestcliffChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4037000View Map
107379WAJUIHIANNo54 Maxwell Street, EmpangeniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7723421View Map
107867HARIPARSHADNoShop 12 Pick 'n Pay Centre, Cnr Joyhurst & Tranquil Street, ChatsworthChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4017005View Map
108820KIRK & PARTNERS INCORPORATEDNoShop 9 Ground Floor Westville, Junction 7 Westville Road, WestvilleWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2662676View Map
109002RATHILALNoUndisclosed, ChatsworthChatsworthKwazulu Natal084 5500202View Map
109258S A DEVAN & M NAIDOO OPTOMETRISTNoShop 2 Murchies Passage Eagle, Building 359 Dr Pixley Kaseme, StreetDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3019534View Map
111864MOFFATT OPTICAL PAVILION INCNoShop 237 The Pavillion, Jack Martens DriveDawncliffeKwazulu Natal031 2654445View Map
111872HASTIENo52 Fraser Street, HowickHowickKwazulu Natal033 3304190View Map
114340LOCKHAT OPTOMETRISTS - OVERPORTNoShop 1a Kenilworth Park, 202 Felix Dlamini Road, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2089689View Map
114413RAMCHURN SINGHNoShop 6 Poynton House, 85 Dorothy Nyembe Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3051474View Map
114820KADWANoSuite 3 Sudenham Medical Centre, 11 Bazley Avenue, SydenhamBereaKwazulu NatalView Map
119520ASMALNo4 Showroom, 541 Greytown RoadPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3971037View Map
120774NGOMANENoShop 10 Slades Arcade, 127 Albert Street, EstcourtEstcourtKwazulu Natal036 3526432View Map
121983ZUNGUNoShop C 4 Ulundi PlazaUlundiKwazulu Natal035 8700477View Map
122173MAWILA P - DUNDEENoShop 2 Ladysmith Medical Centre, 271 Murchison StreetLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6311459View Map
125806KHANNoWindermere Health Centre, 104 Smiso Nkwanyana Road, MorningsideBereaKwazulu Natal031 3031364View Map
129291DE MARIGNYNoShop F062-13 Gateway Theatre Of, Shopping 13 Palm Boulevard, Umhlanga RidgeUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5666859View Map
129747MOHUNRAMNoShop 8 Scott Street Mall, Scott Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3123376View Map
129755GCABASHENo38 Impunzi RoadMandeniKwazulu Natal032 4541976View Map
129763MADLALANoPaddock Road, Bomela LocationPort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6850345View Map
130702KIRKNoShop 32 Ballito Lifestyle, Centre 1 Ballito Drive, BallitoDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal032 9463974View Map
131024HOPKINSNoRetail 013 Ground Floor Athlone, Circle 1 Montgomery Drive, AthlonePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3426327View Map
131067HILLIARNoShop 70 Liberty Midlands Mall, 50 Sanctuary Road, WoodlandsPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3421751View Map
441457RAMRUTHANNoShop 47 Greater Edendale Mall, Moses Mabhida RoadDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3981360View Map
441953GUMEDENoMpiloenhle Medical Center, Makhanya StreetOsizweniKwazulu Natal034 3660017View Map
441996VAN DER WESTHUIZENNoShop 2a Liberty Midlands Mall, 50 Sanctuary RoadPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3426262View Map
454281THAMANNANoShop 8a Park Boulevard Centre, 11 Browns Drift Road, Umgeni ParkDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5630809View Map
455830DE BEERNoShop 67 Newcastle Mall, Cnr Oak Avenue & Ladysmith Drive, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3261080View Map
373338GUMEDENoShop 9, 219 Monty Naicker Road, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3062988View Map
374679NODADA OPTOMETRISTNoShop No 6, Harding Mall No 13, Hawkins StreetHardingKwazulu Natal039 4331988
375551MKHONTONo13 Jan Kemp Street, PongolaPongolaKwazulu Natal034 4131139View Map
376361SUHAIL BELIM OPTOMETRIST - UMGENNoUnit 2 - Block A 350, Umgeni Road, Stamford HillDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3011006View Map
380687SPIKEWALNoShop 5 Southgate Centre, Trelawney RoadBisleyKwazulu Natal033 3863776View Map
380709VIKASH SRIKEWAL OPTOMETRIST-INVENoShop 15 Invesco Centre, Chatterton RoadPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3424256
381799BHOGAL G - MANDENINoShop 2 Old Mutual Centre, 502 Long Street, MandeniMandiniKwazulu Natal032 4566772View Map
391131HASSANNoShop 38b Bluff Shopping Centre, 318 Tara RoadBluffKwazulu Natal031 4671141View Map
392995HILLCREST OPTOMETRISTSNoShop Lg37 Lower Level, Watercrest Mall 141 Inanda Road, WaterfallWaterfallKwazulu Natal031 7631573View Map
394157MOHAMED ALINoGround Floor Netcare Umhlanga, Hospital 323 Umhlanga Rocks, Umhlanga RocksUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5825319View Map
394807MADELANo49 Edendale Road, EdendalePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal073 1215702View Map
404667HARIPARSAD MAHARAJNoShop 14 D S M Mall Spar, 10 Kingsway StreetWinklespruitKwazulu Natal031 9167275
405329PERSADH AND F E NXUMALONo11 Jadwat StreetIsipingo RailKwazulu Natal031 9028409View Map
405825OSMANNoShop 235 The Pavilion Shopping, Centre Jack Martens Drive, DawncliffeWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2650096View Map
410322GAMBUNoSection 6 Madadeni Hospital, 1 Hospital Street, MadadeniNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3288001View Map
332046NOTSHWELEKANoShop 22 Shoprite Centre, 43 Hope Street, KokstadKokstadKwazulu Natal039 7275179View Map
332216MKHWANAZI S H - VOSLOORUSNoMkhwanazi Optometrist, Mbazwane Medical Centre, Mbazwane Main RoadMbazwanaKwazulu NatalView Map
336319OPTIC VILLAGENo180 Kerk Street, VryheidVryheidKwazulu Natal073 2856024View Map
338338MOOLLA & VAHED OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 5 Victoria Walk, 148 Bertha Mkhize Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3054615View Map
340987KHATIBNo166 Retief Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 0320210View Map
344648BALOYINoStand 58, Ribungwani VillageHlangananiKwazulu Natal015 4831330
345067MBONAMBINo477 Antol StreetDurbanKwazulu Natal031 7771400View Map
345423NODADANoShop 18 Westgate Centre, North Street, MatatieleMatatieleKwazulu Natal039 7373725View Map
346373MATHEBULANoSuite 1a Moodley Centre, Murchison Street, HardingHardingKwazulu Natal039 4331733View Map
348112CHINSAMYNoShop R7 Park Square Cnr Park, Avenue & Centenary Boulevard, Umhlanga RidgeUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5368000View Map
351695BHOGAL R & NAIDOO D INCORPORATEDNoShop G46 The Galleria Mall, Moss Kolnick Drive, AmanzimtotiAmanzimtotiKwazulu Natal031 9041225View Map
351784HLANZENo34 Brickworks WayBriardeneKwazulu NatalView Map
353159CHETTYNoShop 3 Virginia Centre, 4 Mackeurtan Place, Durban NorthDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 8115965View Map
354465OSMAN A W A G - KLOOFNoShop 19 Fields Shopping Centre, 13 Old Main Road, KloofKloofKwazulu Natal031 7647154View Map
355348GOVENDERNo27 Ireland StreetVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5335886View Map
355852RAMANoShop L58 Bridge City Shopping, Centre Station Road, KwamashuKwamashuKwazulu Natal031 5303149View Map
357588SARDIWALLANoShop 3 The Falls Centre, 21 Main Street, HowickHowickKwazulu Natal033 3304252View Map
358347BUCHANANNoShop G79 Galleria Shopping, Centre Cnr Arbour Road & Kolnick, DriveAmanzimtotiKwazulu Natal031 9045168View Map
358398AUGUSTINENo150 Brayford Avenue, PhoenixPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5392313View Map
359432MOODELYNoShop 256 Empangeni Sanlam, Centre Maxwell Street, EmpangeniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7722899View Map
359629SELALANo5 Murunga Centre, Cnr Allen & Murchison Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3124743View Map
362050NAIDOO D - RICHARDS BAYNo65 Maas Banker StreetMeer En SeeKwazulu NatalView Map
363952MTSHALINoEstcourt Medical Center, 123 Connor StreetEstcourtKwazulu Natal036 3521199
365718BUTHELEZINoShop 32, Bellingham Park, Richards BayKwa Zulu NatalKwazulu NatalView Map
365726OSMANNoSuite 103 1st Floor Netcare, Umhlanga Hospital 321 Umhlanga, Rocks DriveUmhlanga RocksKwazulu Natal031 8113488View Map
370797PANDAYNoShop Lg46 Watercrest Mall, 141 Inanda RoadWaterfallKwazulu Natal031 7631524View Map
286982MAJIDNo465 Langalibalele Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3420783View Map
294160MBANJWANoShop U50 Bridge City Shopping, Centre Cnr Nogwaja & Bridge City, BoulevardKwamashuKwazulu Natal031 5303254View Map
302201ENGELBRECHTNo37a Voortrekker StreetNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3121515View Map
303690NAIDOONo350 Smith StreetDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3048607View Map
309443THESANNoShop 6 Spec-savers - Kensington, Shop 6 Adelaide Tambo Drive, Durban NorthDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5727799View Map
314056BUCHANANNoShop L67 Westwood Shopping, Centre 16 Lincoln Terrace, WestvilleWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2666291View Map
314528MOFFAT OPTICALNoShop No 41, Hayfields Mall, Blackburrow RoadPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal031 2628031View Map
317128SINGH N - WESTWOODNoShop L029 Westwood Mall, 16 Lincoln Terrace, WestvilleWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2660082View Map
317926VREYNoShop F12 A Ballito Junction, Regional Mall Leonora Drive, BallitoDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal087 2886376View Map
320382ASMALNoShop 6a Margate Mall, 92 Marine Drive, MargateMargateKwazulu Natal039 3121387View Map
320951VAWDA B AND MAHADEV SNoShop S156 Umlazi Mega City, 50 Griffiths Mxenge Highway, Umlazi VUmlaziKwazulu Natal031 9023696View Map
322164GOVENDERNo436 Bales Building, Dr Pixley Kaseme Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3054308View Map
322229GUSHANoFlat No 1 Elandgebou, Uitrech StreetVryheidKwazulu Natal034 2710044View Map
323268QUARSINGHNoShop 3 Portion 2 Of Lot 1826, Harbour View Cntre Crn Sinclair, Street & Daly RoadPort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6821264View Map
323721LA LUCIA EYECARE INCNoShop 32 La Lucia Mall, 90 William Campbell Drive, La LuciaLa LuciaKwazulu Natal031 5620238View Map
328057MATHEBULANoSuite 1, Madadeni Medical CentreMadadeniKwazulu Natal034 3140005View Map
246581BARUTH A - DURBANNoLinwes Medical Centre, 134 Castle Hill Drive, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 9038465View Map
257117STONIER R A & PARTNERSNoShop 1&2 Howick Falls Hotel, 2 Main Road, HowickHowickKwazulu Natal033 3305674View Map
560278BUTHELEZINoShop 201 Pongola Shopping, Centre Cnr Jan Mielie & Naude, PongolaPongolaKwazulu Natal034 4131020View Map
561010NGWANENo208 Langalibalele Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal060 3341402View Map
564516VERUSHA KASSIE INCNoShop 235 The Pavilion Shopping, Centre 5 Jack Martens Drive, DawncliffeWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2650096View Map
564532RAMPEYARIE K - BROOKSIDE MALLNoShop 12 Brookside Mall, 9926 Church Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3422443View Map
570052KHANNo15 Gillespie Street, South BeachDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3371288View Map
572225SNYMANNoShop 5 Ra Centre, 65 Maitland Street, GreytownGreytownKwazulu Natal033 4131084View Map
501565KHATIBNo581 Chota Motala Road, RaisethorpePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 0320211View Map
502154SITHOLENoShop 1 Parklane Building, 46 Crompton Street, PinetownPinetownKwazulu NatalView Map
504637BHIMMA A, HANSJEE D R & KASIRAMNoShop 18 The Atrium, 430 Peter Mokaba Road, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2074456View Map
506117MAHADEVNoShop A 31c Hammarsdale Junction, Kunene Road, HammarsdaleMpumalangaKwazulu Natal031 0032288View Map
508152SELEPENoSuite 8b Nongoma Plaza, Main StreetNongomaKwazulu Natal035 8313856View Map
509779NOORBHAINo140 Wick Street, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5336734View Map
511129MTHEMBUNo271c Murchison Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6311459View Map
514659RAMPEYARIENoShop 212 Liberty Midlands Mall, 50 Sanctuary Road, ChasedenePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 2050001View Map
514888SHABANGUNoE2715 Bantwana StreetEzakheniKwazulu NatalView Map
515167MPULONoShop No 2 Dube StreetNqutuKwazulu Natal034 2711797
517410RUGNATHNoShop 442 Ballito Junction, Regional Mall Ballito Drive, BallitoDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal087 3504505View Map
517623NXUMALO B B - PIETERMARITZBURGNo164 Thanet House, Shop No 7, Langalibalele StreetPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3954332View Map
519316NGOBESENoShop 47 Greater Edendale Mall, Selby Msimang Road, EdendalePietermaritzburgKwazulu NatalView Map
520772BELIMNoUnit 4 Phase 1, Glebe CentreUmlaziKwazulu NatalView Map
520780SINGH - DURBANNoShop 27 Durban Workshop Centre, 99 Samora Machel Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3015719View Map
522872BHAGIRATHINoShop 2 Dynamo Centre, 196 Chatsworth Main Road, UmhlatuzanaChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4021697
524344PANDAYNoShop 19 Fields Shopping Centre, 13 Old Main Road, KloofKloofKwazulu Natal031 7647154View Map
526215CHAUKENoShop 16, Ezakheni PlazaEzakheni Section DKwazulu Natal
531790SINGHNo27 Ireland Street, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5335886View Map
457434SINGHNoShop 1 Rajmahal Centre, 2 Raj Mahal Road, MerebankDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4685440View Map
470236MAFULEKANoKwasotsha Main Building, 39 Symmonds StreetMelmothKwazulu Natal072 9338726View Map
471011NAIDOO D - RESERVOIR HILLSNo263 Kies AvenueReservoir HillsKwazulu Natal031 8278958
471089MEYERNoSuite 2 1st Floor Hilton Health, Centre 3 Monzali Drive, HiltonHiltonKwazulu Natal033 3430881View Map
471208MAHARAJNoShop Gf 27 Hillcrest Corner, 51-53 Old Main Road, HillcrestHillcrestKwazulu Natal031 8801638View Map
475076SEEDAT Y M AND SARDIWALLA I ANoShop 87 Edendale Mall Cnr, Edendale Main & Mount Partridge, EdendalePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3987844View Map
477532NXUMALONo4393 Taylours LocationPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3946209
477613SINGHNoMedicross Malvern, Cnr Ethelbert & Conabor Road, QueensburghQueensburghKwazulu Natal031 4640656View Map
477842NTSHANGASENoNongoma Shopping Centre, Main RoadNongomaKwazulu NatalView Map
477850NDLOVUNoF1516 Section 6MadadeniKwazulu NatalView Map
477907NDLOVU S F AND NTSHANGASE S SNoKwa Ntanzi AreaNongomaKwazulu Natal033 8971000View Map
478210NGCOBONoShop 19 Polly Shortts Centre, 1 Claveshay RoadPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3961950View Map
480711PERUMALNoShop 18 The Atrium, 430 Peter Mokaba Road, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2074456View Map
481904FLATELA L B - SHEPSTONENoShop 5 Nbs Building, 45 Aiken StreetPort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6821421View Map
490105SOMAINo95 Lyell Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6312496View Map
490725SHABANGUNo56 Smith StreetDundeeKwazulu NatalView Map
492884VAN DEN HEEVERNoShop G5 Salt Rock Shopping, Centre 59 Basil Hulett Drive, UmhlaliDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal032 815 2911View Map
494658NGCAMPHALALA AND MAJOLANoShop 4, 16 Green Street, MatatieleMatatieleKwazulu Natal039 7373799View Map
494828ALLINoUnit 2 The Grange, 2 Garden Street, GrangeVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5336193View Map
497037PILLAYNo14 Bisset StreetUmkomaasKwazulu Natal039 9730005View Map
497444DEEDATNoShop 335 3rd Floor Pinecrest, Centre 17 Kings Road, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7024390View Map
412821NAIDOONoShop 112 Sunningdale Shopping, Centre 1 Village Way, SunningdaleUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5629561View Map
413690LUTHULINo490 West StreetDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3052145View Map
415340MAHOMEDNoShop 335, Pinecrest Mall, 17 Kings RoadPinetownKwazulu Natal031 3061854
416789VALLABHNo4 Bardia AvenueReservoir HillsKwazulu Natal031 2620805View Map
419923NDLOVUNoA25 Mzwilili RoadLindelaniKwazulu Natal072 3135866
421073MULAUDZI, MAWILA AND NGOMANENoCnr South And Sharrett StreetBergvilleKwazulu Natal036 6372421
422525KHUMALONoShop 19 Pollyshort Centre, MkhondeniPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal33View Map
423017PADAYACHEENoShop 10 Woodview Centre, 152 Viewhaven Drive, WoodviewPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5307459View Map
423114NOTSHWELEKANoShop 2 Pick & Pay Centre, Cnr Main & Jagger StreetMatatieleKwazulu Natal039 7373778View Map
432458RANJITNoWaterloo Shopping Centre, 161 Jabu Ngcobo RoadWaterlooKwazulu Natal032 9481233View Map
432717PARUKNo33 Victor Lane, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 8118396View Map
436364MTHEMBUNoShop 7 Thanet House Longmarket, 164 Langalibalele Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3423169View Map
436372ZAMANoSuite 1 Citycare Medical Centre, 477 Anton Lembede Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal061 4563281View Map
437336LODDER P - WESTVILLENoShop 7 Westville Mall, 35 Buckingham Terrace, DawncliffeWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2670088View Map
438839SAMDEONoShop 8 The Ridge Mall, 90 Shallcross Road, ShallcrossQueensburghKwazulu Natal031 4097197View Map
439010MOTIMELENoShop H Rolyats Centre, 92 Main StreetKokstadKwazulu Natal039 7275230View Map
440981DEEDATNoShop 335 3rd Flr Pinecrest, Centre 17 Kings RoadPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7024390View Map
441309SAMNATHNoShop 5b, 610 Mountbatten Drive, Reservoir HillsDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2621385View Map
709867ANDERSONNoShop 219 La Lucia Mall, 90 William Campbell Drive, La LuciaLa LuciaKwazulu Natal031 5724925View Map
712639RADEBENo10 York Road, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3121224View Map
714100SARWARNo27 Belvedere Drive, TongaatTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9441529View Map
714186SAEEDNoShop 7 John Ross House, 22-36 Margaret Mncadi Avenue, EsplanadeDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3684789View Map
714194SAEEDNoShop 211 Kwamnyandu Shopping, Centre 22/36 Mangosuthu Highway, UmlaziUmlaziKwazulu Natal031 5663800View Map
714747SAEEDNoShop 8 Richmond Shopping Centre, 250 Umhlanga Rocks Drive, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 5663800View Map
715190TSHABALALANoShop 29 Mtuba Mall, Nyati Road, MtubatubaMtubatubaKwazulu Natal035 5500190View Map
716766NODADA AND DLAMINI OPTOMETRISTNoShop 2UmzimkhuluKwazulu Natal034 2570897
722448KASSIENoShop 45 The Ridge @ Shallcross, 90 Link Road, ShallcrossQueensburghKwazulu Natal031 4096390View Map
736368EBRAHIMNoShop 3, 373 Pine StreetDurban CentralKwazulu Natal
737275SELEPENoShop No 17, Lesedi CentreVosloorusKwazulu Natal073 0136958
741515MKHIZENoShop 2b, Cambridge CentreNqutuKwazulu Natal034 2710040View Map
745200ZAMANoErf 151, 36 Reynolds Street, Port ShepstonePort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal065 8524670View Map
745723MOTALANo490 West Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3052145View Map
636916MOODLEYNoShop 9 The Boulevard Medical, Centre Cnr Mark Strausse &, Pensymons StreetRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7897805View Map
641391ARJOONNoShop 136 Phoenix Plaza, 19 Pathenon Street, PhoenixPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5072504View Map
643203MARAISNo11 Springside Drive, St Johns Centre, St John AveWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 7013532
643386HORNNoShop F246 Gateway Mall, 1 Palm Boulevard, Umhlanga ManorsUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5664066View Map
644846KHANNo87 Bellair RoadCato ManorKwazulu Natal031 2611504View Map
644978RAMOUTHARNoShop 109b Level 1 The Vision, Centre 17 Kings Road, New GermanyPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7024390View Map
645613BOYCENoShop 4 Eshowe Arcade Medical, Centre 6 Osborne Road, EshoweEshoweKwazulu Natal035 4741088View Map
647217SINGHNoShop 9 Newcastle Corner Centre, Cnr Allen Street & Memel Road, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3122314View Map
647284SHABANGUNo56 Smith Street, Shop No 2DundeeKwazulu Natal034 2124782
647306NAIDOONoShop U001a Inkwazi Shopping, Centre Cnr Krugerrand& Mark, Strasse RoadRichards BayKwazulu Natal074 1355887View Map
649619DOWLATHNoPhoenix Medical Centre, 150 Brayford Avenue, SunfordPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5002850View Map
651184SHABANGUNoShop 7, Kerk Street, VryheidVryheidKwazulu Natal034 2124782View Map
664499ARJOONNoShop 6 Kensington Boulevard, 54 Adelaide Tambo Drive, Durban NorthDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5727799View Map
669016MAKUANoLot 412 Main StreetNongomaKwazulu Natal
672203SITHOLENoShop 5g Dube Vallage Mall, 11 Ikhathazo WayNewlands WestKwazulu Natal031 8264505
674508MPULONoShop 3c Pioneer Park Shopping, Centre 2 John Parks RoadNewcastleKwazulu NatalView Map
675261HORNNoShop 442 Ballito Junction, Regional Mall Ballito Drive, BallitoDolphin CoastKwazulu NatalView Map
676268ARJOONNoShop 206 Level 2 Ballito, Junction Regional Mall Ballito, BallitoDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal032 5860404View Map
576379MAZIBUKO H F AND NENE N BNoShop 11 Taiba Centre, 234 Utrecht Street, VryheidVryheidKwazulu Natal034 9810200View Map
584746NOTSHWELEKANoErf 46 Shop 3, Margaret Street, IxopoUmzumbe RuralKwazulu Natal039 8342566View Map
586854KHOZANo10 Phoenix HighwayPhoenixKwazulu Natal073 1333027View Map
589209HOOSENNo129 K E Masinga Road, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3056588View Map
593990MKHWANAZINoH1 369 Ilanda Street, EsikhawiniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7361212View Map
596450OSMANNoShop 2 Vijay Agencies House, 341 Gopalall Hurbans, TongaatTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9441443
600318VAWDANoMoorton Centre, 57 Moorcross Drive, MoortonChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4061446View Map
605093PANDAYNoShop 25 Brasfort House, 262 Langalibalele Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3453105View Map
611999MAJIDNo465 Langalibalele Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3420783View Map
612952LODDERNoSection 11 Romax Court 136 Cnr, Jan Hofmeyer Road & Salisbury, AvenueWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2661096View Map
613460SAEEDNo195a Retief Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3421023View Map
623288BHOGALNoShop 48 Davenport Square, 89 Helen Joseph Road, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2029595View Map
624225NXUMALONo53 Napdale PlaceNewlands WestKwazulu Natal
536415HULBERT AND DANNEBERG - CAPITALNoShop G26 Galleria Mall, Cnr Moss Kolnik & Arbour RoadAmanzimtotiKwazulu Natal031 9041266View Map
536423HULBERTNoShop 41 Hayfields Mall, 28 Blackburrow Road, HayfieldsPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3869300View Map
536709MOODLEYNoUnit 15 Outlet Park, 59 Meridian Drive, Umhlanga RocksUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5662857View Map
537659PARUKNoShop 45 Workshop Shopping, Centre 99 Samora Machel Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3013786View Map
538787DEONATHNoSuite 4 Tongaat Medical Centre, 2 Khan Street, Gandhi's HillTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9444911View Map
538833KHESWANoShop 5, Murchison Street, HardingHardingKwazulu Natal061 5164957View Map
540285MAJOLANoShop 24 Roylats Shopping Mall, 86 Main Street, KokstadKokstadKwazulu Natal039 7275230View Map
543411GANASNoGandhi's Building, 459 Gopalall Hurbans Road, Gandhi's HillTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9442181View Map
544167BEHARIENoShop 315 Kwamnyandu Shopping, Centre 341 Griffiths RoadUmlaziKwazulu Natal031 4612323View Map
547212RAMBARAN P - MTUBA MALLNoShop 29 Mtuba Mall, Nyati Road, MtubatubaMtubatubaKwazulu Natal035 5500190View Map
547808JADWATNoShop S3 Total Garage, 60 Murchison Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3121292View Map
548502BHOGAL G - PHOENIXNoUnit 15 Suite 21 Sunford, Medical Centre 1-3 Sunford DrivePhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5001077View Map
549681WELGEMOEDNo25 Jordan Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3124253View Map
550124BUDUNoShop 27 Old Mutual Building, 27 Voortrekker StreetNewcastleKwazulu Natal
550132NDLOVU V S AND BUDU XNo7459 Section 5MadadeniKwazulu Natal071 6108044View Map
554197VENTERNoShop 25 Pongola Plaza, New Republic Street, PongolaPongolaKwazulu Natal034 4131388View Map
556661ZONDINoShop 5 Mecury House, 320 Smith StreetDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3046711
556904THOBELANoShop 11 Fnb Centre Cnr, Commercial Road & Margaret, IxopoUmzumbe RuralKwazulu Natal039 8341029View Map
560146BALGOBINDNo35 Coronation RoadMalvernKwazulu Natal076 7063180View Map
7009089ASMALNoShop 28 The Oval, Keate Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6374572View Map
7009399MILBORROWNo37 Cleland Road, HayfieldsPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3460741View Map
7009518ARJOONNoShop 11 Knowles Centre, 22 Chancery Lane, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7014444View Map
7009550KHANNoSuite 3 Ammarah House, 69 Woodhurst Drive, WoodhurstChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4012227View Map
7009674SINGHNoSuite 12 Ayesha Centre, 50 Joyhurst StreetChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4021342View Map
7009801SMITHNo972 Sarnia RoadBellairKwazulu Natal031 4653118View Map
7010044KHANNoShop 62 Chatsworth Centre, Joyhurst Street, WestcliffChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4010900View Map
7010060AMAIDASNoShop 4 Lanmower Centre, 51 Gray Street, DundeeDundeeKwazulu Natal034 2121875View Map
7010141CASSIMJEENo414 Langalibalele StreetPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3946222View Map
7010362KHANNoSuite 3 Ammarah House, 69 Woodhurst Drive, WoodhurstChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4012227View Map
7010389KIRK & PARTNERS INCNoShop 24 Scottburgh Mall, Old Main Road, ScottburghScottburgh/Umzinto NorthKwazulu Natal039 9761596View Map
7010729COOKNoShop 30 Davenport Square, 89 Helen Joseph Road, GlenwoodBereaKwazulu Natal031 2022150View Map
7010869REEDNoShop 12 Kensington Square, Adelaide Tambo DriveDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5632108View Map
7010923AMRANo6 Medina Arcave, 89- 95 Wick Street, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5332353View Map
7010982PARUK OPTOMETRISTNoShop 19 Pinespring Centre, 18 Anderson Road, New GermanyPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7020103View Map
7011016VAN RENSBURGNo115a Main Street, KokstadKokstadKwazulu Natal039 7273542View Map
7011229AMAIDASNoShop Lg 42 Umdoni Centre, 28 Crompton Street, New GermanyPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7022944View Map
7011369MARAISNoWindermere Centre, Lilian Ngoyi Road, WindermereBereaKwazulu Natal031 3127004View Map
7011458SOLWANoShop 3, 373 Monty Naicker StreetDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3044454View Map
7011512RAUFFNoShop 3 Lornegrey Medical Centre, 280 Grey StreetDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3048989View Map
818984NTSHANGASENoShop 13b Nongoma Shopping, Centre King Dinizulu Highway, NongomaNongomaKwazulu NatalView Map
820881MADINoNkandlaNkandlaKwazulu Natal
823627MOHAMMEDNo46 York Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3122722View Map
825220NOACHNoShop F12a Ballito Junction, Regional Mall Leonora Drive, BallitoDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal087 2886376View Map
828904RAWATNoGate 1 Old Lion Match Building, 892 Umgeni Road, MorningsideBereaKwazulu Natal031 3033874View Map
832588A NAIDOO AND PARTNERNoShop G17, Eshowe MallEshoweKwazulu Natal
835145MAZIBUKONo23 Main StreetDannhauserKwazulu Natal
839159NIEUWENHUISNoShop 51, South Coast Mall, Old Main RdIzotshaKwazulu Natal039 0320032
7000421SPEC-SAVERS WEST STREETNoShop 17 The Arcade, 88 Dr Pixley Kaseme Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3042431View Map
7001215DANNEBERGNoSt Johns Village, Karkloof Road, HowickHowickKwazulu Natal033 3305945View Map
7001320MOFFATT INCORPORATEDNoShop 224 Sanlam Centre, Maxwell Street, EmpangeniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7726843View Map
7001509NAUDENoUnit 1 Ingliside Office Park, 29 Howick Road, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3421300View Map
7003862GOGANoShop 4 Glenwood Village, Shopping Centre 397 Che Guevara, GlenwoodBereaKwazulu Natal031 2015501View Map
7004869RAHM & FRIDERICHSNoSuite G11 Musgrave Park, 18 Musgrave Road, MusgraveBereaKwazulu Natal031 2010961View Map
7005156KURZWEGNo19 Checkers Centre, Cental Business DistrictRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7892160View Map
7005709KINGNoOld Mill, 49a Queen Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6374571View Map
7006586DANNEBERGNoShop 17 Parklane Centre, Chief Albert Luthuli Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3423631View Map
751294CASSIMNoShop A2-1 The Spark, 98 Cannon Avenue, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2713191View Map
752126HARIPERSHADNoShop 641 Level 6 Entrance 3, Ballito Junction Mall Leonora, BallitoDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal032 9461416View Map
764728VAWDANoShop 7c Sandy Centre, 174 Josiah Gumede Road, Cowie's HillPinetownKwazulu Natal031 9427942View Map
770639RAMDINNoShop 8b Pavilion Centre, 111 Jack Martens Drive, DawncliffeWestvilleKwazulu NatalView Map
771449GOPAULNo171 Rodger Sishi Road, Chiltern HillsWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2628031View Map
780936ALLYNoShop 2a Oribi Plaza, Sinclair, Port ShepstonePort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6821804View Map
781177RANDEREENoShop 19 Jamaica Junction, 41 Wingen Walk, ShallcrossQueensburghKwazulu NatalView Map
786306MAJOLANoShop 17a Nongoma Plaza, King Dinizulu Highway, NongomaNongomaKwazulu Natal081 3100544View Map
787892NAIPALNoNew Dawn Park, 21 Marbleray Drive, Newlands EastNewlands EastKwazulu Natal031 5778438View Map
790206MANUEL-DONCABENoLot 983, 14th Street, Inanda GlebeInandaKwazulu Natal
790281DLAMININoPongola Medical Centre, 62 Hans Strydom Street, PongolaPongolaKwazulu Natal034 4131251View Map
791474RAMOPYANoShop 3c Pioneer ParkNewcastleKwazulu Natal
793639SPARROWNoHayfields Mall, 28 Blackburrow Road, HayfieldsPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 0320200View Map
794872KASSIENoShop 217 B Pinecrest Centre, 17 Kings Road, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal031 0031757View Map
796077KAKANoShopmh10a Malver Park Mall, Cnr Main Road And Ridley Park Rd, MalvernQueensburghKwazulu Natal031 4647600View Map
810215JOHANSSONNoShop A14 Lillies Quarter, Lifestyle Centre 12 Old Main, HillcrestHillcrestKwazulu Natal031 7652125View Map
813672MAKOFANENoAa235 Simelani Drive, UmlaziUmlaziKwazulu Natal031 9091848View Map
697176HORNNoShop U03 Cornubia Shopping Mall, 23 Flanders Drive, Mount EdgecombeMount EdgecombeKwazulu NatalView Map
698962SIBISINoShop 164a Umlazi Mega City, 50 Griffiths Mxenge HighwayUmlaziKwazulu Natal033 4930084View Map
702161AYOBNoUndisclosed, Richards BayRichards BayKwazulu Natal083 7869062View Map
702560ARJOONNoShop U71 Cornubia Shopping Mall, 23 Flanders Drive, Mount EdgecombeMount EdgecombeKwazulu Natal031 1710999View Map
702994HARIPERSHADNoU08 Cornubia Shopping Mall, Cnr Flanders Drive & Tacoma Road, Mount EdgecombeMount EdgecombeKwazulu Natal031 5021658View Map
705136SARDIWALLA AND SEEDAT PARTNERSNoShop 2, 133 Albert Street, EstcourtEstcourtKwazulu Natal082 7863704View Map
706035BUDU AND NTSHANGASENoKing Senzangakhona Centre, Shop 81UlundiKwazulu Natal
706159MTHIMKULU & NDEBELENoLung Homes, House E77OsizweniKwazulu Natal
707589ARJOONNoShop 11 Bluff Towers Mall, 318 Tara Road, BluffBluffKwazulu Natal031 4671141View Map
708593OGILVIENoShop G60 Galleria Mall Cnr Moss, Kolnick Drive & Arbour Road, AmanzimtotiAmanzimtotiKwazulu Natal031 9041266View Map
7016115MAHOMEDNoG53 Musgrave Park, 18 Musgrave Raod, BereaBereaKwazulu Natal031 2019922View Map
7016131KHANNoShop 29 Queensmead Mall, Hillier Road, UmbiloBereaKwazulu Natal031 2060307View Map
7016158HARILALLNoShop 3a Unit 2 Ayesha Centre, 547 Garbgreen Close, PhoenixPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5021195View Map
7016166MOFFATT INCNoFive Ways Mall Cnr Rex Henderson, Road & Paul Avenue, EmpangeniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7923639View Map
7016182SEEDATNo8a Munbro Centre, 29 Murchison Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal079 3477455View Map
7016301BHOOLANo261 Monty Naicker Road, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3015240View Map
7016352MAKADANoShop G6, 23 Hill Street, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7025906View Map
7016425MOFFATT INCORPORATEDNoShop 9 Lakeside Mall, Cnr Lira Link & Mark Strasse, Richards BayRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7893936View Map
7016654BEGGSNoShop 6 Standard Bank Centre, Musgrave RoadDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2024204View Map
7016670KASIRAMNoSmile Dental Clinic, 347 Randles Road, SydenhamBereaKwazulu Natal031 2094095View Map
7016824RAMRUTHENNoShop 33 Progress Centre, 124 Old Main RoadIsipingoKwazulu Natal031 9121308View Map
7016913ANDERSONNoShop 21a Umhlanga Centre, 189 Ridge Road, Umhlanga RocksUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5614728View Map
7017022PARKERNoGate 2 Lion Match Building, 892 Umgeni Road, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3033874View Map
7017073SPEC-SAVERS DURBANNoShop 36c Level 2 The Atrium, Overport City 430 Peter Mokaba, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2072883View Map
7017081SPEC-SAVERS PAVILIONNoShop 251 Pavilion Shopping, Centre 5 Jack Martens DriveDawncliffeKwazulu Natal031 2650741View Map
7017359SPEC-SAVERS BLUFFNoShop 13-14 Pickn Pay Centre, Tara Road, BluffBluffKwazulu Natal031 4672127View Map
7017545LIFESTYLE OPTICAL - PHOENIXNoShop 10 Phoenix Plaza, 19 Parthenon Street, PhoenixPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5072274View Map
7017626DANNEBERGNoShop G1-g2 Cascades Centre, Mccarthy Drive, CascadesPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3471888View Map
7017650CLASSIC EYES PAVILLIONNoShop 124 Pavilion Shopping, Centre Jack Martens Drive, DawncliffeWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2650505View Map
7017790STONIERNoShop 13 Woodburn Shopping, Centre 619 Chief Albert Luthuli, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3425435View Map
7011806KHANNoShop 12 Jamaica Shopping Centre, 66 Olympia StreetShallcrossKwazulu Natal031 4093618
7011903PATELNoShop 32 The Arcade Southern, Life House 88 Joe Slovo Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3052369View Map
7011997RAMANoShop L M 41 The Acropolis, 91 Parthenon Street, StarwoodDurbanKwazulu Natal031 5004222View Map
7012020MAHOMEDYNo72 King Shaka StreetStangerKwazulu Natal032 5523923View Map
7012047PILLAYNoShop 13 Madari Centre, Chestnut Crescent, MariannhillPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7061279View Map
7012128LOWENo15 Sunland, Cordiner Street, ScottburghScottburgh/Umzinto NorthKwazulu Natal039 9782925View Map
7012136MOHANLALNo376 Burger StreetPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3456621View Map
7012233YOELLNoShop 223 Pinecrest Centre, 17 Kings Road, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7025341View Map
7012446HAFFAJEENoShop 1 Delta Towers, 303 Dr Pixley Kaseme Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3056558View Map
7012462PATHANNoShop 1 Renaissance, 33 Maud Mfusi Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3043603View Map
7012705VAHEDNoSuite 13 Ganies Mall, 285 Gopalall Hurbans Road, TongaatTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9447791View Map
7012799HOOSENNoShop 3, 436 Randles Road, SydenhamBereaKwazulu Natal031 2099702View Map
7012845SUNSHINE OPTICALNo112 Murchison Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6375276View Map
7013000TOLKSDORFNo112 Malvern Park, 155 Main Road, QueensburghQueensburghKwazulu Natal031 4647600View Map
7013183GENGIAHNoShop 24 Broadwalk, Dr Pixley Kaseme Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3049384View Map
7013205MELLINNoShop U57 Boardwalk Inkwazi, Centre Mark Strasse, Richards BayRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7894742View Map
7013329RAMKISSOONNoShop 41 Newcastle Mall, Cnr Ladysmith Drive & Oak Avenue, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3261298View Map
7013469ZAALNoShop 99 Shelly Centre, Marine Drive, Shelly BeachMargateKwazulu Natal039 3155127View Map
7013507DE MARGINYNoShop 314 Level 3, Musgrave Shopping Centre, Musgrave RoadDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2015106View Map
7013647RAMDEVNoSuite 7 Goodhope Centre, St Patricks Road, UmzintoScottburgh/Umzinto NorthKwazulu Natal039 9742909View Map
7013701PADAYACHEENo13 Whitehouse Centre, Chief Albert Luthuli Street, KwadukuzaKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 5522485View Map
7013787A M OPTICALNoShop 3 Salmon Grove Chambers, 407 Anton Lembede Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3043421View Map
7013841VALLABHNo6 Gridham Terrace, 12 Westham DrivePhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5075665View Map
7013914KASOOJEENoShop A8 Mont Edgecombe Plaza, 102-110 Hillhead Drive, Mount EdgecombeMount EdgecombeKwazulu Natal031 5021990View Map
7013930GOVENDERNo5 Guildhall Arcade, 25 Gardener StreetDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3011770View Map
7014082PLENNoShop 30a The Pearls Of Umhlanga, Lagoon Drive, Umhlanga RocksUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 5613342View Map
7014295M E CILLIERS INCORPORATEDNo137c Hoog Street, VryheidVryheidKwazulu Natal034 9816172View Map
7014554VAN DER MERWENo30 Victoria Road, Hutten HeightsNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3124602View Map
7014597ROOPLALNo68 Trisula Avenue, Arena ParkChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4049646View Map
7014740VAN DER WESTHUZENNo55 Jacaranda Avenue, MtubatubaMtubatubaKwazulu Natal035 5500540View Map
7014805SPECSAVERS STANGERNoShop 67b Kwadukuza Mall Cnr, Elizabeth & Voortrekker Street, KwadukuzaKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 5513125View Map
7014813DE MARIGNYNoF11 Ballito Junction, Ballito Drive, BallitoDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal032 9463473View Map
7006950NAIDOONo195a Retief StreetPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3421023View Map
7007493MAYATNoShop 18 Lighthouse Centre, Chartwell DriveUmhlanga RocksKwazulu Natal031 5617456View Map
7007639MARAISNo14 St Johns Centre, St Johns AvenuePinetownKwazulu Natal031 7013532View Map
7007841CASSIMJEENo22 Thomas Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3421145View Map
7008007MAYATNoShop 16 Lockhat Wakuff Arcade, 112 Dr A B Xuma Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3053284View Map
7008295FRIDERICHSNoShop18 Tiffany's Salt Rock, Salt Rock Road, Salt RockDolphin CoastKwazulu Natal031 2010961View Map
7008406SOLEX OPTICAL COMPANYNo225 Main RoadUmzintoKwazulu Natal039 9741919View Map
7008457VARIAWANo36 Booth AvenueDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2083902
7008511CHETTYNoShop L1 Adams Mall, 69 Wick Street, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5331414View Map
7008554EDLEIGH OPTOMETRISTNoShop 11a Bluff Shopping Centre, 884 Bluff Road, GrosvenorBluffKwazulu Natal031 4664631View Map
7008767LEWISNoCentenary Medical Centre, 55 Old Main Road, GillittsGillittsKwazulu Natal031 7653620View Map
7008961HILLIARNoShop 25 Victoria Centre, 157 Victoria Road, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3429673View Map
7027702DE MARIGNY & LELLO (PTY) LTDNoShop G36 Game City, 10 Mathews Meyiwa Road, Stamford HillDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3094568View Map
7027788BHANANo365 Palmview Drive, PalmviewPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5058448View Map
7021488MOFFATT OPTICALNoShop L31/l32 Boardwalk Inkwazi, Shopping Centre Mark Strasse, Richards BayRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7897204View Map
7021526RAMANoShop L M 41 The Acropolis, 91 Parthenon StreetPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5004222View Map
7021704DOWLATHNo8 Protea Road, UmkomaasUmkomaasKwazulu Natal039 9796277View Map
7021801DESAINoShop 3 Wembley Centre, 19 Shannon Drive, Reservoir HillsDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2627072View Map
7021925KUARPERSADNoSuite 400 Life Westville, Hospital Eye Centre 7 Harry, DawncliffeWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2650967View Map
7022093LUTCHMEENARRAINNo6 Mungal Road, VerulamVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5377406View Map
7022158MANJOONo145 Barracuda Road, Newlands EastNewlands EastKwazulu Natal031 5778971View Map
7022182PERUMALNoNuwest Medical Centre, 137 Arkwest Place, Newlands WestNewlands WestKwazulu Natal031 5781427View Map
7022301SURUJHLALNoShop 7 Richard Park Medinet, Barbados Bay Road, Richards BayRichards BayKwazulu Natal035 7898010View Map
7022352RAMPERSADHNo135 Albert Street, EstcourtEstcourtKwazulu Natal036 3525494View Map
7022476BHIMMANo31 Calendula Avenue, UmkomaasUmkomaasKwazulu Natal039 9795333View Map
7022530RAMKELAWANNo131 Mason StreetVryheidKwazulu Natal034 9821608View Map
7022549BHAGWANDASNoShop 3 L C T Centre, 20 Denis Hurley Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3042800View Map
7022689GOVENDERNoShop 8a, Stanger Market PlazaStangerKwazulu Natal032 5527713View Map
7022700KOKSTAD OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 10, Rolyats Shopping CentreKokstadKwazulu Natal039 7273329View Map
7022824BHIMMANoShop 14 Chatsmain Center, 12 Tranquil StreetCroftdeneKwazulu Natal031 4020127View Map
7023286KHANNoShop 8, Princess Mkabayi Street, UlundiUlundiKwazulu Natal035 8701093View Map
7023324BUDHIANo1 Sheridan StreetHavensideKwazulu Natal031 4007051View Map
7023421NAIDOONo319 Lenny Naidu Drive, BayviewChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4008181View Map
7023480RAUFFNoShop 3 Lornegrey Medical Centre, 280 Dr Yusuf Dadoo Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3093179View Map
7023545ROSHANNo423 Sparks Road, SherwoodDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2077861View Map
7023820ESPLANADE MEDICAL CENTRE OPTOMETNo22-24 Joseph Nduli Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3064164View Map
7023863MOODLEYNoShop 12 Gannie Centre, 2 Watson Highway, TongaatTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9446642View Map
7023960GHILANoShop 3 Esselen Centre, 278 Esselen Crescent, NorthcroftPhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5004613View Map
7023979NAIDOONo47 Celtic Road, KenvilleDurban NorthKwazulu NatalView Map
7024118MAHADEVNoShop 18 Southway Mall, Titren Road, Sea ViewDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4656566View Map
7018312AMEEN-DAWJEENo5 Greaves Street, NewcastleNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3151548View Map
7018363MOFFATT OPTICAL DURBANNo375 Anton Lembede StreetDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3061452View Map
7018649PILLAYNoShop 286 Pavillion Centre, Jack Martins Drive, WestvilleWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2657475View Map
7018983MOFFATT OPTICAL PINETOWNNoShop 314 Upper Level Pine Crest, Centre Kings RoadPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7025262View Map
7019033NIEUWENHUISNoShop 64-66 Shelly Centre, Marine Drive, Shelly BeachMargateKwazulu Natal039 3157151View Map
7019041SPEC-SAVERS MUSGRAVENoShop 112 Level 1 Musgrave, Centre 115 Musgrave Road, BereaBereaKwazulu Natal031 2028060View Map
7019351SARDIWALLANo276 Murchison Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6373650View Map
7019459DOOKHINoShop 16 Newcroft Shopping, Centre 120 Croftdene Drive, CroftdeneChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4019251View Map
7019505GANESHNoParkhill Medical Centre, 814 Chris Hani Road, Red HillDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5732268View Map
7019661HAMMONDNoShop 4, Hibberdene Spar, Marlin DriveHibberdeneKwazulu Natal064 6594899View Map
7019696BHANANoShop 15b Joyhurst Centre, 6 Joyhurst Street, WestcliffChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4018027View Map
7019726NAIDOO OPTOMETRISTNoSuite 5 Luxmi Centre, 594 Dr Chota Motara Street, RaisethorpePietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3979220View Map
7019742SEEDATNo240 Murchison Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6357917View Map
7019777VALUE VISIONNo19 Ingcuce Road, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3060252View Map
7020023DE VOSNoBalito Medical Center The Well, Cnr Kirsty & Albegina RoadBallitoKwazulu Natal032 9461311View Map
7020082MOFFATT OPTICAL PIETERMARITZBURGNo232 Church Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3426333View Map
7020430BOTHANoShop 8 Toti Centre, 407 Andrew Zondo Road, AmanzimtotiAmanzimtotiKwazulu Natal031 9032682View Map
7020449GUMEDENoShop 9, 219 Monty Naicker Road, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3062988View Map
7020597RAJCOOMARNoShop 8, John Hall Centre, 61 Wick StreetVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5333394View Map
7020740CHETTYNoShop 11 Medina Centre, 51 Business Square, WestcliffChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4021146View Map
7020791DEWANGREENoShop 5 Durdoc Centre, 460 Anton Lembede Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3057954View Map
7020899JAIRAMNoShop B 3 Saxony Ilala Centre, 2 Ilala Drive, La Lucia RidgeDurban NorthKwazulu Natal032 5410151View Map
7020945PILLAYNoNorth Coast Road Medical Centre, 490 Chris Hani Road, Red HillDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5645080View Map
7020953MAHOMEDNoShop K2 Ithala Centre, Malendela Road, KwamashuKwamashuKwazulu Natal031 5031188View Map
7021062PLOWSNo74 Phillip Street, EstcourtEstcourtKwazulu Natal036 3521225View Map
7015062SEEDATNoShop 4 Nessa Centre, 4 Pardy Road, Isipingo RailIsipingoKwazulu Natal031 9029980View Map
7015135STRAUSSNo51 Osborne Road, EshoweEshoweKwazulu Natal035 4741674View Map
7015143DEBBANo7 Church Street, GandhinagarTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9442981View Map
7015186SEETHALNoSuite 3 Reservoir Hills Centre, 300 Mountbatten Drive, Reservoir HillsDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2624466View Map
7015437VALJEENoShop 3 Aslam Heights, 612 - 620 Randles Road, SydenhamBereaKwazulu Natal031 2075377View Map
7015704KLOOF OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 17 Village Mall, 33 Village RoadKloofKwazulu Natal031 7645069View Map
7015747NAYAGERNo54 Russom StreetVerulamKwazulu Natal032 5338328View Map
7015836MAHOMEDNoShop 8a, 11-19 Ingcuce Road, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3061854View Map
7015879PILLAYNoSharcek Building, 57 Cnr Aiken & Robison StreetPort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6822867View Map
7016085MOHAMMEDNo27 Mossie StreetAviary HillKwazulu Natal034 3122722View Map
7016107DURBAN NORTH OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 2 Docnor Medical Centre, 35 Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Durban NorthDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5635681View Map
7100957JITHOONoR Jithoo & Son Optical Dispensar, Room 108 Ajmeri ArcadeDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3060336
7032897PARSOTAMNoShop 12 Queensburgh Mall, 161 Main Road, MalvernDurbanKwazulu Natal031 4645628View Map
7032900HILLIARNoMaritz Arch, 39 Chief Albert Luthuli StreetPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3424464View Map
7033095PRECISION EYE CARE OPTOMETRISTNoShop M H 12 Malvern Centre, Coronation Road, MalvernDurbanKwazulu Natal082 8589651View Map
7033419NDIMENINoShop 1, Old Mutual Building, Main StreetKokstadKwazulu Natal037 7272434View Map
7033451SINGHNoShop 19 Paradise Junction, 176 Underwood Road, SarniaPinetownKwazulu Natal031 7084335View Map
7033524PILLAYNo133 Mahatma Gandhi Street, StangerKwadukuzaKwazulu Natal032 5523545View Map
7033702VAN BARTNoShop 7 Westville Mall, 3 Buckingham Terrace, WestvilleWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2670088View Map
7033834NEWLANDS CITY OPTOMETRISTNoShop 66 Shoprite Checkers, Centre Cnr Marbleray Drive &, Inanda RoadNewlandsKwazulu Natal031 5778500View Map
7033915NAIDOONoShop 112a Sunningdale Shopping, Centre 1 Village Way, SunningdaleUmhlangaKwazulu Natal031 9041225View Map
7034229SPECSAVERS WINKELSPRUITNoShop 1 Kingburgh Shopping, Centre Ocean View Road, WinklespruitKingsburghKwazulu Natal031 9164170View Map
7034253MOFFAT INCORPORATEDNoShop 125 Sanlam Centre, Maxwell StreetEmpangeniKwazulu Natal035 7726021View Map
7034288MAKHOMUNo10 Glomach RoadWaterfallKwazulu Natal011 7680197View Map
7034326PERSADHNoShop 1a Ithala Centre, Mangosuthu HighwayUmlaziKwazulu Natal031 9062644View Map
7034504MOODLEYNo22 Buckingham Drive, Lot 217 Wimpey Homes, MarburgPort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6854519View Map
7034601MAHARAJNo324 Varsity DriveReservoir HillsKwazulu Natal031 2623524View Map
7034970SUBRAMONEYNoShop 9 Atomic Centre, 275 Sparks RoadOverportKwazulu Natal031 2075469View Map
7035241SRIKEWALNoShop 3 Selgro Centre, 341 Cnr Church & Boshoff StreetPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3421335View Map
7035276OPTIC EXCLUSIVENoShop K2 Ithala Centre, Malendela Road, KwamashuKwamashuKwazulu Natal031 5031188View Map
7035438RANDEREENo80 Grove End Drive, StanmorePhoenixKwazulu Natal081 336 9615View Map
7035519NAIDOO Y - SHALLCROSSNoShop 8 The Ridge Shopping, Centre 90 Shallcross RoadShallcrossKwazulu Natal031 4097198View Map
7035780FAIZEL MOHAMMEDNoShop 3 & 4 Citi Centre, 29 Murchison StreetNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 9833786View Map
7035802NAIDOONoShop 4 Wesley Centre, 74 Samora Machel Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3019534View Map
7028016MOOSANoShop 3 Salmon Grove Chambers, 407 Anton Lembede Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3043421View Map
7028121PARUKNo83 Dr Yusuf Dadoo Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3013368View Map
7028288NUGENTNoShop 12 Kensington Square, 54 Adelaide Tambo Drive, Durban NorthDurban NorthKwazulu Natal031 5632108View Map
7028547EYEPEROPTICS NEWCASTLENoShop 6 Village Walk, 22 Ayliff StreetNewcastleKwazulu Natal034 3124711View Map
7028555BARUTHNoSuite D1 Seadoone Mall, Seadoone Road, DoonsideKingsburghKwazulu Natal031 9038465View Map
7028792PILLAYNoShop 3 Bagman Centre, 301 Gopalall Hurbans Road, TongaatTongaatKwazulu Natal032 9448171View Map
7028857RAMLACHANNo4 Montrose PlaceAtholl HeightsKwazulu Natal031 5778932
7029659MAHOMEDYNo506 Sydney Road, CongellaDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2058544View Map
7029721GOVENDERNoShop No 12, 320 West StreetDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3042312View Map
7029845OGILVIENoShop 10 Liberty Mall, 50 Sanctuary Road, WoodlandsPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3426262View Map
7030444TORGA OPTICAL PIETERMARITZBURGNoShop 255, Church Street, PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburgKwazulu Natal033 3946110View Map
7031319ARBEENoShop 9b Cowey Park, 91-123 Problem Mkhize Road, MorningsideBereaKwazulu Natal031 2072165View Map
7031726SWANEPOELNoShop 26 Montclair Mall, 169 Wood Road, MontclairDurban SouthKwazulu Natal031 4690173View Map
7031785I S OPTICALNoUnion Main Centre, 45-51 Josiah Gumede Road, PinetownPinetownKwazulu Natal064 1402185View Map
7032366NIRGHINNoE Block Room E5-632 Westville, Campus Building University Road, WestvilleWestvilleKwazulu Natal031 2608645View Map
7032781LOCKHATNoShop 1a Kenilworth Park, 202 Felix Dlamini Road, OverportDurbanKwazulu Natal031 2071123View Map
7024282SPEC-SAVERS LADYSMITHNoShop Ug14a Murchison Mall, Murchison Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6375429View Map
7024290GAJADHURNoShop Ug14a Murchison Mall, Murchison Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6375429View Map
7024398ARJUNNoUnit 9 Longbury Medical Centre, 80 Longbury Drive, RydalvalePhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5004427View Map
7024711GOVENDERNoShop 24 Hibiscus Mall Cnr, Windsor Avenue & Wartski Drive, MargateMargateKwazulu Natal039 3120354View Map
7024843HOOSENNoShop 5 Thapi Victoria, 65-67 Bertha Mkhize Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3011428View Map
7025017KARIMNo57 Allingstone Crescent, WhetstonePhoenixKwazulu Natal031 5076841View Map
7025041MOODLEYNoShop 1, 59 Qashana Khuzwayo RoadNew GermanyKwazulu Natal031 5724710View Map
7025254RAMRUTHANNoShop No 5 Mercury House Arcade, 320 Anton Lembede StreetDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3046711View Map
7025408JOSHUANoShop 1, 3 Conabor Road, MalvernDurbanKwazulu Natal031 4631969View Map
7025440TORGA OPTICAL SPRINGFIELDNoShop 28 Springfield Value, Centre Umgeni RoadSpringfield ParkKwazulu Natal031 2630122View Map
7025491SHEIKNo19 Drinham GrveWesthamKwazulu Natal031 5009678View Map
7025572MOODLEYNoShop 1 Delaware State Centre, 47 Chatsworth Main Road, UmhlatuzanaChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4013642View Map
7025769MAHOMEDNoShop 30 Queen City Arcade, 54 Denis Hurley Street, DurbanDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3046084View Map
7025815EYEWISE OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 9 Ayesha Centre, 55/59 Moss StreetVerulamKwazulu Natal
7025858DAYANoShop A 31c Hammarsdale Junction, Kunene Road, HammarsdaleMpumalangaKwazulu Natal031 0032288View Map
7026064L AUGUSTINENoSuite 1, 14 Bisset StreetUmkomaasKwazulu Natal039 9732561View Map
7026196HANSJEENoShop 9 Unit 7 Montford Shopping, Centre Road 701ChatsworthKwazulu Natal031 4046350View Map
7026242DR SPECSNo261 Murchison Street, LadysmithLadysmithKwazulu Natal036 6312111View Map
7026293KHAKINo786 Khaki Centre, 30 Lilac Road, ShallcrossQueensburghKwazulu Natal031 4099101View Map
7026366SAYEDNo23 Reynolds Street, Port ShepstonePort ShepstoneKwazulu Natal039 6820987View Map
7026412PERSADHNo11 Jadwat Street, Isipingo RailIsipingoKwazulu Natal031 9027733View Map
7027036MOFFATT OPTICALNoShop 219 La Lucia Mall, 90 William Campbell DriveLa LuciaKwazulu Natal031 5724925View Map
7027141NORTH BEACH OPTOMETRISTNoNorth Beach Medical Centre, 37 Sol Harris Crescent, North BeachDurbanKwazulu Natal031 3326060View Map
7027354HULBERTNoShop 22 The Quarry Centre, Hilton Avenue, HiltonHiltonKwazulu Natal033 3431084View Map
7027362MOTSOARI T O - PHUTHADITJHABANoCnr Commercial & Maxwell Street, EmpangeniEmpangeniKwazulu Natal083 8848029View Map
7032994MARINGANoDenosa Building Holani Medical, Centre 566 Giyani Main Road, GiyaniGiyaniLimpopo015 8120582View Map
7033591LE ROUXNoLephalale Mall Limpopo Nelson, Mandela Drive & Chris Hani, AvenueLephalaleLimpopo014 7632499View Map
7034393SELOPYANENo2325 Zone ALebowakgomoLimpopo015 6324621View Map
7034717ABDOOLNo69 Van Riebeeck Street, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo015 4913864View Map
7035209MADZIVHANoNo 7 Jasmyn Town House, AquaparkTzaneenLimpopo015 3077426
7035373TORGA OPTICALNoShop 48 - Limpopo Mall, Pick Pay CentrePolokwaneLimpopo015 2975525View Map
7035721SWANEPOELNoMedi 24 46 Cnr Plein Street &, Thabo Mbeki Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2914171View Map
7027982VAN ROOYEN OPTOMETRISTNo58 Thabo Mbeki Street, NaboomspruitMookgopongLimpopo014 7433391View Map
7028598MOTSINONINoShop 4 Rosendale Building, 34 Botha StreetDuiwelskloofLimpopo015 3099091View Map
7031203SPEC-SAVERS RENTMEESTERNoShop 1a Checkers Centre, Hans Van Rensburg Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2954904View Map
7031211SPEC-SAVERS SAVANNAHNoShop 31/32, Savannah Centre, Thabo Mbeki StreetPolokwaneLimpopo015 2961248View Map
7032102MOHLABANoBordeaux Farm, Portion No 6, JulesburgOfcolacoLimpopo015 8512514View Map
7032196SEGOOANo10 Strelitzia Street, Flora ParkPolokwaneLimpopo015 2914242
7032277VAN DER HOVENNo60 Chris Hani Street, ModimolleModimolleLimpopo066 5172571View Map
7032676BHYATNo23a Nelson Mandela RoadMokopaneLimpopo081 5633910
7024673MOLEPONoShop 15 Morgan Building, 10 Morgan StreetTzaneenLimpopo015 3073705View Map
7024797MBEDZINoRent Meerster Building, 97 Krogh Street, MakhadoLouis TrichardtLimpopo082 7200502View Map
7025033SIGHT SAVERS OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 2a Betro Complex, National Road, MessinaMusinaLimpopo015 5340438View Map
7025262NIEMANDNoShop 7 Woor Centre, Sangozwi StreetMakhadoLimpopo015 5163283View Map
7026323SPEC-SAVERS LOUIS TRICHARDTNoKantiman Building, 87 Krogh Street, MakhadoLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 5162891View Map
7026358DU PLESSISNo87 Krogh StreetLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 5162891View Map
7026811RANKHODODONoShop No 21, Dzanani Medical CentreDzananiLimpopo
7026986HASSIMNo19a Grobler Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2955345View Map
7027184SPEC-SAVERS WARMBATHSNo226 Cnr Moffat & Pretoria Road, Bela-belaBela-BelaLimpopo084 5104588View Map
7027397MULUNGWANo44a Jorissen StreetPolokwaneLimpopo015 2970934View Map
7027400SETLATJILENoShop 5 Absa Building, Cnr Jorissen & Schoeman Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2972312View Map
7021348MTHOMBENINoShop 35 Masingita Plaza Cnr, Malamulele & Thohoyandou Road, GiyaniGiyaniLimpopo015 8120154View Map
7021682T H MULOIWA OPTOMETRISTNo89 Burger StreetMakhadoLimpopoView Map
7022794F& Z OPTOMETRISTSNo23 Nelson Mandela DriveMokopaneLimpopo015 4918357View Map
7023693MKANSINo1 Klip StreetGroblersdalLimpopo013 2625266View Map
7018851THIHAFUNINoDr Mashapha Complex, 593 P/ WestThohoyandouLimpopo011 9620770View Map
7019238KHOHOMELANoGiyani Section A Makhoseni, CentreGiyaniLimpopo015 8124811View Map
7020031PHUKUBYENoShop 1 1st Floor Siyabuswa, Shopping Complex Maqhawe Street, SiyabuswaDr Js Moroka RuralLimpopo013 9732947View Map
7020562CASSIMNo73 Fourie StreetPadkampLimpopo015 4912309
7020694NTSOANENoShop 7b Seshego Plaza Zone 4, New Era Drive, SeshegoPolokwaneLimpopo015 2230730View Map
7020872DZIVHANINoShop No 2a Betro Complex, National Road, MessinaMusinaLimpopo015 5340438View Map
7016417MPHAHLELENoShop 12 Medlife Plaza, R518, LebowakgomoLepelle-Nkumpi RuralLimpopo015 6337212View Map
7017138DRYNoShop M7 Tzaneng Mall, 25 Danie Joubert Street, TzaneenTzaneenLimpopo015 3072439View Map
7017634MOTALANo18 Grobler StreetPietersburgLimpopo015 2911709View Map
7012489KERLINGNoMedical Centre, 14 Kruger Street, GroblersdalGroblersdalLimpopo013 2622132View Map
7012675ALTONANo12 Peace Street, TzaneenTzaneenLimpopo015 3071243View Map
7014422MABASONoLombards Medical Centre, 33a Danie Joubert Street, TzaneenTzaneenLimpopo015 3071003View Map
7014503VAN NIEKERKNoRencole Ridge Building, 11 Loop Street, TzaneenTzaneenLimpopo015 3073703View Map
7009712MOLDOVANOSNoShop 6 Nedbank Arcade, Landros Mare StreetPolokwaneLimpopo015 2912536View Map
7011261LETSOALONo354 De Wet DriveBendor ParkLimpopo015 4917528View Map
826286VAN HEYNINGENNoShop 7 Rockfig Lifestyle Centre, Rotsvy Road, HoedspruitHoedspruitLimpopo082 8030369View Map
831794MASETENoNo 562 MetzMoetladimoLimpopo
833800PHAHONo237 Unit CSovengaLimpopo
873462NGOBENINoGa-dikgale, House No 319Sebayeng VillageLimpopo
7002211VAN ROOYENNo104 Thabo Mbeki Drive, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo015 4913148View Map
7006187KRIELNo33a Grobler Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2959144View Map
759767MASETHENoShop No 3, Usque Su Maja Medical CentreLimpopoLimpopo
767212SEHLARENo15380 Ext 76SeshegoLimpopo
768839BALOYINoShop 03 Thornhills Hopping, Centre Munnik Avenue, BendorPolokwaneLimpopo015 2912920View Map
780162TSHIVHASENoOffice 2, 12 Irwin Street, MusinaMusinaLimpopo071 2098517View Map
788902MTILENINo45 Annie Botha, Shikhumba VillagePretoriaLimpopo
791644CRONJENo33a Grobler Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2959144View Map
791660BALOYINoShop 20, Makhado Crossing, Cnr N1 And Phundamana RoadLoius TrichardtLimpopo
795860MAGORONoShop 34, Tshilamba Retail CentreMutaleLimpopo015 9670028
809217MAKOMBELANoStand No E0015MakopaneLimpopo
817473MOGORUNoNo 1743, LebowakgomoLimpopoLimpopo
695114MATSIMBINoMsiphani T-junction, N'wamitwaTzaneenLimpopo
697605DANHAUSER & SCHOEMAN OPTOMETRISTNo11 Spar Centre, Songozwi Street, MakhadoLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 2913227View Map
697672MANGANYINoLimpopo Medical Centre, 8 Market Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo081 3717833View Map
699101RAMOSEBUDINoShop L50 Thavhani Mall, R524, ThohoyandouThohoyandouLimpopo015 9620697View Map
702692MAMASHELANo010a Ga-raphahlelo VillagePolokwaneLimpopo
707023DUMINYNoShop 15 Groblersdal Mall, Van Riebeeck StreetGroblersdalLimpopo013 2624384View Map
709700JANSEN VAN NIEUWENHUIZENNoShop 6 Modi Mall Cnr Thabo, Mbeki Drive & Limpopo Street, ModimolleModimolleLimpopo014 7175448View Map
714887BALOYINoShop L35 Thavhani Mall, Thohoyandou-j, ThohoyandouThohoyandouLimpopo015 9620718View Map
714895BALOYINoShop B14a Shoprite Centre, Hendrik Street, LephalaleLephalaleLimpopo014 7635051View Map
715824MUTHAKHINo73 SealanePhalaborwaLimpopo
724912SENNYANoHouse No 287Madiba ParkLimpopo
739278TAILOR LEAH SELAMOLELA INCNoShop 20 Bendstore Complex, R81, GiyaniGiyaniLimpopoView Map
746673KEKANANoStand No 704Zebediela Ga-RakgoathaLimpopo
747858NDLOVUNo111a, GiyaniGiyaniLimpopo015 8510833View Map
748765SEOKOMANoDr Muhlari's Surgery, Lorraine Village Ga-sekororo, HoedspruitHoedspruitLimpopo071 1647732View Map
640220RIKHOTSONoNwaxinyamani Village, Stand No 467, ElimMakhadoLimpopo
646482TSHABANGUNoStand 2015 Section A, GiyaniGiyaniLimpopoView Map
646598MANABILENoShop 23 Hubyeni Shoppng Centre, R578PolokwaneLimpopo015 5563044View Map
652431MOKWEBUNoP West House, 670 Mphephu Drive, ThohoyandouThohoyandouLimpopo068 5670353View Map
670197DANNHAUSERNoShop 45 Limpopo Mall, Market Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2975525View Map
674346MUHLARINoShop Number 2, Ditau ComplexTzaneenLimpopo
677582BALOYINoShop 55c Musina Mall, Smelter Road, MusinaMusinaLimpopo015 5343700View Map
679534MANTHATANoHouse No 49 BrilliantBochumLimpopo015 5058582
679844MONAKGISINoNo 7 4th Street, MookgophongBurgersfortLimpopo014 5929023
693812RAMALOBELANo677 Shiluvane Village, Opposite Dr C N Phatudi HospitalShiluvaneLimpopo
578274LEGODINoZone B Mahwelereng, 13 Molalakgori StreetMahwelerengLimpopo072 0370646View Map
589187MATLOHANoShop 6 Irkade, 66 Khumani StreetPolokwaneLimpopoView Map
591025NENGOVHELANoHealthnet Medi-centre, 244 Block P East, ThohoyandouThohoyandouLimpopo076 8890763View Map
595179TLOWANENo72 Ruiter StreetMokopaneLimpopo015 4913346View Map
597139SEREBANENoRissik Medical Centre, Cnr Rissik & Kerk Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopoView Map
604038NESENGANINoHouse 517 Section A, Opp Police GroundMalamuleleLimpopoView Map
617970HASSIMNoShop 6 Nedbank Arcade, 60 Landdros Mare StreetPolokwaneLimpopo015 2912536View Map
618934HLUNGWANINo271 Xitihelani Village, MalamuleleThohoyandouLimpopoView Map
620718SEKHUNoShop 6 Slan Boutique Comp, 55 Ruiter Street, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo015 4916663View Map
628123SIRUNWANoStand 80 Manavhela VillageVuwaniLimpopoView Map
631280LEKOLANo10332 Mphanama Village, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo072 0765605View Map
633194SWANEPOELNo41 Grobler Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopoView Map
539147MPHAHLELENoShop 34 Mall @ Lebo Cnr, Zebediela Street & Jane Furse, LebowakgomoLepelle-Nkumpi RuralLimpopo015 6337343View Map
552917BAPELANoShop 6 Anfam Centre, 4 Skirving StreetTzaneenLimpopoView Map
558001RAMOHLALE M K - MOKOPANENo51 Thabo MbekiMokopaneLimpopoView Map
564494MAKGABANo65 Retief StreetMokopaneLimpopo015 4911425View Map
566276VAN DER MERWE M - BELA MALLNoShop 36 Bela Mall Center, Cnr R101 & Marx Street, Bela-belaBela-BelaLimpopo014 7362233View Map
571091THABANo97 General Joubert Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo078 8536753View Map
503738CHUMANoShop 2 Vahlave ComplexGiyaniLimpopoView Map
506729MOOMELANoOptometrist Shop No 42, Olievenhout PlazaOlievenhoutboschLimpopo
518069VAN DER MERWE M - MODI MALLNoShop 203a Modi Mall Cnr Thabo, Mbeki Drive & River Street, NylstroomModimolleLimpopo014 7173198View Map
518689SELAMOLELANoShop 20 Bendstore Complex, R81 Road, GiyaniGiyaniLimpopo076 5054292View Map
521094DANNHAUSERNoShop L76 Mall Of The North, Cnr R81 & N1 Bypass, Bendor ParkPolokwaneLimpopo015 2651194View Map
527653LETSOALONoNo 96 Markert Street, Corner Rissik And Market StreetPolokwaneLimpopo
531049THOKOLONo1640 Steve Mahlangu Street, SiyabuswaDr Js Moroka RuralLimpopoView Map
534994SWANEPOEL H J - SAVANNAH MALLNoShop 31-32 Savannah Centre, Cnr Grimm & Thabo Mbeki Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2961248View Map
535974BUDELINo2709 Ext 03, ShayandimaThohoyandouLimpopo087 8028152View Map
536156BALOYI H A - LIBRARY GARDENSNoShop 15b Library Gardens, 61 Hans Van Rensburg Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2957510View Map
459607MAAKENoShop No 2, Savewell Complex, Jet-mart StreetThohoyandouLimpopoView Map
465186MASEMOLANoShop No 12 Relebogile Shopping, Complex Hendrik Pistorius Avenue, LephalaleLephalaleLimpopo014 7636966View Map
467111SHAKUNoNo. 001 Main Road, Jane Furse PlazaJane Furse HospitalLimpopo
467804CHICKTAYNo2325 Zone ALebowakgomoLimpopo015 6326071View Map
468010MASIPANoShop No 5, 65 Retief StreetMokopaneLimpopo
468096LANDMANNoShop 7 Rockfig Lifestyle Centre, Rotsvy Road, HoedspruitHoedspruitLimpopo082 8030369View Map
468908BVUMANo15b Rhandzanani StreetNkowankowaLimpopo015 3033339View Map
470821MASHILANo113 Krogh StreetMakhadoLimpopo015 5162226View Map
471135SWANEPOEL H J - MODIMOLLENoShop 6 Modi Mall Cnr Thabo, Mbeki Drive & Limpopo Street, ModimolleModimolleLimpopo014 7175448View Map
473316KOMAPENo78 Early Dawn StreetBochumLimpopoView Map
477230CRONJE S - LEPHALALE MALLNoShop 30 Lephalale Mall Cnr, Nelson Mandela Lane &, Apiesdoring AvenueLephalaleLimpopo014 7632499View Map
480290KATJEDINoStand 20005 Mathibela, Phase 1 Zebediela, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo073 3748658
487457STANDERNoShop 7 Cycad Centre, 114 General Maritz Street, Bendor ParkPolokwaneLimpopo015 2977668View Map
488836NETILI H A - ELIM MALLNoShop 36 Elim Mall, Mafunyata Street, Elim HospitalLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 5563937View Map
415677THUPINo1315 Church Street, LenyenyeTzaneenLimpopoView Map
416770BAKER-ENGELBRECHT AND SCHOEMAN ONoShop U5, Mall Of The NorthBendorLimpopo015 2960813
416800MOSANANoShop 21 Matoks Shopping CentrePolokwaneLimpopo015 5270926View Map
416886SCHEEPERSNo84 Plain Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 1011424View Map
417092TAYOBNoShop L39 Mall Of The North, Cnr N1 & Modjadjiskloof Road, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2651044View Map
420301KHOSANoShop No. 4b, 20 Njala StreetPhalaborwaLimpopo
423580MUKANSINoShop No 2 City To City BuildingMalamuleleLimpopoView Map
439630BALOYI H A - THOHOYANDOUNoShop 9 Phangani Mall, R524, ThohoyandouThohoyandouLimpopo015 9620071View Map
448044MASHAONoUndisclosed, SenwabarwanaBlouberg RuralLimpopo082 0797729View Map
376957VENTERNoShop 20 Euphorbia Park, Thabo Mbeki Street, NaboomspruitMookgopongLimpopo014 7430911View Map
377422NHLAPONo1401a Maganagobuswa, Bongimfundo Street, SiyabuswaDr Js Moroka RuralLimpopoView Map
383430SHUMANoHouse No 248 Block P-east, Muremela Medical CentreThohoyandouLimpopo015 9625130View Map
385247BALOYI H A - GIYANINoShop 89 Masingita Mall, Cnr Old Nkhensani Hospital Road, GiyaniGiyaniLimpopo015 8122136View Map
389145SELAMOLELANoShop 20 Bendstore Complex, R81, GiyaniGiyaniLimpopo076 5054292View Map
391158TSHIKOSINoSibasa Medical Centre, Shop No 1, Gammbani Shopping CentreSibasaLimpopo
394998SATHEKGENo49 Madison AveWoodhillLimpopo
396834MAKHUBELENoB27 Medical SuiteGiyaniLimpopo015 8120143View Map
407097MASULUKENoLouis Trichardt Memorial, Hospital Cnr Snyman & Hospitaal, MakhadoLouis TrichardtLimpopoView Map
408328MOTLATLANoKrugersdorp Cbd, Kobie StrKrugersdorpLimpopoView Map
408573NYABANANoShop 15 Tzaneen Mall, Danie Joubert Street, TzaneenTzaneenLimpopoView Map
408832KHOZANoShop 4, Malamulele CrossingMalamuleleLimpopoView Map
333190KHANNoSuite B30 Oriental Plaza, 10 Excelsior Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2972263View Map
333565MOKOBAKE C J - SEBOKENGNoShop 52a Mall@lebo, R518, LebowakgomoLepelle-Nkumpi RuralLimpopo015 6334069View Map
339571MASHILWANENoZone 1 Mankweng Medical Centre, 837 University Road, MankwengPolokwaneLimpopoView Map
349259TSOTETSINoMankweng Medical Health Care, Unit D, Hospital RoadMankwengLimpopo015 2682530
349410I M OPTICALNoShop 8 Lephalale Square Cnr, Nelson Mandela Drive & Wells, LephalaleLephalaleLimpopo014 7631034View Map
350206MASHALANoBonn Village 14b Cnr Grobler &, General Joubert Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2913672View Map
356883MASETLANoVaalbank Medical Centre, 548, MbibaneMarblehallLimpopoView Map
357839THABEDE S M - THOHOYANDOUNoShop 17 Block G Phangami Mall, R524, ThohoyandouThohoyandouLimpopo015 9624191View Map
357855RAMOSEBUDINoShop No 7 Xerox Building, Botlokwa Plaza, ModjadjiGreater Letaba RuralLimpopo072 0259962
360392MASHAPANoStand No B25/2RamokgopaLimpopo
369764VAN DER HOVENNoShop 2 Spar Centre, Grobler Avenue, GroblersdalGroblersdalLimpopo013 2623678View Map
296414MOHALENoShop 5 Tickling Sekororo, 2 Bolobedu, TrichardtsdalTzaneenLimpopo015 3830666View Map
299677MAKWARELANo144 Thabo Mbeki StreetPolokwaneLimpopo015 2963929View Map
307351DIKETANENoStand 417 Mvuso Medical Centre, VuwaniLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 9614719View Map
312045MOTHAPO M R - GIYANINoShop 18 A, Masingita PlazaGiyaniLimpopo041 5065719/04View Map
312517THEMANoShop 21 Matoks Shopping Centre, Cnr N1 Service Road Street &, Cross RoadPolokwaneLimpopo015 5270926View Map
312525MOSANANoShop 4 The Crescent Building, Cnr Grobler & Hans Van Rensburg, StreetPolokwaneLimpopo015 2911943View Map
315567NDLOVUNoShop 10 A Mopani Super Sapr, Centre Main Road, GiyaniGiyaniLimpopo015 8120283View Map
315796VAN ROOYENNo111 Thabo Mbeki Road, ModimolleModimolleLimpopo014 7174526
316423MAKHAFOLANoShop No 5 Shoprite CentreMokopaneLimpopo015 4917729View Map
319848NGOASHENGNoOffice 6 N1 Business Centre, National Road, MusinaMusinaLimpopo015 5340617View Map
323136MPHAHLELENoShop 9 Maake Plaza, Lydenburg Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 3554598View Map
323489MALATJINoModjadjiskloof Medical Centre, 116 Botha StreetDuiwelskloofLimpopo015 3098711View Map
330485HLUNGWANINo99 Bafana Avenue, Ivy ParkPolokwaneLimpopoView Map
331295MALATJINoLetaba Cross Medical Centre, R36LetabaLimpopo
244422BUCHANAN M C & THOMAS SNoShop 15 Tzaneen Mall, Danie Joubert Street, TzaneenTzaneenLimpopo015 3072299View Map
247049SEKHITLANoShop No 5, 17 Jorissen StreetPolokwaneLimpopo015 2914812View Map
247855MAMUSHIANONoNoorbuilding, Next To AutopedigreeSibasaLimpopo015 9631385
254126CARIMNo56 Compensatie Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2911063View Map
255009MAKGABA N T - POLOKWANENoShop No 24 Steilloop Shopping, Centre N11 RoadMokopaneLimpopo015 2959061
260967MASHIMBYINoDr Ndlovu Surgery Masingita Pla, Shoprite Complex Shop No 18aGiyaniLimpopo
263079TEMANoShop 2 Central Medical Centre, 20 Jorissen Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2976771View Map
271675HLOKOANo1053 Kgake Street, Mashite VillageMphahleleLimpopo
276936SHAVHANINoBlock P WestThohoyandouLimpopo083 9676329View Map
280410BOPAPENo87a Hans Van Rensburg StreetPolokwaneLimpopo015 2977269View Map
189391MPHEPHUNo23 Songozwi Street, MakhadoLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 5165858View Map
198706MAFEONoBotlokoa Complex Centre, Cnr N1 And Ramokgopa RoadRamokgopaLimpopo
198757MMUSINoRia Med, 23 Thabo Mbeki Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2954245View Map
199176VAN HEYNINGENNoShop 7 Rockfig Lifestyle Centre, Rotsvy Road, HoedspruitHoedspruitLimpopo082 8030369View Map
199850DU PLESSIS & THEUNISSEN OPTOMETRNoShop No 5 Game Centre, Cnr President & Shongwosi StreetLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 5160290View Map
200581MALATJINo10 Jan Lee StreetLephalaleLimpopo014 7635161View Map
205249MOYONoGroblersdal Medical Centre, 4 Eind Street, GroblersdalGroblersdalLimpopo013 2622247View Map
215104SHILAJOENo10 Pretoria Road, Bela-belaBela-BelaLimpopo014 7366226View Map
216275RAMASOBANANoShop 8, 52 Market Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2957544View Map
238473BOPAPENoShop No 2 Samrat Shopping, Complex, SibasaThohoyandouLimpopo015 9631397View Map
240737MAKGABANo21b Metropolitan Centre Cnr, General Joubert & Thabo Mbeki, StreetPolokwaneLimpopo015 2959061View Map
140163TAKALANINoVhutuwangadzebu, NzheleleDzananiLimpopo015 5841434
146153KHOBANENo109 Kruger StreetPietermarizburgLimpopo015 5166570View Map
150126NEMAGUVHUNINo109 Kruger StreetLouis TrachardtLimpopo015 5160148View Map
150495SWANEPOELNoShop 18b Mokopane Mall, 96 Thabo Mbeki Road, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo015 4917175View Map
167908MAFOKOANE A L - LEPHALALENoShop 13 Metropolitan Centre, 51 Market Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2913698View Map
170178MATHOSANoShop 7 Rentmeester Building, 58 Schoeman Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2954889View Map
171026SERUMULANo2091 Zone ALebowakgomoLimpopo015 6337291View Map
173347MPYANANoBenina Park, 39 Limpopo AvenuePeninaparkLimpopo015 2954671View Map
174556THOMASNoShop 35a The Crossing, 56 Thabo Mbeki Drive, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo015 4915470View Map
184322NKOANANo311 SyferkuilMakeketelaLimpopo015 2682954
116041MASOPOGANoShop 2a Shoprite Centre, Cnr Grobler & Mark StreetGroblersdalLimpopo013 2624192View Map
117307MARINGA OPTOMETRISTNoDenosa Building Holani Medical, Centre 566 Giyani Main Road, GiyaniGiyaniLimpopo015 8120582View Map
124087CHOMANoZone 3, 2093 Khensani DriveSeshegoLimpopo015 2231362View Map
126454MAGORONoShop 19 Tshanduko ComplexThohoyandouLimpopo015 9623125View Map
129151NKAMBULENoShop 18b Kwagga Plaza, Moloto Road, KwaggafonteinThembisile RuralLimpopo013 9860003View Map
134910BALOYINoHouse 788a Hospital Road, MalamuleleThohoyandouLimpopo015 8510522View Map
60194MPHAHLELENoShop 5 Standard Bank Square Cnr, Thabo Mbeki & Schoeman Street, PolokwanePolokwaneLimpopo015 2911304View Map
71064MUTANDANYINoElim Medical Centre, Score Complex, Elim HospitalElim HospitalLimpopo015 5563055
73857MOTSEPENo9 Ruiter Road, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo015 4916264View Map
92304MASHUDU OPTOMETRISTNoShop 5, Capricon PlazaThohoyandouLimpopo015 5165511
92398SCHOEMANNo11 Spar Centre, Songozwi Street, MakhadoLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 2913227View Map
2240MAFOKOANENoShop 1 The Crossing, 66 Thabo Mbeki Street, MokopaneMokopaneLimpopo015 4918472View Map
35122MASHIANENoStand No 440 Maila ComplexTibanefonteinLimpopo015 2976227
44970BAKERNoShop 8 Upper Level Savannah, Centre Cnr Grimm & Thabo Mbeki, StreetFaunaparkLimpopo015 2960813View Map
45225CHUEUNo79a Biccard StreetPolokwaneLimpopo015 2976824View Map
48275RAPHUNGANo19 De Beer StreetLouis TrichardtLimpopo015 9620335
48283MALUMANoShop 7 Gregory Complex, ThohoyandouThohoyandouLimpopo015 9625766View Map
49093MOT.SEL OPTICALSNo2325 Zone ALebowakgomoLimpopo015 6324621View Map
50016MULAUDZINo670 P WestThohoyandouLimpopo072 3616410View Map
50849MHANGWANANoHouse 883b Section B, 91 Tambo Street, NkowankowaGreater Tzaneen RuralLimpopo015 3030361View Map
239550STANLEY & DE KOCK OPTOMETRISTS WNoShop 25 Saveway Shopping Centre, Cnr President & Swartbos Street, WitbankEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6561200View Map
137308STRYDOMNoShop 21 The Grove Shopping, Centre R40 White River Road, NelspruitNelspruitMpumalanga013 7570686View Map
137685R F KIRTON OPTOMETRISTSNo19 Chief Mgiyeni Khumalo DriveWhite RiverMpumalanga013 7501208View Map
143626MNISINoShop 30 Kanyamazane Shopping, CentreKanyamazaneMpumalanga082 3954943View Map
144800NANANo91 Bhekumuzi Masango DriveBelfastMpumalanga013 2530836View Map
145807SHABANGUNoShop 6a Tonga Mall, Main Road, TongaKomatiepoortMpumalanga013 7803225View Map
146412VAN SCHALKWYK AND GROENEWALD OPTNoShop 19b Pick & Pay Centre, Church StreetMiddelburgMpumalanga013 2825961View Map
150487SCHUCKNo91 Bekumuzi Masango Drive, BelfastBelfastMpumalanga013 2530836View Map
156914MATENTSHINoBotshelo Medical Centre, 28 Sadc Street, MiddelburgMiddelburg - MpMpumalanga013 2430556View Map
158569ZWARTSNoDros Centre, 36 Church Street, ErmeloErmeloMpumalanga017 8112363View Map
160997ZULUNo330 Faure StreetBadplaasMpumalanga082 3042640View Map
163007NYATHINoAcornhoek Medical CentreAcornhoekMpumalanga013 7955477View Map
165549LERUTLANo7 Brown Street, Ekukhanyeni CentreNelspruitMpumalanga013 7551437View Map
166057VIEIRANoShop 11 Inkwazi Shopping Centre, Cnr Air & Impala Street, MalelaneMalelaneMpumalanga013 7901479View Map
183687CORDIER LYDENBURG OPTOMETRIST INNoShop 2 Spar Centre, Cnr Viljoen & Voortrekker Street, LydenburgLydenburgMpumalanga013 2352706View Map
102113ROSSOUWNoShop 17 The Junction Cnr Dr, Beyers Naude & Baumann Street, StandertonStandertonMpumalanga074 1389945View Map
108316MONANoShop 6 C Monument Centre, Charl Cilliers Street, StandertonStandertonMpumalanga017 7122981View Map
113662BURGERNoJerry Van Rooyen Building, 10 Liebenberg Avenue, BethalBethalMpumalanga017 6473595View Map
115444FREEMANNoNelspruit Eye Institute, 23 Branders Street, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7524077View Map
116718MAGAGULANo4740 Sonya Ndala StreetEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6963589View Map
122068ZONDONo910 CowvillageBethalMpumalanga017 6473588View Map
126659BADATNo27b Voortrekker Street, HeidelbergHeidelberg - GpMpumalanga016 3416680View Map
129283OSMANNoShop 8 Imbali Centre 151 Cnr, Cowen Ntuli & West Street, MiddelburgMiddelburg - MpMpumalanga013 2437777View Map
133515MELETLANoStand 1312 Ntandoyenkosi, Medical Centre Kabokweni Road, KabokweniKabokweniMpumalanga013 7960025View Map
61506MANSOORNo16 Zuidend Street, Piet RetiefPiet RetiefMpumalanga017 8263024View Map
64017MASEKONo489 Stormswawel LaneHazyview OutlyingMpumalanga013 7500028View Map
66095MASHEGONoShop 19 Shoprite Centre, Cnr Lanham & Kruger Street, BronkhorstspruitBronkhorstspruitMpumalanga013 9321612
72427MIDPARK OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 2d, Midpark Centre, Bhimy Damane StreetMiddelburgMpumalanga017 8111485
75256MOLOTONoP O Box 4771WitbankMpumalanga013 6566903
75892MAROLENo2349 M J G Skosana StreetKwaguqaMpumalanga013 6981212View Map
76198GROENEWALDNoShop 42 Mega Mark Centre, Bronwyn StreetKrielMpumalanga017 6482183View Map
97276MABASONoOffice 16, Robert Broom Street, PhalaborwaPhalaborwaMpumalanga015 7816502View Map
98515TINKHOFNoShop 102 Stimela Crossing, 50 General Street, BarbertonBarbertonMpumalanga013 7125696View Map
98523KIRTONNoShop 3a Riverside Junction, Madiba Drive, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7571190View Map
100242BHYATNo27 Magnolia AvenueValenciaMpumalanga013 7527210View Map
14702JANSEN VAN RENSBURGNoShop 5 Hazyview Junction, Portia Shabangu Drive, HazyviewHazyviewMpumalanga013 7377378View Map
17558TIKLYNoShop 5a Bhoola Centre, Cnr Kerk & Naude Street, ErmeloErmeloMpumalanga017 8195394View Map
39705LEDWABANoShop 7 Sebson Centre, Arras StreetWitbankMpumalanga013 6560579View Map
44857SPEC-SAVERS PHALABORWANoShop 19 Eden Square Mall, 90 Cnr Palm Street &sealene Road, PhalaborwaPhalaborwaMpumalanga015 7815491View Map
53643REFILWE OPTOMETRISTNoShop 1f Roxy Village Walk, 37 Church Street, ErasmusBronkhorstspruitMpumalanga013 9323511View Map
54062PHATUDINoShop B6b Ok Centre, Dellville Street, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6563400View Map
55514MAGANEDISANoStand 3935, Ext 7EmbalenhleMpumalanga017 6853534View Map
55662MAPITSI OPTOMETRISTNo3058 Ngwako StreetMhluziMpumalanga013 2421963View Map
493767MNGOMEZULUNoShop 6 Die Meent Building, 53 Adelaide Tambo Street, VolksrustVolksrustMpumalanga017 7352224View Map
413569ZWARTS E J - BETHALNoShop 7 Spur Centre, 69 Kleijnhans Street, BethalBethalMpumalanga017 6472820View Map
422630NELNoShop 42 Kriel Mall, Bronwyn Street, KrielKrielMpumalangaView Map
425729SCHMULIAN M - HIGHVELD MALLNoShop 1 Highveld Mall, Mandela Drive, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6924347View Map
425745SCHMULIAN M - EMALAHLENINoShop 14 Highland Mews Shopping, Centre Watermeyer Street, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6923084View Map
427179KGOETENoGa - Moloi Medicl Centre, Glengowie, Jane FurseMpumalangaMpumalanga013 2981099
431273LUUSNoShop 5 E'mhluzi Mall Cnr, Tswelopele Road & Ikageng Street, MhluziMiddelburg - MpMpumalanga013 2412136View Map
442089NHLABATHINoRams Optical, 46a Mac Street, MkhondoPiet RetiefMpumalanga017 8260851View Map
442941VAN DER WESTHUIZEN T J - MIDDELBNoShop 7 Pick & Pay Centre, Citrus CrescentNelspruitMpumalanga013 7527941View Map
443352LEPULANANoMasana Trust, 1 Graskop Road, BushbuckridgeHazyviewMpumalanga013 7990214View Map
449377DU PREEZNo33 Kerk Street, StandertonStandertonMpumalanga087 1531178View Map
453471CRONJENo8 Lillian Ngoyi Street, MiddelburgMiddelburg - MpMpumalanga013 2441116View Map
453714MELETLA K Z - KABOKWENINoStand 1312 Ntandoyenkosi, Medical Centre Kabokweni Road, KabokweniKabokweniMpumalanga013 7960025View Map
455350MNISINoShop 22a, Matshulu Shopping CentreMatsuluMpumalanga013 7789496View Map
376876MARIPANENoPlatinum Health - Burgersfort, Eddie Sedibe Street, BurgersfortBurgersfortMpumalanga013 2302423View Map
376973VAN DER WESTHUIZEN - ILANGANoShop Lgo4 Lower Level Ilanga, Mall Cnr Bitterbessie &, Flamboyant StreetNelspruitMpumalanga013 7422302View Map
378399VAN DER WESTHUIZEN T J - UG50NoShop Ug 50 Ilanga Mall Cnr, Bitterbessie & Flamboyant Street, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7422300View Map
385115MALINGANoShop 19, Checkers Centre, Bullion BoulevardRichards BayMpumalanga017 0671403470View Map
386146VAN NIEKERKNoShop 1 Zinaida Shopping Centre, Cnr Bronwyn And Heinrich StreetKrielMpumalanga017 6484296View Map
387088HOROWITZ I J - DELMASNoShop 15 Willowbrooke Square, Cnr Samuel & Van Der Walt Street, DelmasDelmasMpumalanga013 6653779View Map
387312MMOLANo5097 Sebiloane Street, SiyathembaBalfourMpumalangaView Map
388424MASEKONoMaseko Prudy Optometrist, Cnr William Lynn And Kiaat Stree, Kings View CornerWhite RiverMpumalanga013 7501242
395366THOBEJANENoShop 19 Marone Building, 2171 Dirk Winterbach Street, BurgersfortBurgersfortMpumalanga013 2317220View Map
331848MALATJIENoShop 39 Crossing Medical Centre, 3494 Calvin Ngobeni Street, NamakgalePhalaborwaMpumalangaView Map
333239HLATYWAYONoShop L5 Blue Haze MallHazyviewMpumalanga013 7378547View Map
342289SIBEKONoShop 31 Ermelo Mall, 50a De Jager Street, ErmeloErmeloMpumalanga017 8112562View Map
342459TSHEHLANo17 Springbok Crescent, KrielKrielMpumalanga017 6483962View Map
349208LOTTERINGNoShop 15 Sonpark Centre, 1 De Villiers Street, SonheuwelNelspruitMpumalanga013 7525745View Map
349429BUCHANAN M C - RIVERSIDE NELSPRUNoShop 21 The Grove @ Riverside, Cnr Government Boulevard & R40NelspruitMpumalanga013 7570684View Map
355909MAGAKWENoNop 138 MohlarekomaNeboMpumalanga
363758DE NECKERNoShop 5a Ground Floor Grand, Palace 124 Heunis Street, SecundaSecundaMpumalanga017 6311982View Map
372854NELNoShop 33a Midwater Mall Cnr, Oranje Street & Keiskamma Drive, AerorandMiddelburg - MpMpumalanga013 2442608View Map
296902MNISINo16 A2 Natal StreetBarbertonMpumalanga082 3954943View Map
300705MASHASHANENoLefa Complex, Schonoord RoadJane FurseMpumalanga083 7213334View Map
301973FOCUS OPTOMETRISTNoRiana Park, 12 Sonneblom Road, RiamarparkBronkhorstspruitMpumalanga013 9351733View Map
308234VORSTERNo14 Voortrekker StreetHeidelbergMpumalanga016 3417561View Map
308455MAYINGANo129a Thulamahashe Road, ThulamahasheSabie ParkMpumalangaView Map
311820SELEMANo37 GamanyakaDriekopMpumalanga
313572DINKOANYANENoStand18 Uncle Dicks Fourway, Jane FurseBurgersfortMpumalanga013 2653104View Map
313785SHOKANENo04 Kwamhlanga Corporate Park, Suncity AKwamhlangaMpumalanga061 4608631
323411POTGIETERNoShop 15 Reyno Ridge Plaza, Cnr Hans Strydom & Gasel Avenue, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6924162View Map
243248MTSHALINoDowntown Mall, 4b Diederichs Street, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6901026View Map
252190SEDUTLANoShop 5b Burgersfort Mall, Dirk Winterbach Street, BurgersfortBurgersfortMpumalanga013 2317551View Map
256226TORGA OPTICAL - KABOKWENINoShop 18 Kabokweni Plaza, C/o Kanyamazane And Plaston RdsKabokweniMpumalanga011 6786556
256560POTGIETERNoShop 9 Shoprite Centre, 10 Diederichs Street, KlipfonteinEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6924471View Map
256587POTGIETERNoShop 17 Cosmos Centre, Mandela Street, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6561516View Map
257974POTGIETERNoJoshra & Anzet Centre, R555, OgiesOgiesMpumalanga013 6432100View Map
259365MABOTJANoSuite 1021 Zone ANamakgaleMpumalanga015 7692244View Map
266108THETANENoAtlas Business Centre, Shop No 103BushbuckridgeMpumalanga013 7991320View Map
267279RATHOGWANoVaxumi Centre Plot 303, Mhala Main Road, ThucamahasheBushbuckridgeMpumalangaView Map
268240MATHYENoSuite 3 Mphiwe Family Trust, Complex Main RoadAcornhoekMpumalanga013 7955851View Map
269727MANAETJANoStand 5209, Ext 9EmbalenhleMpumalanga017 6854409
274852DOWLEY B J - EMBALENHLENoShop 31 Mall Embalenhle Cnr, Mbalenhle Avenue & Old Province, RoadEmbalenhleMpumalanga017 6854603View Map
276480DEPANYEKGANoShop No 3 Forsche Building, Kruis StreetBurgersfortMpumalanga013 2317302View Map
278548ESTERHUIZEN OPTOMETRISTS - BRONKNoCnr Bitterbessie & Flamboyant, Street, NelspruitNelspruitMpumalanga083 5649622View Map
278556PITZER OPTOMETRISTS - HEIDELBERGNoShop 2 Heidelberg Plaza, Cnr Ueckerman & Begeman Street, HeidelbergHeidelberg - GpMpumalanga016 3413808View Map
279064MAGAGULANoShop P6 Block 5, 373 Rodium Avenue, SteelpoortSteelpoortMpumalanga013 2309721View Map
280453MASEKONoMaseko Prudy Optometrist 3 Cnr, William Lynn & Kiaat StreetWhite RiverMpumalanga013 7501242View Map
193631VAN DEN HEEVERNo2 Wilge Street, SecundaSecundaMpumalanga017 6313968View Map
195774HINRICHSEN T J - NELSPRUITNoShop 75 Riverside Mall, White River Road, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7570381View Map
197874FREEMANNoGo1 Busamed Lowveld Hospital, 10 Cnr Nel & Rothery Street, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7553355View Map
213381SAUNDERSNoShop 9a Rayton Park Plaza, Treunich Street, RaytonRaytonMpumalanga012 7345700View Map
224626DOWLEY B J - HAZYVIEWNoShop 182 Blue Haze Shopping, Centre Main StreetHazyviewMpumalanga013 7377447View Map
233560TIKLYNoShop 11a Crawnwood Square, 11 Crawnwood RoadOrmondeMpumalanga017 8195394
7010664KENYONNoShop 63 Crossings Centre, Cnr Madiba & Samora Machel Drive, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7552276View Map
7011482ROETSNo80 Library Avenue, CullinanCullinanMpumalanga012 7340322View Map
822116MOOLLANoShop 19 Cnr De Emigratie Street, & Camden Avenue, ErmeloErmeloMpumalanga017 8111625View Map
825492COETZEENoShop 15 City Centre, 5 Cnr R40 & Andrew Street, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga087 0955298View Map
7001061LAWRENCENoCnr Beyers Naude & Prinses, Street, StandertonStandertonMpumalanga017 7121446View Map
7001967J P TAYLORNoShop 233 Highveld Mall, Cnr N4 Highway & Mandela Street, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6925027View Map
7002173VALSTERNo208 Belmont Villas Cnr Paul, Kruger & Louis Trichardt StreetNelspruitMpumalanga083 2777741View Map
7005385MALANNoFountain Square, Dolerite Crescent, MiddelburgMiddelburg - MpMpumalanga013 2441778View Map
7006454BURGERNoJerry Van Rooyen Building, 10 Liebenberg Avenue, BethalBethalMpumalanga017 6473595View Map
749583MAPONYANoCorner Stand No 3969, Kubheka Street, Extension 7EmbalenhleMpumalanga
749605NDHLOVUNo376a Mkhuhlu, HazyviewHazyviewMpumalangaView Map
750247DUMINYNoShop 20 Highveld Mall, Mandela Street, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 5910020View Map
762504TILLYNo69 Voortrekker Street, CarolinaCarolinaMpumalanga017 8431177View Map
764256KORFFNoShop 4 Entrance 1 Middelburg, Mall Cnr Fontein Street &, Tswelopelo AvenueMiddelburgMpumalanga013 2441131View Map
773204BAKERNo10 G Phoenix Building, Beyers Naude Drive, StandertonStandertonMpumalanga087 5270256View Map
790559ERASMUSNoShop 21 The Grove Lifestyle, Centre R40 White River Road, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7570686View Map
790567ERASMUSNoShop Lg65 Ilanga Mall, Bitterbessie Street, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7422123View Map
815012MASHILENoHouse 295, Ga-manoke VillageBurgersfortMpumalanga
817287DUMINYNoShop 4 Wonder Park, Walter Sisulu StMiddelburgMpumalanga013 2433488
696692SEKWATINoDr Mohokare Surgery Mamone, Filling Station Mamone Village, Jane FurseBurgersfortMpumalanga082 9759267View Map
697818SHAINoShop P6 Block 5, 375 Rodium Avenue, SteelpoortSteelpoortMpumalanga013 2304006View Map
706124FOURIENoK W V Building, 22 De Clercq Street, ErmeloErmeloMpumalanga017 8197626View Map
718491ZITHANoKabokweni Main Road, Flat No 2KabokweniMpumalanga
748625MAKGWALENo127 Louis BothaJohannesburgMpumalanga
749486SELAPISANoStand No 5209, Ext 9EmbalenhleMpumalanga017 6854409
642002DUMINYNoShop 1 Highveld Mall, Cnr N4 & Mandela Drive, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6924347View Map
642037DUMINYNoShop 14 Highland Mews Shopping, Centre Watermeyer Street, LeraatsfonteinEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6923084View Map
642819NGOBENINoSuite 3 Simphiwe Complex, AcornhoekBushbuckridge RuralMpumalanga072 8031860View Map
644358MOJELANo1004 Zakheni, Moloto Road, KwamhlangaKwamhlangaMpumalanga
645141DUMINYNoShop 115 C Middelburg Mall, Samora Machell Street, MiddelburgMiddelburg - MpMpumalanga013 2441060View Map
648922MPHAHLELENoCnr Mamone & New Hospital, Jane FurseBurgersfortMpumalangaView Map
650293SHABANGUNo102 New Village, BarbertonMpumalangaMpumalanga
652520RADEBENoShop 1 Themba Mall, Protea Street, RatandaHeidelberg - GpMpumalanga016 3437030View Map
659118TAUNoShop No. 003 Next To Shell GaragNgwaabeMpumalanga
672491MABELANoSuite No 957 Zone A, NamakgaleLimpopoMpumalanga
678031VAN HEERDENNoShop No 7 Westend Shopping, Centre Cnr Madiba & Dr Enos, Mabuza DriveNelspruitMpumalanga013 7457334View Map
686743CHAUKENoShop 101, Kwa-guqa MallWitbankMpumalanga013 6980118View Map
577006VAN DER WESTHUIZEN T J - LAEVELNoShop Ug 50 Ilanga Mall Cnr, Bitterbessie & Flamboyant Street, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7422300View Map
577332MALATJINo1046a Denser SettlementLulekaniMpumalangaView Map
577812MASEKONoOffice Suite No 3, Dayizenza Shopping CentreWhite RiverMpumalanga013 7501242
585890KUPAINo128 Marone StreetBurgersfortMpumalangaView Map
586285MCKENZIENoShop 42 Kriel Mall, Bronwyn Street, KrielKrielMpumalanga017 6484296View Map
598151SITHOLENoNo 2067 SidlamafaMalelaneMpumalanga082 5363115View Map
629138VAN NIEKERKNoUnit 1 Aerorand Square, C/o Keiskamma Drive &, Sondagsrivier StreetMiddelburgMpumalanga013 5900291View Map
633496MKHABELANoStand 990 Kamhlushwa Phosaville, MalelaneMalelaneMpumalangaView Map
537969MOKGALAOTSENoZone 14, 2 Machibini Drive, KwaguqaEmalahleniMpumalangaView Map
541648MUDAU T L - HENDRINANoMphemo Complex, 46 Church Street, HendrinaHendrinaMpumalanga013 2930664View Map
541796MUDAU T L - EMALAHLENINoShop 4 Triangle Building, Cnr Eadie & Lewis Street, WitbankEmalahleniMpumalanga072 1329600View Map
545767SEDUTLA M E - TUBATSE CROSSINGNoShop L11 Tubatse Crossing, Dirk Winterbach Street, BurgersfortBurgersfortMpumalanga013 2317356View Map
560057RASEBOYENo10045 Kwamhlanga Medical Center, KwamhlangaKwamhlangaMpumalangaView Map
560766DE BEERNoShop 35 Heidelberg Mall, Cnr N3 & Jacobs Street, HeidelbergHeidelberg - GpMpumalanga016 3412347View Map
561886MOHLALANoMonapo Driving, R40, AcornhoekBushbuckridge RuralMpumalanga013 7950024View Map
500437CORDIERNoShop L81 Thubatse Crossing Mall, Cnr R37 & R555, BurgersfortBurgersfortMpumalanga013 2317472View Map
502987PRETORIUSNoShop 39b Mall @ Mfula, Cnr Brand & Church Street, MkhondoPiet RetiefMpumalanga017 8265125View Map
504858MOLEPONoShop 39 Twin City Complex, Ohristad RoadBurgersfortMpumalanga013 2317948View Map
511323VAN DER MESCHT N - SECUNDA MALLNoShop L958 Specsaver Secunda, Mall Nico Diedericks StreetSecundaMpumalanga017 6345360View Map
516112YSSELNoShop Lg 22 Secunda Mall, Cnr O R Tambo & P D P Kruger, SecundaSecundaMpumalanga017 6315804View Map
520535KORFFNoShop 74 Highveld Mall, Mandela Street, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6970152View Map
522686GERTNoShop 5 E'mhluzi Mall, Tswelopele Road, MhluziMiddelburg - MpMpumalangaView Map
531502POTGIETER A C - WITBANKNoShop 9 Shoprite Centre, 10 Diederichs Street, KlipfonteinEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6924471View Map
457744MADIGAGENoShop 8a Morone BuildingBurgersfortMpumalanga071 1446763View Map
467561MAGWABENINo1547 Maluka StreetLynnvilleMpumalanga017 6961100View Map
487422MAPONYANoShop 31 Mall Embalenhle Cnr, Mbalenhle & Old Province Road, SecundaSecundaMpumalanga017 6854603View Map
487554MASHIANOKENoStand 329 PraktiseerBurgersfortMpumalanga072 3250722View Map
7033141MBOMBINoShop No 10, Santam Trust Building, Mark StretMiddelburgMpumalanga013 2826317View Map
7033311DUBENoShop 13, Melmoth Shopping CentreMelmothMpumalanga035 4507277
7033699KEKANANo32 Section BaKwamhlangaMpumalanga013 9473039View Map
7034520MAPUTLANoSteeipoort Medical Centre, R555 Main RoadSteelpoortMpumalanga013 2309193View Map
7034857LERUTLANo52 Marone Street, BurgersfortBurgersfortMpumalanga013 2317895View Map
7035586DUBE OPTOMETRISTSNo134 Landelrost StreetVryheidMpumalanga034 9801675View Map
7035977LANGANoShop 4 Tarfam Plaza, BurgersfortBurgersfortMpumalanga082 4756453View Map
7036299MAHLANGUNoShop 10, Impala Street, MalelaneMalelaneMpumalanga013 7901759View Map
7027850ROUXNo14 Voortrekker Street, HeidelbergHeidelberg - GpMpumalanga016 3403155View Map
7027893SWARTNoShop D2 Perry's Bridge Trading, Post Cnr R40 & R536, HazyviewHazyviewMpumalanga013 7376048View Map
7028156SEPITLANo3 Tulpe Street, HeidelbergHeidelberg - GpMpumalangaView Map
7028202RAMATSETSENo1015 Main RoadMarble HallMpumalanga013 2611295
7028849NKWANYANANoShop 1a Secunda Square, 3 Joep Steyn Street, 59 Nico Diederick Street2302Mpumalanga017 0176347551View Map
7029047MALANNoFountain Square, Dolerite Crescent, MiddelburgMiddelburg - MpMpumalanga013 2441778View Map
7029063NORVALNo22 De Beer StreetLydenburgMpumalanga013 2351855View Map
7029969OOSTHUIZENNo46 Louis Trichardt Street, VolksrustVolksrustMpumalanga017 7355279View Map
7030037BRUMMERNo60 Cnr Ueckermann & Merz Street, HeidelbergHeidelberg - GpMpumalanga016 3414832View Map
7030266PILANENo49 Saturn StreetNelspruit SpMpumalanga013 7554251View Map
7030738MUDAUNo37b Voortrekker Street, CarolinaCarolinaMpumalanga017 8431659View Map
7030789SHABANGUNoStand 102BarbertonMpumalanga079 9034475View Map
7030827MATHIBELANo8 Heide StreetDie HeuwelMpumalanga011 6560070View Map
7030843MALELENoShop 5, De Lange Street, Checkers CentreLydenburgMpumalanga013 2351148View Map
7031688MELLIN OPTOMETRIST RIVERSIDE MALNoShop G1d Riverside Mall, Madiba Drive, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7570325View Map
7032129MMOWANoShop 5 Nedbank Centre, Or Tambo Street, MiddelburgMiddelburg - MpMpumalanga013 2400030View Map
7024215JINANoShop 1 Old Mutual Building, Cnr Voortrekker & Brown StreetNelspruitMpumalanga013 7553071View Map
7024606RAMAILANoShop No 6, The Meent Centre, Corner De Jager & OosthuizenErmeloMpumalanga017 8111485View Map
7025211CASSIMNo19 Arras Street, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6565101View Map
7026056LOURENSNoShop D3 Casterbridge Lifestyle, Centre Cnr R40 & R538, WitrivierWhite RiverMpumalanga013 7502325View Map
7026277PRETORIUSNoUnit 3 Alfa Building, 11 Retief Street, MkhondoPiet RetiefMpumalanga017 8263435View Map
7026404SHABANGUNoMhluzi Medical Centre, 4685 Chocolate StreetMiddelburgMpumalanga013 2412278
7026668EBRAHIMNoShop 12 Secunda Central, Heunis Street, SecundaSecundaMpumalanga017 6343885View Map
7027001DU TOITNoShop 3 Sky Village Centre Cnr, Nelson Mandela & Vaalrivier, StreetSecundaMpumalanga017 6342041View Map
7023073EYEPEROPTICS SPECTACLE SERVICE NNoNelspruit Eye Institute 2, 23 Branders StreetNelspruitMpumalanga013 7524077View Map
7023103VAN DER MESCHT - SPEC-SAVERSNoShop 6, Checkers CentreSecundaMpumalanga017 6345360View Map
7023766NALEDI VISION CENTRENoShop 1f Roxy Village Walk, 37 Church Street, ErasmusBronkhorstspruitMpumalanga013 9320888View Map
7023804VAN DER WESTHUIZENNoShop 7 Pick & Pay Centre, Sitrus Crescent, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7527941View Map
7023871HAMBROCKNo50 Market StreetPiet RetiefMpumalanga017 8261255View Map
7018258BECKERNo43 Kruger Street, ErasmusBronkhorstspruitMpumalanga013 9351465View Map
7018894CILLIERSNoShop 4 Absa Square Cnr Paul, Kruger & Louis Trichardt Street, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7553129View Map
7019203LOTTERING WIM OPTOMETRISTNoBester Brown Building 28 Cnr, Brown & Paul Kruger Street, MbombelaMbombelaMpumalanga013 7525745View Map
7019254NKADIMENGNoShop 31 Jane Furse Plaza, Mashadi Main Road, Jane FurseBurgersfortMpumalanga013 2651359View Map
7019866WITBANK OPTOMETRISTSNo40 Amaryllis StreetWitbank Ext 10Mpumalanga013 6561150View Map
7019971VAN DER MERWENoShop 7 Checkers Centre, Cowen Ntuli Street, MiddelburgMiddelburg - MpMpumalanga013 2432094View Map
7015275VLEDDERNo20 Charl Cellier Street, ErasmusBronkhorstspruitMpumalanga013 9323038View Map
7015399BHIKANoShop 4 B M W Centre, Cnr Kerk & Naude Street, ErmeloErmeloMpumalanga017 8191258View Map
7015445MOSWATSENoShop 24 Acornhoek Plaza Centre, Cnr R40 & Green Valley Road, AcornhoekBushbuckridge RuralMpumalanga013 7955268View Map
7015518RAMAJANoShop 24 Moutse Mall Cnr, Loskopdam & Bronkorstspruit Road, DenniltonGroblersdalMpumalanga081 2619813View Map
7015852J P TAYLORNoShop 6 Pick N Pay Centre, Watermeyer Street, KlipfonteinEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6970145View Map
7015976MELLINNoShop 6b Monument Centre, 23 Charl Cilliers Street, StandertonStandertonMpumalanga017 7124871View Map
7016212BRINKNoShop 7 Witbank Centre, Cnr O R Tambo Road, LeraatsfonteinEmalahleniMpumalanga013 6970105View Map
7016476KHOTANoShop 6 Secunda Eastside, Shopping Centre Horwood Street, SecundaSecundaMpumalanga017 6312144View Map
7017367REZA FERREIRA OPTOMETRISTNoWilger Centre, Wilger Street, PhalaborwaPhalaborwaMpumalanga015 7815822View Map
7017421MARBLE HALL OPTICIANSNo1015 Main Road, Null, NullMarble HallMpumalanga013 2611295
7017812NKADIMENGNoMoratiwa Crossing Shop 6aJane Furse HospitalMpumalanga013 2631337View Map
7017871DIKGALENoShop No 3b, White River MallWhite RiverMpumalanga061 4137789View Map
7012640COETZEENoShop 1 Optiforum, 69 Sealene Road, PhalaborwaPhalaborwaMpumalanga015 7811603View Map
7013035MELLIN OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 2, 58a Kerk Street, ErmeloErmeloMpumalanga017 8112047View Map
7014716P A VENTER OPTOMETRIST HEIDELBERNo5 Die Dorpsplein, 56 Ueckermann Street, HeidelbergHeidelberg - GpMpumalanga016 3414195View Map
7014899DE KOCKNoShop 18 Secunda Mall, Etienne Rousseau AvenueSecundaMpumalanga017 6347645View Map
7007434BURGERNoShop Ug 17 Secunda Mall, Nico Dietrich Street, SecundaSecundaMpumalanga017 6347691View Map
7007892YSSELNoSuite 5 Medforum Building, Heunis Street, SecundaSecundaMpumalanga017 6347668View Map
7008376MTSHALINoDowntown Mall, 4b Diederichs Street, EmalahleniEmalahleniMpumalangaView Map
7009909EYBERSNoRoom 109 1st Floor Nelmed Forum, Building Cnr Nel & Rothery, NelspruitNelspruitMpumalanga013 7526840View Map
7010346RETIEF`S OPTOMETRISTNoShop 17 Eastdene Shopping, Centre Cnr Verdoorn Street &, Cowen Ntuli StreetMiddelburgMpumalanga013 2827199View Map
7027060VAN GRAANNo3 Peter Mokaba Street, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2947666View Map
7027273MEIRINGNoHealthsmart Centre, 70 Ametis StreetWilkoppiesNorth West018 4687920View Map
7021291PRO VISIONNoShop 6 Pick & Pay Centre Cnr, President Mbeki & Nelson Mandela, RoadsRustenburgNorth West014 5974318View Map
7021305DE VRIESNo30 Nelson Mandela Road, MahikengMmabathoNorth West018 3810356View Map
7021550THEUNISSENNoCnr President Mbeki & Oliver, Tambo Drive, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5973537View Map
7021623GOLDEN VISION - WESTERN LEVELSNoWestern Deep Levels Hospital, Western Deep Levels MineCarletonvilleNorth West018 7001029View Map
7023162HENNIE JOUBERT OPTOMETRISTNoShop 9 Central Point Cnr, Buffelsdoorn Road & Central, FlamwoodKlerksdorpNorth West018 4685777View Map
7023197DICHABENo49 James Moroka StreetPotchefstroomNorth West018 2970824View Map
7023553LESOLANGNoShop 2, 35b Murray AvenueBritsNorth West012 2527441View Map
7017979MELLINNoShop 4 5, Shoprite CentreRustenburgNorth West014 5973352View Map
7018584KHUZWAYONo63 Agate StreetCarletonville CentralNorth West018 7883155View Map
7018606NILSENNoHartbeespoort Medical Centre, 387 Beethoven Street, MelodieHartbeespoortNorth West012 2591200View Map
7018614KUNGWANENoShop 15 Choppies Centre, Ko-operasie Avenue, BritsBritsNorth West012 2521210View Map
7019262CORNELIUSNoShop 226 Pick N Pay Waterfall, Mall Augrabies Avenue, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5373606View Map
7020279MEIRINGNoShop 15 Biblio Plaza, Nelson Mandela StreetRustenburgNorth West014 5972585View Map
7020287VN DER WALTNoMedicross Centre Cnr Van, Wielligh Street & President, Mbeki DriveRustenburgNorth West014 5697591View Map
7016662MOALUSINo81 Fatima Bhayat StreetRustenburgNorth West014 5929911View Map
7016808TSHETLONoShop 20 D Lasvedes HouseMafikengNorth West018 3813702View Map
7016840ISMAILNoShop 15 Pick 'n Pay Centre, Cnr Osmium & Radium Street, CarletonvilleCarletonvilleNorth West018 7861340View Map
7016999MEYERNoShop 14 Magalies Centre Cnr, Hendrik Verwoerd Avenue & De, Boer StreetBritsNorth West012 2520108View Map
7017820SPEC-SAVERS POTCHEFSTROOMNoShop 4 West Acres Centre Cnr, Walter Sisulu Lane & Retief, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2975659View Map
7017855HABEDINoSuite 22, Ground Floor, Mogwase ForumMogwaseNorth West014 6556505View Map
7017952HAYATNoShop 6 Shoprite Centre Cnr, President Mbeki & Nelson Mandela, DriveRustenburgNorth West014 5974318View Map
7012632LE ROUXNoShop 1 Carpe Diem Centre, 13th Avenue, ThabazimbiThabazimbiNorth West082 4622820View Map
7012985EYEPEROPTICS ZEERUSTNo27 Gerrit Maritz StreetZeerustNorth West018 6421491View Map
7013167TAYLORNo63 Ametis Street, WilkoppiesKlerksdorpNorth West018 4688684View Map
7013426KEEVANNoShop 2a Ga-rankuwa City Shoping, Centre Mangope Road, Ga-rankuwaGa-RankuwaNorth West012 7037526View Map
7014139DU PIESANIENo72 Annan Road, CarletonvilleCarletonvilleNorth West018 7882852View Map
7007647VAN DER MERWENoShop 3 M & S Building, Cnr Kerk & Maclean Street, BritsBritsNorth West012 2525838View Map
7006772SCHOLTZNo17 Van Velden Street, BritsBritsNorth West012 2524431View Map
756512DAVID FENSHAM OOGKUNDIGENoShop 9b Greystone Crossing, 111 Kloof Road, WatervalRustenburgNorth West014 0100035View Map
765449MAUNYENo1508 Masidi StreetMafikengNorth West
768855KUBAYINoShop 2, 134 Klopper Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West083 4509267View Map
772526TSHIHOMUNo9596 Zone 17Ga RankuwaNorth West
810819MASHELENoShop 34 Brits Mall Cnr Hendrik, Verwoerd & Maple Avenue, BritsBritsNorth West012 2501940View Map
749540BULBULIANoSuite 7 Medical Centre Victoria, Private Hospital Victoria Road, MahikengMmabathoNorth West018 3810456View Map
669466KOMANENo57 Berg Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West064 7656668View Map
674311ROELOFSZNoShop 12, Mafiking Station Boulevard Centr, Station RoadMahikengNorth West018 3815222
674680MOJELANoShop 6, 26 Nelson Mandela Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West082 4286265View Map
678147BASSONNoShop 110 Village Mall, Magalies Boulevard, SchoemansvilleHartbeespoortNorth West012 2532501View Map
691682DE KLERKNoShop G1 Jubilee Square, 72 Steve Biko Street, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2932163View Map
572586SIEMENS R J - RUSTENBURGNo30 Cnr Heystek Street &, President Mbeki Drive, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5920630View Map
573566MAPHUNYE E G - RUSTENBURGNo122 Cnr Oliver Tambo & Bethlehem, StreetRustenburgNorth West079 8260180View Map
574619MMADINoAruka Medical Centre, 148 President Mbeki Drive, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5921375View Map
580708MPHAHLELENoShop 87 Boitekong Mall, Tholo Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West082 9663431View Map
581968RABULINoY44 Molebatsi StreetKlerksdorpNorth West018 4653211View Map
588458MASHIMBYINo9 Cnr Tillard & Carrington, StreetMafikengNorth West018 3810918View Map
595705MATLEBJANANo163 Joubert StreetRustenburgNorth WestView Map
607142ROELOFSZNoShop 12 Boulevard Shopping, Centre Station RoadMafikengNorth West018 3815222View Map
607843MOKWELE M I AND MOREROA M S LNo1 Kerk StreetBritsNorth WestView Map
614238RAMOGOBEDINo140 Leyds StreetRustenburgNorth West076 3672468View Map
537217KONAITENo26 Nelson Mandela Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West073 1928225View Map
543217MATLALA F R - NORTHAMNoOffice No 05 W T F Plaza, 20 Botha StreetNorthamNorth West014 7840864View Map
544310MALEKANoShop 6 Max Bornman Plaza, Bethlehem Drive, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5920841View Map
547689MAGASANo21b Main StreetMafikengNorth West018 3818063View Map
555134WADEENo14 Sarel Cilliers Street, ZeerustZeerustNorth West018 6421194View Map
556130HORN A - KLERKSDORPNoShop 23 Matlosana Mall, 151 Joe Slovo Road, KlerksdorpKlerksdorpNorth West018 4920015View Map
558362FENSHAMNoShop 5 Lifestyle Square, 198 Beyers Naude Drive, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5920580View Map
560723KGATLANoShop 8-9 Mega City Mall, Sekame Street, MmabathoMmabathoNorth West018 3842821View Map
570850LE ROUXNoShop 34 Transforum Centre Cnr, Nelson Mandela Street &, Bethlehem DriveRustenburgNorth West012 8076919View Map
572535OOSTHUIZENNo30 Heystek StreetRustenburgNorth West014 5920630View Map
506842LOURENSNoShop 129 Matlosana Mall, Joe Slovo Road, FreemanvilleKlerksdorpNorth West018 4620722View Map
512249MEKHOENoShop 10 Northwest Mall, Cnr Main Street & Station Road, MahikengMmabathoNorth West018 3816886View Map
521744MAKAN M - CARLTONVILLENoCarletonville Mall, Cnr Grundling & Station Street, CarletonvilleCarletonvilleNorth West018 7883331View Map
523100ROELOFSZNoShop 2a Fourways Value Mart, Joe Slovo Road, KlerksdorpKlerksdorpNorth West018 4620211View Map
468061MEFANENoShop 02, 34 Buchanan Street, LichtenburgLichtenburgNorth West018 6320198View Map
474827FONDSE E - BRITSNoShop 34 Brits Mall 3836 Cnr, Hendrik Verwoerd & Maple Avenue, BritsBritsNorth WestView Map
485055DRUMMONDNoShop 8 Magaliesview Complex, Cnr Marlin & Korokoro StreetWaterfall EastNorth West014 5929167View Map
492914RABULINoX2034 Morotoagoe StreetJoubertonNorth West018 4654098View Map
417017KUBAYINoSuite 6 Haffson Centre, 267 Botha Road, NorthamThabazimbiNorth West014 7845710View Map
441619MASHIANENo47 Boom StreetRustenburgNorth West014 5929321View Map
7034164GOLDEN VISION - ORKNEYNoOccupational Health Centre, No 6 Shaft ArmOrkneyNorth West018 7882397
7034199TLALENoZone 16, Block 1399Ga-RankuwaNorth West012 7031871View Map
7034962MODISENoShop 6 Platinum Square, 49 Nelson Mandela Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5924239View Map
7035268MATSIETSANo52 Church StreetZeerustNorth West018 6422018View Map
7035934GOLDEN VISION-NoShop 8 S Buys Business Park, Cnr Radium & Kaolin Street, CarletonvilleCarletonvilleNorth West018 7882263View Map
7036019MABELANENoShop F03 Shoprite Checkers, Centre Church Street, KlerksdorpKlerksdorpNorth West018 4644661View Map
7036388MFUNDISINo37c Carrington Street, MahikengMmabathoNorth West018 3817729View Map
7036442MOAGINoShop 4, 17 Mola Court, ZeerustZeerustNorth West018 6421508View Map
7029365THUSO OPTOMETRISTSNoThuso Clinic, Shop 2, Plein StreetRustenburgNorth West012 2521210View Map
7030975EYEPEROPTICS ANNAN CARLETONVILLENoShop 71 Carltonville Mall 67, Cnr Grundling Street & Station, RoadCarletonvilleNorth West018 7883331View Map
7031068MAHLANGUNo10b Joubert Street, WolmaransstadWolmaransstadNorth West018 5961418View Map
7031696ROELOFSZNo17 Bantjies Street, LichtenburgLichtenburgNorth West018 6326054View Map
7031718MELLIN OPTOMETRIST WATERFALL MALNoShop 52 Waterfall Mall, Augrabies Avenue, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5373011View Map
7031998BESTER JOANNOU MULLER OPTOMETRNo58 Buffelsdoorn Road, FlamwoodKlerksdorpNorth West018 4687501View Map
7032145GOLDEN VISION - WITBANKNoShop 5 Jacorene Building, 40 Flecker Road, OrkneyOrkneyNorth West018 4730641View Map
7032234BOTHANoShop 6 Safari Pick & Pay Centre, Van Velden Street, BritsBritsNorth West012 2520033View Map
7024479RUOELENoShop 3 Kotzen Centre, Gerhard Maritz StreetLichtenburgNorth West018 6322267View Map
7025432COETZEENoShop 9 Canal Crossing, 7 Parys Avenue, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2905410View Map
7025661BOOYSENNoShop 47 Platinum Square Centre, 74 Howick Avenue, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5372413View Map
7025742SENNENoShop 42 Bafokeng Mall, Main Road, PhokengRustenburgNorth West014 5664143View Map
7025785SHAINoTrans Cash & Carry Shopping Mall, Cnr Fatima Bhayat & Klopper, StreetRustenburgNorth West014 5923457View Map
7026269TSHETLO OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 75 East Gallery Megacity, L M Magope RoadMmabathoNorth West018 3845529View Map
120901KUNGWANENoLawrens Kungwane Optometrist, 1463 Block BLetlhabileNorth West012 2512882View Map
121266ROUXNo27 Doctor Nelson Mandela DriveLichtenburgNorth West018 6320337View Map
125814MATHIVHANoShop 3 Motsepe Shopping Complex, Ga-rankuwa Indust, Ga-rankuwaGa-RankuwaNorth West065 9089023View Map
132772LIEBENBERGNoShop 21 Rustenburg Plaza, 128d President Mbeki Drive, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5971335View Map
133531MAEYANENoShop No 5, Marlow Road, OrkneyOrkneyNorth West018 4731416View Map
62456MNUKWANoShop 3 Clicks Centre, Cnr Mandela Drive, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5923563View Map
77429WILSONNoShop 13c Sanlam Centre, Nelson Mandela Drive, LichtenburgLichtenburgNorth West018 6321131View Map
83941SPORTVISIONNoUnknownPotchefstroomNorth West021 4651708View Map
86754SPEC-SAVERSNoShop 4 Rustenburg Square, 191 Beyers Naude Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5923565View Map
87939SPEC-SAVERS BRITSNoShop 1a Brits Mall Cnr Hendrik, Verwoerd & Maple Ridge Road, BritsBritsNorth West012 2501937View Map
97179VAN DER VYVER, SIEMENS & NAUDENo30 Heystek StreetRustenburgNorth West014 5925788View Map
98698VAN ROOYENNoShop 25, Dr Nelson Mandela Drive, LichtenburgLichtenburgNorth West018 6323834View Map
99988SPEC-SAVERS RUSTENBURG SAFARI CENoShop 33 Safari Tuine, 10 Arend Road, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5334377View Map
4766GOLDEN VISION FOCHVILLENo10 Horvitch Street, FochvilleFochvilleNorth West018 7715493View Map
43532RABULINo31 General Delarey Street, DelareyvilleDelareyvilleNorth West082 7482332View Map
55506SEDIBENoShop 14 Choppies Centre, Nelson Mandela Drive, MafikengMafikengNorth West018 3817600View Map
380148ROELOFSZNoShop 2a 4 Ways Mart, Cnr Barend Street & N12KlerksdorpNorth West018 4620211View Map
389889MOLLER A - LENASIANoShop 3, Luxmi Centre, Cnr Rose Ave And Gemsbok StreetLenasiaNorth West018 7717985
394637MAPONYANoShop No 2, Total Garage Building, Corner Nelson Mandela ShepardMafikengNorth West018 6422987View Map
399140RALLELENoGutta's Medical Centre, 17 Hatchard StreetMahikengNorth West
410497MACHUBA M E - KLERKSDORPNoShop 116 City Mall Klerksdorp, Church Street, KlerksdorpKlerksdorpNorth West018 4622025View Map
410500MACHUBA M E - POTCHEFSTROOMNoShop 56 Riverwalk Mall, Nelson Mandela Drive, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2930710View Map
337390MAGASANo21b Main StreetMafikengNorth West018 3818063View Map
349461RAMOKGOPANo47 Block E Centerville Medical, Centre, LetlhabileBritsNorth West081 7463391View Map
366625MATOLONGNo7474 Magogoe, Magogoe KoikoiMafikengNorth West
372080SEDINGWENoThuso Medi-centre, 123 Bethlehem DriveRustenburgNorth West014 5926650View Map
288624MATLALANo907 Mothotlung StreetBritsNorth West012 7092941View Map
288837VAN GRAANNo3 Peter Mokaba Street, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2947666View Map
297372STEYN A - POTCHEFSTROOMNoDie Bult, 16 Esselen Street, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2943241View Map
300640KGATLANoShop 8-9 Mega City Mall, Sekame Street, MmabathoMmabathoNorth West018 3842821View Map
309125MOLELENoShop 53 Garankuwa City Shopping, Centre Mangope Road, Ga-rankuwa Zone 5Ga-RankuwaNorth West012 7039347View Map
309818MOTHATANoShop No 23a The Crossing Centre, Nelson Mandela Drive, MahikengMmabathoNorth West018 3840131View Map
322288M C NILSEN OPTOMETRISTSNoHartbeespoort Medical Centre, 387 Beethoven Street, MelodieHartbeespoortNorth West012 2591200View Map
324086MOGOTSINoStand 289Ga-Rankuwa Zone 1North West012 7001862View Map
329401KGATLANoShop 8-9, Mega City MallMmabathoNorth West015 3842821View Map
330582MAKGOBANo21 James Moroka StreetPotchefstroomNorth WestView Map
243604MEIRING & VAN DER WALTNoMedicross Centre Cnr Von Willigh, & President Mbeki RoadRustenburgNorth West014 5921756View Map
245313GOOSENNoShop 11 Euronooi Centre Cnr, Wilkinson Avenue & Lonrho Drive, MooinooiMooinooiNorth West014 5744325View Map
253987MOLELENoUnit 17 Family Circle Medical, Centre 9593 Ntuane Street, Ga-rankuwaGa-RankuwaNorth West012 7039347View Map
260444MOTHATANoShop 3 Welworths Complex, Hatchard Street, MahikengMmabathoNorth West018 3818294View Map
262943DOWLEY B J - MAFIKENG SOUTHNoShop 12 Boulevard Centre, Station RoadMafikengNorth West018 3815222View Map
263141LETSATSING EYECARENoShop 8a, Sun Village Complex, Pilansberg RoadSun CityNorth WestView Map
272159NGOBENINoShop 12 Rooikoppies Shopping, Centre Main Road, MarikanaRustenburgNorth West014 5723234View Map
285846NORTMANNoShop 8 President Square, FochvilleFochvilleNorth West018 7717985View Map
190004OBERHOLZERNoShop 18b Village Mall, Cnr Tielman Street & R511 Road, SchoemansvilleHartbeespoortNorth West012 2590735View Map
195766MABASA E M - MMABATHONoShop 8 9, Dr Moroka StreetMmabathoNorth West018 3921258View Map
237809STEYNNoShop 25 Macrovest Centre, 6 Austin Street, KlerksdorpKlerksdorpNorth West018 4688851View Map
238678LABUSCHAGNE AND ALBERTS OPTOMETRNoShop 10 Rockwill Square, Cnr Austin & William Street, WilkoppiesKlerksdorpNorth West018 4688903View Map
137316THEUNISSENNoShop 2, Cnr Eland & Steenbok Street, ThabazimbiThabazimbiNorth West014 7771054View Map
148547PHIRINoRefodile Health Centre, 42 Heysek Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West014 5923919View Map
157384MONEINo51 Ko-operasie Avenue, BritsBritsNorth West012 2523564View Map
180882MODIBANoShop 56 Riverwalk Mall, Nelson Mandela Drive, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2930710View Map
102105DEYSELNo41b O R Tambo Street, KlerksdorpKlerksdorpNorth West018 4624561View Map
107913MACHUBANo36b Anderson Street, KlerksdorpKlerksdorpNorth West018 4624630View Map
107999MATLALANoUnit 3 Lesego Medical Centre, Kubu Road, MogwaseRustenburgNorth West014 5555200View Map
111430D J LANDSAAT BRITS OPTOMETRISTNo5 Sirapa Building, Cnr Railway & Behrens StreetBritsNorth West012 2522744View Map
114596VARACHIANoShop 34a Gateway Mall, Osmium Street, CarletonvilleCarletonvilleNorth West018 7886999View Map
116254MJIBANoLeslie Williams Memorial, Hospital R500CarletonvilleNorth West087 1100081View Map
118257HABEDI - RUSTENBURGNo57 Boom StreetRustenburgNorth West014 5927713View Map
7008201BISMILLANo187 Walter Sisulu Lane, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2977607View Map
7008368PRETORIUSNoShop 8 S Buys Business Park, Cnr Radium & Kaolin Street, CarletonvilleCarletonvilleNorth West018 7882263View Map
7009836GROBLERNoShop 24 Mooirivier Mall Cnr, Nelson Mandela & Goven Mbeki, PotchefstroomPotchefstroomNorth West018 2930380View Map
822086MANTHOSENoShop 3 Cnr Klopper & Fatima, Bhayat Street, RustenburgRustenburgNorth West065 7135776View Map
838519P J LOURENS OPTOMETRIST INCNoShop 129 Matlosana Mall, Joe Slovo Road, FreemanvilleKlerksdorpNorth West018 4620722View Map
74977NUGENTNo18 Schroder Street, UpingtonUpingtonNorthern Cape054 3312432View Map
87963VAN WYKNo14 Voortekker Street, SpringbokSpringbokNorthern Cape027 7181005View Map
89842MELLIN & PARTNERS KIMBERLEY - GANoShop 19 New Park Centre Cnr, Long Street & Bultfontein Road, New ParkKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8317212View Map
50652VISSERNoCnr Grens & Hart StreetsJan KempdorpNorthern Cape053 4561926View Map
374873VAN WYKNoShop 13 Andia Centre, 13 Voortrekker Street, SpringbokSpringbokNorthern Cape027 7121122View Map
385255MASENYANoShop 2 Excel Garage, Andalusia, Jan KempdorpJan KempdorpNorthern Cape053 4560542View Map
388270GROENEWALD J J - NORTH CAPE MALLNoShop 36 North Cape Mall, Memorial Road, RoyldeneKimberleyNorthern CapeView Map
404764BALOYINoShop 8, Church Street, VryburgVryburgNorthern Cape053 9270449View Map
360252MONTSHANoShop 4b, Df Malan Street, HartswaterHartswaterNorthern Cape053 4740022View Map
302333VAN DER MERWENo5 Swanns Way, Hadison ParkKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8612346View Map
305219NTHEKANGNo37 Beare Street, KurumanKurumanNorthern Cape053 7122002View Map
314021MEYERNo22 Main Street, KurumanKurumanNorthern Cape053 7123326View Map
254940ALECNo2805 Hlalakwabafileyo Street, PampierstadPampierstadNorthern Cape053 9961573View Map
260959NGOBENINo259 Barkly Road, HomesteadKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8711122View Map
192813DU PLESSIS K INC - KURUMANNoShop 22 Mokala Mall, Tsenin Road, KurumanKurumanNorthern Cape053 7120234View Map
192821DU PLESSIS K INC - POSTMANSBURGNoDoornhof Arcade, Shone StreetPostmasburgNorthern Cape053 3131802View Map
192848DU PLESSIS K INC - KATHUNoShop 2 Shoprite Centre, Rietbok Street, KathuKathuNorthern Cape053 7231441View Map
213799BUCHANAN M C - KIMBERLEYNoShop 19 Diamond Pavillion Cnr, Oliver Road & Mac Dougall Street, KimberleyKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8329451View Map
217956GROBBELAAR AND THEUNISSEN OPTOMENoShop 24 Diamond Pavillion Cnr, Oliver Road & Mac Dougal Street, KimberleyKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8329280View Map
226513THEUNISSEN H L A - NORTHAMNoShop 24 North Cape Mall Cnr, Memorial Road & Constantia, KimberleyKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8326823View Map
146285MOKOKANoShop 1a, 37 De Kock Street, VryburgVryburgNorthern Cape053 9271189View Map
148946VISAGIENoShop 8 Game Centre, Cnr Church & Market Street, VryburgVryburgNorthern Cape053 9270042View Map
149489CHABALALANoShop 2 Lubbe Centre, Naude Street, HartswaterHartswaterNorthern Cape053 4741087View Map
168653SERFONTEINNo1 Namakwa Street, SpringbokSpringbokNorthern Cape027 7121272View Map
180874MALULEKENo2 Cnr Ben Malan Street & Tsening, Road, KurumanKurumanNorthern Cape053 7123903View Map
7009178VAN DER MERWENo41 Mac Dougall Street, RoyldeneKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8313077View Map
7005725MELLINNoShop 19 New Park Centre, 20 Cnr Bultfontein & Long Street, KimberleyKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8327212View Map
723150GOUSNo25 Arnot Street, DouglasDouglasNorthern Cape061 5427805View Map
724823BOSHOFFNoShop 11d Belmed Medical Centre, Barkley Way, HomesteadKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8712912View Map
645656J B VAN WYK AND T SCHOEMANNo14 Voortekker Street, SpringbokSpringbokNorthern Cape027 7181005View Map
675644KANANoShop 9a Indian Centre, Market Street, VryburgVryburgNorthern Cape053 9272813View Map
681644MAMPANENoSection P Ganyesa, 55 Barolong Street, VryburgVryburgNorthern Cape073 8626247
587850VAN DER MERWENoShop 11d Belmed Medical Centre, Barkley Way, HomesteadKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8712912View Map
615544CHABALALANoShop 1 Lubbe Centre, Naude Street, HartswaterHartswaterNorthern CapeView Map
562211DE BEER R AND ERASMUS BNoShop 19 Diamond Pavillion Cnr, Oliver Road & Mac Dougall Street, KimberleyKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8329450View Map
519561JANSEN VAN RENSBURGNo23b Schmidtsdrif RoadRhodesdeneNorthern Cape053 8382519View Map
520276JOOSTENoShop No 14 Kalahari Mall Cnr Dr, Nelson Mandela Drive & Van, Riebeeck StreetUpingtonNorthern Cape054 3312345View Map
522813NUGENT R J & JOOSTE J ANo34 Scott Street, UpingtonUpingtonNorthern Cape054 3312432View Map
529419CRONJE S - HARTSWATERNoShop 18 Checkers CentreHartswaterNorthern Cape053 4741255View Map
535230MASEOGANENoNo 9 Tinktinkie StreetHartswaterNorthern CapeView Map
478652VAN DER MERWE C & MEYER J ANoShop 6a Sibilo Shopping Centre, Cnr R385 & C A M Street, PostmasburgPostmasburgNorthern Cape053 3132954View Map
428973GOOSENNoShop 81 Kathu Village Mall, Hendrick Van Eck Road, KathuKathuNorthern Cape053 7232891View Map
7035314L G OPTOMETRIST-NoShop Nr 20, Kathu Village Mall, Hendrick Van Eck RoadKathuNorthern Cape053 7232175View Map
7035330SWARTNo17 Du Toit Street, UpingtonUpingtonNorthern Cape054 3310214View Map
7035349MELLIN OPTOMETRIST UPINGTONNoShop 42 Kalahari Mall, Van Riebeeck StreetUpingtonNorthern Cape054 3327849View Map
7028830GOODCHILDNo1 Seodin Road, KurumanKurumanNorthern Cape053 7121943View Map
7029071ENGELBRECHTNo61 Mark Street, UpingtonUpingtonNorthern Cape054 3324152View Map
7029985KRUGERNoMedi Centre, 62 Mark Street, UpingtonUpingtonNorthern Cape054 3324398View Map
7032722EYEPEROPTICS VRYBURGNoShop 3 Vryburg Mall, De Kock StreetVryburgNorthern Cape053 9275059View Map
7018436SPEC-SAVERS KIMBERLEYNoShop 25 Sanlam Centre, Lennox Street, KimberleyKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8314264View Map
7018533COETZEENo75 Cnr De Kock & Vry Street, VryburgVryburgNorthern Cape053 9271295View Map
7018878MELLINNoPro-medico Building, 62 Erasmus Street, WarrentonWarrentonNorthern Cape053 4975514View Map
7020139L G OOGKUNDIGESNoCnr Ben Alberts Way & Rietbok, Street, KathuKathuNorthern Cape053 7231833View Map
7014066PATELNo97 Jones Street, KimberleyKimberleyNorthern Cape053 8311430View Map
7008171DIPPENAARNoOudent Building, 45 De Kock StreetVryburgNorthern Cape053 9271211View Map
167541ZIKALALANoShop No 15, Kopanong Shopping Centre, Ivory ParkMidrandWestern Cape
171425GROENWALD, UYS, & KILLIAN - WORCNoShop 108 Mountain Mill Mall, Mountain Mill Drive, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 3422646View Map
177466VAN EEDENNoShop 84 Mountain Mill Mall, 13 Mountain Mill Drive, Hospital HillWorcesterWestern Cape023 3425827View Map
177512BURGER & CRONJE INCORPORATED - CNoShop S75 -76 Cape Gate Regional, Centre Cnr De Bron & Okavango, RoadBrackenfellWestern Cape021 9819656View Map
179604NAWAZNoShop No L14 Cape Gate Shopping, Centre Cnr Okavango Street & De, Bron RoadBrackenfellWestern Cape021 9818568View Map
181781HATTINGHNo26 Vrede Street, MalmesburyMalmesburyWestern Cape022 4821671View Map
111198WETHERALLNo13 Vasco Boulevard, VascoCape TownWestern Cape021 5911433View Map
114804ZALGAONKIRNoShop 3 Dollies Centre, Wesfleur Circle, AtlantisCape TownWestern Cape021 5724353View Map
117498TSELANENoShop 3c Old Mutual Centre, Corner Strand & Adderly StreetWoodstockWestern Cape021 4474836
117528KINGNoUnit 1 Hout Bay Medical Centre, 30 Victoria Avenue, Hout BayCape TownWestern Cape021 7913385View Map
122505SLABBER & SLABBERT PLETTENBERG BNoShop 3 Marine Building, Main Street, Plettenberg BayPlettenberg BayWestern Cape044 5332191View Map
122831MELLIN OPTOMETRIST - PALM GROVENoShop 13b Palm Grove Centre, Cnr Main Road & Church Street, DurbanvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9756070View Map
125636PETERSNoMedicross Langeberg Cnr Brighton, Road & Kipling Street, KraaifonteinCape TownWestern Cape021 9874796View Map
126837VAN TONDER OPTOMETRISTS INCORPORNoShop No 1 Queens Riverside Mall, Voortrekker RoadOudtshoornWestern Cape044 2728758View Map
128074HUNTERNo11 Solway Street, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape051 4101666View Map
131490BELLNoShop 150 Parow Centre Cnr De La, Rey Street & Voortrekker Road, ParowCape TownWestern Cape021 9302691View Map
58009TORGA OPTICAL TABLEVIEWNoShop 7 Pick & Pay Shopping, Centre Blaauwberg Road, Table ViewCape TownWestern Cape021 5571127View Map
63991SPEC-SAVERS MELKBOSSTRANDNoShop 17 Birkenhead Centre, Otto Du Plessis DriveMelkbosstrandWestern Cape021 5534333View Map
67318SPEC-SAVERS MOWBRAYNoShop 2 Shoprite Centre, Main RoadMowbrayWestern Cape021 6869345View Map
69396SMITNoShop 29 Mossel Bay Mall Cnr, Louis Fourie & Melkhout Street, HeiderandMossel BayWestern Cape044 6932260View Map
73954ZITHANo28 Worster Street, GrabouwGrabouwWestern Cape021 0070304View Map
74993DE VILLIERSNoCharles Morkel Medical Centre, 3 Gordons Bay Drive, StrandCape TownWestern Cape021 8544508View Map
79332BOTHASIG OPTICALNo4 Tafelberg Street, BothasigCape TownWestern Cape021 5588030View Map
84565OUTENIQUA OPTOMETRISTS INCORPORANo8 Knysna Road, Loerie ParkGeorgeWestern Cape044 8712931View Map
85871WOLFSWINKELNo7 Simonsrust Centre, Cnr Cluver Helshoogte RoadStellenboschWestern Cape021 8839399View Map
86851MEYERNoGround Floor Paardevlei, Historical Precinct De Beers, Somerset WestCape TownWestern Cape079 8834254View Map
88439NAIRNoCnr Aries Street & Klipfontein, Road, Surrey EstCape TownWestern Cape021 6379000View Map
89265ADAMNoShop 11 Checkers Centre, 201 Main RoadPlumsteadWestern Cape021 7977370View Map
89737SPEC-SAVERS ATHLONENoShop 13 & 14 Promenade Mall, Morgenster Road, Mitchells PlainCape TownWestern Cape021 3763177View Map
91553DANNEBERGNoShop 8 Bella Vista Building, 31 Blanckenberg Street, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9481716View Map
94870MELLIN OPTOMETRIST TABLE VIEWNoShop 50 Bayside Shopping Centre, Cnr Blaauwberg & Otto Du, Plessis RoadTable ViewWestern Cape021 5573931View Map
96288ESTERHUYSENNo112 Mahonie Lane, Kleinbron-estateBrackenfellWestern Cape
96318SPEC-SAVERS KUILSRIVERNoShop 29a Soneike Centre, Cnr Amandel & Bottelary Road, Kuils RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9060311View Map
98116SPEC SAVERSNoShop E2 The Market Square, Shopping Centre Beacon Way, Plettenberg BayPlettenberg BayWestern Cape044 5333350View Map
14354VOLSCHENKNoShop 11 Village Centre, Faure Marine Drive, Gordon's BayCape TownWestern Cape021 8563161View Map
14524YOUNGNo85/811 TesselaansdalCaledonWestern Cape021 2000596View Map
15008MELLINS I STYLE CENTURY CITYNoShop 168 Canal Walk Shopping, Centre Century City DriveCentury CityWestern Cape021 5512460View Map
15024MC NULTYNo2 Kenridge Avenue, KenridgeCape TownWestern Cape021 9760059View Map
15946HILLNoShop 6 Louis Square, Cross Street, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9484477View Map
15954GLANZNoShop 2, 34 Oxford Street, DurbanvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9760445View Map
17183DOWLEY & BROWN INCORPORATED - MINoShop 114 Lower Level Canal Walk, Shopping Centre Century Place, BoulevardCentury CityWestern Cape021 5520012View Map
19119BURGERNoShop 19 Deville Centre, Wellington Street, Wellway Park EastDurbanvilleWestern Cape021 9750511View Map
21636SMITNoShop 4 Pick N Pay Centre, Cnr Gabriel & Wicklow Road, PlumsteadCape TownWestern Cape021 7619102View Map
21687KILIANNoShop 1 A, 13 Main Road, VredenburgVredenburgWestern Cape022 7132163View Map
26786E MARAIS INCORPORATED - VREDENBNoShop L24 Weskus Mall, 110 Saldanha RoadVredenburgWestern Cape022 7135685View Map
26816UFP INVESTMENTSNoShop 2 Fairbridge Mall, Old Paarl RoadBrackenfellWestern Cape021 9811515View Map
26859E MARAIS INCORPORATED - TEDDINGNoAnstey Centre, Cnr Vrede & Teddington StreetBellvilleWestern Cape021 9481647View Map
26883E MARAIS INCORPORATED - VREDENBNoShop 6 Ipic Shopping Centre, Plein StreetVredenburgWestern Cape022 7134605View Map
40479BERRYNoUnit 6 Longboat Corner, Longboat Street, SunnydaleCape TownWestern Cape021 7852163View Map
40800SALIENo570 Govan Mbeki RoadLansdowneWestern Cape021 7971375View Map
42285COCKBURNNoShop 15 Maynard Mall, Cnr Main & Maynard Road, WynbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7628550View Map
42307SPEC-SAVERS LONGBEACH MALLNoShop G57 Longbeach Mall, Cnr Sunnydale Road, Buller Louw DriveNoordhoekWestern Cape021 7852181View Map
42609SPEC-SAVERS WORCESTERNoShop 3 Louis Building, Cnr High & Stockenstroom Street, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 3421323View Map
42625ESSOPNoAbaisha Centre, 356 Halt RoadElsies RiverWestern Cape021 9320286View Map
45357SPEC-SAVERS STATION C TNoShop 2 & 3 Cape Town Station, Strand Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4217123View Map
47414HILLNoShop 625 Tygervalley Centre Cnr, Old Oak Road & Carl Cronje Drive, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9142034View Map
48178GEHRINGNoLifestyle On Kloof, 50 Kloof Street, GardensCape TownWestern Cape021 4224521View Map
54143BIERMANNo9a Bloch Centre, Van Riebeeck Street, KraaifonteinCape TownWestern Cape021 9887488View Map
358355CERES OPTOMETRISTNo86a Voortrekker Street, CeresCeresWestern Cape023 3162001View Map
361895DE WITTNoShop E07 Bayside Shopping Centre, Blaawberg RoadTable ViewWestern Cape021 5575011View Map
363537SEREECONoShop 49 Junction Mall Cnr New, Eisleben & Govan Mbeki Road, PhilippiCape TownWestern Cape021 3720133View Map
365785TALIEPNoShop 15 St Peters Square, Main Road, ObservatoryCape TownWestern Cape021 4489821View Map
369713DANNEBERG OPTOMETRISTS RONDEBOSCNoShop 20 Riverside Mall, Cnr Belmont & Main Road, RondeboschCape TownWestern Cape021 6853726View Map
295108GODLWANANoShop 15 Tembani Centre, Cnr Lansdowne & Capital DriveKhayelitshaWestern Cape021 3876107
303771MELLINS I STYLE SOMERSET MALLNoShop 302 East Entrance Somerset, Mall Centenary Drive, Somerset WestCape TownWestern Cape021 8527516View Map
303798MELLINS I STYLE KLEINMONDNo75 Main Road, KleinmondKleinmondWestern Cape028 2715684View Map
303801MELLINS I STYLE STELLENBOSCH NEENoShop 6 Langenhoven Centre, Victoria StreetStellenboschWestern Cape021 8871778View Map
305162REYNEKE E - KNYSNANoShop 2 De Keur Centre, Voortrekker Street, CeresCeresWestern Cape023 3123060View Map
309958ROTHSCHILDNoShop 1 Palmhof Centre, Kloof Street, TamboerskloofCape TownWestern Cape021 4225544View Map
315206POTGIETERNoShop 4 Simonsplein, 61 Plein Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8829370View Map
316180GODLWANE X - XABISONo5 Lebensrium Street, AmandelsigKuils RiverWestern Cape051 4923601View Map
319597HOOSENNo10 Oasis Street, Eerste RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 7852181View Map
321249HODGKINSON W A H - TOKAINoShop G4 Steenberg Village, Centre Reddam Avenue, TokaiCape TownWestern Cape021 7013577View Map
326836MOSAVALNoShop 8 B P Centre, Cnr Rosmead Avenue & Wetton RoadKenilworthWestern Cape021 7618363View Map
326895BUCHANAN R M - TULBAGHNoSeef Building, 43b Van Der Stel Street, TulbaghTulbaghWestern Cape023 2301043View Map
241067ZALGAONKIRNoShop 5b Lentegeur Shopping, Centre Merrydale Avenue, LentegeurCape TownWestern Cape021 3711122View Map
243760HATTINGH OPTOMETRISTSNo57 Lang Street, MoorreesburgMoorreesburgWestern Cape022 4333164View Map
246824ZALGAONKIRNoShop B4, C/o Bosmansdam Way And Ratanga RCentury CityWestern Cape021 5287550
246832ZALGAONKIRNo60 Loch Road, KenilworthCape TownWestern Cape021 6719698View Map
259462GROENEWALD, UYS & KILLIAN OPTOMENoShop No 207 East Entrance, Somerset Mall Cnr N2 & Broadway, BoulevardSomerset WestWestern Cape021 8527516View Map
264652BRACKENFELL OPTOMETRISTNo20 Brackenfell Hypermarket, Old Paarl RoadBrackenfellWestern Cape021 9810512View Map
265837GOVENDER S - PAROW CENTRENoShope F1 - 16, Parow CentreParowWestern Cape021 9303070View Map
273686MONEHI S M - TEMBA CITYNoShop No 4 Temba CityTembaniWestern Cape021 7172999View Map
273694BOSMAN, MC NULTY, DU TOIT & WHITNo2 Kenridge Avenue, KenridgeCape TownWestern Cape021 9760059View Map
275972HODGKINSON AND VAN NIEKERK OPTOMNo2 Brockford House, 120 Main RoadMuizenbergWestern Cape021 7887281View Map
277916VAN NIEKERKNo89 Hibernia Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8730015View Map
278939PAPANoShop 1 Palmhof Centre, Kloof Street, TamboerskloofCape TownWestern Cape021 4225544View Map
280267NO??THNoShop 5 Welgelee Plein Cnr Piet, Retief & Champagne Street, WellingtonWellingtonWestern Cape021 8642990View Map
280364SIBUSISO OPTOMETRISTS - GOLDEN ANo32 C Golden Acre, Adderley StreetCape TownWestern Cape021 4212414View Map
280593VERMEULENNoSuite 11 Medical Centre, Hill StreetVredenburgWestern Cape022 7131434
280801HILLNoShop 5 Hugenot Square, Hugenot Street, FranschhoekFranschhoekWestern Cape021 8764415View Map
281077DOWLEY B J - WYNBERGNo15 Station RoadWynbergWestern Cape021 6942748View Map
283606JEREMY FOX ATLAS OPTOMETRIST - SNoGround Floor Shop No M5, Sanlam Head Offices, 2 Strand RoBellvilleWestern Cape041 5065725View Map
195561ALLIENoShop 20 Vangate Shopping Centre, Jakes Gerwel Drive, AthloneCape TownWestern Cape021 6850006View Map
196177MADUTUNGNoShop 11a Mfuleni ShopriteMfuleniWestern Cape021 9092615View Map
196517NIKSCH W - PAARL MALLNoShop 5 Paarl Mall, Cnr Cecilia & Nuwe Vlei Street, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8634318View Map
196851EDRIESNoShop E2 Watergate Mall, Cnr Az Berman & Stock Road, Mitchells PlainCape TownWestern Cape021 3710927View Map
197106BUCHANAN M C - PAARL MALLNoShop No 54, C/o Cecilia Street & New Vlei Ro, Paarl MallPaarlWestern Cape021 8634296/7View Map
197157SULLIVANNoHarry Goeman's Centre, 151 Main Road, BergvlietCape TownWestern Cape021 7122009View Map
198323GROENEWALD, UYS & KILLIAN OPTOMENoShop 83 Garden Route Mall, Knysna Road, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8870191View Map
199338MCDOWALLNoShop 47 Garden Route Mall, Knysna RoadGeorgeWestern Cape044 8870066View Map
199583VAN NIEKERKNoShop G16 Longbeach Mall Cnr, Buller Louw Drive & Sunnydale, SunnydaleCape TownWestern Cape021 7851886View Map
200506NGCEBETSHA AVELA INCORPORATED -NoShop 49 Khayelitsha Shopping, Centre Walter Sisulu Road, KhayelitshaCape TownWestern Cape021 3642850View Map
207829ALLIENo34 Plein Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4612750View Map
213780BUCHANAN M C - MOSSEL BAYNoShop 10 Langeberg Mall, VoorbaaiVoorbaaiWestern Cape011 6786556View Map
221937TEUBUSNoShop 82 & 83 Langeberg Mall, Louis Fourie Road, Mossel BayMossel BayWestern Cape044 6952980View Map
224278AH-SINGNoUnit S42 Spearhead Business, Park Cnr Freedom Way & Montague, DriveMontague GardensWestern Cape021 5529177View Map
224324PETERSENNoShop 11b Kenilworth Centre, Doncaster Road, KenilworthCape TownWestern Cape021 6712513View Map
226424JANSENNoCnr 6th Avenue & Otto Du Plessis, Drive, MelkbosstrandCape TownWestern Cape021 5532153View Map
228664ANDREWSNoG52 Blue Route Mall, 16 Tokai Road, TokaiCape TownWestern Cape021 7126725View Map
237655ADAM Z A - MITCHELLS PLAINNo11 Checkers Centre, Main RoadPlumsteadWestern Cape021 7977870View Map
240621HENDRI BUYS OPTOMETRISTNo44 Voortrekker StreetVredendalWestern Cape027 2135192View Map
135445VAN DER MEERNoUndisclosed, SedgefieldSedgefieldWestern Cape074 2355590View Map
135631BOSHOFFNoShop 4 Simonsplein, 61 Plein StreetStellenboschWestern Cape021 4224521
141453DU PLESSISNoSandpiper Centre, 5 Main Service RoadSedgefieldWestern Cape044 3431568View Map
150479VAN WYK C G - SOMERSET WESTNo17 Lourensford Road, Stuart's HillCape TownWestern Cape021 8520320View Map
154148VAN ZYLNoThe Momentum Golf Village, 2 De Beers Avenue, Somerset WestCape TownWestern Cape021 8547396View Map
154490GANEYNo170 Voortrekker Road, ParowCape TownWestern Cape021 9394006View Map
154636MENDELSOHNNoShop 2 Van Der Stel Building, 68 Druban RoadBellvilleWestern Cape021 9492154View Map
158828WELGEMOED A - STELLENBOSCH SQUARNoStellenbosch Square Centre, Cnr R44 & Webersvallei Road, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8802000View Map
165689HARPER S J - TOKAINoShop 13 Tokai Retail Centre, Main Road, TokaiCape TownWestern Cape021 7156238View Map
166405BURGER H E - DURBANVILLENoShop 19 De Ville Centre, Wellington Road, DurbanvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9763117View Map
523445MAKAN M - MALMESBURYNoShop 10 Erf 2552 Checkers, Centre Cnr Voortrekker & Riet, Retief StreetMalmesburyWestern Cape022 4821181View Map
530026MOALUSI T C AND ESSACK J ANoShop 3 Foodprop Centre, Connaught Road, Cravenby EstCape TownWestern Cape021 8027869View Map
535966GOUWSNoShop 18 Helderberg Centre, Forsyth Road, Somerset WestCape TownWestern Cape021 8511702View Map
457884GOUSSARDNoShop 1, 369 Main Road, Sea PointCape TownWestern Cape021 4390073View Map
458708PCD OPTOMETRIST INCNo14 Overberg CentreBredasdorpWestern Cape028 4241615View Map
461202SCHOEMAN P B - TYGERVALLEYNoUnit 16 A Tygervalley Medical &, Dental Centre 43 Old Oak Road, Tyger ValleyCape TownWestern Cape021 9433614View Map
464104TSHEKENo167 Wetton RoadWettonWestern Cape021 7032517View Map
464139PUTTER D U - VREDENBURGNoShop 1 A, 13 Main RoadVredenburgWestern Cape022 7132163View Map
464678BIERMAN VAN ZYLNoShop 3 Janester Sentrum, 30 Voortrekker Street, VredendalVredendalWestern Cape027 2135192View Map
468118BIERMAN J J & JANEKE R INCNoShop 23 Route 62 Shopping, Centre Piet Retief Street, RobertsonRobertsonWestern Cape023 6263803View Map
469718BIERMAN BRITZ INCORPORATEDNo25 High Street, HermanusHermanusWestern Cape028 3121810View Map
470767BESTERNo6 Marra Square, Bree Street, LangebaanLangebaanWestern Cape022 7721889View Map
471364BIERMAN KOTZE INCORPORATEDNoShop 6 Great White Centre, Main Road, Gans BayGans BayWestern Cape028 3843869View Map
471380BIERMAN GROBBELAAR INCORPORATEDNoShop 3 Prima Centre, Voortrekker Road, MalmesburyMalmesburyWestern Cape022 4824454View Map
475491STEENBERGNoShop 9 Boulevard Square Cnr, Brackenfell Boulevard & Protea, BrackenfellCape TownWestern Cape021 9824238View Map
476323BEUKESNoLilian Laing Building, Victoria Way, CaledonCaledonWestern Cape028 2141885View Map
479233DE VILLIERSNoShop 3 A Ceres Square, Cnr Owen & Voortrekker Street, CeresCeresWestern Cape023 3123768View Map
479837CHETTYNoShop G23 The Fountain Centre, Cnr Main & Belmont Road, RondeboschCape TownWestern Cape021 6866708View Map
480541DE WETNoShop 18 Woodmill Lane Centre, Long Street, KnysnaKnysnaWestern Cape044 3820118View Map
480568DE WETNo115 Church Street, OudtshoornOudtshoornWestern Cape044 2791223View Map
482773VAN NEELNoShop 7 Simonsrust Centre, Cnr Cluver & Helshoogte Road, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8839399View Map
497797JANSENNoShop 51ls Atlantis City Mall, Westfleur Circle, AtlantisCape TownWestern Cape021 5726436View Map
411477HABERLENoShop 1 Plattekloof Village, Centre Cnr Plattekloof &, Baronetcy BoulevardPlattekloofWestern Cape021 5584696View Map
414905COOMBESNoShop 8 Three Anchor Medical, Centre Main RoadThree Anchor BayWestern Cape021 4344500View Map
418951WALLSNoShop 7a Prince Vincent Square, 107 York Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8734695View Map
419931SERGELNoShop 47 Garden Route Mall, Knysna Road, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8870066View Map
423513JOUBERTNo9 Church Street, RiversdaleRiversdaleWestern Cape028 7133800View Map
424390NEO VISION OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 8 Zevenwacht Mall Cnr, Polkadraai & Van Riebeeck Road, Kuils RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9066213
431311DOWLEY B J - SANDBAAINo71 Main RoadSandbaaiWestern Cape028 3161199View Map
434108STEMMET G G AND CHETTY L LNoUnit 10 The Village Square, Yudelmans Lane, PlumsteadCape TownWestern Cape021 8391878View Map
434264EDRIES Y - ATHLONENoSurrey Optometrist, 125 Comet Road, Surrey EstCape TownWestern Cape021 6372075View Map
438626NIKSCH W - PAROW CENTRENoShop 143d Parow Centre Cnr, Voortrekker Road & De La Rey, Parow EastCape TownWestern Cape021 9115414View Map
439908VAN DER HEYDENoShop 335 Entrance 4 Somerset, Mall Cnr Centenary Drive & R44, Somerset WestCape TownWestern Cape021 8520765View Map
443174BOTHANo8 Knysna Road, Loerie ParkGeorgeWestern Cape044 8712931View Map
451177SNYMANNo32 Main Road, GreytonGreytonWestern Cape028 1250190View Map
452254SCHOEMAN P B - CAPE GATENoShop L51 Cape Gate Centre, Cnr Okovango & De Bron Road, BrackenfellCape TownWestern Cape021 9813329View Map
454893LIEBENBERGNoPaarl Eye Centre, 20 Bo Lady Grey, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8721910View Map
455768RAMPHAL D - RETREATNoUnit D1 Tokai Village Centre, Cnr Tokai & Vans Road, TokaiCape TownWestern Cape021 7128069View Map
375527RODDNoUnit 2 Niuport Building, Recreation Road, Fish HoekCape TownWestern Cape021 7826313View Map
375640PHUNGULA P - GUGULETHU SQUARENoShop 47a Gugulethu Square Cnr, Steve Biko & Bishops Court, GuguletuCape TownWestern Cape021 2057454View Map
377228VAN DER MERWENoShop 53 Laguna Mall, Laguna Street, LangebaanLangebaanWestern Cape022 7720467View Map
381810CROWIENoShop 7a Middestad Mall, Charl Malan Street, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9483871View Map
383155MELLINS I STYLE STELLENBOSCHNoRoom 119 - 121 1st Floor, Eikestad Mall Andringa Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8874620View Map
383163MELLINS I STYLE EERSTE RIVIERNoShop 28, Grand CentralEerste RiverWestern Cape021 9041650View Map
384925SCHOEMANNoShop 59 Cobble Walk Centre Cnr, De Villiers Drive & Verdi, BoulevardSonstraal HeightsWestern Cape021 9765122View Map
385549MOOLMANNo32 Church Street, WellingtonWellingtonWestern Cape021 8730074View Map
387347PUTTER D U - PAROWNo127 Alexandra StreetParowWestern Cape021 9451440View Map
387886VAN HEYNINGEN S J - VILLIERSDORPNo21 Cnr Union & Muller Street, VilliersdorpVilliersdorpWestern Cape028 8401240View Map
392537SPIJKERMANNo4 Saffraan Avenue, Die BoordStellenboschWestern Cape021 8870041View Map
394459ZALGAONKIRNoShop 9 Cavalier Centre, Hindle Road, Blue DownsCape TownWestern Cape021 9095551View Map
394467ZALGAONKIRNoShop 2 Waldorf Centre, 80 St Georges Mall, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4223130View Map
395919DE BEER M J G - BROADWAYNoShop 4 Cinnamon Square, 110 Gordan's Bay DriveStrandWestern Cape021 8543951
396133P JACOBS OPTOMETRIST - ROBERTSONNo22 Cnr Kerk & Reitz Street, RobertsonRobertsonWestern Cape023 6263654View Map
397091ANEMANoShop 94 Zevenwacht Mall Cnr Van, Riebeeck & Polkadraai Road, Kuils RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9060689View Map
398756GILLILAND A G - WELLINGTONNoShop 5 Market Square Pick 'n, Pay Centre Main Road, WellingtonWellingtonWestern Cape021 8642120View Map
399531KENNEDYNo19 Solway Street, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9498377View Map
336297SMITNoShop 2 Welgemoed Plaza, Kommissaris Street, WelgemoedCape TownWestern Cape021 9130178View Map
339024NELNo9 Crozier Road, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8833088View Map
342653DANIELNoShop No 14 Overberg Centre, Church StreetBredasdorpWestern Cape028 4241615View Map
343773EDUARD REYNEKE INCORPORATEDNo115 Kerk StreetOudtshoornWestern Cape044 2791223View Map
343846ANDERSONNoInside Checkers Hyper N1city Mal, Shop 12, N1 CityGoodwoodWestern Cape021 5241922View Map
350354VAN ZYLNoShop 3 Janester Sentrum, 30 Voortrekker Street, VredendalVredendalWestern Cape027 2135192View Map
354694VAN HEYNINGEN S J - GORDON'S BAYNoShop 3 Memory Lane Building Cnr, Andringa Street & Banghoek Road, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8838091View Map
357197NIEUWOUDTNoShop 4 Ipic Shopping Center, Door De Kraal Avenue, KenridgeCape TownWestern Cape021 9141521View Map
638803GERBERNoUnit 16a Intercare Medical And, Dental Centre 43 Old Oak Road, Tyger ValleyCape TownWestern Cape021 9433614View Map
646911MKHOMBENo875 Bassi Road, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape082 5764224View Map
648124NEFDTNoShop 2a Ground Floor Upper East, Side 31 Brickfield Road, WoodstockCape TownWestern Cape021 8242259View Map
651486HLAVANoShop G4, The Sanctuary ComplexSomerset WestWestern Cape021 4923903View Map
657867LANGUAGENoShop 510 A Canal Walk, Century Boulevard, Century CityCape TownWestern Cape021 5511768View Map
660000HOONNoShop 23 Karoo Junction Mall, Cnr Donkin & Danie Theron Street, Beaufort-wesBeaufort WestWestern Cape023 4142868View Map
660108LALLANoShop G57 Longbeach Mall Cnr, Sunnydale & Buller Louw Drive, Sun ValleyCape TownWestern Cape021 7852181View Map
663042DANNEBERGNoShop 63 Gardens Shopping Centre, Cnr Buitenkant & Mill Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 2066357View Map
668125VAN DER WESTHUIZENNoCnr Voortrekker & Prinsloo, Street, CitrusdalCitrusdalWestern Cape022 9212024View Map
668249BROWNNoShop 1 Pluttekloof Village Cnr, Plattekloof & Baronetcy, BoulevardPlattekloofWestern Cape021 5584696View Map
677418W NIKSCH AND PARTNERSNoShop 10 Checkers Centre, 4 Hill Street, MalmesburyMalmesburyWestern Cape022 4821181View Map
683213KAZIENoShop 57 Vangate Mall, Jakes Gerwel Drive, AthloneCape TownWestern Cape021 6998574View Map
688649VAN TONDERNoShop 87b Protea Building, 87 Voortrekker Street, SwellendamSwellendamWestern Cape028 5141296View Map
689904SWARTNoShop E10 Eikestad Mall, 43 Andringa Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8828443View Map
691623SCHOEMANNoShop 6b Ground Floor Bellville, Sanlam Head Office 2 Strand Road, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9472288View Map
579114CRONJENoShop 9 De Kuilen Shopping, Centre Kerk Street, Kuils RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9036830View Map
582034HLAVANoShop 21 Vergelegen Plein, Checkers Centre Cnr Sir Lowry’s, Pass & Bizweni RoadSomerset WestWestern Cape021 8511670View Map
583898BASSONNoShop 5 Welgelee Plain Cnr Piet, Retief & Champagne Street, WellingtonWellingtonWestern Cape021 8642990View Map
585564NAWAZNoShop No 10 Torga Optical, Mosselbay Langeberg Mall Louis, Fourie RoadMossel BayWestern Cape044 6786556View Map
587796KOEKEMOERNoShop 2 & 3 Cape Town Station, Strand Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4217123View Map
591556FOURIENoShop 3 The Island Club, Rialto Road, Century CityCape TownWestern Cape021 5512084View Map
593184BEWSHERNo161 Voortrekker Road, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9489280View Map
596531DANNEBERGNoUnit 713 7th Floor The Cliffs, Head Office Tyger Waterfront, BellvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9140637View Map
601314OLWAGENNoShop 3 Ipic Shopping Centre, Plein Street, VredenburgVredenburgWestern Cape022 7134605View Map
604062VAN DER WALTNoShop 47 Garden Route Mall, Knysna Road, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8870066View Map
605581ZALGAONKIRNoShop N3-5 Eerste River Mall Cnr, Van Riebeeck Road & Plein, StreetEerste RiverWestern Cape021 9020107View Map
606871VOSLOONoGrnd Flr Panorama H C C Cnr, Rothschild Blvd & Hennie, Winterbach StreetPanoramaWestern Cape021 1003233View Map
612502PIENAARNoShop 1a Wembley Square, Solan Road, GardensCape TownWestern Cape021 4612475View Map
613215DE BEERNo6 Seewier Street, Struis BayStruis BayWestern Cape028 4326454View Map
613614BIERMAN VAN ZYL GROBBELAAR INCORNoShop 24 Sun Valley Mall 37 Cnr, De Villiers & Buller Louw Drive, SunnydaleCape TownWestern Cape021 7853141View Map
619256JACKSONNoIntercare Medical And Dental, Centre Link RoadParklandsWestern Cape021 5561778View Map
624268VAN HEERDENNoShop 7a Gateway Centre, Main Road, HermanusHermanusWestern Cape028 3122383View Map
626503FERREIRANoShop 6 Laborie Centre, Main Street, Southern PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8631204View Map
633720VAN DER WALTNoShop L54 Capegate Shopping, Centre Cnr De Bron & Okavango, BrackenfellCape TownWestern Cape021 9819131View Map
537829SWANEPOELNoShop 13 Flamingo Square Centre, 212 Blaauwberg Road, Table ViewCape TownWestern Cape084 4244888View Map
546453BIERMAN VOLSCHENK INCORPORATEDNoShop 10 Victoria Mall, Hoop Street, CaledonCaledonWestern Cape028 2121977View Map
546658FLANDERNo133 Cypress WayWestridgeWestern Cape081 5428742View Map
547816BIERMAN L J J AND VOLSCHENK P -NoShop 11 The Village Centre, Faure Marine Drive, Gordon's BayCape TownWestern Cape021 8563161View Map
548162BIERMAN L J J AND GROBBELAAR J -NoShop U31 West Coast Mall, 110 Saldanha Road, VredenburgVredenburgWestern Cape022 7191164View Map
548634VAN ZYL T A, BARNARD B AND BIERMNoShop 20 Maskam Mall, Kerk Road, VredendalVredendalWestern Cape027 2131266View Map
554707LATIEFNoShop 2a Janjira Centre, 308 Halt RoadElsies RiverWestern Cape021 6386436
557374BEKKERNo46 Cnr Plein & Spin Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4617934View Map
558451FARHAD ALLY - BRACKENFELLNoShop 19, Jeanette Street, BrackenfellCape TownWestern Cape021 9811515View Map
558478FARHAD ALLY - MUTUAL PARKNoShop 2 Mutual Park, Jan Smuts Drive, PinelandsCape TownWestern Cape021 5310609View Map
563420RICHNoShop F242 Blueroute Mall, 16 Tokai Road, TokaiCape TownWestern Cape021 7124717View Map
563781BIERMAN VAN DER MERWE INCORPORATNoShop 6 Midville Centre Cnr, Wellington Road & Oxford Street, DurbanvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9754775View Map
564990ALLIENoShop C74 Concourse Golden Acre, Shopping Centre Adderley Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4182185View Map
567973LEONARD L AND PARTNERSNo47 Mission Street, PacaltsdorpGeorgeWestern Cape044 8780100View Map
572497JOOSTENo17 Ascot Road, MilnertonCape TownWestern Cape067 3276722View Map
499897BIERMANNo5 Village Centre, Faure Marine DriveGordon'S BayWestern Cape021 8563161View Map
504084BIERMANNoShop 23 Route 62 Shopping, Centre Piet Retief Street, RobertsonRobertsonWestern Cape023 6263803View Map
509485GROENEWALDNo134 Voortrek StreetSwellendamWestern Cape028 5143747View Map
512842DOWLEYNoShop 2 Mutual Park, Jan Smuts DrivePinelandsWestern Cape021 5310609View Map
513490BERGH C C GLENGARRYNoShop 39 Glengarry Shopping, Centre De Bron Road, VredekloofCape TownWestern Cape021 9811375View Map
514039PETERSENNo4 Staines Road, PlumsteadCape TownWestern Cape073 1939654View Map
515280COETSEENoShop 7 Pick N Pay Centre, Knysna RoadGeorgeWestern Cape044 8710181View Map
516252VREY R - BAYSIDE MALLNoShop 77 Bayside Mall, Cnr Blaauwberg & West Coast Road, Table ViewCape TownWestern Cape021 5562011View Map
516708MEYERNoShop 6 Pinehurst Centre Cnr, Brackenfell Boulevard &, Pinehurst DriveDurbanvilleWestern Cape021 9792726View Map
517429BERGH C C - WORCESTERNoShop 82 Mountain Mill Shopping, Centre Mountain Mill Drive, Hospital HillWorcesterWestern Cape023 3426970View Map
518107ESSACKNoShop 3, 199 Connaught Road, Cravenby EstCape TownWestern Cape021 8027869View Map
519642BELL A F - N1 CITY MALLNoShop 88-89 N1 City Mall, Louwtjie Rothman Street, N1 CityCape TownWestern Cape021 5952191View Map
519782MAKAN M - WESKUSNoShop U9 Weskus Mall, 110 Saldanha RoadVredenburgWestern Cape022 7143982View Map
519952MAKAN M - VREDENBURGNoShop 6 Ipic Shoping Centre, Plein StreetVredenburgWestern Cape022 7134605View Map
519960MAKAN M - LAGUNANoShop 53 Laguna Mall, Vredenburg RoadLangebaanWestern Cape022 7720467View Map
822337LUBBENo61 Meade Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 0110535View Map
824313LALLANoShop F242 Blue Route Mall, 16 Tokai Road, TokaiCape TownWestern Cape021 7124717View Map
831654HOOSENNoShop G57 Longbeach Mall Cnr, Sunny Dale Road & Buller Louw, Sun ValleyCape TownWestern Cape021 9045521View Map
832871HOOSENNoShop Gf 22 Harbour Bay Centre, Cnr Main & Dido Valley Road, Simon's TownCape TownWestern Cape021 2053144View Map
833622VAN VUURENNoShop 7 Heather Park Centre, Cnr Pine & Witfontein Road, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 3330423View Map
834629NEFDTNoUnit 9, Dock Road, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 0450763View Map
834734KHANNoShop 28 Constantia Emporium, Spaanschemat Road, ConstantiaCape TownWestern CapeView Map
837997MARITZNoShop 10 Langeberg Mall, Louis Fourie Road, Mossel BayMossel BayWestern Cape044 6952876View Map
838756TONKILNo70 Voortrekker Road, ParowCape TownWestern Cape021 9399141View Map
868647SCHOEMANNoShop 23 Picbel Parkade, 58 Strand Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 2000411View Map
868655SINGHNoShop L36 Ottery Hyper Centre, 23 Woodlands Road, OtteryCape TownWestern Cape021 0350288View Map
871737WETHERALLNoShop 13 Edgemead Village CentreEdgemeadWestern Cape021 5587128
871745WETHERALLNo4 Tatelberg, BothasigCape TownWestern Cape021 5588030
5002559ROOSNoCapitol Corner, 25 Church Street, WynbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7979193View Map
7000332HALLNoShop 6 Dean Street Arcade, Cnr Main & Dean Street, NewlandsCape TownWestern Cape021 6892938View Map
7001584WELDONNo130 Mitchell Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8742803View Map
7001932SINCLAIR SLOANE(PTY)LTDNo133 Main RoadSomerset WestWestern Cape021 8511860View Map
7002181VAN SPRONSENNoShop 5 Mont Clare Place, Main Road, ClaremontCape TownWestern Cape021 6743166View Map
7002297DANNERNoWeck & Danner, 36b Lady Grey StreetPaarlWestern Cape021 8722438View Map
7002653HORNNo48 Marsh StreetMossel BayWestern Cape044 6911010View Map
7002718TONKILNo70 Voortrekker Road, ParowCape TownWestern Cape021 9399141View Map
7002874DANNERNo7 Bree StreetVredenburgWestern Cape022 7131431View Map
7003633HORNNoMediclinic George Cnr Gloucester, Lane & York Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8742374View Map
7006500MELLINNoShop 1 Old Mutual Building, 40 Voortrekker Street, De AarDe AarWestern Cape053 6312751View Map
7006632SLABBERNoShop 10 Queens Square, Voortrekker Road, OudtshoornOudtshoornWestern Cape044 2791636View Map
749826MARITZNoShop 6b Bellville Sanlam Head, Office 2 Strand Road, BelgraviaCape TownWestern Cape021 9472288View Map
753661VAN VUURENNo36b Lady Grey Street, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8722438View Map
757578SPENCENoShop Gf 006 Centre Point, Shopping Centre Cnr Loxton &, Koeberg RoadMilnertonWestern Cape021 0350334View Map
762490BELLNoShop G309 Table Bay Mall, Cnr R27 & Berkshire Boulevard, SunningdaleCape TownWestern Cape021 0070450View Map
764574DE BEERNoShop 19 Somerset Mall, Centenary Drive, Somerset WestCape TownWestern Cape021 8511347View Map
768227BIERMAN VAN DER MERWE INCNoShop 10 Okavango Crossing, Cnr Okavango & Langeberg Road, BrackenfellCape TownWestern Cape021 9874546View Map
768537NAUDENoShop L51 Cape Gate Centre, Cnr Okovango & De Bron Road, BrackenfellCape TownWestern Cape021 9813329View Map
769673BIERMAN JANEKE INCNoShop 5 Q Square, 29 Baring Street, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 3421828View Map
770418LE ROUXNoShop 29 Village Square Shopping, Centre Cnr Oxford & Queen Street, DurbanvilleCape TownWestern CapeView Map
770566BEKKERNoShop 8 Zevenwacht Mall Cnr Van, Riebeeck & Polkedraai Road, Kuils RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9066213View Map
771198KHANNoShop 13 - 14 Palmyra Junction, Shopping Centre 9 Palmyra Road, ClaremontCape TownWestern Cape021 6714209View Map
772542SWARTNo37 Plein Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8828443View Map
775592SERGELNoShop 4 Ok Centre, Meade Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8870066View Map
779989JACKSONNoShop 14 Durbanville Town Centre, Wellington Road, DurbanvilleCape TownWestern Cape021 9755162View Map
787671TONKILNoShop 12 The Point Mall, 76 Regent Road, Sea PointCape TownWestern Cape021 4395472View Map
790915NAUDENoShop 38a Haasendal Shopping, Mall 2 Haasendal Road, KuilsrivierCape TownWestern Cape021 0019862View Map
794171SEREECONoShop 49 Junction Mall Cnr New, Eisleben & Govan Mbeki Road, PhilippiCape TownWestern Cape021 3720133View Map
808970MOOLMANNo7 Bree Street, VredenburgVredenburgWestern Cape051 4101666View Map
810193SITHIVHELANoShop 17, Thembukwezi MallMandalayWestern Cape021 3870015
812951ANDERSONNoShop 19b Paradys Park Cnr Frans, Conradie Drive & Paradys Road, St Michael'sBrackenfellWestern Cape021 9839058View Map
814288KRITZINGERNoShop 9 De Kuilen Shopping, Centre Carinus Street, Kuils RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9036830View Map
817775VAN VURENNoShop 6 Pinehurst Centre, Cnr Brackenfell And Pinehurst, PinehurstWestern CapeWestern Cape021 2850692View Map
700002BOTHANoShop G350 Tablebay Mall, Cnr R27 & Berkshire Boulevard, BloubergstrandCape TownWestern Cape021 2029977View Map
700738SWANEPORLNoShop 3 Memory Lane Building Cnr, Andringa Street & Banghoek Road, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8838091View Map
702145COTZNoShop G59a Whale Coast Mall, R43 Main Road, HermanusHermanusWestern Cape028 3122943View Map
702153GOTZNoSpec-savers Hermanus, 90 Main RoadHermanusWestern Cape028 3122641
704199KOEKEMOERNoShop 5 Adelphi Centre, 277 Main Road, Sea PointCape TownWestern Cape021 2029971View Map
707244BESTNoShop 10 Langeberg Mall, Louis Fourie Road, MosselbaaiMossel BayWestern Cape044 6952876View Map
709743VAN TONDERNoShop 2, 26 Voortrekker Avenue, RobertsonRobertsonWestern Cape023 6261705View Map
709840SWANEPOELNoShop G003 Table Bay Mall, Cnr R27 & Berkshire Boulevard, BloubergstrandCape TownWestern Cape021 5547008View Map
710695VAN DER HEYDENoShop 15 Gordons Bay Shopping, Centre Sir Lowrys Pass Road, Gordon's BayCape TownWestern Cape021 0100055View Map
710776DOWLEYNoShop G37 Willowbridge Shopping, Centre Carl Cronje Drive, Tyger ValleyCape TownWestern Cape021 9140532View Map
711829DU TOITNoShop 209 Somerset Mall, Centenary Drive, Somerset WestCape TownWestern Cape021 8529491View Map
712671S BRINK INCNoShop 59 Kenilworth Centre, Doncaster Road, KenilworthCape TownWestern Cape021 6712756View Map
716456VAN JAARSVELDNoShop 36a Whale Coast Village, Mall Main Road, HermanusHermanusWestern Cape028 3123075View Map
733083DE BEERNoShop No L14 Cape Gate Shopping, Centre Cnr Okavango Street & De, Bron RoadBrackenfellWestern Cape021 9818568View Map
734144DE BEERNoShop 54 Paarl Mall, Cnr Cecilia & Nuwe Vlei Street, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8634297View Map
737097JACOBSNoShop 17 Checkers Shopping, Centre Mill Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8833926View Map
637424M C GOUSSARD AND L HATTINGHNoShop 1, 369 Main Road, Sea PointCape TownWestern Cape021 4390073View Map
7018215PUTTERNoHuguenot Park 4 Cnr Klein, Drakenstein Road & Van Der Merwe, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8713036View Map
7018304BROWN WYNNE & ASSOCIATES INCORPONoShop 625 Tygervalley Centre Cnr, Willie Von Schoor & Bill, Bezuidenhout AvenueTyger ValleyWestern Cape021 9142034View Map
7018886KOCKNoShop 33 West Coast Village, Cnr Sandown & West Coast Road, SunningdaleCape TownWestern Cape021 5541878View Map
7019130HLAVANo18 Dirkie Uys Road, Audas EstCape TownWestern Cape021 8523667View Map
7019378KHAN OPTOMETRISTNo8 Bellmore Avenue, Mount ViewCape TownWestern Cape021 6912715View Map
7019440OPTIKA PAARLNoShop 60 Paarl Mall, Cecelia StreetPaarlWestern Cape021 8711470View Map
7019556CHERRY DE BEER - STRANDNoShop 11 Goedehoop Shopping, Centre Broadway Boulevard, StrandCape TownWestern Cape021 8535661View Map
7019599MALANNoShop 18 Pnp Centre Cnr Main, Service Road & Kingfisher Drive, SedgefieldSedgefieldWestern Cape044 3432388View Map
7019750SPEC-SAVERS MITCHELLS PLAINNoG52 Blue Route Mall, 16 Tokai Road, TokaiCape TownWestern Cape021 7126725View Map
7019955ALLYNoBlue Downs Medical Centre, 50 Blue Downs Way, Blue DownsCape TownWestern Cape021 9095999View Map
7020538NYATHIKAZINoShop 2 Waldorf Centre, 80 St Georges Mall, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4223130View Map
7020961P L OBERMEYER OPTOMETRISTS GRABONoShop 14 & 15 Grabouw Centre, Oudebrug Road, GrabouwGrabouwWestern Cape021 8593471View Map
7021054HATTINGH OPTOMETRISTS - PIKETBERNo89 Lang StreetPiketbergWestern Cape022 9131747View Map
7015054ZINNNoRoom 203 2nd Floor Cure Day, Clinic 10 School Street, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8701863View Map
7015488OPPERMANNoCnr Church & Stockenstrom Street, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 3473076View Map
7015933EDGEMEAD OPTICAL CENTRENoShop 13 Edgemead Shopping, Centre Cnr Letchworth DriveEdgemeadWestern Cape021 5587128View Map
7015968ALLINo13 Balvenie Avenue, ElnorElsies RivierWestern Cape021 9334999View Map
7016689SPECTACLE WAREHOUSENo277-279 Imam Haron Road, ClaremontCape TownWestern Cape021 6744141View Map
7017588PULFORSNo31 Rose Avenue, KirstenhofCape TownWestern Cape021 7158555View Map
7017642ASPECT VISIONNo18 Dirkie Uys Road, Audas EstCape TownWestern Cape021 8523667View Map
7017669SPEC-SAVERS ST GEORGES STREETNoSt Georges Mall, 52 Castle Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4244064View Map
7017723SPECTACLE WORLDNoShop 50-51 N1 City Value Centre, Solly Smiedt Street, GoodwoodCape TownWestern Cape021 5953410View Map
7017839SLABBERNo69 Victoria Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8741602View Map
7017944SPEC-SAVERS WYNBERGNoCnr Main & Piers Roads, Shoprite BuildingWynbergWestern Cape021 7628550View Map
7012071NIKSCH OPTOMETRISTSNoShop 11 Shoprite Park 262, Voortrekker Road, ParowCape TownWestern Cape021 9393206View Map
7012330RADEMEYERNo161 High Street, OudtshoornOudtshoornWestern Cape044 2792668View Map
7012543CLAASSENNo71 Main Road, SaldanhaSaldanhaWestern Cape022 7143086View Map
7012578BREYTENBACH OPTOMETRIST - MALMESNo26 Vrede Street, MalmesburyMalmesburyWestern Cape022 4821671View Map
7012829NAIDOONoShop 2 Broad Road Medical, Centre Broad Road, WynbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7974355View Map
7012969PAPPINNoShop 6 Plattekloof Centre, Plattekloof RoadPlattekloofWestern Cape021 9111005View Map
7013124NAIDOONoShop 14 Atlantis City Mall, Wesfleur Circle, AtlantisCape TownWestern Cape021 5721870View Map
7013132REIDNoShop 12 Fish Hoek Town Square, Main RoadFish HoekWestern Cape021 7016471View Map
7013159POTGIETERNo3 Milkwood Village, Beacon RoadWildernessWestern Cape044 8770708View Map
7013272BUCHALTERNo7 Woolworths Arcade Town Centre, Symphony Walk, Mitchells PlainCape TownWestern Cape021 3926114View Map
7013884GATEWAY OPTICAL CENTRENo18 Hazel Road, Rylands EstCape TownWestern Cape021 6383375View Map
7014147CLASSEN OPTOMETRISTNo5 Unie Street, VredenburgVredenburgWestern Cape022 7151402View Map
7014252EYELINK - RETREATNo2 Poppys Vilage, Cnr 7th Avenue & Retreat RoadRetreatWestern Cape021 7126411View Map
7014317DE BEERNoShop 15 The Pavillion Shopping, Centre Long Street, BredasdorpBredasdorpWestern Cape028 4251540View Map
7014562HODGKINSONNoShop 8 The Arcade, 104 Main RoadFish HoekWestern Cape021 7826092View Map
7014643HOLLANDERNoShop 10 City Centre, Main Road, Eerste RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9048900View Map
7014651GOTZNoShop 3 Village Corner, 104 Main Road, HermanusHermanusWestern Cape028 3122641View Map
7015038SOUTHERNNo9 Newton Drive, MeadowridgeMeadowridgeWestern Cape021 5952802/00
7007159ATHLONE OPTICAL CENTRENoMelofin Centre Cnr Lawrence &, Old Klipfontein Road, AthloneCape TownWestern Cape021 6971300View Map
7007582GAMSUNoShop 1 Bridgeway Centre, George Road, AthloneCape TownWestern Cape021 6969720View Map
7007930COPPEZNoShop 21 Piazza St John, 395 Main Road, Sea PointCape TownWestern Cape021 4397251View Map
7008104HOLLANDERNoShop 9 Kerkplein Shopping, Centre 51 Van Riebeeck Road, Kuils RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9061473View Map
7008279GOLDSTEINNo34 Maynard Road, WynbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7978984View Map
7008287WYNBERG EYE CARE CCNo25 Church Street, WynbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7979193View Map
7008309MALANNoShop 68 Westgate Mall Cnr, Vanguard Drive & Morgenster Road, Mitchells PlainCape TownWestern Cape021 3712800View Map
7009763GRIMBLYNo3 Kerk Street, AraunaCape TownWestern Cape021 9814579View Map
7009828HACKNo1 Quest RoadMilnertonWestern Cape021 5517515View Map
7010222ALLIENoShop 20 Vangate Shopping Centre, Jakes Gerwel Drive, AthloneCape TownWestern Cape021 6850006View Map
7010524NEWBYNo2a Goodwood Mall, Mcdonald StreetGoodwoodWestern Cape021 5913031View Map
7010656MAARTENSNo7 Kerk Road, VredendalVredendalWestern Cape027 2131822View Map
7010761CAVENoShop 6, 28 Main RoadSedgefieldWestern Cape044 3433196View Map
7010818OBERMEYERNo2 Pioneer Way, CaledonCaledonWestern Cape028 2121691View Map
7011083RADEMEYERNoAbsa Building, Church Street, RiversdaleRiversdaleWestern Cape028 7131646View Map
7011466BESTERNo6 Plattekloof Centre, Olienhout Avenue, PlattekloofCape TownWestern Cape021 9111007View Map
7011539SLABBERNo120 Bird Street, Beaufort WestBeaufort WestWestern Cape023 4143519View Map
818828VERMEULENNoUnit 10 Century Village Cnr, Socrates Way & Century Avenue, Century CityCape TownWestern Cape084 4531249View Map
819573SCHOEMANNoShop 107 Mountain Mill Shopping, Centre Mountain Mill Drive, Hospital HillWorcesterWestern Cape023 3423192View Map
820156BIERMAN JANEKE INCNoShop 21 Robertson Quarter Cnr, Kerk Street & Johan De Jong Lane, RobertsonRobertsonWestern Cape023 6262310View Map
821608FERREIRANoShop L14 Cape Gate, Cnr De Bron And Okavango Rd, Cape GateBrackenfellWestern Cape021 9818568View Map
822159PUTTERNoHuguenot Park 4 Cnr Klein, Drakenstein Road & Van Der Merwe, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8713036View Map
7100604ROOSNoCapital Corner, 25 Church Street, WynbergCape TownWestern Cape021 7979193View Map
7032838DE WETNoShop Z1-02 The Knysna Mall, 39-41 Main Road, KnysnaKnysnaWestern Cape044 3820530View Map
7032943VAN DER MERWENoShop 11 Waterstone Village, Cnr R44 & Main Road, Somerset WestCape TownWestern Cape021 8500868View Map
7033370SABENNo22 Bree Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4181191View Map
7033540SPEC-SAVERS STELLENBOSCHNo37 Plein Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8833859View Map
7033567LOCKHATNo69 Kromboom Road, Rondebosch EastCape TownWestern Cape021 6972847View Map
7034458ISMAILNo72 Klip Road, Grassy ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 7050531View Map
7035004SMITNoPeppertree Building, 67 Long Street, Great Brak RiverGroot BrakrivierWestern CapeView Map
7035233BROWN L J W & ASSOCIATES INCORPONoShop 2 Checkers Centre, Cnr Main & Gordon Road, Somerset WestCape TownWestern Cape021 8527260View Map
7035357IJIEHNoShop 4 Grand Central Shopping, Centre 7 Plein Street, Cape TownCape TownWestern Cape021 4620218View Map
7035411OBERHOLZERNo55 Hennie Winterbach StreetPanoramaWestern Cape021 9305222View Map
7035535WELGEMOEDNoCircle Centre, Main Road, Somerset WestCape TownWestern Cape021 8511329View Map
7035659PHILLIPSNoDe Bron Centre, 31 Voortrekker Road, MalmesburyMalmesburyWestern Cape022 4821900View Map
7035810SMITH T/A WAYNE SMITH OPTICSNo50 Hennie Winterbach StreetPanoramaWestern Cape021 9303980View Map
7035845PHILLIPSNoShop 11 The Paddocks Shopping, Centre Cnr Racecourse Road &, Grand National BoulevardMilnertonWestern Cape021 5524571View Map
7036256ROYKERNoShop 49 Vangate Mall, Vanguard Drive, Vanguard EstCape TownWestern Cape021 6381016View Map
7100264GREWENo13 Vasco Boulevard, VascoCape TownWestern Cape021 5911433View Map
7027931MOSTERT OPTOMETRIST INCORPORATEDNo8 Hope StreetCaledonWestern Cape028 2121737View Map
7028776PUTTERNoShop 94 Zevenwacht Mall Cnr Van, Riebeeck & Polkadraai Road, Kuils RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9060689View Map
7029675SOLOMONNo20 Mcintyre Street, ParowCape TownWestern Cape021 9391020View Map
7030045KELLYNo24a Paul Kruger Street, RobertsonRobertsonWestern Cape023 6265856View Map
7031092VAN DER MERWE SWELLENDAM INCORPONo140 Voortrek Street, SwellendamSwellendamWestern Cape028 5141080View Map
7031106JOUBERTNo9 Church Street, RiversdaleRiversdaleWestern Cape028 7133800View Map
7031122VAN DER MERWE OPTOMETRIST INCNo7 Dirkie Uys Street, BredasdorpBredasdorpWestern Cape028 4242611View Map
7031394EYEPEROPTICS HEIDELBERGNoShop U09 Weskus Mall, 110 Saldanha Road, VredenburgVredenburgWestern Cape022 7133031View Map
7031769HARPERNoShop 6 Meadowridge Shopping, Centre 13 Howard Drive, MeadowridgeCape TownWestern Cape021 7126243View Map
7031882SPEC-SAVERS N1 CITYNoShop 59 - 60 N1 City Mall, Louwtjie Rothman Street, N1 CityCape TownWestern Cape021 5951310View Map
7032374CHETTYNoUnit 10 The Village Square, Yudelmans Lane, PlumsteadCape TownWestern Cape021 8391878View Map
7032536SPEC-SAVERS GEORGE CCNoShop 4 Loerie Centre, 107 Meade Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8740078View Map
7024681HARTEVELDNoUnit A, 4 Mascador Street, VoorbaaiMossel BayWestern Cape044 6951688View Map
7024959GILLILANDNoShop 5 Market Square Pick N Pay, Centre Main Road, WellingtonWellingtonWestern Cape021 8642120View Map
7025068GQADANoUluntu Resource Centre, 85a Christmas Tinto RoadGuguletuWestern Cape021 6330385View Map
7025173SPEC-SAVERS BAYSIDENoShop 92 Bayside Mall, Cnr Blaauwberg & Westcoast Road, Table ViewCape TownWestern Cape021 5575587View Map
7025246DE WINNAARNo44 Russell Street, WorcesterWorcesterWestern Cape023 3471035View Map
7025580DOWLEYNoShop G69 Ground Floor Cavendish, Square Dreyer Street, ClaremontCape TownWestern Cape021 6743183View Map
7026609WRIGHTNoShop 12 Checkers Hyper N1 City, 2 Louwtjie Rothman Street, N1 CityCape TownWestern Cape021 5951422View Map
7026870VAN DER SPUYNo319 Main Road, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8720701View Map
7026951ALLIENo1a Kasselsvlei Road, Bellville SouthCape TownWestern Cape021 9516315View Map
7027311PIEKNo9 Park 'n Shop Centre, Firgrove Way, MeadowridgeCape TownWestern Cape021 7127570View Map
7021186SPECTICLE CITY - KNYSNANo28 Waterfront Drive, KnysnaKnysnaWestern Cape044 3825084View Map
7021259BESTERNoShop 9 Heatherpark Shopping, Centre Witfontein RoadGeorgeWestern Cape044 8700879View Map
7021496GOVENDERNoShop 323, Voortrekker Road, ParowCape TownWestern Cape021 9303070View Map
7021763KARSTENNoShop 207 East Entrance Somerset, Mall Cnr N2 & Broadway, BoulevardSomerset WestWestern Cape021 4923903View Map
7021917TRICHARDNoShop 6 Dean Street Arcade, Cnr Main & Dean Street, NewlandsCape TownWestern Cape021 6892938View Map
7022239DUBENo2 Mqhayi StreetLangaWestern Cape021 6941928View Map
7022409VISION IN FOCUSNo85 Dorp Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8870015View Map
7022468ISMAILNoMelofin Centre Cnr Lawrence &, Old Klipfontein Road, AthloneCape TownWestern Cape021 6971300View Map
7022492VAN ZYLNoUcsa Building, 32 Ryneveld Street, StellenboschStellenboschWestern Cape021 8864024View Map
7022638DEWANNoShop 11 Multi Centre, Meade Street, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8732281View Map
7022670ZALGAONKIRNoShop 1 Ridgeville Centre, Victoria Road, Grassy ParkCape TownWestern Cape021 7067247View Map
7022727GOVENDERNoShop 2 Medical Suite Liberty, PromanadeMitchells PlainWestern Cape021 3761100View Map
7022867CHETTYNoShop 2 Belhar Medical Centre, 70 Belhar Drive, BelharCape TownWestern Cape082 8965905View Map
7023065MARAISNoShop U09 Weskus Mall, 110 Saldanha Road, VredenburgVredenburgWestern Cape022 7133031View Map
7023537WISENoUnit 16a Westlake Lifestyle, Centre Westlake Drive, WestlakeCape TownWestern Cape021 7024856View Map
7023618BESTNoShop 17 Eden Meander Lifestyle, Centre Park Road, GeorgeGeorgeWestern Cape044 8870520View Map
7023642SPEC-SAVERS PAARLNo58 Lady Grey Street, PaarlPaarlWestern Cape021 8726317View Map
7023723MELLIN I STYLE HERMANUSNoG2b Whale Coast Mall, Main Road, SandbaaiSandbaaiWestern Cape028 3131101View Map
7023782SPEC-SAVERS WESTGATE MALLNoShop 39- 40 Westgate Mall Cnr, Vanguard Drive & Mongenster Road, WestgateCape TownWestern Cape021 3712181View Map
7023847OPTICAL EYESNoShop 18 Pick N Pay Centre, Cnr Fagan Street & Main Road, StrandCape TownWestern Cape021 8532340View Map
7023944HLAVA MC - WATERSTONENoShop 20 Waterstone Village, Cnr Main Road And R44Somerset WestWestern Cape021 8500868View Map
7024134PARKERNo472 Halt Road, Elsies RiverCape TownWestern Cape021 9336442View Map
7018029SPECTACLE WAREHOUSE PAARLNoShop 3 Newlink Centre, New StreetPaarlWestern Cape021 8711554View Map
7018185EYESAVE STELLENBOSCHNoTechno Park, 1 Techno DriveStellenboschWestern Cape021 8801500View Map
7018207SEEBERNoShop 15 Mainstream Centre, Cnr Main Road & Princess Street, Hout BayCape TownWestern Cape021 7907490View Map
17426MELWANo015 2231961
833355SERGELNo044 8870066
117544THULARENo013 2659400
120979COETZERNo011 7541230
236934LAHERNo011 3934093
292001SEBAKANo013 2651530
308617COETZEENo012 6568916
321583MAKANNo011 6822601
326216VUMANo015 5816165
419761MAHAPANo012 3200290
473081LANGUAGENo021 6743183
481319CILLIERSNoShop 6, Race Cource Mall, Ha ThetaneMaseru
516260MKHIZENo035 5728055
523003TORGA OPTICAL MASERU MALLNoShop 54, Maseru MallMaseru
547964COETZERNo012 5480131
553042MDLETSHE M S J - MKUZENo079 2058947
553484KEMPNo074 8273915
561029DLAMININo036 4481006
562750BOSCHNo013 7533873
569119MRS DAYA R P - LENASIA SOUTHNo011 0267873
674338MKHONTONo035 5730019
684562DLAMININo039 2590897
759813VAN ZYLNo010 0355213
764310KAROLIANo011 7377090
767654NELNo087 5270257
767999NGOBENINo010 2009175
768766CASOOJEENo082 8495239
770183STRAUSSNo012 8044730
778958JASSATNo011 9044018
793620SMITHNo018 7717985
812439PRETORIUSNo012 0351505
820954KHUMALONo011 6741112
823589SIBIYANo061 8711445
829587PHILLIPSNo041 4841203
829706SERALENGNo011 2014795
114677DE JAGERNo012 3357603
Last updated: 06 April 2021
Please note that information is subject to change as practices are added or deleted.

What does an optometrist do?

These healthcare professionals are trained to examine, diagnose and treat conditions relating to your eyes. While they are able to perform certain medical treatments and minor surgical procedures related to the eye, the main reason to visit an optometrist is to have your vision checked so you can be prescribed corrective eyeglasses, contact lenses or any other sort of visual aid that will help you see better.

How does an optometrist check your eyes?

The optometrist will need to inspect your inner and outer eye using an ophthalmoscope that is shone through the pupil of your eye. This will pick up any specific eye problems. The optometrist will also evaluate the quality of your vision by testing your eye coordination, long-distance and short-distance vision. They will then prescribe corrective lenses in the form of eyeglasses or contacts based on your individual eye assessment. Should the optometrist pick up any serious eye conditions, like glaucoma, they will refer you to a specialist eye doctor, known as an ophthalmologist.
It’s especially important to book an appointment with an optometrist if you are suffering from any of the following complaints:

  • Abnormal or impaired vision, especially if this has occurred over a relatively short space of time. Your vision could be deteriorating and it’s advisable to get a visual aid as soon as possible.
  • Persistent eye pain. You could have an underlying condition and an optometrist will be able to evaluate the problem and provide a diagnosis for treatment or refer you to a specialist.
  • Headaches. This is often a warning sign of impaired vision. If your eyesight has deteriorated or is failing, this will put a strain on your eyes resulting in painful headaches.

Momentum Health4Me Optometrist Benefits

Optometry Benefits are available for Momentum Health4Me Gold and Silver health insurance plans. Members can visit any optometrist from the Momentum Optometry Network. The benefit, which is available every two years, includes one eye test and one pair of standard, single-vision lenses or a pair of bifocal lenses in a standard frame. Prescription sunglasses and contact lenses are not covered on this benefit. Members are advised to note that a three-month waiting period does apply for this benefit. Check the Momentum Health4Me Gold Optometrist List to find an optometrist and to make an appointment.

To download the optometrist network list to your device, please click on the download button below.